May December Valentine

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Another over the top story. Everyone over 18. Total fiction, any resemblance to anyone is crazy since I made it all up! Some incest, but not much, just sharing. Be kind in your comments please.


My eighteen year old daughter was coming home from college for a couple of days in February. The school she chose was in California, and last week it had suffered from a minor earthquake. She was ok.

Nobody was injured but many of the campus buildings had a fair amount of damage. School had to be postponed until each building was checked, repaired and cleared. The dorms had suffered quite a bit of damage, two of which were going to be torn down. Of course this meant the entire school was going to be shut down for an unknown period of time. Some of the classes were being continued online, but not all.

Debbie was a freshman, and I think she relished the fact that her west coast school was about three thousand miles away. With the earthquake and school shutdown, she had no choice but to come home. Well to her mom’s apartment anyways.

She was bringing her girlfriend Gretchen home with her. I had received strict orders not to talk to her, as she was brokenhearted about breaking up with her boyfriend. As if I could break her heart any further, I was forbidden to speak to her.

I was fairly sure Gretchen was here to try to forget about him. She had found him in bed with her roommate, necessitating a change in residence. The earthquake didn’t help things either. All the affected students were chucked out of the damaged buildings, then had to find new digs for a couple of weeks, or go home.

Since the divorce, my ex-wife had a garden apartment, but it was kinda small. I stayed in the house, which I had grown fond of over the years we had spent there. It was not a very big house, however. In fact, it was small, especially in the size of the bedrooms.

My daughters old room, had all her old stuff, even though she basically lived with my ex now. I could not bring myself to touch any of her things, more evidence of the destruction of my marriage and family. I just couldn’t. It hurt too much.

When Gretchen arrived she was only supposed to stay a night or two, and then go to the ex-wifes dungeon, I mean apartment. She wound up staying a lot longer than that.

But she was beautiful and kind. She was about five-seven, blond hair. She wore shapeless outfits, so her body was kind of a mystery. Her smile could light up the room.

She cooked and cleaned, I couldn’t stop her, she was like a workaholic. It was very, very nice having her around! The place was as clean as a hospital, maybe cleaner!

Gretchen had done a bang up job of cleaning and reorganizing my teens digs. I’m not sure if Debbie gave a damn or not. I was very grateful.

“Gretchen, thank you ever so much for your efforts with Debbie’s lair (my daughter’s room). I have not been able to touch her things since the divorce. I do very much appreciate it.”

“Thank you Mr Hartman. I do appreciate you letting me stay here. I know you are going through a lot of emotional stuff as am I. We both caught our mates fucking someone else, and the wound is still very raw, at least for me.” Her hazel eyes sparkled in the afternoon sun. I was a bit shocked she said “fucking”.

“Yes, for me as well. I cannot understand why Debbie feels it is all my fault. She feels her mother was totally justified for taking a lover, and even helped her hide it from me. That really hurts. I have not gotten one hug or kiss from Deb since the separation. At best, she has been cordial.” My eyes teared up.

“I feel like I have lost a wife and my daughter as well. It kills me. I don’t know what clap-trap malarkey my wife has been feeding her, but Debbie and I are nearly totally estranged now. She doesn’t believe a word I say.” The tears started down my cheeks, and I had to turn away, to hide my shame. I got up and went to my bedroom. I closed the door and wept like a baby.

My bedroom door opened and Gretchen came in and stood next to me, I was seated on the edge of the bed. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed the top of my head. She more or less pulled my face into her cleavage. She had huge tits. I didn’t even realize this, as she wore shapeless garments to obscure the view of her breasts from prying eyes. The white shirt Gretchen wore today was different, it was semi transparent and afforded me a great view of her boobs. Her golden blond tresses enveloped my face and head. She had such beautiful hair. She had amazing tits, and her nipples were as big around as my ring finger and three-quarters of an inch in height. Her dark areolas were about four or five inches across. I was taken aback at her kindness, and the fact she was leaking into her sheer shirt.

She tried to comfort me as best she could. I had a lot of pent up sorrow. However, huge succulent milking tits trumps piss and moan sorrow every time, Oh yeah!

“Mr Hartman, I want to soothe your pain if I can, and I really need you to do bostancı escort bayan something for me, but I want to know if you can keep a secret. Can you?”

“Please call me Stan. Yes, I will keep your secret for you. What do you need?” Her plump cherry lips were inches from mine. I thought she wanted me to kiss her. Instead she lifted up and off her shirt. She was topless and her juggs were huge and magnificent. Her nipples were dark and large and dripping milk. She shoved her right nipple into my mouth. I began sucking immediately. Her milk was thin, but very sweet. She pulled me to her other tit.

“They both need to be emptied. I’m such a fucking cow.” She simply did not look like a cow. She looked more like a goddess to me. Superb hourglass figure, huge dynamic milk gushing orbs, narrow waist, big beautiful ass and great curvaceous legs- no, she was definitely a goddess!

