Man Bites Pup

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Danny was practically skipping around the house after he got the text from Cary.

I’m leaving the office now, pup.

Danny was ecstatic. His man, his boyfriend, his Dom, was finally coming home!

Cary worked as a trucker, which meant that there would be some stretches of time where he was out doing his job. Danny hated it, hated the idea of being separated from his love, but he knew that this was the way things needed to be.

Besides, Danny didn’t think it was his place to complain about Cary’s work. Cary had absolutely insisted that Danny didn’t have to get a job when he moved into Cary’s house. He said that he was going to take care of Danny, that it made no sense for a pup to work.

The main theme of their Dom/sub relationship was that Danny was Cary’s pet. When they weren’t calling for each other by their names, Danny was pup and Cary was Sir, sometimes Master. Danny felt a little weird about being so thoroughly taken care of, so he did what he could to make it up to his boyfriend.

Since Cary was the breadwinner, Danny made it a point to take care of domestic issues. He cooked, cleaned, and did all the chores. He was supposed to be a pet, but he ended up also being like a housewife to Cary. Danny didn’t mind. He loved pleasing his Dom.

Cary had been gone all week; Monday morning to that Friday evening. Danny had some friends to keep himself company, but he still felt so lonely without his other half. He wanted to show Cary just how much his sub missed him.

He got to their room, taking a moment to examine himself in the mirror. He was short, skinny, and had big blue eyes as well as boyish features. His red hair was short. He was cute, and Cary made sure he knew it.

He donned his favorite piece of clothing, his collar.

At the beginning, Cary just used a belt, but when Danny moved in he got the collar custom made. It was brown leather with shiny steel rings. It could be adjusted so that it either loosely rested around his neck or tightened into a choker. Danny tightened it until right before it got uncomfortable.

The collar served as a symbol. When it was off, they could act like a regular couple if they wanted to, but when it was on, Danny fully gave himself to Cary. His submission was complete, and he wanted to play the parts they had set up.

He got to the front door and sat down, cross-legged. He made sure to put his palms on the ground in front of him and lean forward slightly. As a pup, he needed to eagerly wait at the door for his Master to come home.

When the door opened, Danny widened his eyes so that they were big and cute.

“Welcome home, Sir!”

There was a part of Cary that wanted to cry tears of pure joy. Not only had he spent the week alone, it was a pretty shitty week anyway. There were mix-ups and people naturally blamed the trucker for the mistakes that were made by other people in the office. Cary had a hot temper himself, so he didn’t get that upset with the clients; if he didn’t know any better he probably would have done the same thing in their shoes. Still, he had to deal with a lot of assholes.

He was in a bad mood by the end of the week, but coming home to see his sub waiting at the door made him so happy. Still, he played his part.

“Thank you, pup. I trust you’ve kept things neat and orderly while I was away?”

Danny nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, Sir! May I take off your coat and shoes?”

Cary nodded, and Danny did so.

“So, pup, what’s for dinner?”

“Shrimp scampi, Sir!”

Danny was a great cook. A year or two prior, Cary wouldn’t have been able to say what “shrimp scampi” was, but now it was his favorite thing to eat. What had he done to deserve such a good little sub?

As Cary sat on the couch, Danny scampered all around the house to get ready. escort tandoğan He had so much planned and didn’t want to waste a moment. Once he got Cary a beer he hurried to their room to get dressed properly. He combined two of his favorite outfits to wear for his Dom: the puppy and the waiter.

His puppy costume was two pieces, reddish brown pointed ears that blended in with his hair and a jock strap with a matching tail attached to it. The waiter outfit was a formal suit-like ensemble, with a vest, a bow tie, an apron, and white gloves. Danny loved how cute the outfits made him look and knew that Cary felt the same way. Danny had never combined these two characters before, but he wanted to be everything and more for Cary that night.

When Cary got a load of Danny, he yelled out “C’mere, pup!”

Like a loyal dog, the smaller man walked over, his collar making the slightest jingling.

Cary eyed him up and down. “God, you are so fucking cute I can’t stand it!” It was true, Danny had really outdone himself, but what endeared Cary more was that Danny not only tolerated, but embraced, celebrated all the kinks in their relationship.

Cary was a man’s man: hairy, strong, and tall. He had a short but thick beard and had taken to wearing his hair in a man bun. His demeanor was very brash and masculine. He hadn’t suspected that he liked men at all until he met Danny. The moment he met that cute little twink Cary knew he wanted to claim him as his. He craved for the boy to want for nothing. It came as a surprise; he had only been with women in the past, but he turned out to be bi, at least for Danny.

