Masculine Magic Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – First Aid Then Man Made

There is nothing wrong with finding two athletic college sophomores taking advantage of an empty gymnasium on a Sunday morning. This is especially true if one of the young men happens to be the coach’s son, Bruce. He and I met when we were freshmen, and our friendship has become closer with every passing day. I am Harry, and my Dad is something else, and he is somewhere else. I live with my Mom, Bernice.

Anyway, we had been out on the oval track trying our best to burn off some unwanted pounds. We picked a perfect day. It is hotter than Hell, and we had been sweating like two prostitutes waiting for their pimp down at the police station. To further complicate things, most of my excess weight has gathered in the general area of my hips and my thighs. It is no surprise that my inner thighs up high were blistered raw. My crotch was on fire.

Not to worry. Bruce, as always, has a solution. Not surprisingly, he has a key to the varsity team locker room wherein there is an abundance of first air paraphernalia.

“They keep tons of medicated talcum powder on hand for situations just like yours. Come on,” Bruce said as he turned and headed for the hallway leading to the locker rooms. I was willing to do anything to relieve some of my misery. I followed, but I lingered in the hallway while he went into the forbidden zone. He returned shortly with a large shaker type can of the magical powder.

“Try this, buddy,” he said handing me the can.

As I turned over in my mind just how I was going to treat my injury, I suddenly realized I was about as prepared as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest. I not only could not see the infected area, it was also too painful for me to contort my body sufficiently to apply the powder properly. Bruce quickly saw my problem.

“Need some help, Pal,” he asked as nonchalantly as he could under the circumstances. I was desperate. I ignored the smirk he was fighting back as he offered his help.

“Damn, this is embarrassing,” I grunted as I tried to avoid eye contact. It wasn’t a question of modesty; it was intimacy.

“If you need my help, Harry,” he said soberly, “I’m here.”

I handed him the can of powder still avoiding his eyes as much as possible.

“It appears to me,” he mumbled in his version of an authoritative tone and shook out a generous portion of the magic powder into the palm of his left hand, “that you need to give me more room to operate my good man.”

I looked at him with my confusion showing on my face.

“Squat and spread, Harry,” Bruce said treating his request as inconsequential as possible.

I knew this was going to smart, but I would go to great lengths to relieve some of the pain racking my crotch. I squatted as much as I dared, and I spread my feet farther apart. With his best escort ataşehir clinical detachment in play, he reached between my legs from behind and gently patted my scrotum with the wonder drug.

I relaxed somewhat when I discovered that the powder was cool and comforting to my wounds, and surprisingly I also realized that Bruce’s hand was soft and gentle as he applied the talc. By this time he was kneeling in front of me, and without thinking of how it might seem, I reached out and rested a hand on each of his shoulders. He seemed not to notice my action, and continued to spread the powder around on the surface of my raw skin. Oh man did it feel great. So did his hand.

“Does that seem to be doing the trick,” Bruce asked in a friendly manner.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much, old buddy,” I said with obvious pleasure in my voice. What I hadn’t realized yet was that I was slowly developing a rather impressive erection. Bruce continued to rub tenderly, and I continued to expand noticeably. Then I noticed,

“Oh shit, Bruce,” I cried, “I am sorry. I just lost control.”

“That’s a fine looking cock, Mister. Do you use it much?” He still had my balls cupped in his left hand, but now he was delicately holding my shaft between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Both hands were moving ever so slowly and creating the oddest sensation I had ever known. I liked it. My dick was getting harder.

“I think maybe this is going too far, Bruce,” I said in a surprisingly hoarse voice. “But I’ve got to admit that you have a very arousing touch.”

“Want me to stop?” he asked is a very soft voice.

“Are you cool with this?” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Only if you are, Harry. Your cock feels good in my hand.” Now he was holding my joint in a loosely cupped hand, and I did not protest his actions in the slightest.

“What’s next?” I choked out.

“I’d like to pay some more attention to this monster,” Bruce said as he squeezed my dick ever so gently. “Just say the word and it will never be mentioned again, or,” he added with emphasis, “give me the go ahead and I will introduce you to an entirely new world.” He looked straight into my eyes, and not so gently squeezed my balls. I instinctively started to pull away until I realized I was enjoying what was happening.

I thought for a minute, and then I said with a deep sigh, “Go ahead.” Without really noticing, I moved my hands from his shoulders and laced my fingers behind his head. He waddled a little closer like a duck walks, and renewed his first aid treatment although there was a different purpose in his action now. Bruce was stroking my crotch ever so gently now. His talc covered hand was moving from the crack of my ass all the way to the end of my cock. Needless to say, only a portion of that area was chafed

“I kadıköy escort bayan think my joint needs a little more powder, Bruce, old buddy,” I said shocking myself at my boldness. What the Hell! His hand felt great, and now with the added powder he was encasing my cock with his hand as he stroked back and forth. He stroke didn’t reach all the way back to the crack in my ass but occasionally. When he did get that far back he made sure his fingers tantalized my asshole a little before returning. That tickled, but the sensation was pleasant rather than annoying. My cock was now as hard as tempered steel, or so it seemed.