I stopped suckling for a second and said, “You are not a cow. You are a life giving goddess. You are incredibly beautiful and kind to an old man like me. You have soothed my soul. I am so very grateful. May I suck on your beautiful tits some more? You are so very delicious and wonderful.”

“Yes, please suck them dry. They get so full that they ache.” I would help her forever! My dick was hard as rock at that point.

“May I ask why, I mean ahh how? I mean about the milking part?”

“My ex-boyfriend got me pregnant. I was seven and a half months along, and I started spotting badly, so I went to the hospital right away. My daughter was born prematurely, and…” She burst into tears. It was my turn to hold and hug her. I held her for five minutes until she got hold of herself.

“They said she had some kind of birth defect in her heart. It has a big long name. They couldn’t do anything. Not a fuckin thing! She died in my arms. Now I’m a cow. But I do bottle the milk for children who need it. It sorta comforts me, doing that… Helping other mothers.”

“No, get back to sucking there mister! My tits need your lips, and so do I.” Who was I to argue? I happily sucked and sucked. She made very happy moaning sounds. I loved doing it. It was my secret fetish.

I must have sucked a quart out of each of those humongous hooters. I then kissed my way down her stomach and opened and pulled down her jeans. I nuzzled her almost hairless mons. She was fragrant with her desire. She smelled great! She smelled like…LUST.

She stepped back and removed her skintight jeans and she did a little pirouette and showed me her heart shaped ass, and almost hairless labia. I sank to my knees and grabbed her asscheeks and pulled her sex to my outstretched tongue.

“I want to taste you!” I licked her lips and split her cunt with my tongue. She jumped like my tongue was electric!. I spun us around and laid her down on my bed. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and began my oral assault on her sex. I had not been eating her even five minutes when she called my name and screamed.

“Stan Hartman! I need you so much. AAAIIIEEEOOHMYGOD!!” I think she liked it! I think she came like a rocket. I heard a car pull in the drive. Fuck! We both got dressed quickly. It was my daughter. Damn the timing. My balls were never so blue.


Later on, we had a discussion about sex. She was all for it. We were going to have it, as soon as my daughter left the house. Which felt like never! Then Gretchen drop kicked me in the brain. I never saw it coming.

“Would you do me a big favor?”

“Well sure, what do you need?”

“Would you please fuck my mother? You have a really nice cock, and she can’t seem to find anyone decent to…well, ahh…fuck! It doesn’t have to be long term or anything. But you were so good the other night. Oh my goodness, you were so great! Please? I’ll fuck you till your balls drop off. PLEASE! I’ll do anything you ever wanted to do to a woman. You can do it to me. I’ll be your personal slut. Your very own cumbucket. You can have me in every hole, I’ll be your sex slave. What do you say?”Her eyes were bright, she was not drunk, she seemed so very, very serious! Holy shit! Did she really mean that?

“Wow. Wow, are you sure? I’d have done it without the big promise. You know that right? I’ll go easy on you. I’ll just fuck BOTH your brains out. What do you say?” I smiled. She smiled.

She gave me such a kiss. She is really something. I felt like I had just won the lottery, only way, way better! Wow.

“You aren’t getting away from me so cheap. There will be more pounding going on, don’t you worry!” Oh, I was so, so excited!


My daughter was on my case. “Why can’t we use the master bedroom for a few weeks? It would be so much easier.”

“Easier for whom?” I asked, my limited patience was wearing very thin. She wanted me to leave my own house!

“Listen, there is a hotel right down the street. Or, you can use your old bedroom. I don’t see why you need my damn bedroom.”

“My room is too little. It’s ümraniye escort way too small for two young women, Dad. We would suffocate in that closet space! Why can’t I use your room? Just for a couple of weeks. Please?”

“I’ll think about it. May I ask why you are taking over my house? I haven’t seen you for over six months, and you walk in demanding my bed? Seems a bit odd, don’t you think? Do you want to try telling me the truth now, or is there a hotel in your near future?”

“Alright, Dad. My friends want to have a party at your house. It would seem they have worn out their welcome at all the other parents houses, as far as partying is concerned.”

“The alternative is a frat house party, and I’ve seen first hand how women are treated there. Getting drugged and raped doesn’t appeal to me. So what alternatives do I have? My mom almost exploded when I asked her. I’m not going to be here that long, so this will be a one-off, not a habit forming situation.”

“We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, but on the weekend before. If we do it, can you make about thirty cheeseburgers, maybe some sausages and a few hotdogs? I’ll make some salads and dessert.” She was trying to make me a partner in crime. Get dad to help.

I spoke finally, “There will be rules. Nobody getting too drunk. No hard liquor! Beer and wine only. No public sex. No using my bed for sex, unless it’s me getting ahh…never mind. No loud music. No fighting. You think they will show up with rules like that?” I half expected her to say no, just forget about it.

“Can we dance and sing and play the guitar?” She asked me.