Danny had known he was fully, 100% percent gay since he was 13. He was already bullied for being a small, runty kid, so being a queer would have just been icing on the cake. He only told his family and kept in the closet until he went to college.

At college, Danny got comfortable with his sexuality, and learned that he was into submission play as well. He went to BDSM clubs occasionally, and that’s where he met the six-foot-four, 250-pound, 29-year-old specimen of pure, undiluted man who would eventually be his Dom.

Cary liked being dominant, and was scoping out the club for potential girls when he spotted the little twink. The two of them hit it off immediately. They were together for the rest of Danny’s senior year and he moved in after graduation. The two of them had a wonderful, if thoroughly unconventional, relationship.

Cary finished admiring his sub and said “Okay pup, go make me dinner, I’m hungry.”

Danny gave a cute little bow and walked off, his tail wagging slightly with his steps.

Dinner and wine was amazing. They talked and ate and drank and just enjoyed each other’s presence. Afterwards, they were on the couch, Danny fully cradled in Cary’s arms.

“Shit. My marks are starting to wear off,” Cary grumbled.

Since they’d been together Danny couldn’t remember a time when his neck didn’t have a hickey or two. Cary always made sure that he marked his territory.

Cary nuzzled Danny’s neck, his whiskers sending jolting sensations through the younger man. Danny squirmed in delight as his Dom sucked hard on his neck, biting and licking.

“There,” Cary said when a mark formed. “you’re such a good little pup; I want everybody to know you’re mine.”

Suddenly Danny’s eyes widened, and he shook his head nervously.

“No, Sir. Oh no, no, no…”

He got up and started pacing the room anxiously, wringing his hands and making little whimpering sounds.

Cary resisted the strong urge to get up and comfort his boyfriend. One scary thing about being the Dom was that Danny was an astoundingly good actor. He completely sold his characters, made them his. It was unnerving, but Cary was mostly used escort tunalı to it.

“Hey pup,” Cary growled. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Danny stopped his pacing and stared at Cary, trembling slightly.

“Sir, I’m not a good pup. I’ve been bad…”

“How so?”

Danny fidgeted.

“Well…it’s been so lonely around here without you this week. I…I had lunch with Mr. Walker the other day. I liked spending time with him…”

Both of them knew full well that Cary didn’t give a shit if Danny had lunch with Al Walker, their mutual friend. This was all just part of the game.

Cary stood up and walked to his sub, looking pissed. He raised his arm and slapped Danny’s face, just hard enough to sting. He grabbed Danny’s face with one hand, squeezing his chin and teeth.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, you insolent little whelp!”

Danny mewed and nodded his head.

“You are mine, pup! I own you!”

He grabbed the growing bulge in Danny’s shorts and squeezed, making him yelp.

“This is mine!”

He let go of Danny’s face and grabbed his sub’s wrist. With no effort, he lifted the smaller man and held him up in the air, their eyes at the same level.

“All of this, all of you, belongs to me and nobody else! You need to be punished, you little brat!” Cary had become a pretty good actor as well.

Danny nodded, his scared face a contrast to his thickening bulge.

Cary slung Danny over his shoulder and walked them to their bedroom.

“What’s your safe word, pup?”

“Cuttlefish, Sir.”

Cary never forgot this question. The safe word never changed, but he always made sure that it was fresh in his sub’s mind.

Danny could count the times he ever used the word on one hand. He completely trusted Cary, but vividly remembered the thing his Dom said before they did their first scene.

“I don’t care if you think you’re interrupting momentum or whatever. I don’t care if you think I’d get mad. I don’t care if you think it’s probably nothing and you’re just being a little bitch. I. Don’t. Give. A. Fuck. If I go too far, use the safe word. If you let me truly hurt you, I’d never be able to forgive either of us.”

Cary dropped Danny on the bed.

“Strip, pup.”

Danny removed his clothing, hanging it up and folding it as he did so. Soon enough, he was wearing nothing but his collar. His tiny, pale body was completely bare, exposed to a very big, very strong man that was fully clothed. He never felt safer, more at peace.

“Get into position. You deserve a spanking, you little shit.”

Danny returned to the bed got on his hands and knees.

“Count, pup.”

Cary brought back his arm and swung an open hand at Danny’s left cheek.


“One, Sir,” Danny whimpered.

Cary swung again.


“T-two, Sir.”

This kept going. Danny got more aroused as the pain and intensity built. Cary stopped at ten.

