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Hello all. Hope all are doing good. Yeah, lovers and haters are always there, but many thanks to Literotica for helping me to connect to some broadminded and genuine people. For those who think, this is a fantasy/fake/true, you are most welcome to think the way you want to, cannot help or force anybody to think positive always.


A little about me, I am Nishant, aged 30, from Bengaluru.

A random day in 2014 my husband shared with me the idea of getting a massage from a male therapist. It well sounded exciting but the thought of a male touching my body was a bit scary. The thought just went at the back of my head. Days went by. During one of our regular monthly trip to a beach resort I decided to get a massage. The resort rules were female to female and male to male. But nevertheless I had to get completely naked in front of her. The whole stripping experience was not so horrible. Instead I was confident. After this experience I wanted to try getting a male therapist but was a bit shy to ask my husband.

You know something called Yoni massage my husband asked me. I was not sure what it was. He then started his detailed explanation. The description made me wet. Yes I’m a sexually active 29 year old woman who is married years and is a mother of a 5 year old girl.

I then told him, “I’m not sure about the yoni massage but I do want to try getting a fully body massage from a male therapist.”

“Well why can’t we combine a full body massage and a yoni massage together.” asked my husband to which I said why not let us give it a try.

Then began the frantic search for a therapist; my husband looked for couple of options. All were willing to offer me a massage but wanted to eventually have sex with me. I lost hope that we will get a good therapist. However my husband kept the frantic search and he found Nishant (we call him Nish). He sounded as a good person and spoke in a professional manner. He even shared his pic with us. My husband shared the link to my Instagram profile, we paid the advance and a date was fixed for the massage.

On the day of the massage I was in Bangalore with my husband. Nish was supposed to come at 11:30am. I got up at 9:30am and after a cup of coffee ataşehir escort bayan I took shower. I shaved my vagina in the shower. Nish has asked us to ensure I’m clean shaven. After the shower I wore a pink bra and matching underwear and slipped on my favorite frock and sat on the bed. My husband played a relaxing music on YouTube and we started chatting.

Few minutes later Nish called us. He had reached. My husband went downstairs to fetch him while I waited in the room. Nish stepped into the room. He looked very innocent, soft and well mannered. He was slightly shorter than me. After few courtesy greetings we began to casually chat. I have to admit Nish has a cute butt.

He briefed me about the yoni massage. My husband sat in front of us watching the whole drama. Nish said that he would offer me a back rub to calm me down and help me relax. I accepted the offer and he offer. During the back massage Nish never came near my boobs or butt (though I wish he did). This made me more comfortable and gave me a reassurance that this is a great guy. I closed my eyes and relaxed. He then got down from the bed and asked me to undress and turned around to respect my privacy.

I turned around facing my butt towards Nish and took off my frock, my bra and then my underwear. I was naked and for the first time in front of a male other than my husband. I then turned towards Nish and he said, “Lie down on your abs.” I obliged.

He covered my lower half with a towel and started massaging my back. It was a good massage. I was nervous but felt assured as I was not completely naked. Soon I could feel Nish taking the towel off. I was now completely naked and Nish’s hand was on my butt. I closed my eyes tight and was a bit conscious, but not for long. He covered every sq millimeter of my butt. I lost my self in this overwhelming attention and touch. In 7 years of my marriage not even once my butt got so much love and attention.

I came out of these thoughts with a jolt. Nish’s finger brushed against my vagina. I thought it was accidental. But no, I now felt Nish’s fingers slipping in between my butt and rub against my vagina once again. This guy meant business. He then caressed my thighs. I waited escort kadıköy for him to rub my vagina once again. But he did not do that. He came really close but then went in the opposite direction. I could feel my vagina getting wet. I was for sure enjoying this.

I was now lying on my back and Nish poured the gel over me. In no time he grabbed my boobs and started massaging them. He went both hard and soft on them. I loved the variation. In between he was a bit hard on my nipples though. I loved when he pinches me. He then went further down and massaged my hip and abs. I loved the soft touch.

Against my mind I could feel my body giving in and my legs part a bit. Nish was now brushing over my vagina but he did not concentrate on it. I knew he was teasing me and yes he was awesome at it. With each brush I got more and more horny.

“Ani the body massage is done, I will now start the Yoni massage” Nish said and went to the washroom to wash his hands. It was few seconds before he was back. I was nervous and did not even open my eyes to look at my husband who was watching all this. I had brought my legs totally close together.

‘Hey Ani, are you ready?’ Nish asked me. I smiled with eyes shut.

He then grabbed my legs and spread them to the maximum and got in between my legs. Oh my god I was all open in front of him. I could feel the chilly Bangalore wind brush against my vagina. Suddenly I felt oil getting poured over there. I felt some warmth and soon immediately Nish’s fingers. A scary wave went through my body but the following ripples of ecstasy overwhelmed me and I started to lose once again. Every time I would go close to giving myself up and then control as my husband was there. I tried this two to three times but beyond it was not possible. “Fuck it I’m going to enjoy told myself” and surrendered to Nish’s my hero’s magic touches.

He started off with the outside of my yoni. With each touch I could feel his passion increasing and I felt moving into a wonderland where my body belonged to Nish. He went on with my outer part and in his fingers brushed on my clit. I was wet and could feel my juices (metaphor from my husband’s dictionary) dripping out of my yoni. He then slid his bostancı escort fingers in side. Till that point my husband had only slid in one finger but Nish slid in two fingers. I could feel my hole expand and a new level ecstasy spread in my body. He massaged my inside and for the first time the sounds of ecstasy came out of me. My sounds were the only music in the room now.

He then pulled out and then began to massage my outer part. Then he would stop and massage my clit and then he would go inside and massage my clit. Oh my god, to say it was awesome would be an understatement.

Then he started doing all the three things at the same time. My goodness, how did he manage it? He was well inside me and massaging my insides, his one finger was giving complete attention to my clit and another finger was rubbing the overall region. Ummmm.

I have read about g-spot but somehow my husband would struggle to find it. Nish exactly new where it was. He was constantly hitting my button (g-spot). This made me shout in enjoyment. He now started fucking me with his fingers every time hitting the g-spot. This made me leak more. There was a slight pain due to the speed. Nish changed his variation every now and then. One second he would do it fast and the very next second he would slow down. But he would hit my g-spot with every thrust.

Then he took his fingers out and went over to my clit. I could feel that he was doing a lot with it but not sure what. I was buried deep into the whole feeling. He then slid one finger in and kept massaging my g-spot and clit at the same time. I could realize that I’m about to come. I also had a sensation that I might urinate.

He increased his speed and passion in hitting my g-spot and my clit. I could hear my own voice and for once I did not care about anything. The urinating sensation became harder. I then came hard, so hard and I must say this was the best. “The best”.

Nish kept doing but I asked him to stop as I was about to urinate. He obliged and stopped. He then covered me with a towel and I relaxed. Later I came to know from my husband that the urinating sensation was part of the experience and I might have squirted. Well no problem, I have another session with Nish coming up in Jan 2015. 🙂


Hope all have enjoyed reading this. Again, let me tell you, if you think it is fake, it is; if u think its bullshit, it is; if you think it is fantasy, it is; and if you think it is genuine, it is very much genuine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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