March Madness Ch. 01

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Looking back over the last few months, I never would have imagined myself in this position. I have a steady girlfriend I have been seeing since college. I have a good paying job in spite of the recession we have all been dealing with over the last year. And I consider myself better than average when it comes to my social life. While I’ve dated quite a few women over the years, I’ve pretty much been going steady with Sandy since we both graduated from Duke a few years ago.

Sandy is a pharmaceuticals sales rep and travels a good bit. I’m in sales too but all of my customers are in our region which limits my time away from home. We have talked about moving in together but right now we both still maintain our own apartments. Sandy is a gorgeous blonde with a killer little body. We met at a fraternity mixer and I have been smitten ever since.

I’m a huge basketball fan and invited a close friend of mine over to watch the second round of the NCAA Tournament a few months ago. Randy is a Tarheel, our nemesis when it comes to basketball, but he we both knew the “heels” were a much better team this year and we were both kind of hoping they’d meet up in the semis.

Sandy had already informed me she was going to be in South Carolina on a sales trip and would likely stay with her parents and be back on Sunday leaving me to fend for myself over the weekend. Given all the games that were on, there was little doubt what I’d be doing…or at least I thought.

I invited Randy over for some pizza and basketball Saturday. We had both settled in with a few cold beers and a little March Madness. Duke held off Texas in a score that was much closer than it should have been. I went into the kitchen when Randy yelled out if he could get on my computer to check out the bracket. I yelled back that my computer had issues and kept locking up on me.

Randy informed me while he wasn’t a computer technician, he knew a thing or two and might be able to help me out. Thinking he certainly couldn’t hurt it, I gave him my approval and headed back to the kitchen for salsa and chips. Randy sat at my computer station in the den and began typing away. When I returned, I looked over his shoulder to see screens and prompts I had never seen before. I was definately impressed.

I sat back down in the lounge chair and began taking in the next game. “I’m gonna’ run a virus program on your machine. I think that’s what’s locking ya’ up,” Randy said as he kept typing away.

“Thanks,” I replied taking a long swig from my cold beer. Randy got up from my station and returned to the couch as we both began watching the next game. He returned minutes later to check the status. I could hear him typing away as he set about fixing my computer.

“There’s the problem. I figured you had a virus…probably something you downloaded from a file,” he informed me. He continued to type away finally rejoining me on the couch. We must have polished off at least a six pack a piece when he looked over at me, “You need to be real careful on those sites you look at. Some of them are loaded with viruses and spyware that can hijack your computer.”

Then it hit me. While I’m not gay and have never had sex with a guy, I had been looking at some free adult sites that featured both men and women, women and women, and yes… men and men. I’d never given much thought about guys before – never had an interest. But I have to admit, when I saw the frozen frame of the two guys going down on each the other night, I downloaded it.

Actually I had downloaded quite a few…and intended to delete them after I had viewed them. That is before my computer seized up on me.

“So I noticed quite a selection of videos you downloaded to Real Player,” Randy said without even looking up at me.

My heart was thumping loudly in my chest. Shit, did this guy see those videos? Did he know I was looking at gay stuff on the web? “Yea, I downloaded a little. I don’t even know what I have. Just ataşehir escort sort of downloaded stuff on a site and thought I might get back to it later,” I said. I hoped he’d drop it. Assume I didn’t know what I was looking at.

“So, are you gay?” Randy asked bluntly, looking over at me after he took a drink from his beer.

“No man, why would you ask that?” I shot back indignantly.

“Well, that’s quite a collection of queer stuff. I just didn’t know if that was your bag or anything. I mean… I’m cool with it. I don’t think less of you or anything,” he went on.

“Look, I don’t even know what’s on there. I just sort of downloaded some stuff. I might have downloaded some gay stuff by accident,” I said trying to get out of it. I hoped he drop it. Leave it alone.

“Hey look, don’t worry about it. I just noticed your history has a lot of gay sites in your cache. You might want to clean it up. What would Sandy think if she saw the sites you visited… or does she know?” he kept up.

“Damnit, I said I’m not gay. I just downloaded a couple of videos. It’s no big deal,” I said feeling myself get embarrassed. I literally felt like my mouth was drying up as I picked up my beer and drew a long gulp of the cold brew.

“So, you did download it on purpose. You’re curious huh?” Randy said with a smirk. “Look…Dale… It’s no big deal. I’m not going to tell anyone. But you should know something….” Randy stopped.

I looked at him wondering where this was going. “I should know what?”

