Making her feel better about herself.

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Making her feel better about herself.
I was drinking my Jack and Coke looking around to see if there were any willing ladies in the bar. The wife was off on one of her business trips for a week or so and I was feeling horny as usual.

My friend Tim came into the bar and wandered over and sat on the stool next to me. Anything happening he asked. Not much I replied, Elke’s on one or her trips and I just came out to see if I could find someone to play with.

You better be careful, why I asked.
Well I was in here midweek and saw this hot little babe so I decided to chat her up and see if anything came of it. She was about 25 nice slender body, not much in the line of tits but still very good looking.

I went over and offered to buy her a drink she accepted and we chatted for a while. She seemed to like older men like us. As we chatted the talk became more and more sexual and I thought to myself, I’m in here.

Anyway a couple of more drinks and she was getting closer to me rubbing my arm as we talked, needless to say mini me was quite hard and we both thought we’d really like to get her into bed. I offered her to come round to my place for coffee and she accepted gladly. Mini me throbbed his approval and we left.

I must say quite a few heads turned as I walked out with her. We walked to my place and I made coffee and we talked a while more. Now that we were alone the subject was a lot more sexual and I was horny as fuck. Then she made the first move and her lips met mine and we kissed long and hard. My hands moved over her body, she moaned her approval and I went further. Her little nipples were rock hard. When I pulled and pinched them she swooned and her breathing became faster and heavier.

By now my cock was dripping pre cum and when she reached between my legs and grabbed my cock I thought I was going to cum in my pants. She slipped on her knees between my legs and slowly unzipped my pants opened my belt and I lifted off the sofa to let her pull my pants down then she freed my cock and sucked it deep into her mouth, it felt like heaven as she bobbed up and down on me.

She was playing with my sack fondling my balls and giving me one of the best blow jobs I’ve had in a long time. I just wanted to stay there and let her bring me off with her mouth, but I also wanted to fuck her badly. My fingers were wrapped in her long dark hair holding her as she bottomed out on my cock her tongue flicking out to lick my balls. I was so ready to cum in her sweet little mouth.

Then I took control and pushed her off my cock. As it dropped from her mouth she let out a little whimper of regret. Kneeling there between my legs those big eyes looking up at me, pleading for more cock. I pulled her dress straps of her shoulders and pushed it down over her pert little tits revealing her rock hard nipples. I pulled her to me and took a nipple in my mouth and sucked and nibbled she moaned and groaned in pleasure as I sucked and nibbled her nipples my cock gripped hard in her hands.

Now I wanted to get at her pussy to lick and eat that too. I put my hands under her arms and and helped her to stand between my legs then I slowly pulled her dress down and it pooled round her ankles. I hooked my fingers into her panties and pushed them down. Then I got the shock of my life. The fucking bitch had a little dick hanging between her legs.

A fucking freak I’d let a fucking shemale trans or whatever suck my cock. Man I nearly died on the spot. My horn died and I told the little fucking freak to get to fuck out of my home. Dress yourself you little fucking freak and get to fuck out of here, and if you ever tell anyone what happened I’ll fucking do for you.

So I said I take it you’re not into shemales.
No fucking way man, I mean a girl or whatever she it is with a fucking dick, do I look like a fucking faggot to you.

No Tim we all know that you’re no faggot, but you like anal sex and with her there wasn’t any other choice.

Fuck off man, no way, never in a million years.

I thought to myself now wasn’t the right time to tell my friend that I had had a few shemales in my time and really enjoyed it.

We sat and chatted some more and then Tim went white in the face as looked over my shoulder.

I asked, are you ok.

The little bitch has just walked in. bahis siteleri
I turned to see her. There was a very sweet beautiful young lady in a summer dress and flat shoes.
She looked around the bar and saw Tim and her face dropped.
Tim got up and said ok I’m off I’m not staying here when that little freak is here, catch you later, and he rushed out the back door.

She seemed relieved that he was gone and I must say I was too.
I looked over at her and gave her one of my best open smiles, she smiled back.

She came over to the bar and stood about ten feet away from me and ordered her drink. As she collected her change she looked over at me our eyes met and then she looked down and seemed to blush. She looked around the bar seeming to look for somewhere to sit, but then decided to take a stool at the bar.

Having seen Tim with me I suppose she thought he’d told me about her little surprise, but didn’t seem embarrassed to be sitting near me.
We were probably both thinking the same thing.
I don’t mind if she has a little dick, she with if he knows he doesn’t mind if I have a dick.

We sat there playing the game, she glancing at me from time to time and me doing the same. Dick or no dick she was a little stunner and my cock agreed.

As her glass became empty I caught her eye and motioned with my glass if she would join me for another. She nodded her acceptance and slipped off the stool and came and popped up on to the stool next to mine.

