Marcus Pays His Dues

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This took place quite a few years ago. Yet, the memory is still very vivid.

I was out of my Prep and to start my freshman-year in October. I got myself a decent summer job at one of the seaside resorts. Neither cash nor plenty of sex were in short supply those days. People have been always using their vacation to do the things they would normally stay away from. You are far away from home. No one really knows. No one really cares and they are also doing the same thing anyway.

I was swinging both ways at that time. A hot body was a hot body and whoever was willing to get it right now as opposed to ‘a bit later’ was welcome in my books. Girls knew, I was not into fidelity but I kept my gay side well under cover. Guys, on the other hand, knew I was scoring well above the average and that did not hurt either. Nothing succeeds like success or so they say…

Things started changing a bit towards mid-September. I met Mary-Ann who was going to attend the same college I got admitted to that fall. She was a soph girl at the time and we quickly clicked together. The summer was coming to its end anyway, and the days of limitless debauchery were numbered thin. Going ‘steady’ sounded kinda alright, though I had my own doubts and had no intention of ‘settling down’ and playing the role of a happy, monogamous boyfriend. Guess, monogamy has never really been my thing. Mary-Ann was neither deaf nor blind, though. What attracted her to me was that legendary story that I got laid with every qualified chick within the 2-hour drive from our resort base. (Admittedly, she did not know the other part, or pretended she did not. Whatever.) She was going to live with it all, for as long as she remained ‘the girlfriend’ and got recognized as such. She certainly had all the right attributes and was a fun guy to be with. (If I did not want sex, she knew I was hungry and made me a sandwich. That bit always worked. A simple, old but true cliché!)

Mary-Ann’s Birthday party practically coincided with the final week of our job assignments and all of us decided to make it our end-of-the-summer party, too. Basically, our last call to try and sort the things out before all of us took our separate ways.

Marcus was my co-worker, a seemingly very straight dude who was pretty much after Mary-Ann. I found him hot, good-looking, defined and all. Mary-Ann kept on giving him a cold shoulder, though. Just when I thought that everyone knew everything about everyone else at our resort, (save for the stuff, I did not want them to know) it suddenly looked like, something was wrong there. Good, ole’ Mary-Ann would normally flirt heavily and turn the dude down, when he was dead sure, he was going to score with her. Guess, I forgot to mention, she was a real bitch. She did not bother to go through those notions with Marcus. My curiosity was aroused and I thought the party would be a great chance to turn that stone, too. Not that it was any of my direct business.

For all of his bad luck with Mary-Ann, Marcus was a popular dude and was dating Isabelle pretty heavily. I knew Isabelle and have had a few chances to get to know her well. She was a bit too much into romance for my taste but sure did not miss a single opportunity to get her itch stilled, if she felt, the dude was qualified where it mattered. Been there done that and even did not bother to get a T-shirt.

Isabelle took a bee-line over to Mary-Ann, obviously to start on one of those absorbing subjects of the latest nail polishers or something to that effect. Being a co-host, I took Marcus on my side, offered him a drink and started the usual breeze-shooting session.

Yeah, he had no complaints. Life was treating him well. His college money was secured and he did earn a bit on the side. (For those of you, not familiar with the industry, it really was a code word for hustling or escorting on the side.) Now, this was news. Never a word about this on our bush telegraph. He was looking forward to signing up for the next summer, too. He liked the people, the cash and even the work. He was one happy trooper.

I went back to my host duties, mixed with the people and watched Marcus closely. He was befriending that bottle of vodka a bit too fast for his own good. The party was now getting in its full swing. Lots of guys came to say ‘bye, c ya,’. We all felt that somehow, the good times were over, for a while, at least. I thought I may as well score one more time before packing up to go. Men fuck, wussies socialize or so it says in my book.

I knew I was going to try my luck with Marcus. Risky as it was, he was the only guy on the grounds I still wanted (and thought I could jump) and I was not going to pass on this one, if I had any say in it. We were all checking out in some two days. Time was running short and so was the vodka in his bottle. Yeah, we all drunk in those days, but Marcus must have been doing a richly paid overtime. I did not like that overtime bit.

