Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

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I had been seeing Marsha a cashier in a big supermarket chain store, but tonight I knew I had to fuck her. She was just what my cock needed for the evening. She was about 48-52 years old, had a medium build, reddish brown hair, nice ass, attractive face and some of the fattest tits I think I have ever seen. Her tits were straining against her uniform to stay inside. They were of course covered but still left a nice bulge.

I being a young black man, in my late twenties, knew I had to strike quick and not beat around the bush on this mature masterpiece. I waited in her line and when I got to register I paid my bill and gave her my business card and whispered in her ear that I wanted to see her tonight. She took my card and gave me a silent nod yes. She said she got off of work at seven and expected me to be there to pick her up. I quietly told her I would be there and slyly patted her on the ass as I exited the line. She turned and smiled and licked her tongue as I left the store.

When I picked her up I asked her if she would like to stop at a Chinese buffet to get a quick bite to eat. She accepted and we entered the restaurant. I didn’t really pay much attention to her attire as I thought she would have uniform on. She had obviously changed and her clothes were really hot. She wore a red mini tank blouse, short with her belly out and with a well place hole in the center to show ample cleavage, and she was showing cleavage. Her jeans were so tight I could swear the outline of her pussy lips could be seen. They were also cut very low on the hips, her clothes were more for a young girl but with her body she was pulling it off and more people than me were taking notice.

After we got our plates we sat in the booth, she sat on the same side as me and I liked that. While we were eating her hand was constantly in my lap stroking my cock. She smiled at me as she was doing it and my cock was staying hard the entire time. I leaned over to tell her something and she took the opportunity to slide her tongue into my mouth, it was so warm. I slid my hand up her body and squeezed her tit. She laughed and asked if I wanted to fuck her right there in the restaurant booth. I decided to call her bluff and asked what if I said yes?

She said, “I would pull off these jeans and get that fat cock of yours between my legs right here on the booth’s bench.”

This bitch was hot as hell and I wanted some of that. I said we should hurry and finish eating before our little sex show started in public. She agreed and we finished, paid and left the restaurant. As we were walking toward the car, Marsha came up behind me and grabbed me, thereby rubbing her tits hard against my back. She reached around and grabbed my cock in the front. She licked my ear and told me how ataşehir escort she liked how big my dick felt in her hand. I really believe she wanted to see if I would fuck her in public. We walked like that until we reached the car, good thing I parked in the outermost part of the lot. At the car, I spun her around got in between those sexy legs and stuck my tongue as far down her throat as I could. I began grinding into her snatch and she raised a leg to provide maximum access. She starter thrusting up to meet my grinding and I temporarily lost control. I began to undue her pants and zipped down my zipper to free my cock. I came to my senses and broke the kiss and told her that if she didn’t behave she would be naked in this parking lot and getting fucked by me and anyone else that came along. Marsha licked my ear and promised she would behave. I opened the car door and let her inside. When I got in on the drivers’ side she slid her finger in my mouth. She said she had dug her hand in her pussy and wanted me to taste how ripe she had gotten. I sucked her finger and reveled in the taste of her. I sped to my house as fast as I could.

Once inside the door I couldn’t wait any longer and Marsha knew it too. As soon as I closed the door she was down on her knees pulling at my pants. She quickly pulled out my cock and placed it on the tip of her lips. She looked at me with those nice brown eyes and told me to shove my dick in her mouth hard and deep. I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock as far as I could in the back of her mouth. Her eyes closed for a second and she gagged a bit, but she got control and I could feel her throat open up and accept my dick. She formed a tight suction around my rod and I started working it in and out of her mouth. She was moaning and started to work her tongue on the underside of my dick. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth first, I wanted to fuck her and let her feel how hot she had made me. I slowly began to withdraw my cock from her mouth, when only the head remained she began sucking it in and out of her lips. It was a wonderful feeling but I knew I had better stop or she would make me cum.

I couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom so I walked her over to the ottoman in the living room. I laid her down on her back and undid her pants. I slowly slid then off, it was tight but I took my time. When they were off I looked down at her panties and was amazed. She had on a pair of red crotchless panties with a thong back. She asked if I liked them and I answered with a wide smile.

She was really wet, really wet. I slowly started to lick around her pussy lips in a circular 360′ motion.

“Mmmmmm,” was all she said.

When I reached her clit I spent I little more time there than normal to make her feel kadıköy escort it. When I finally got to the center, I rammed my tongue in her deep and allowed my nose to rub her clit.

Marsha said, ” Stop that or I will cum right in your mouth, I want you to fuck me first to make me cum.”

