Married Cocksucker Buds Begin Ch. 04

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(This is a continuation of a story of good friends becoming lovers and best friends filling a need neither one realized he had. Guys alone in a hunting cabin…miles away from home….buck fever satisfied…friendships deepened…I only wish this were a true story! Hope you enjoy it. I am working on the next chapter and I’ll post it as soon as I can.)

I finished making dinner while Jeff and Will made room to eat in the living room. We watched a little TV while eating and saw that an early winter storm was heading our way and would arrive by Friday night with the promise of significant snowfall. While we were chatting, a cell phone went off. Jeff recognized the ring tone as his and took the call in the hallway. We could hear a sudden edge of concern in his voice and then I think I heard him praying with someone over the phone. He finished the call and came back to the living room to tell us that his wife and kids were all down with the flu. It was time for him to head home. We all worked together to get Jeff ready to leave, loading his stuff in my truck and securing his buck in the back. We would meet his father-in-law in a town about thirty five miles away and Will and I would return to hunt for another day or two.

Will and I certainly understood the priority of a sick family but I was sure sorry to see Jeff go. I was looking forward to more fun with my hunting buddies. I had a bunch of horny thoughts and impulses just below the surface ready to escape and find satisfaction. We met at the agreed upon place where Jeff introduced us to his father-in-law. We transferred Jeff’s stuff over to another truck and said our goodbyes. Jeff gave Will a buddy hug and said something to him I could not quite hear. Jeff gave me a buddy hug, too and whispered quickly into my ear, “I can hardly wait to get together again. We’ll arrange something as soon as we can.” Then he breathed ever so quickly and hotly onto my neck before breaking the hug. Out loud he said, “Thanks so much for including me in your hunting party. I had a great time and got a nice buck. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. I’ll be seeing you guys after you get back.” With that simple and sincere good bye, Jeff was on his way back to his family.

Will and I picked a few more supplies in town and headed back to the camp. We decided we would hunt some more, then head back home early Friday morning. That would give us time to get back before the storm hit full force. Will called his wife to let her know our plans, then dialed my number and handed the phone to me. I chatted with my wife to let her know what was going on and what our plans were. I know it’s illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving but everybody does it. I said good bye and handed the phone back to Will. After closing his cell phone Will reached over and put his hand on my leg. My heart began to pound and my breath came in short quick gasps. “I gotta tell you, Mike, I am one horny man. I can’t wait to get back to camp. I could care less if we hunted at all. I’d just as soon stay inside and suck you off. You are one hot fucking stud, buddy.” With that, Will began to stroke my leg and fondle my growing bulge.

“Hey, take it easy, will you? I am trying to concentrate on driving. You don’t want me to run this rig off the road now, do you?” I laughed. I thought I’d play with Will’s mind a bit. “Besides, what makes you think I’m interested in letting you suck my dick? Just because I was horny for Jeff, what makes you think I’d have any interest in you?”

Will went along with it, pulling his hand off my crotch and saying, “Well, the way I look at it is this: we will be all alone in the woods, in a cabin, miles from any other company, with only each other. So if we don’t at least talk to each other, it could get lonely. Fact is, I seriously doubt whether you’d get any other kind of offer anyway, even if the cabin was in a housing development. Not only that, you’re ugly, and a bad cook to boot, so who in their right mind would want you at all? To be completely honest with you, Mike, the only reason I have any interest at all on my part is simply to repay the blow job debt I owe to you. You sucked me off real good and I figure I owe you one. That’s really all there is to it for me. You’re homely as the day is long, you can’t hunt for shit, and you have no sense of humor. Really, you’ve got nothing going for you at all.”

Acting miffed, I responded, “Yeah, well, I know Jeff is really the one who downed that buck for you. It was his kindness and sympathy that allowed you to keep the bigger buck. I’m really going to miss him. He has the biggest balls, too,” I sighed.