Besides, I needed to extract the two of us from the slowly dying party. For all I cared, he could drink somewhere else, too. And I certainly wanted to fuck him somewhere else, too. Since he claimed he was familiar with that escort ataşehir hustling thing which has been going on all the way through, I thought, I’d play safe. I went over to him, showed him my pager (not that he was going to read anything on it) and said,

“Dude, they want me at the airport. Looks like one of our guys did not show up for work. Wanna come along?”

Obviously, he was either going to read the script and take it up or exit. No one would be embarrassed. At least not at this stage.

Fortunately, Marcus was holding his drinks well.

“Yah, dude! We’d better be going. Whatever they might need us for.”

He was fully compliant. He wanted himself outta there too. Hey, we drank; we ate and now was the time to bust the nut, one way or the other.

Holding my pager in my hand and gently pushing Marcus ahead of me, we went over to Mary-Ann, Isabelle and few other guys who were just hanging arpund and blurted out the news, pretending we were actually stoned but had to go anyway. Isabelle sounded like: ‘better you guys, then anyone of us’. Well, she did not quite know the script. That much was obvious.

I started leisurely towards my car and Marcus followed closely. The moment we both got in, he lit up for the first time that evening.

“Dude, thanks for getting my, or should I say, our asses away from that place. Sounded like a happy funeral with all those creeps there.” said Marcus with a note of ‘we-r-in-this-together’ in his voice.

Hope, no one gets me wrong here. I thought fucking Marcus was a good thing to do on that particular evening. I never thought starting a private conspiracy was in the cards, though.

“Sure, Dude. I thought I liked that story of yours of ‘making a bit on the side’. We could go through a six-pack together at my bungalow and you could fill me in on that one.”

“Wow, I was hoping you wouldn’t ask. I like to keep the rumors down, if you know what I mean? Do not want people talking.” Marcus was lying here and he was a poor liar at that. Sure, he did not want people talking. He wanted people envying him. Talk has been the least price ever paid for that deal.

“Like I said (I did not, but this sounded good and reassuring), your secret is safe with me.” I really did not care one way or the other. But Marcus wanted a firm word on this, so he got it. Another least price ever paid for a pending penetration.

I motioned Marcus out of the parked car and quickly hailed a cab. I was opening the door of my summer bungalow in less then ten minutes hoping to land that hustler stud on his back with his feet on my shoulders and the pained expression on his face in anything below the next 15 minutes. Yeah, we all kept scoreboards in those days. I soon started measuring the time needed to get where I wanted to be and was steadily increasing my speed. Practice makes perfect or something to that effect. Something was telling me that this time around, I was either going to have my average score ruined or not enter the score altogether.

I grabbed that cold six-pack and tossed a can over to Marcus. I wanted to know, I was not going to tell and we were two men, so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

There ensued a silence. Anticlimactic, bare silence.

I decided to give him another chance, lit two cigarettes and gave him one. You do not get closer to any male in a non-sexual context than this. He is putting his lips on where yours have been until a second ago. A powerful invitation to share in other pleasures. A firm, loud, ‘I-am-your-closest- friend-here’. I was good. And he started opening up.

“I suppose, I may as well just say that. I mean, I needed cash. So did everybody here, right?”

“Yeah, man, that’s why we all came here to work.” I confirmed, though I was still far away from catching his drift. Like most other people around the resort I seriously doubted the deeper truth here.

“I needed it more than all of you, guys. I am in bad shape.” Marcus went on.

“So, who has been burning your cash or should I rather ask the ‘what’?”

This was turning into a sadly predictable story of a young, still very much college-jock-to-be dude’s who was into some harsh, heftily priced stuff. Was I going to call this a consolation or an encouragement fuck in my books? But fuck, it was going to be.

“It is Isabelle, dude.” Marcus gulped down the last drops of his first beer in a record time and practically ate his cigarette with my spit on it.

“Isabelle?” This was more confusing than anything. “What’s wrong with her?”

“I have been paying her, ya know.” Marcus sounded broken here, yet willing to carry on with it.

“Dude, you have been paying her? For what, if I may ask?”

“To stay with me, pretend we were dating and all.”

“And you are not?” I ventured. I must have heard every single variation of the same story. She must have caught him in the act with another dude and he was now buying her silence. A totally outdated concept, if you asked me.

“No, we are not really dating. I never had a chance.”

“What makes you think so?” He was going to spill the beans now. This kadıköy escort bayan only goes so far. Not that I ever boasted of indefinite patience.