No more hesitation, I looked around for my pants to grab a condom. She told me to wait and she would get one and put it on for me. I crawled up her body and took her little top off. Her bra was red and mostly lace, the tiny amount of material that was on it. I gravitated directly to her tits and began to suck like a baby. Her nipples were hard and long.

I told her, “I you were my mother I would have breast fed until I was eight.”

Marsha answered, “How do you know my son still isn’t breast feeding?”

I could not believe what I had just heard. I begged her to tell me if she was letting her son suck her tits and probably fuck her to. She kissed me deep to stop my prodding and pulled me in close. Her hand slid down and found my cock.

She said, “If I know my son has a nice big cock and he likes to fuck why shouldn’t I get some of that dick?”

That turned me on and she knew she had me. She leaned her head back, pushed my head into her neck with her free hand, the other still holding on to my hard cock. She moved her head back up and made eye contact with me. She held my cock and thrust her pussy up on it.

She looked dead into my eyes and said, “Now fuck the shit out of me with this big black dick.”

I had forgotten about the rubber and everything, all I wanted to do was to shove my dick in her to the hilt. Since we were on the ottoman, I could get good leverage and get almost directly on top of her. I started pounding in her for all I was worth. She opened her legs wide and I fell deeper in her depths. In and out, in and out, I tried to kill that pussy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long so I tried to get in as many strokes as possible. I went to kiss her hard and that took her over the edge.

She said, “Fuck yes, I’m about to cum.”

Marsha took my lower lip in her mouth and sucked like it was her own. She came hard and I felt the wetness. That sent me over and I let go with some powerful releases deep in her womb. I fell on top of her and she wrapped her legs around my back and we drifted off into a nice nap.

When we awoke Marsha wanted to go get cleaned up and prepare to leave.

I took my cock out of her and it was covered with cum, both hers and mine. She cleaned me off thoroughly a lick her lips.

She said, “I love the taste of cum, it doesn’t matter who’s it is.”

I told her thank you for the nice evening and I would take her home when she was ready. She said she would call her bostancı escort bayan friend to pick her up since her friend was getting off work soon and it would not be out of her way. I agreed, and Marsha called and then left to take a shower.

Marsha’s friend arrived sooner than expected and the living was still in the same condition. Clothes were everywhere and the smell of fresh sex was in the air. She told me her name was Rachel, and I told her Marsha was in the shower and would be down soon.

Rachel was about the same age as Marsha, but a bit heavier. She had dark long hair and a round attractive face. She had wider hips than Marsha but also bigger tits. When she looked around the room she started asking questions.

She said, “Was Marsha a good fuck? Did she suck your cock? Did you like her outfit, because her daughter brought it to her from home after you made the date with her. It’s her daughter’s clothes but she likes to see her mother looking like a slut in them.”

I smiled at Rachel and told her to have a seat. She then replied that any friend of Marsha’s is a friend of hers. She came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. All I had on was my shorts and my dick got noticeably hard. I kissed her back and grabbed her ass.

Rachel asked, “How about fucking me real quick right here.”

I spun her around toward the door, pulled her pants and panties down, took out my dick and placed it at her hole. She braced herself against the door and I rammed my cum soaked cock in her big cunt. I was going to town on her pussy. No mercy, just hard rough fucking. Holding on to her hips and driving deep into her.

Rachel was loud and she made all kinds of noises. She freed her big tits from her uniform shirt and I mauled them from the back. I was fucking her so hard that my dick came all the way out and when it went back in I was in her fat ass.

Yes, it’s ready for some black cock, stick it I my ass baby, was her reply.

I said, “This is my ass and I will fuck you and Marsha when I want to.”

“Yes, anything you want, just keep that black dick in my ass,” Rachel said.

I only got about seven strokes in her ass before I had to cum. I went into her all the way and released my warm cum.

“Ummmmm, that was sooooo good,” was Rachel’s comment to me cumming in her ass.

We heard the shower stop and Rachel and I got dressed in a hurry. Marsha came down in only a towel and dressed in front of both of us as we anxiously watched, sitting side by side on the sofa. As she put on her panties she came over to me and stood up on the sofa and made me lick her cunt a few times. Rachel was sitting next to me and I gave her a kiss after that for her to taste how good Marsha pussy had been. She seemed to like the taste.

Marsha gave me a hug and wet open mouth kiss and I grabbed her ass as we hugged to say goodbye. Rachel gave me a hug and I quickly patted her on her ass as they both left. I will have to do some food shopping next week, and I will look for Marsha there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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