“Th-thank you, Master.”

“Suck my cock, you fucking runt.”

Danny turned over and lay on his back, his head off the bed slightly. He pulled Cary’s member out through his fly.

Cary had an unbelievable cock. It was circumcised, veiny, and huge: over nine inches and incredibly thick.

Cary would never be able to not be amazed at how well Danny took his dick. It didn’t seem possible, but the tiny little man could take it all the way in his mouth or ass relatively easy.

With the position, Danny could take Cary all the way to the base, the cock well down his throat. His Dom fucked his face, ignoring all the little gagging sounds Danny made.

A few minutes later, Cary started panting a bit.

“I’m coming, pup. All of my come will go straight down your throat; you won’t taste a single escort türbanlı drop.”

Danny moaned.

Cary unloaded into his sub’s throat, grunting out a loud curse. After he pulled out, he folded his arms.

“Undress me, pup.”

Danny quickly took off all of Cary’s clothes, worshipping his body in the process with nuzzles and kisses.

“I feel like fucking you. Beg for it. Beg for my cock.”

Danny got on his knees and prostrated himself.

“Please, Sir! I need your cock! I need you to punish me, Master! Fuck me! Please!”

Cary set his jaw and nodded.

Danny got on the bed and pulled his legs back, presenting his hole. Cary got out the lube they kept in the night stand. Spreading it on his dick, he loomed over Danny.

“Tell me your safe word, pup.”

“It’s cuttlefish, Sir! Please, Master, I can’t take it anymore!”

The larger man buried the giant head of his cock into Danny with one quick thrust.

Danny screamed. Cary jerked his hips forward, his huge shaft sinking in further. His head jabbed Danny’s prostate and he screamed even louder.

In a few seconds, all his dick was in Danny. He pulled out and pushed back in roughly. The smaller man was given no time to adjust to the intense girth and length. He fucked his sub’s ass fast and rough.

Danny squealed. He was in agony. He felt like he was going to be torn in half. The pain and pleasure of it all was too much to handle.

“What are you!?” Cary roared.

Danny was hardly able to force out his reply.

“I-I’m your p-pup, Sir! Y-y-you’re my Master!”

Cary pulled all the way out and Danny mewled weakly in protest.

The older man shoved his fingers into his lover’s hole and poked his sweet spot over and over.

Danny writhed on the bed. He was completely at Cary’s mercy. His cock stiffened to its full length of five inches and exploded.

Cary didn’t even slow down. He kept going until his sub came two more times. He stood up, impaled his entire cock into Danny’s hole, and started pounding with all he had.

Once again, Danny was pushed to climax. His entire body was tingling so much he was shaking. He could feel his Dom’s cock expand within him.

Cary clamped his teeth on Danny’s shoulder and came, shooting his seed into his sub’s guts. Danny shrieked as he reached orgasm for the fourth time that night. It was so intense, so amazing, that he blacked out for a moment

He awoke to the sensation of gentle hands removing his collar and a tender kiss on his lips.

“I love you, Danny.”

Danny couldn’t do much besides nod.

Cary got up to get a wet washcloth. He gently cleaned the come from his boyfriend’s chest. He held and cradled the younger man in his arms, lightly kissing him on the forehead. He placed his index finger on his love’s lips and Danny suckled on it like an infant. His eyes closed dreamily.

“I love you so fucking much, baby! You’re my precious little pup.”

Danny still couldn’t talk, so he nuzzled against his lover’s chest.

After a few more minutes Danny became lucid again.

“Thank you, Cary. I’m sure that was hard to do.”

Danny hadn’t screamed that loud in months. He hoped the neighbors didn’t hear.

“It’s okay, pup. I knew I could trust you.”

Cary lay back on the bed, his sub curled up on his chest. Danny kissed his Dom, his partner. They cuddled for a few minutes before something occurred to Cary.

“Did you actually have lunch with Al this week, or was that part of the game?”

“No, Sir. I had lunch with him on Wednesday.”

“How’s he been doing?”

“He’s not been having much luck with finding a man to settle down with.”

“Eh, he’s only been trying for a few weeks. Give it time.”

Danny rubbed his cheek into Cary’s thick pelt of chest hair. “I missed you so much, Cary. I missed being your pup all week.”

Cary hugged Danny tightly.

“It doesn’t matter where I am, Danny. You’ll always be my baby. You’re my pup. Forever.”

The meek little sub kissed the lips of his big, rough Dom.

“Yes, Sir.”

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