Making Chemistry in Chemistry Lab

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This is my submission in VALENTINE’S DAY STORY CONTEST 2015. So If you like it, please leave your comment and vote.

I hope you will read and enjoy.

All characters are above 18.

A story about growth and selflessness, two teens breaching rules for each other.


31 December, 2014

“Hey what’s up, Joe?” Amanda, seemed a little Tipsy, appeared from nowhere.

“Nothing just…. Hanging out, watching others and ….,” I tried to make an excuse, veritably lame.

“Hanging out? With whom?” She snapped, trying to hold her gaze at one point.

“Anything wrong?” I said, observing her movements.

I had no idea what made her talk to me? Only girls from science club were in habit to talk to me which typically turned into a hefty discussion. But how come she became interested in me?

Amanda was a pretty blonde but a badass girl (complete with dimples), my age, who notoriously was known as troublemaker in high school. Even after knowing that fact, she looked cute as hell, but any naughty thought I may have had about her was pretty quickly put on the back burner as I became conscious she could be one of those bully girls who used boys for their purposes.

From her first year in this school, she started cutting school, hanging out with the wrong people, getting into fights, and finally getting into trouble with the cops. She was a hardcore sexy chick every guy in school craved for.

One the other side, I wasn’t that bad looking, not in the slightest. A little close to those athletic boys, lean but well-built body (thanks to the daily an hour of my extraneous work out in gym), with jet black semi, curly hair that I messily stroked back, dark brown eyes and last but not the least a cool nerd-spectacles.

“Why are you alone? Everyone is enjoying. And look at you? So depressed,” She was trying to make an eye contact but liquor was on full swing I guessed.

“I’m nice and girls don’t like nice guys. May be I have to wait until I get a job because that’s how nerds get laid in this world,” I explained her. “But don’t worry. I’m used to such situations.”

“If I say I like you?”

“It would be a privilege being your boyfriend.”

“Are you drunk?”

“Ahhm, You should ask it yourself first.”

“Ha ha ha, you’re funny.”

“Being funny doesn’t make you dating material.”

“You’re hot, at least some of girlfriends say so.”

“I wonder why nobody says such things to me on


“Because you always remain close to yourself.”

I was pretty sure she wasn’t drunk at all. She was playing, I guessed.

“It’s hard when someone calls you to run,” I philosophically answered. “Unaware of the fact, you’ve been crawling all your life.”

She kept staring at me like she had never seen me before that night. I too looked into her eyes, as our eyes were locked. I didn’t know if she felt the same way I was feeling that moment.

“Come here.” She opened her mouth that ended up with an irresistible kiss.

I was in utter shock. I presumed it was just a dream but I was dead wrong. It was happening.

“Hey Amanda, time’s over.” A guy yelled from a distance where all those ‘school-celebs’ were hanging out together.

“Sorry!! I’d love to hang out with you,” She pushed me back and ran over them.

What was that? I was in great dilemma.


10 January 2015

“Are you Joe?” A junior student walked towards my seat during lunch time.

“Yes,” I suspiciously answered.

“Well, I have a message for you. There is a girl who wants to meet you in boys’ toilet.” He uncovered the cause of coming to me.

“You mean a boy, in boys’ toilet? Right?” I tried to correct him.

“No a girl. You should make haste. I don’t think she would wait for you that long. She doesn’t seem that type of girl.” He suggested me.

I stood up and ran to boys’ toilet with an unknown rush running through my body.

I proceeded into boys’ toilet and felt relieved as I was assured by that junior boy who was following me that it was empty. Had I peeked in those toilets for checking that girl’s existence, nobody would have kept me from being labeled gay. They already called me a nerd and I couldn’t stand with two tags on forehead in high school.

“Hey, ain’t it a nice place to meet?” A little familiar voice welcomed me as I opened the door.

It was Amanda, standing in front of me leaning on the wall. My consciousness showed me a little hint what trouble I was headed for. I didn’t know what sort of impact I made upon her to make her second call.

“What? What are you doing here? I mean it’s for us, boys. Why you chose it for meeting? ” I blurted out forgetting the fact that I was in a company of a girl that might led us in a relationship.

“I thought It’d be kinda hard for you to get in girls’ toilet,” She mocked me. “My friends told me that I kissed you that night in party. Is it true?”