“It all started just fine. I took her out for couple of drinks and a dinner. She did not want to appear cheap, you know? I’ll cut the standard details short. Looks like you have been there and done that more than any guy around here.”

Marcus needed some light encouragement here.

“Sure, dude! We all went through the same monkey business. You want to get laid, you pay the price. One way or the other.” I ventured.

“That one about the price is just about right. I just could not. You know… It just would not get going”, said Marcus.

This was as obvious as it ever gets. The dude could not get it hard. His best man declined him the favor. You do not think much about the penile dysfunction when you hit the college freshman class, do you? You have other problems to worry about.

“Gee, dude, this happens to all of us. Nothing to be happy about but, it sure happens. Not a biggie in my books.” I lied shamelessly. It has never happened to me. And yes, it is as embarrassing as it gets. There was no point in me telling him all that. He knew that alright.

This big lie worked like a charm. Marcus liked the support I was giving him. He liked the beer and the chance to share his little secret with a trustworthy guy. No matter what, I was not going to spill those beans. Frankly, I had little interest in the workings of his cock. I hoped he was a good cocksucker and he knew how to take it up his tail without too much drama. Yeah, it was going to hurt and all. I have grown very grateful to the dudes who have so far, saved me from letting me know how their assholes felt while I was having it my way with them. I expect a male to be a male under all circumstances. Hell, bite into something and keep it silent.

“So, we tried couple of times and it just wouldn’t work. I thought, something was wrong and started apologizing and all. Isabelle looked back and smiled coyly. She said, she heard, I was making some cash on the side with other men and I was not into women, in the first place. I mean, she was right. The bastard who tipped her off should be hanged by his balls. I was messing around with couple of older guys who were, you know, paying for it. Sounds strange, but I always wanted to do it. Yeah, I hesitated and all of that but when a guy offered me $200.00 to suck my dick, I did not say ‘No’, who would?”

Another lie was down my pipeline: “Sure, dude, who cares who sucks you, when two crisp Bens come out of it. Gee, no biggie!”

I am no better than the guy next door, so don’t get me wrong. But I do draw the line. I am not into hustling, unless, I like who I see and he is willing to pay for it. So far, the hot & cute freshman dudes did not come up with a good offer, and I strongly doubt they ever will. Why buy something that’s free anyway?

Marcus was taken aback here. “So, you’d have no problem with it? I never thought so! You are like the top dawg here and you’ll mess around with dudes for cash?”

Oups! This was taking a wrong turn. I needed to correct his perception ASAP. “Dude, so far, no one has offered, so I did not think about it. But, if I like the guy and the cash is plentiful, I’ll give it a thought or two. What’s wrong with that?”

Marcus was soon to know anyway, no harm in telling him upfront. It was hopefully going to speed it all up. Besides, I needed to regain the initiative here, too.

“Dude, since you opened up, I do not want to be a prick and hold my bit back. Hope, you understand the nature of these things round here and are not going to put it on the news, rite?”

Marcus tried to reassure me, his eyes burning with curiosity. I cut him short. Actually, I did not care. Other people talk, and I have fun. I see a difference here.

“Back at high school, I noticed a few guys from my basketball team, checking me under the showers and in the lockers, pretty much the same way, I would be eyeing up a chick. I guess I was giving them an eyeful, so they looked. At first, I did not make much out of it. But then, there was this lanky German kid, exchange student, an all around shy, if nice dude. A genuine redhead. He was looking more than the others and always smiled back. Now, I did not mind his looking, but I did not want the stories going around. Few short glances are standard. Guys, compare, few store up memories and few let the others know about the size of their endowment.” That was the part, I genuinely liked. It opened up quite a few new avenues for me. But, I am getting away from my subject, rite?

“So, I took the German kid aside and told him I was going to give him a lift home on that day.” He agreed, and knowingly smiled. I made sure I picked him up after the training, when all the guys were gone. He knew his plot, well. Anyway, for all his shyness, the dude did not hesitate to put his hand on my crotch the moment I sat behind the wheel. I did not know, if I liked that or not. But, I liked his courage. Yeah, we made a little detour on his way home and my dick and his ass became good, solid escort bostancı and lasting friends for the whole term. Never regretted that. No shitting around, just pure sex.”