“Yeah, he really does, doesn’t he?” Will said. Getting serious now, Will continued, “All kidding aside Mike. I gotta tell you how shocked I was at the turn of events with Vinnie. I played a little as a young boy with the other boys. Just curious stuff and I outgrew it pretty quick. I hadn’t given much thought whatsoever to that kind of thing in many ataşehir escort years. I love the feel of my wife’s body up against mine and the incomparable sensation of her tight pussy squeezing my cock and her raising her pussy up to meet my thrusts. I love the look on her face as her eyes close to near slits just before she climaxes and I love to look into her soul as we come together. Nothing will ever substitute for that, as far as I’m concerned. But this stuff is altogether something different entirely. The comparison is much further apart than apples and oranges. It’s more like galaxies apart. I felt like a max stud when you were sucking me off. I can’t begin to tell you how much that turned me on. I was sorry in a way that you lost and had to do me first but someone had to win and someone had to lose.”

Will took a deep breath to continue but I cut in, saying, “I know what you’re saying about women. I love my wife and although her interest has diminished some, I still enjoy the feeling of being bottomed out in her warm and wet pussy. I love the way she whimpers as she comes and I really love the way our bodies and souls mingle. We don’t actually come together at the same time very often. But I always make sure I carry her to shore on a wave of hard passion, then take my pleasure from her trembling body. As far as being shocked about Vinnie, no shit, man. Believe me, I was sorry too that I lost but as far as I could tell, it was all fair and square. I got in the game and lost and that’s life, I guess. But once I knew what I had to do, I for sure was determined not to wuss out or turn into a big baby about the whole thing. I’m not sorry you were first. Glad it was you and not Vinnie, who turned out to be Maximus Asshole. Plus, I figured that if I was going to do it, I was going to do the best I could.”

“Well, you certainly did. I can testify to that. Now that Jeff is gone, it’s you and me, buddy. And here’s our turn. Good deal!” Will exclaimed. I saw in Will’s face a reflection of my own excitement and anticipation.

I turned onto the cabin road and continued my previous thought, “I want to tell you something else, as long as we are in a talkative mood here. At first, I was grossed out having your cock in my mouth. But then I got the hang of it. Then I had this new thought come into my head. Here I was, sucking your big hard cock, and I realized that I had the opportunity and power to draw the essence of your manhood out of your body at the same time you were wanting badly to unload it. This may sound strange, but there was something powerful and liberating about that whole thing. That’s when I determined I was going to suck every drop of your cum down my throat without gagging. I enjoyed that little bit of power over another man and I wanted to take advantage of it. That’s my confession. Now what do you think of me?” I asked.

Will nodded, “I think that only a true stud of a man would admit something like that to another man. I’ll be honest with you. I wanted so bad to blast my cum into your mouth. For me, it was powerful because I had the position of command and power. You better believe I was damn determined to dominate your mouth for my pleasure. Then when it was my turn to do Jeff, I was humbled for sure. I really didn’t want to take my turn once I came in your mouth but we are men, and men of our word and no way was I going to back out just for that fact alone. But I was also really turned on because I could literally feel him shaking with pleasure as he held me onto his cock. Now, I can relate to what you were saying, too. There was a certain amount of power in being the one delivering the pleasure. This all sounds so unnatural and so against everything that I had been taught growing up. But I cannot deny the pleasure both of getting and giving. Like I said before, I am pretty horny all over again. It’s a good thing we are back to the cabin.”

My heart was pounding and my cock was hard from all this talk about sex with our wives and with one another. “Yeah, me too. Glad to be back, and horny as hell, too. Just talking about this stuff man to man is making me hard. Let’s get our stuff and get inside where it’s warm,” I said.

As we got to the back of the truck, I caught Will looking at me. “What are you looking at me like that for?” I asked with half a grin showing on my face.

“Mike…” is all he said as he grasped my with both hands by the shoulders. Before I knew what was happening, Will planted his face against mine and plunged his tongue into my mouth, smoothly but forcefully. His tongue darted strongly inside my mouth and I felt the scratching of his beard stubble against my own. My surprise gave way to response and I pulled hard on the back of his neck to bring his mouth full up against mine. I felt my cock grow against the hard bulge in his jeans as Will began a slow rotating grind of his crotch against mine. My body was torn between the dual sensations of my mouth and my cock. Such kadıköy escort fierce passion! My wife is passionate but it takes a while to get her there. With Will, we were both ready immediately and there is something really appealing right there. I had never kissed a man before and the reality of a hard and passionate, deep tongue probing kind of kiss was overwhelming. The feel of scratchy stubble and the smell of another man in my nostrils amped up my passion. Between the testosterone and adrenaline pumping into my system, I was immediately flushed and trembling.