“Bruce,” I managed through heavy breathing, “if you’re going to suck that thing, now is the time.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. I noticed his breath was also labored. “I’ll stop whenever you say.”

“I don’t want you to stop until your mouth is full of my stuff, Okay?”

“Done.” He said softly. I noticed there was a gleam in his eyes, He was thrilled that he was going to suck my dick. I hadn’t really noticed, but so was I.

First contact sent a shiver from my pelvis to my asshole, and then directly up my spine where it started a mild stinging sensation. Then I started enjoying the feel of his mouth sliding up and down my shaft. His action was slow and smooth as a rule, but occasionally he would make a couple of quick strokes in rapid succession. This was great.

My pal, Bruce, was an experienced cocksucker, and today I was truly thankful for his sexual persuasion. My hands were still clinched behind his head, only now I was helping him move with each trip up and down my cock. My innards began to churn; I felt the familiar stinging sensation that occurred during masturbation, and then we both felt my cock jerking in his mouth. He sucked harder, and pumped vigorously on the barrel of my tool. When the juices spewed forth, he hungrily sucked them into his mouth.

I dropped to my knees. I was excited, I was happy, and I was sexually satisfied. Bruce’s next move surprised the Hell out of me. He rose to a kneeling position, hugged my naked body, and kissed me full on the lips. His tongue was the next surprise, but it only took me a minute to respond. I sucked on his tongue, and then offered my. Needless to say, he sucked my tongue in a manner very familiar to the way he sucked my dick.

We stayed kneeling and holding each other for the longest time. Then he put his lips close to my ear. “Want to help me with my problem now?”

Before I could ask what problem, he moved my hand down to feel his swollen cock. I almost instantly wrapped my fingers around the engorged tool and immediately started sliding my fist up and down its pulsating length. This felt good. I knew then and there that I was going to suck my friend’s

cock. Bruce knew this as well. He released escort bostancı me and sat back resting his butt on his heels. This position caused his erection to stick straight up at me.

“Come on down,” he said cheerfully. “Play my flute.”

I’m definitely no musician, but after what Bruce just introduced me to, I was determined to return the favor. The feeling of his mouth on my cock was unforgettable. His hand gently massaging my balls was unbelievably arousing, and the orgasm I experienced was far more satisfying that that I had received from any female. With all these memories racing through my head, I leaned forward, gripped his cock, and buried its head in my mouth.

I was certain that I was going to gag, but I was really in for a surprise. I could feel his pulse beat forcing blood through his veins, the throbbing of his entire shaft as it slid in and out of my mouth and the knowledge that this time I had my lover’s genitalia in me was awesome. I went about driving Bruce to the point of orgasm with my mouth with intensity and vigor I had never known before was in me.

Bruce’s reaction to my oral efforts encouraged more and more from me. I was holding his shaft firmly, polishing his knob as it were, and surprisingly becoming more and more addictive to this new sport. I was going to like sucking cock.

Bruce’s actions left no doubt that he was thoroughly enjoying oral ceremony, but he also felt that he should continue his tutoring until I had reach a professional level.

“Harry,” he said with bated breath, “play with my balls while you play my flute. It will make the music sweeter.” When we began this encounter he was resting on his outstretched hands behind hio\m. Now he had shifted to an upright sitting position, and had cupped his hands behind my head. I had not noticed until now that he was gently pulling my head forward when I took his cock into my mouth. He was also pushing his hips forward with each inward stroke of cock. The thought briefly flashed in my mind that I could easily choke to death if this man got too excited and forced himself on me.

The moment of truth arrived. I could feel the convulsing, the jerking, and now the pumping of Bruce’s cock. Then I felt his juices hit the back on my mouth and begin to trickle down my throat. This was a no-brainer – swallow. And swallow I did, again and again until I was certain he had deposited everything he had to offer.

I was filled with the satisfaction that I had performed my first oral sex on another male quite satisfactorily. But I needed assurance. I rose to a kneeling position, and we instinctively and passionately kissed.

As I embrace lingered, we heard a noise off in the distant. The front door to the gym had opened and closed.

“Oh, shit,” I exclaimed, “who could that be?”

“That’s probably my old man,” Bruce said quite calmly.

“Damn,” I said in a hushed voice, “we’d better straighten up a bit.”

“Relax, Harry,” Bruce said maintaining his cool composure.

“Yeah, but . . .”

“Where do you think I learned to suck your cock as well as I did?”

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