I was right on the dot. Marcus was tenting up big time. He was silent but was blushing like a teenage girl. Yup, we did the talk.

I stood up, stretched out a bit and pulled over my polo shirt. His eyes were glued onto my nipples and the washboard below. I placed my right nipple onto his lips and he started sucking at it, just the way I like it. Soft, yet determined to do it right.

I like taking my time. I have had my share of unmemorable fucks in the past and would skip on repeating that experience. But Marcus looked very promising. I helped him loose his t-shirt. We have seen each other shirtless many times that summer. Yet, the nicely defined chest and low body fat are always nice to look at.

He was about to loose his pants, too. This was where I had to start watching him closely. I had a bit of a plan here.

He progressed down to my belly button and was licking my treasure trail. He also started tugging at his cock, still in the red Speedos. I stopped him from doing that. I knew how to make him shoot without any handwork there and told him so. He looked even more embarrassed. Really embarrassed!

He looked up and said, “Dude, you wanna fuck me?” He sounded positively frightened. This was a total ‘no go’.

Now, that he put it in so many words, my only frank answer should have been, ‘Yeah, what else? Were you hoping? I was going to propose to you or something?’ But though I happen to have this big mouth, I also know when to keep it shut.

“Nope, dude, I know you are not that kind of guy. We are friends, we know each other so, you are fine with me.” I said.

Marcus lit up. I have just taken a huge burden of his chest. Messing around with another guy was bad in those days. But, yeah, you were drunk, the other dude was drunk and both of you wanted to get some relief. Lame, if you will, but still a far cry from picturing yourself lying on your back with your feet in the air taking up other’s dude massive tool up your ass, as if you were his bitch.

I led him towards my bed which saw a lot of hot action that summer.

“Dude, we are just going to help each other out a bit. That’s all!”

He calmed down completely and sat on my bed. I unzipped, pulled down my briefs and a fat 8-incher presented itself right in front of his lips. He looked up and his eyes locked with mine.

“I have never done this before, you know? Other dudes, those who paid me, only wanted to suck my dick.” he said. Well, I had my big doubts about that. Men love blowjobs and I figured, if they are paying, they also want to get their money’s worth. Little point in sharing my perceptions with him at this crossroads.

“Dude, this is all different. Like I said, you are my friend, you are helping me out. I’ll help you out, too.” This was good enough. He did not yet quite know that I was going help him pop his cherry that night and not suck on his dick, but sometimes such details are just best not mentioned at all.

Marcus went for it like a pro. He was taking all of the eight fat inches with some feigned gagging. OK, this looked sweet. There he was, a young, all-American jock sucking my fat, uncut dick, pretending that this was his first one. No harm done, he just wanted to make it better for me. And people lie all the time. Sue them!

I stood there rather motionless, save for the little caressing of his blond mane. He had a superb technique and was quickly changing before eating my cheese and deep-throating my whole, hot rod. This was pure heaven.

After a while, I started giving him a little, if gentle face fuck. It was too soon to drench his throat in my seed and frankly, I doubted he really wanted to taste me that intimately. But, hey, once you start sucking on other dude’s cock, accidents of that nature are bound to happen, sooner or later. Every cocksucker knows that. And, if he doesn’t? Well, he’ll learn fast, won’t he? It comes with the territory as they say.

Whatever little pretence of not being all that willing to take other guy’s cock in his mouth there was, was gone by now. He was getting a full, hefty face fuck and was loving it. He was gagging at it and even moaning like a little bitch that he really was. He got red in his face a lot, too. No one ever said sucking a big, veined, fat, uncut cock was easy. But he sure, loved it. His tongue was everywhere and hitting all the right spots. Nothing beats a man, who knows how to do it right.

I guess he knew what was coming. But he did not know that I knew how to control the tell-tale signs. By this time, he was getting used to my coming all the way to the explosion and then going somewhere else without the Big Bang. Neither he nor I really knew that the next time around, I was going to go all the way down, lock myself there and flood his throat. That was what I precisely did. He only got the news when the first volley of my cum hit his throat and put some little, token resistance. This was far too little, too late to impress either of us. Half of my mission for that evening was accomplished. I unloaded the rest straight into his mouth for him to eat and enjoy. I took his mouth and made him into my little cocksucker. He knew it and I knew it. No one would have been helped, if I stated the obvious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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