What are you having I asked. A G and T came the answer. I called the barman and ordered two drinks for us and then I introduced myself.
I’m Peter and you. I’m Sabine but everyone calls me Sabby.
Pleased to meet you Sabby.
Pleased to meet you Peter.
We chatted a bit and then she asked me nervously about Tim and what he had said about her.
I told her Tim was a very good friend of mine but a bit of a dick head sometimes.
She laughed and said, but his dick has such a lovely head.
From what I’ve heard you should know.
Then we both laughed.

Then you don’t mind if I have a little extra something do you.
No I don’t mind at all, in fact sometimes I really like a little extra something, as long as it’s not too big.

She moved off the stool to whisper in my ear, then I think you would really like my big clit. As she said it she laid her hand on my thigh and my cock blossomed to full size in my shorts. I didn’t have underwear on because of the heat and she looked down and smiled saying, I think someone else likes me too.
That you can be sure of Sabby.

So where are we going to find out how much you like me.
I’ll take you home with me, my wife is away on business so we have the place to ourselves, but if she was home she also likes a girl with a little extra something to play with from time to time. She’ll enjoy hearing about you when she gets back, and maybe in the future you’d like to meet her, if you enjoy yourself to night.
Oh I think I’d like that very much. Shall we finish our drinks and leave now, I can see there’s someone in your shorts that really wants to get to know me better.
Yes indeed my cock was straining at the seams to get out and play.

I said stand there and block the view while I make him a bit more comfortable for the walk out of her. I pulled the waist band of my shorts away from my body and trapped my hard cock between it and my belly.
Sabby couldn’t resist but to run her finger over the pre cum slimy head of my cock and put it in her mouth before I pulled my polo shirt down to cover my excitement.

We left the bar and stopped a taxi to take us to my place. The problem with living in a small town is that everybody knows everybody else. Bill the taxi driver looked at us and smiled as we got in the back. He asked, where’s Elke tonight.
She’s away on a trip.
Ah yeah when the cats away the mice will play.
Believe me Bill if the cat was at home she’d want to play to.
Bill laughed and off we went.
I opened the door and led Sabby into the house.
I made us both a drink and then led Sabby out onto the veranda, it was such a lovely warm evening.
She looked around saying, oh it’s lovely here, those big sofas and I see you’re not overlooked here, you can do anything you like and no one would see you.
I dropped down into one of the sofas and patted the cushion beside to bahis şirketleri ask Sabby to sit. She sat and sipped her drink quietly looking around taking it all in.

Then she asked, are you sure none of the neighborhood can see us here.
Yes quite sure, unless there’s a peeping tom out and about.

Then jumped up off the sofa and said, time for a little show for you then.
She slowly slipped out of her dress and flung it over the railing.
I thought to myself you’ll be going over that railing later little one.
Then she wriggled out of her panties to reveal her little surprise.
Oh God she had such a lovely little clity dick, about three inches long and an empty sack, the only hair on her entire body was on her head. She was so smooth.
I like my pussies hairy but with shemales I like them smooth.

She stood naked before me and asked, do you like what you see.
Yes very much.
Now it’s your turn to get naked for me.
I fulfilled her wish and stood and pulled off my polo shirt.
She dropped to her knees before me saying I want to do the next bit.
My cock was rock hard making a tent in my shorts. She hooked her fingers into the waist band and pulled downwards, as my cock came free it sprang out and she had it in her mouth sucking me as pushed my shorts down all the way.
I stepped out of them one leg at a time not wanting to interrupt her cock sucking.

Her tongue was preforming a dance round my cock that almost blew my mind.
Man could she suck cock. She cupped my balls in her hand and played with them while she sucked me so good.
I was in heaven. I closed my eyes and really enjoyed her work. I was getting ready to blow her head when i came, but had to stop myself. I pushed on her head and she came off my cock and looked up at me asking, do you not like how i suck you.

Oh you suck wonderfully but I want to get to know your body a bit better before i cum in you.
I wanted to play with her beautiful little clity dick a bit.
I pulled over to the sofa and lay her down and flopped down beside her. Our lips met and tongues began a wonderful dance with each other. I found out she had a really long tongue when it darted so far into my mouth that it tickled my tonsils. Fuck I thought I can’t wait to feel that tongue playing with my arse hole.

I slipped a hand between her legs and found her little cock. It was still limp and the little empty sack felt wonderful to touch. I broke off our kissing and asked her, does your little clity get hard. She looked at me and blushed and said, yes sometimes but only with the right stimulation.
Do you cum. Somtimes, but it’s not much and very watery.
Do you like to cum.
Oh god yes, it’s the most wonderful feeling but it doesn’t happen often.
I have a little cock milking machine that I use, but it takes a long time but the feeling I cum is mind blowing.
Do you want me to make you cum.
Oh that would be lovely but I don’t think you could manage it. I’m not insulting you but it takes a lot of time and work to get me off, only one man and one woman has ever managed to make cum in my life.