We broke the kiss, both a little embarrassed maybe, both definitely turned on. Will looked at me and probed my soul with his eyes. I felt naked as I looked back into Will’s eyes and as far into his soul as he would let me. My soul felt as if it had reached across a galaxy and touched his soul. Will simply gave a slight nod of understanding and acknowledgment. As I gazed at Will, his eyes filled and I had to wonder if he had ever allowed anyone besides his wife that far into his heart and soul…indeed, had I? Sexual passion can take it’s participants to the most intimate levels of human connection. It doesn’t always happen that way. You know the emotional emptiness and shallowness of a one night stand…you know what I am talking about. But this strange man-to-man soul connection was happening now and I was mystified and overcome in a fundamental way. My hands shaking and my heart pounding, I broke the gaze and reached into the truck bed for one of the bags. Will followed my lead, took the other and we headed into the house.

Once inside, we deposited the bags in the kitchen. We brought in a couple of armloads of wood and stoked the fire. It’s always a good idea to keep the cabin as warm as you can get it. I left the damper open about half way and we brushed the wood chips off our shirts.

Will grabbed me playfully by the arm and began pulling me into the bedroom we had been sharing. We began fumbling with each other’s belts and jean snaps and before you know it, we were grinding our hard cocks against one another, though still with our jeans barely unzipped and our underwear still on. Hearts pounding and breaths coming in short rasps, we held each other by belt loops on our hips and sawed our cocks against each other while staring into one another’s eyes. This openness with another man was way more than I had bargained for when I left home to go hunting. Was it erotic as hell and was I enjoying it immensely? You bet!
Will’s voice brought me back to the moment as I heard him say, “Fuck this! Let’s get naked, Mike!” Our hands moved from one another’s belt loops to our own clothes and in nothing flat, we were buck naked, with our uncut cocks extending upwards from our groins. As Will stared at my cock, he licked his lips and glanced up at me, saying, “I guess it’s my turn to do you, isn’t it? Let me try to bring you to orgasm, okay? My way?”

“Okay, sure,” I replied in a wavering voice. I was strung on a tight wire of sexual tension and excitement. If Will wanted to do me his way, I was in.
“All right, get on the bed and get comfortable. Prepare yourself for an enjoyable head job, buddy,” Will said through a half smile as he continued to stare at my throbbing cock. I backed over to the beds. There were still the three of them pushed together in the middle of the room. I climbed across to the middle one, pulled a couple of pillows into position behind my head and stretched and wiggled till I was good and comfortable.

“I’m ready whenever you are, Will. Come on, buddy. Suck me off,” I said, slipping a thumb to the base of my cock, pushing up and offering my meat up to Will. Will knelt on the bed, putting a knee on either side of my thighs. He began by leaning his body forward and teasing my cock by slowly letting his cock glide over top of mine. The skin on skin contact made my cock jump. I reached up and pinched Will’s nipple hard, drawing a yowl out of his mouth. “Come on, Will, I need you on my cock. Never mind this foreplay stuff. I’m ready and I want you on my cock now, man.”

Without hesitation Will moved back and brought his mouth down on my cock. He began licking the length of my shaft, starting at my balls and licking up the entire length, then started again at my balls. This time he sucked them both into his mouth and rolled them around on his tongue. The warmth all around my balls was pleasant and enjoyable. Will sucked on my balls while he moved my legs slightly apart and gently pulled all of my scrotum sack up with his teeth. That was kind of insightful, I thought. I have noticed that my excess ball skin will often slink down between my legs, especially when I sleep. When I wake up in the morning and need to scratch my balls, I find I usually have to pull that extra skin up to get a good scratch. Then Will did something kind of neat. He released my balls from his mouth but continued to suck in my excess ball skin until my balls were right bostancı escort bayan up tight against my cock root. Then he just kind of played with my ball skin in his mouth. I made a mental note to return the favor. Very often we do for others what we’d like to have done for us…kind of a Golden Rule principle applied to sex, in this case.