“No, casino şirketleri you don’t have to worry,” I assured her,

“I’ll not tell anybody about your kissing a nerd. I know it’s sort of reprehensible.”

“No, they also told me that you seemed happy afterwards.”

“Who wouldn’t? I mean look at yourself then move your eyes on me. You’ll get your answer.”

“I’ve been thinking all day if you like to come in my party tonight?”

“Is it some another game or bet you’re playing with me?”


“Yes, I’ve been told that whatever you did in that party was a challenge. One of your friends dared you to hang out with me. And you did, you won. Wow, we should clap for you.”

“Let’s get something straight. We don’t know the half of each other. I thought it would put you in good mood. But I’m sticking to my point. We should hang out for a while instead of judging each other.”

“Sorry, I have a temper to deal really really sorry.”

“Anyway, I admit that I did that for challenge but I’m here with no such intention, I swear.”

“Wait, did you hear those footsteps?”

Hearing the sound of opening door, I looked back as froze to death.

Unbeknownst of the fact that a rascal junior student could do anything to make news in school, we continued our sweat talks. That junior boy, appointed by her, deceived us and Mrs. Rosamund, our chemistry teacher, caught us red handed.


14 February, 2015

The day being white as the board and unseen wounds blue as the words on board, it was getting unbearable by every second. I was drowning in my own shame. Every now and then I looked at the clock as its tick resonated in my ears. To keep up with teacher’s attention, I kept looking at her, precisely at board so that she couldn’t make me mad by asking more questions. I was still mad at me with so many unsolved questions. Had I dared to do anything, she would have been my valentine. My mind was preoccupied with the girl I had met only 2 months ago.

It had almost been a month to that discreditable episode. I had to stop talking to her for the well being of both of us. But I didn’t know why my love for her crept up day by day.

I came back to my senses as the school-bell rang. No sooner did Miss Primrose step out the class, Mrs. Rosamund stepped in. And here, in this teenager wasteland, my eyes were in search of Amanda’s attention. She was just two seats away from me but by then, we had not even shared an eye-contact since morning. Why she was behaving like she didn’t care about me anymore? I was in turmoil.

A peon entered the class and rendered Mrs. Rosamund a piece of paper. She unfolded that paper and read it quietly.

“Okay class, I’ve got something urgent to do,” She addressed class. “So, go to lab and complete your unfinished practices if you have any. If you have done those, you should do it again because Chemistry is all about continuous practices.”

She grabbed her stuff and stepped out. Everybody picked up their bags and started moving out slowly in little groups. I gazed upon those groups and eventually found Amanda looking at me.

Our eyes met like they were crying for reasons, asking each other, “Why are you doing this?”

She glanced away as she walked out of the room. I was there alone with trodden desires. Had I have some moment to tell her how much I loved her and what the reason behind keeping her away from me was.

I picked up my bag and headed to the chemistry lab.

I moved in the chemistry lab and found chemistry lab assistant reckless as always, and everyone being busy in their chat after all it was Valentine’s Day. Nobody was interested in doing practical for everyone had something to share, love for each other, plans for tonight and so on. Some students were in field and some in cafeteria, enjoying their Valentine’s Day. My head moved to last bench which was surrounded by nobody.

I quickly walked in that direction and sat on the bench. I bend my head down, staring at the ground seemingly deep in thoughts we shared together.

“What’s going on?” Amanda asked, standing before me with a concerned expression that usually nobody saw on her face..

“Just getting back to basics,” I avoided looking her in the eye. “I mean how to enjoy my company with myself.”

“You’re still busy in playing with yourself,” She sat next to me. “For the love of God, stop being a jerk and try to open up.”

“I have no idea what are you talking about?”

“No Idea?”

“Any doubt?”

“Yes, lots of. And I want you to clear the right now.”

“Why are you being so generous to me? I’ve seen you bullying guys like me. Do that. It suits on you.”

“You think you’re so smart to hide a secret?”

“What secret?”

“One of my sources told me lately that as a settlement after that toilet incident, Mrs. Rosamund, due to your and your parents’ reputation, warned you and had you vowed to never meet me again.”

