Make Me Bad Ch. 2

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After sucking James’s cock for the first time, I knew that I would do it whenever he asked me to. I wanted to pleasure him and be a part to whatever dirty little things he could think up. So that’s how it went; James was very horny all the time, and when he wanted a slutty, wet blowjob, I was there. I continued to fuck the shit out of my girlfriend, just as he continued to fuck his sexy wife, but it seemed like almost every day I was at his house, or in his truck, with his cock thick and pulsing deep in my throat.

Last Friday night, we raced home from the gym so I could suck him off. When we got there, we went up to his bedroom and got naked. “You ready to go to work?” he asked me. “As always” I replied. My dick was hard. After making me suck his cock regularly for over a month, he hadn’t touched mine, and I was fine with that. “You’re going to get a surprise tonight, if you’re a good little cocksucker” he said. “I hope I’m a good little cocksucker” I said as I looked at the carpeting. “But I think I need to keep learning” I said. “Good” he said, and lay back on his bed.

I would always start off by kissing his big dick like it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen (it was), making wet smacking sounds as he got harder and thicker. I would drool all over it so my hand would slide easily up and down as I jacked him off, licking his asshole and nuts. “You love sucking my big cock, don’t you?” he asked. “mmmmmm” was my muffled reply, as I let his thick shaft slide deep into my mouth. I did love sucking mamak escort his cock; both of us on our sides, he pumped his magnificent cock in and out of my mouth as he held my head. He controlled the pace, speeding up and slowing down, me just obediently providing a very wet, hot, and hollow place. I was very happy. We took a break to change positions, and I asked him, and “Does your wife know about any of this?”

He smiled and replied, “Why don’t you ask her,” and nodded over my shoulder. There sat The Missus. I almost died. When they saw that I was ashen, She said, “Don’t worry, Jim couldn’t keep a little whore like you a secret. I’ve watched the two of you a few times. As a matter of fact, I’m the little surprise James told you about” It was then that I realized she was dressed to fuck. As she stood up from the chair she was sitting in, the green silk robe she was wearing parted and a very big dildo poked out. I was stunned. She dropped her robe and said “You better get busy sucking, or I may get angry.”

I looked at James and he nodded. I dropped to my knees in front of her and slobbered all over that big fake cock- I knew I’d better make it nice and wet. I could smell her pussy, its lips sticking out between the straps of her harness. After a while of sucking on the dildo she barked “On the bed with your ass in the air” James sat up against the backboard, stroking his big dick. “Suck his cock!” she yelled. I did as I was told and felt her hands on my ass. I moaned around ofise gelen escort James’ cock as felt her hot tongue slither up and down my asscrack. I love getting my ass licked, and she wasn’t fucking around. James had taught her well. Soon her tongue was well inside my ass, and I was going nuts. “Ohhh yeah, suck my cock. You ready to get fucked in the ass while you suck my cock, baby?”

“Oh, fuck yeah” I managed to blurt out. Sandra stood up on the bed, a squatted down slightly until the head of the dildo pressed up against my asshole. She pressed forward. Slowly my anus relented, and the first inch entered me. I moaned around the hot cock in my throat. I pushed back at her, and the dildo filled my ass. “Ohhhh yeahh, fuck me good. Ohh fuck me.”

“Little slut” she chuckled. I love getting my asshole licked, fingered, and occasionally stretched with a dildo, so this was all fine with me. But I never had had anything quite so thick in my ass before, and James’ wife was relentless. She started pumping deep and fast right away, not giving me much time to get used to her hard rubber cock. Long deep strokes, all the way in, and back out till just the tip was inside. I felt so nasty! She reminded me constantly what a whore I was. “James was right, you are a slutty little faggot! He knew you’d take it in the ass like you’d been doing it all your life, just like he knew he could fuck your mouth like a ten dollar whore after taking one look at you!” How did he know all this? otele gelen escort I wondered.

While I whimpered around James’ cock, I realized Sandra was fucking my ass easily and painlessly. All the dirty talk did the trick, I guess. I was mesmerized by the sounds of the fake cock spearing my anus, and of her thighs slapping against the back of mine… My breathing, forced in and out of my nose while James held the back of my head and drove his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth… All three of our groans and sighs…

We all changed places. I lay on my back and hung my head slightly off the edge of the bed- James immediately stood beside the bed and thrust his cock deep into my throat. Sandra spread my legs as far apart as possible and hammered home the dildo once again. My neglected cock stood hard and angry looking.

“You love getting filled with cock, don’t you little slut?” I moaned and slammed my ass forward to meet her thrusts. “Do you want to come, slut?” she asked. Again, a wild flailing of my hips was my only reply.

She quickly withdrew from my asshole and plunged my cock into her mouth, sucking forcefully. James started fucking my mouth harder, and knew he was coming. As soon as I felt the familiar spasm start in his cock, I came in Sandra’s mouth. I felt as though his fluid, which had transformed my life in just a few short weeks, was flowing from his penis, through my body and soul, and moving through my cock into his wife’s mouth. We both came for a long time, our hips and twitching cocks finally becoming calm.

As we cleaned up, I felt like I didn’t need to go anywhere else ever again, and that I could pleasure James and Sandra like they deserved, be subject to their every whim, and be very, very complete within myself. I kept quiet and hoped it would turn out like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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