I was nice and relaxed and enjoying this experience. Since I had already come once today, I was in no great hurry to shoot my load again. Will pulled off me to straighten out his back and stretch it a little. Before he bent over my cock again, he lifted up one knee and patted the inside of my thighs. I got the message and spread my legs to make room for Will. Once between my legs, Will put his hands on my ass and hoisted me up in the air a little bit. He then proceeded to lick my crotch with a wide, flat tongue. This was a new sensation for me and I really liked it. Then Will blew lightly against my dampened crotch and sent chills up my spine. I saw his head disappear between my legs again as he hoisted me a little higher this time. “Pull back on your knees a little,” Will whispered. “My wife did this to me once a long, long time ago and I’ll never forget the tingling sensation it gave me all over my body. Hope you enjoy it…”

With that warning, I felt just the slightest touch in my crotch. At first I thought it was the tip of one of Will’s fingers. Then I realized it must be the tip of his tongue. He slowly made his way down that skin trail from my balls southward. I could feel every single millimeter of skin under the apparently expert tongue of my friend. My buddy was slowly and deliberately licking my crotch for the express purpose of giving me as much pleasure as he could. I wondered how far down he would go. I really didn’t want him to go too near my asshole. That’s gross, if you ask me. I could feel him slowly getting closer and closer, then I perceived some other movement. As Will began to move his tongue slowly back toward my balls, I felt a fingertip graze across my bunghole and up the crack of my hairy ass. This caused me to jump in surprise and moan with pleasure! Will moaned in response and did it again, only this time he started at the top of my crack and slowly moved his fingertips deeper and deeper into my crack, then across my now very sensitive bunghole. This caused a reflexive muscle contraction and a big glob of precum pulsed out of my cock. I moaned as Will lowered my ass back to the bed.

Without skipping a beat, Will went directly to my cock and immediately put his mouth over the end of my cock. I could feel his tongue swirling on the outside of my foreskin as he moved his lips further down onto my cock. He kept moving down until he had almost all of my cock in his mouth. “Come on, Will, you can do it,” I moaned, “I want to feel your nose in my bush. I want to feel your hot breath pushing down against my skin through the hair. You can do it, Will. Come on, man, you can do it.”

Will took a deep breath, slowly inhaling, then pushing further down on my cock before he exhaled. That heat on my pelvis was subtle but highly erotic for me. There was no more left for Will to take in. His lips had bottomed out on the base of my cock. He just held his position as I soaked in the pleasure. I had been lying there with my eyes closed, focusing on the physical sensations. I opened my eyes to watch Will work and it was such a huge turn on to see him bent over my manhood. It turned me on so much to see my friend’s head directly above my bush. It looked as though he were kissing my bush. There was nothing of my cock showing at all. I felt my cock harden even more, if that was possible. I could feel Will’s steady breathing and the resulting heat in my bush. Will slowly moved back up to the tip of my cock. On the next downstroke he pushed my foreskin back with his lips as he went all the way back down again. I could feel the heat and Will’s tongue even more sharply on my cock head, now that the skin was pushed off.

I had a desperate desire to start pumping my cock into Will’s mouth but I held back. Will was in charge here and I wanted to give him every opportunity to make me come on his terms. Will simply continued to maintain that slow and easy up and down on my cock. Most of the time, that’s exactly how I like it. I was moving closer and closer to the edge and I let Will know that. I was torn between wanting to extend my pleasure on the one hand and finding release on the other. The desire for release was quickly gaining the upper hand.

“Okay, Will, here it comes. Just hold my foreskin back and just keep a slow and steady rhythm. Also, suck me. Don’t just run your lips over my cock. Suck me like you’d suck a lollipop. Oh, yeah, that’s it. Keep it up, stud. Yeah, that’s it. Keep it going,” I moaned as I leaned back and put my hands under my ass, lifting myself up off the bed. “Stop, stop…and hold on, Will, here it comes, oh shit, here it comes, ohhhhh, man…” I yelled. Suddenly my lower torso began to convulse in a thrusting motion as my body completely took over. I could manage an ‘ungh’ or an ‘ohh’ as my seed shot out of my cock. Will just held my cock in his mouth and swallowed every last bit of cream out of my jizz rod.

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