Masturbate Fantasy #133

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Masturbate Fantasy


Journal entry August 2nd.

In San Francisco attending a boring but necessary 3 day seminar. The city is alive, bustling! Good restaurants. Staying at an above average hotel with many gays around. What else would I expect? Nursing a cold draft beer in the comfortable lounge. At a nearby glass top table I notice the two black men. Well dressed, handsome. Sitting close. One is bald, the other huskier sporting dreadlocks. Rising to leave they hold hands. The bald one winks at me. I smile.

Please, I silently ask. Invite me along.


“Hello. I’m Andrew or just Drew.” His fingers are delicate, moist palm. His smile is genuine and inquisitive.

“Hi. I’m Don.” My grip is firm, friendly and equally inquisitive.

“This is my partner Randy.” He nods courteously.

“We…ah noticed you. And were wondering if you’d…ah if you’d care to join us for a drink upstairs?” We all exchange furtive glances but feel a certain connection within this lonely lounge.

“Love to.” The elevator was empty and cozy and the piped in music corny as always. Room 45 is spacious and smells of incense.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Randy announced, “You two can get acquainted.” Lightly bussing Drew’s cheek and mouth.

Andrew’s eyes sparkled offering the lit joint. Don toked greedily, bostancı escort bayan inhaling the sweet cannabis. They sat on the wide couch smoking and chatting amiably about themselves.

“This was my idea,” He confessed, “Inviting you up. I think you’re wicked cute.”

“What a nice compliment.” Don replied feeling the soft buzz.

“So Don. Do you enjoy porn?”

“Of course.”

“Well this is a compilation of scenes we like. But good.” Drew intoned, popping in the DVD.

The beginning was grainy. A short middle-aged man with a goatee walked along the dimly lit aisle of booths. Pulling aside the curtain he inserted the crisp 10 dollar bill. The TV screen colorfully came to life with two blondes feasting on their wet pussies. Load moaning. Suddenly a magnificent erection protrudes through the glory hole. The goateed man knelt to pay homage and cum soon dripped off his chin. Drew hummed favorably. Don’s cock was rising.

Randy sauntered in nude with a white towel around wide shoulders. Even flaccid, his penis is fat and lengthy. Sitting close on the other side of Don, his after shave clean and musky.

A tanned hunk stood naked, leaning against one of the cabana’s doorways. His deep blue eyes gazed at the young man emerging from the surf. They embraced and kissed in the shade, fondling ümraniye escort one another’s cocks. A nearby cot beckoned. The surfer eagerly fellating the muscular man.

Randy’s hand stroked along Don’s thigh, casually palming the bulging crotch. He sighed as nimble fingers undid the belt and zipper. Drew helped divest trousers and underwear. His warm hand grasped the hardon.

“Mmm. Such a lovely staff.” Whispered, kissing the arrow shaped tip.

“I see a big bed over there.” Randy suggested.

Drew disrobed to only pink, satin panties. His right nipple pierced with a silver loop. Stepping from the frilly underthings, his body hairless.

“It’s my dainty side.” He chuckled softly, leaving no doubt who was the bottom in their relationship. The air crackled with sexual electricity. The trio of naked men embraced and fondled. Flesh slithered upon sweet flesh. An urgent excitement spurred them.

As Drew stretched over the bed, Don knelt between his legs. He hungrily engulfed the tall, ebony erection then mouthed smooth balls. Drew grabbed the backs of his legs, opening himself completely. Don’s tongue eagerly licked the rubbery backside then probed. Oozing pre-cum, Don moved forward, swiftly entering Drew’s tight, dark tunnel.

“Very nice, yes. Mmmph. Mmmph.” Drew husked.

Randy was quickly at their escort kartal side. Don’s eyes bulged at his 10″ solid horse cock slapping against Drew’s chest. Turning to his side, Drew’s mouth slurped wetly along the sensitive underside.

“Fuck him Don. He loves to be fucked.”

“So do I.”

Behind him, the mattress dipped and a jellied finger squelched into Don’s bunghole. Another soon followed.

“Relax honey.” Randy soothed. Don inhaled as fingers were replaced by his mushroom head. He slowly fed the massive lance deeper. Don’s mind was awhirl. Often enough he’d had his cock in men’s butts. And he’d been fucked many times. But, this duality, this position was unbelievable.

Drew’s ass constricted around his prick while Randy’s huge member stretched and filled him completely. Don moaned aloud shooting his warm sperm into Drew’s awaiting vessel, emptying full balls. In such ecstasy, he hyperventilated nearly fainting.

Randy was pumping hard. His warm breath rasped. His strong fingers grasping shoulders. Somehow Drew had unsheathed himself and was lapping Don’s nipples.

“So tight. God yes. Umm-mmm!” Randy shouted, pumping his enormous cock in and out of Don’s bowels. They collapsed, spent and satisfied. Through a haze in the afterglow Drew was kissing and whispering.

“You…umm…wouldn’t leave me all horny like this? Would you sweet?”

Don smiled.


Mid-morning of the next day Don squirmed in his seat. His asshole hurt so good. He’d left a note for the sleeping pair. Asking them if they might stay another night? He was thinking yes they would.

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