Well we have time and I’m never one to turn down a challenge.
Well if you think you’d like to try then I would love to cum, I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. Good then lets give it a go.
I spread her legs and lay between them I moved closer and sucked her little clity and balls into my mouth.
First I wanted to get that wonderful clit hard if I could. I sucked and tongued round her cock and balls, she was beginning to moan and i could feel her little cock grow in my mouth. I kept cock and tiny balls in my mouth and sucked and licked her for all I was worth.

Then I had the most wonderful taste in my mouth her little cock was beginning to leak fluid. I don’t know if was pre cum or not but it tasted divine. She was moaning and wriggling round on the sofa my head gripped firmly in her hands.
She kept repeating over and over, Oh yes oh god yes yes yes.
My cock was rock hard and dripping like mad. I just had to get her off. I wanted to taste her juice when she came.
Her breathing was growing faster and I knew I’d soon be feeling her shoot whatever she had into my mouth. Now I just needed to push her over the edge.

I slipped my finger into my mouth to wet it and began to tease her little arse hole. She squirmed a bit canlı bahis but then relaxed and her greedy little hole ate my finger. I worked my finger into her and found her prostate, or with her it might have been her G spot not sure which, but it worked. Her little cock began to grow harder in my mouth and her juices were flowing freely tasting wonderful. I massaged and teased the spot i’d found and she was going wild, her legs wrapped round my head moaning and groaning in total pleasure.

Then her whole body went stiff, up hips shoot up back arched and she began to shoot into my mouth, she was screaming in pleasure as she came in my mouth. I let her sack slip from my mouth but kept sucking on her little clity dick till I drained every drop of cum from her. She was begging me to stop, her whole body bucking and bouncing on the sofa but I kept sucking her till I was sure she was empty. When I dropped her little cock from my mouth and looked at her I never seen anything more beautiful in my life. She was totally cover in sweat, her face red and flushed breath rasping in her chest as she mouthed the word fuck over and over. She lay there half dead for about five minutes recovering from what I hopped was the best orgasm she’d ever had.

I lay beside her playing with my cock thinking about what I’d just done. I’m not in anyway gay, but I’d just sucked cock, ok a mini cock, but a cock all the same till it came in my mouth. But when I looked over to her and saw the look on her face as she beamed a beautiful smile of thanks at me I was proud of what I’d done, to be able to give another such was an honor.

She jumped up and straddled me rubbing her arse over my cock thanking me so much for such a wonderful orgasm. I looked down to see my cock with her little clity dick and empty sack flopping around as she moved back and forth on me. Then she asked, how do you want to take me.
Over the veranda railing little one.
She jumped off me and ran over to the railing and d****d herself over it wriggling her cute little arse, saying come and get me I’m all yours.

I came over behind her and she reached back pulling her arse cheeks apart offering me her little hole to use for my pleasure. I spat on her hole and used a finger to loosen her up a bit then I held my cock to her little bud and pushed gently, it slowly opened and I slipped deep into her. She grunted and moaned as my cock filled her tight little hole.
I knew I wasn’t going to be able to last long before I came deep in her arse, a minute or two and I was grunting like an a****l as my sperm flooded her little hole. I held my cock deep in her as her mussels clenched over and over on my cock milking me dry.

When we finished at the railing we went back to the big sofa and lay there side by side she plating with my limp dick as she sucked on my nipples. Then she asked, how can i make you cum again.
Well you can milk my cock while you massage my prostate if you like, that normally gets me hard and I can cum again. She smiled at me saying, I can get you hard with my mouth I know I can, but if you’d like me to finger fuck your arse while I wank you off then I’m up for that.
Yes I would. I got on all fours and she began her task at hand. She wet her fingers and teased my arse slipping a finger into me, when she found my prostate and I moaned as she massaged it she grabbed my cock and it grew in her hand.
She gave me a lovely slow wank and as I was about to cum she darted in under me sucking my cock into her mouth to finish me off and suck me dry. She drank all I had to offer and licked my cock and balls clean before using her wonderful long tongue to tease and clean my arse hole.

After we’d finished playing we went to bed and she slept like a baby, so did I. I awoke the next morning to having my cock sucked and my nipples played with. I turned her round we spooned and my cock found it’s way up her arse once more. She pushed back hard as I fucked her and filled her arse again with sperm.
We showered together and I made us breakfast. We ate on the veranda swapped numbers as we both wanted to do it again.
I told her next time Elke would be there to join in the fun and she said wonderful I’m looking forward to meeting her.
I called a taxi for her.
Bill arrived and pulled up in front of the house, slid the window down and asked as we stood at the door kissing our goodbyes, did the mice have a good time, you fucking bet I said.

Sabby jumped into the back of the taxi waving and saying till the next time and off Bill drove.i

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