“You casino firmaları don’t know the whole…”

“Enough is enough, Joe. You bowed down to that hag, for ME. Isn’t it enough reason to be soft towards you? How many times I have to tell you that you deserve so many things but on account of your reclusive nature, everything is slipping out of your hands. EVEN ME? Can your bear that moment? Tell me.”

“To be honest, I cant. I regret for the moment. I f I had not entered boys’ toilet, I’d have had you.”

“Okay if you want to call a halt, I wanna give you something, sort of thanksgiving thing.”

“What about Mrs. Rosa….”

“Forget that bitch.”

She stood up and proceeded to the room behind us where lab assistant was sitting.

She came back after few minutes with lab assistant, following her behind.

“You?” He took aback as he saw me.

“What’s wrong with him? Is he not a boy?” Amanda said in mocking tone.

“Okay you both, bear this in your mind. There’s only an hour left including the time lunch would take. So whatever you do, better do it quick. And come in room with a minute break between your arrivals. I don’t want anybody to see you coming together in room. That can cause any trouble upon us.” He went back to his room after giving us a lecture about do-s and don’t-s.

We did as it was told and then, we were in his room. There was door next to his seat that would lead us to basement.

“Try to make quick and don’t make much noise.” He opened the door. Having opened the door, he hit the on button on the switch-board on the inside right side wall and the florescent light brightened the basement

We went in and he looked at us, “Meet you after an hour or just knock the door in case you’re done before.”

He closed the door and we walked slowly downstairs.

“How could he allow us to do anything here?” I asked.

She smirked, “I’ve seen him taking pot several times in school. I’m not that good as you think.”

I confessed, “I’ve never been here before.”

Amanda bend on her knees a little, just like those Victorian women used to do to greet someone, “Let me be your guide then, sir.”

She led me to the room in the furthest corner of the basement. The basement room as pretty neat totally contrary to my expectations that included a room full of wooden articles covered in dust though reeking of ammonia and a bit of sulfuric acid could be notice in atmosphere. There was a pile of files or some broken models, probably exam projects, upon the desk nearby the end of stairs. Everything was as normal as the room above, a cupboard full of chemicals, boxes of different substances in the powder form, rolls of litmus paper and a few chairs.

“Someone is interested in reading these files,” She said artfully.

“Not in the least.” I said. “How can you except someone’s focus wandering over this pile of already proved theories whereas there’s a whole new hypothesis standing before your eyes?”

That was the flirtiest comment I’d ever spurred out for any girl.

“Oh! Really?” She asked as she leaned her head slightly on left. “I just hope you didn’t forget to bring your lab utensils.”

“Well, I- I wasn’t…. I mean… I dint … expected this,” I strangled in my own word as I realized she was talking about rubber that I scarcely had seen, most of the time in others’ pockets or on porn actors’ penises.

“Don’t worry, I’ve come with full preparations,” She soothed me and threw little blue packet at me which, I presumed, was a rubber.

Yes I was right. Problem solved. Next step, how to pour my feeling out for her?

“So, onto the next. What you want to do first?” She asked, removing files from an extended table.

“Ahmmm, well a kiss.”

“You know what,” She said controlling her laugh.

“If you ever did that before me again, I’m not sure I would stop myself from eating you alive.”

Shit I sucked at such make-out thing.

“Amanda, I want to extend this relation as long as my life,” I said, putting rubber in my pocket.

“I thought having you completed my life.”

I sat upon that table, “But after then, we have to deal with the consequences.”

“There’s got to be a loophole.”

“You’re talking like me.”

“Your influence, I guess.”

“But we can’t sustain the result. You know very well. So that’s all I have to give you. So promise me, after this meeting, you go above and dream of a good girl.”

“I can’t,” I came to the table where she was sitting. “I can’t dream about anyone. I accept I was being stupid all time. But there is a world outside where we could hang out together.”

“No Joe. Life is not all about we want. Sometimes we have to compromise.”

“Do you want to happen this?”

“Not at all.”

A pin-drop silence ensued.

She took off her top and swayed her hair over left shoulder. I had never noticed that her ears were pierced, a ball and loop on her right and three balls in a curved line on the lobe of his güvenilir casino left.

She moved toward me and started unbuttoning my shirt. She being done with my shirt, she went down on my jeans. I sensed heavy breathes touching my stomach simultaneously while her hands were trying to unbutton my jeans.