“I e-mailed my computer at home with a few of your sites. A little message from your mailbox to mine. Maybe you should take a look at it,” Randy warned as a horror swept over my body. What had he done? I walked over to my computer and saw that he had opened my outlook program and there on the screen was a message that had been sent.

It was addressed to his e-mail and the subject read “Dale’s Links”. There in the e-mail he had pasted in some of the sites I had visited as well as the properties indicating the date and times. You could have knocked me over. “What the hell are you going to do with that?” I asked, feeling the heat in my face.

“Call it insurance. Nothing if you behave. But if you do something stupid… well, I might have to forward it to a few of our friends. Maybe Sandy too for that matter,” Randy said as he stood up from the couch.

“Why are you doing this? What the fuck are you thinking?” I asked.

“I’m thinking I’m gonna’ satisfy your curiosity…let you have the real thing,” Randy added.

“You’ve fucking lost it man. I’m not gay. I have no interest in guys. I’m as straight as you are,” I said defiantly.

“I don’t think so and I’m not the dude with the gay porn on his computer,” he kept up.

I thought about what he said. Images flashed in my mind of our buddies getting his e-mail. The ridicule from my coworkers. What would Sandy think?

“So what is it you want?” I asked somewhat resigned.

“I think we both know what I want. I think it’s what you want to,” Randy said as he drew a sip from his beer.

“Why don’t you undress for me? You want to get naked for me don’t you,” he smirked.

I couldn’t believe it. We had been friends since High School. He was pretty successful with the ladies. What the hell was he doing this for? “You gonna’ do it or do you want me to leave?” Randy asked staring at me. “But if I leave, we both know what I’m gonna’ do. No one has to know Dale. Just me and you. You just do what I tell you and I go home and delete the e-mail. Like it never happened. What do you say?” he said still looking me right in the eyes.

I had to admit part of me was excited and part of me wanted to punch the shit out of him. “If I do it. If I do it this one time, that’s it right? And no one knows — no one,” I said for emphasis.

“That’s right. Just between us. Not even your girlfriend,” my buddy said as he watched me, his confidence growing. kadıköy escort “Now, just slip out of those clothes. I want to see you naked.”

I pulled my t-shirt over me head. I was already barefoot so I unsnapped my jeans and pulled them down my legs and free. I stood in front of Randy in my grey briefs. The underwear too, “he chided.

I pulled off my polo briefs and my semi-hard dick began to bob back and forth. “Damn, looks like you’re excited already,” Randy smirked as my dick betrayed me lifting higher and higher at the thought of being naked in front of my friend.

“That’s good… real good. Now come over here and kneel in front of me,” he commanded.

I knew what he wanted. I wondered if I wanted it to. “Undo my jeans,” he said as I unbuttoned the snaps on his Levis. I was surprised when bare skin appeared as he apparently didn’t wear briefs under his jeans. “Now pull them down.” I tugged his jeans down to his white socks. He had already slipped out of his tennis shoes. “Off my leg,” he instructed as I pulled one pants leg off and then the other as he stepped free.

“Now tell me what you want to do. Tell me you want to suck my cock,” he commanded. I couldn’t believe he was saying this to me but here I was kneeling naked before him – his dick swaying inches from my face.

“Say it…tell me you wanna’ suck my cock,” he said again with emphasis.

“I want to suck your cock,” I resigned myself.

“No, not like that…I want you to say it with feeling. Tell me what you want. Tell me!,” he continued.

“Let me suck your cock. I want to suck your cock Randy,” I said looking up at him from the floor.

“Go ahead, kiss it. Put your lips around my dick,” he smirked.

I knelt forward as his member had already begun defying gravity. My lips touched its velvet head. It was soft and warm against my lips.

“You can use your hands. Lick it. Suck my cock,” he kept on.

I grasped his warm shaft and lifted the member to my lips. I took the flesh in my mouth like I had seen on the videos. It was warm in my mouth and I could feel him growing harder as I sucked on the head and then took it deep in my mouth. I started to move my lips up and down on the shaft like Sandy did when she was giving me a blowjob.

“Damn, that’s good. You’re a good little cock sucker. You really like my cock. You like sucking on my dick,” Randy said in between soft groans.

I did. I did like sucking him. I didn’t want to admit it but I was enjoying giving him head. I took his dick, now slick with my saliva and licked its length. “That’s right cocksucker, lick me, lick my balls,” he commanded.

I took his hairy balls in my mouth. It was salty tasting but not at all unpleasant as I had imagined. I licked them, took them in my mouth, and then returned to his cock. I took the member as far in my mouth as I could until I gagged. I choked a couple of times but continued to slide up and down on his hard slick pole.

