Maintenance Man

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The sultry voice on my answering machine asked me if I come to apartment 201 to check a leak in the bathroom basin.


That was the foxy lady who had moved in just a few weeks ago. She was a hot looking blonde with a body to die for. Although we had not been introduced, we had exchanged pleasant “Good mornings” in the parking lot a couple of times.

I cleaned up a little, rubbed on some after-shave, donned a clean shirt and made sure that my jeans were good and tight and didn’t look too bad.

When she answered the door I was disappointed. Instead of the sex goddess I had envisioned, there stood an attractive, but unkempt woman in an old, bulky, bathrobe, her hair wrapped in a towel, barefooted and with almost no make up. She showed me where the problem was, retired to the bedroom and closed the door.

I got busy on the leak, flat on my back with my head far under the basin, a virtual prisoner in the maze of pipes. I was almost finished when I saw an outstanding pair of legs, this time with no robe, come into the bathroom, pause for a moment and then leave. I could only see a few inches above her knees, but what a sight. Long, tan, curvy legs that went as far up as I could see from under the sink. I daydreamed about them for a few minutes then went back to work still thinking about the legs and especially where they ended at the top. pendik escort The thought got to me because I could feel the old familiar urge as my cock began to swell.

Suddenly there was a hand on my groin massaging my growing member. The touch in that sensitive area startled me so much that I bounced my head against a pipe as I tried to see what was going on. I felt and heard my zipper as it was opened. Next came the top button and a moment later my jeans were jerked down to my ankles. From my vantage point I could see the legs straddle mine and slowly lower the attached body down to engulf my swollen cock in a warm, wet pussy. I still could not see her face, but her breasts were creamy and well formed with swollen nipples.

The feelings inside me as her wet cunt slid up and down my willing dick was indescribable. I finally stopped trying to see what was going on so I could relax and enjoy what was happening. She must have felt the tension go out of my body (but not my dong) because she slowed to an easier rhythmic gait. Soon I was ready and began to pump upward to meet her downward thrusts.

Suddenly she stopped, dismounted, said “bedroom” and, to my dismay, disappeared. I untangled myself from my prison of pipes as fast as I could and made my way to the bedroom holding my pants up with one hand, my hard cock sticking out of the unzipped fly.

To maltepe escort my surprise she was nude and lying spread eagle (our new national bird) on the bed with her hands and feet each tied to a separate corner post. Her eyes were glazed and somehow she looked different but her moans, saying “Oh now — now — Oh I’m ready — please fuck me” clouded my senses and I dropped my pants. In a flash my shirt and shoes followed and I was as nude as she was. I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy and it looked too good to pass up. I knelt on the edge of the bed between her legs and slowly lowered my face to taste the nectar of her box. When my tongue touched her clit her whole body went rigid, she arched her back to push and expose more of her pussy to my licking. In just a few seconds she was writhing like a snake, contained only by the bindings on her arms and legs. She screamed “Oh God now, now” and I felt the release of her cum. It bathed the lower part of my face with its sweet, sticky, salty taste.

Without a word I adjusted my position so I could put my aching cock into her wet, slippery crack. As I began the slow climb to my own orgasm I felt a hand on the cheek of my ass. I quickly turned and couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two of them! An exact duplicate of the woman I was fucking was massaging my ass and feeling my balls. The sensation was kartal escort more than I could stand. I shot a load of cum that must have filled her up just as she climaxed for the second time. The new twin untied the first and they both lay down with me while I got my strength back. One nursed on my soft dick but the release of my tension proved to be my undoing and I soon fell asleep, a nude beauty on either side of me.

When I awoke, I was tied spread eagle to the bed as she had been and an exquisite mouth was nursing life back into my limp dick. They were taking turns sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. In a short time I was at full attention again. The second (I think) twin straddled me and began pumping. The first twin was massaging her sister’s tits and my balls at the same time. She then moved to my head, facing her sister and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. The sisters were kissing each other, fondling each other’s breasts, one fucking my cock, the other my tongue. The one at my mouth came first. By the taste I didn’t think it was the same one I had eaten earlier. I again released a load of cum just as the twin bouncing on my dick climaxed.

They kept me there tied to the bed until late that afternoon. I don’t know why because I was only good for them a few more times.

Someday, when I have recovered, I must go back and finish that sink. Maybe this afternoon —


Copyright © 04-12-1999 by E. J. Sheeran. All rights reserved. This work, in part, or whole, is not to be distributed, reproduced, transmitted or posted, in any manner, without the express written permission of the author.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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