“Amanda, look at me,” I asked her to assure if she was alright.

Amanda looked above, grinning and watching me too. It wasn’t long until tears were streaming down her face.

“I gotta take a break and get some air,” she said raising herself up. “I’ll be right back.”

“Awe com’on, why gotta be so prude?” My voice was slightly slurred. “Let’s cry together.”

I hugged her really tightly. Wish I could stand like this forever. I slowly sat on the edge of that table, her head still in my chest.

When she looked at me, with those golden eyes, red and blurred with tears, running down her wet face, I couldn’t hold back my emotions and few tears dropped from my eyes. It was her, the girl that had dominated so many jerks since the first day in school. And now here she was, dove into my arms, knocking me off balance. It caused me to fall painfully on my tailbone. I didn’t care, all I knew was this poor, hurt girl was crying in my arms. I held her tightly as she cried into my chest.

“Sorry,” she wiped her tears in hurry. “You okay?”

“Doesn’t matter. What about you?”

“I don’t wanna lose you. I knew the whole thing. That you, because of me, drifted yourself apart from me so that they can’t expel me.”

“I reckon that’s what love is called.”

Our lips brushed shyly at first. With fleeting, soft gentle kisses. I fared my luck and kissed deeper, finding to my surprise she kissed ever more deeper. I brushed my tongue lightly against the barrier of our lips, she parted, and I slipped my way inside her mouth. Her tongue meeting mine, twirling in a graceful dance as I pulled her close to him, wrapping my arms around her. Embracing her.

She tasted sweet, my mind melting as our kisses became passionate.

We pushed each other furiously, undressing each other on the spur of the moment.

I laid her down on table. She leaned on her elbows, as she undid the snap on the front of her bra. There she was with supple, perky tits, her slender waist and the physique somewhere between normal and awesome teenager girl’s figure.

I opened the packet of rubber and pulled it over my penis.

She seemed so fragile. I was nervous. Seeing this beautiful creature resting in front of me made me more nervous than anything I really ever had. I leaned down, taking her chin in my hand and making her look at him.

She stared into my eyes. I reached her breasts, kissing my way around them and then I took her nipple in my mouth. She looked at the ceiling of basement as the gentle slopes of her breasts rose and fell with her deep breaths.

I spoke gently, meaningfully. “I have no clue what the hell I’m doing because I’ve never done this before. The only thing I know is I love you and we can find our way to get through this problem. Can’t explain how but I know.” I paused.

I didn’t know why I said that but I spoke from my heart.

Her eyes blurred with tears and she pulled me in for a kiss, “I love you.”

I left her breasts, much to her dislike. I kissed his way down her stomach, massaging her stomach as he got lower. I started rubbing her shapely legs as she did so. I pulled her panties off, revealing her bare mound. I could smell her scent and it drove me wild. She shivered as I parted her legs.

She looked at me through dazed eyes. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She knew from our very first discussion that I was still a virgin. She aligned my manhood with her opening. I pushed in slowly. She gasped as she felt me poking her wall.

We were in the middle of a heap of emotions. I saw her crying. We laid there motionless, waiting for the pain to subside. I wiped her tear away and kissed her cheek. She smiled, and nodded. I slid out slowly, she was tight, really tight.

Finally, She probably felt overly full as I penetrated her. And I could feel the warmth inside of her. I could see the worry, the pleasure and want in her eye. She wanted me. It felt right. After a few seconds, I slid out slowly, pushing back in gently. She winced with every stroke and then the pain started to dull and fade away, with its disappearance came a subtle fire.

I increased my pace and I could feel her, she my throbbing manhood. The fire grew fast in me with every thrust. She was breathing short and quick, her back arched and she involuntarily moved her hips to meet my thrusts.

I felt something pumping near my scrotum. I stopped for a while. It was the most intense feeling of pleasure I had ever felt .She trembled indicating me coming near to her orgasm. I buried myself within her, as I started thrusting back and forth speedily.

She quivered as a strong orgasm ripped through her spine. I took no time in exploding my seeds in to her though there was a thin layer between my penis and her wet canal. She gasped each time she felt my hot seed leaving me and entered her.

We remained there on the table for a while, breathless from our simultaneously achieved orgasms.

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