“You like that? You like my dick boy?” Randy grunted. I knew there was no use in denying. I was naked, my mouth full of cock, and quite honestly, I was enjoying it.

“Yea, I do. I do like sucking your dick,” I said between noisy slurps.

“I knew you would. Cause you’re a little cocksucker. You like that dick in your mouth. I believe you’re hooked on my dick aren’t ya. I don’t believe this will be the last time you blow me,” he continued.

He was right. I was enjoying it. I liked it and I knew I’d want to do it again. I could taste the salty precum from the tip as I moved my head back and forth, letting him fuck my face. “Beat your meat. I want to see you beat yourself off for me,” he instructed.

I reached down with my right hand and began stroking my cock which was as hard as it had ever been. I removed my mouth from his cock just long enough to spit in my hand and then return it to my cock as I moved up and down on Randy’s pole.

It felt so good to stroke bostancı escort bayan my manhood as he fucked my face, locking his hands behind my head and pulling me hard on his wand. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth. I want you to swallow my load – all of it,” he said as I felt his velvet head pulsating in my mouth. Then I felt it. His warm semen filling my mouth. I swallowed fast as I clamped my mouth on his dick. It was forceful as it hit the back of my throat. The warm cum slid down my throat as I continued swallowing.

Almost in sync, I felt my own cock twitch and I launched stream after stream of cum onto the carpet. I slowed my pace on my cock coming to a stop as Randy pulled his slippery wet cock from my mouth. I felt a trail of warm cum run down from my mouth as Randy scooped it up with his finger and returned it to waiting lips.

I couldn’t believe I had done that. I couldn’t believe I had just given a blowjob to my friend. A friend that had threatened to blackmail me if I didn’t. But deep down I was glad he had.

“Go get us a beer,” Randy said as he collapsed on the couch. I walked into the kitchen and pulled two beers out of the fridge. I walked back into the den and handed him one as I opened mine and washed down the remaining cum in my mouth.

“Now, aren’t cha’ glad we got that out of the way. Let you experience something you were curious about,” Randy asked looking over at me.

“You’re not gonna tell anybody right? You said you wouldn’t,” I asked really concerned about what that news could do to me.

“No, I’m not gonna’ tell anybody,” he reassured me. “But on the other hand, I might not delete it quite yet.”

“What do you mean,” I demanded. “A deal’s a deal…you said you would!”

“And I will…I’ll delete it. But I think we both liked it too much to stop just yet. If I get rid of it you just might decide you don’t want to blow me again. I kind of liked it. I know you did. I saw how you got off. You do what I say…I will. I’ll get rid of it. But first I’m gonna have a little fun with you.”

Randy stood up and grabbed his jeans pulling them on. “You do what I say, when I say, no one’s the wiser. No one knows what a cocksucker you’ve become. Sandy doesn’t need to know her boyfriends a faggot.”

“I’m not a faggot. I’m not gay!” I stated back defiantly.

“Yea, and you didn’t just blow your buddy and shoot off on your floor” he said with a smirk on his face.

Randy walked to my back door. “I’ll call ya. Sandy get back tomorrow?”

“Yea,” I replied.

“What time? Randy asked.

“Tomorrow night some time. She said she’d call me when she got back in town,” I answered.

“I’ll call ya,'” he said again as he closed the door behind him.

I sat in my lounge chair and began thinking about the events that had played out. Sucking on a dick – my first dick. I couldn’t believe that a few nights ago I was watching people on a video and just moments ago I was on my knees blowing my buddy. As I thought about it I felt my hand wander to my dick…still slick with my semen and spit from earlier. It began to harden in my hand. Swelling as I thought about the cock I had sucked. Randy’s balls that I drew into my mouth. The long slender cock that slid easily into my mouth.

I stroked my cock as it grew. I spit into my hand and rubbed it over the head. I closed my eyes and thought about my first cock. The way it fit in my mouth. The warm semen which shot into the back of my throat. My cock twitched. It felt hot in my hand as I felt it pulse and then shoot shot after shot of warm semen which settled back down on my hand.

I was nervous that Randy had an e-mail from my computer. An email that detailed gay sites I had viewed and downloaded. Would he really expose me? Would he really let our friends…my girlfriend no what I had done? But it did excite me. I had to admit I was as turned on as I had been in some time. Sex with Sandy was great but this was great too.

I headed down the hall to the shower to clean up. I wondered what tomorrow would hold. I was pretty sure I’d be on my knees again. Naked on my knees as I sucked on my friend. I wanted to. I wanted to suck his cock. I was hooked on his cock…and he knew it.

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