“Yes, but the party ends if the cops show up. Oh yeah, no kids for this party. All eighteen years old and over.”

“Can we smoke a little?” I knew she meant pot.

“Not in the house. If you guys smoke dope, and get caught, you better say I had forbid it. I could lose the house you know. I really don’t care as long as you don’t go to jail! You understand me?

“Yes, Father.” She tried to make the word hurt, but I am immune as I have been married!

“Can we use the hot tub?”

“Yes, but no skinny-dipping”

“Dad, you are an old fart.”

“Yeah, but I’m the owner of this place, I don’t want to have to get a lawyer, or hear it from the parents, or from my neighbors, or the police, especially the police! No fun in that.”

“But we’re all adults.”

“So start acting like adults! Go get a job, buy a house, then at your parties, you make the rules!”

“Oh dad, come on, loosen up! You and your rules are so difficult to have fun with!”

“Then go get a different venue. I hear the firehouse is cheap, and they don’t care if you drink or have loud music. Hell, they have a kitchen you could use!”

“Dad, it costs $500. They also make you post a bond. What about a bonfire?” Her eyes lit up.

“Wow, I should ask for $500 and a bond! As for the fire, I have no objection, but you have to get a permit. That costs about ten bucks I think.”

“If we don’t get a permit?”

“Then you, my dear daughter, can pay the fine.”

“How much?”

“I think it was three hundred dollars. I don’t remember.”

“Ten bucks seems very reasonable.” She said thinking out loud.

“Can I invite Mom?” She asked me the dreaded question.

“Sure. You think she’ll come? I do not need her screaming at me, or her asshole boyfriend picking a fight. SHIT, I’LL invite the cops over myself!” I giggled. That would be great!

“I can’t NOT invite her.”

“I know Honey. But you could ask her to try to behave. Remind her it’s a Valentine’s Day party, not a steel cage match. Tell her if she wants a fight, I can go over to HER place later. Best two out of three falls!” I had trouble keeping the vitriol out of my voice.

“I’ll call my lawyer first, get my bail money ready. I’ll bring the bandages! That way we won’t ruin your nice little shindig. How many people are you thinking? Don’t lie to me.” I could see the gears turning.

“About twenty.” She said with a straight face.

I laughed out loud, “Really?” I rolled my eyes.

“Ok, maybe forty.” Closer to reality.

“That means fifty to sixty show up. Who’s paying for all this?” As if I didn’t know?

She batted her pretty eyes at me. Why am I not surprised?

“Great. At least I know ahead of time. I don’t want this getting out of hand, you got me?”

“I got you. Do you mind if Gretchen continues to stay here? Mom won’t let her stay at the apartment.” That made really no sense to me, but what the fuck. I really liked having Gretchen here. I was pretty sure I was going to fuck her.

“No, I’m ok with that. I may be forced to speak to her. I don’t need a threatening phone call from her folks either. They are ok with it?”

“She is an adult Dad. Don’t judge her. Don’t preach to her. Please no more fish in the sea crap either. She just broke up with him last week. It’s kinda raw for her, you know.”

“Ok, ok. No preaching, no sea fish, no judgement. escort kartal May I say hello?”

“Ha, ha. Funny dad, funny. Don’t quit your day job dad.”

“By the way, Dad, why aren’t you going on your annual ice fishing thing?” She wanted me out of the house for sure.

“My friend George got the flu. Harry’s wife just had her appendix out, so he’s taking care of her. Phil couldn’t get off work. So it would be just me and the doggies. We just decided to reschedule when everyone can go, which looks like next year.”

“I already put in for vacation, so I am going to be here for the next two weeks. I’m sorry to spoil your evil nefarious plans Honey.”

“Oh Dad, I love you. I appreciate you letting me have a party. Thank you so much! She kissed my lips. It was a very long, bordering on uncomfortable kiss.I don’t think she planned it like that, but it was nice to have some kind of affection from her.


My daughter was true to her word. The party was ok, only four people got drunk, one of which was my ex. Her dumb-assed boyfriend couldn’t make it, so I didn’t have any hand to hand combat.

Too bad, I was so looking forward to kicking his ass again! The last time, he took a poke at me, I beat the crap out of him and tossed him out of my house. The cops came and almost arrested me, until I told them about my sweet loving wife. He didn’t even deny it. The one cop told me in a whisper he would have done the same exact thing.

My wife (now my ex) left with him for parts unknown. That fucking BASTARD. The s.o.b. likes to drink my beer, takes my cheating cunt wife, then treats me like a fuckin’ cuckold. I want to kill him and feed him to the dogs, but they might get sick from all that chicken shit! One of these days… one of these days.

I wish he would marry my ex. They deserve each other, and spousal support would end. I would give him a big kiss! Hell, I’d walk her down the aisle! Here you go pal, no take backs! No returns, no refunds! Shit, I would pay for their honeymoon. One way tickets! It would be way cheaper!


My former wife had developed a taste for wine coolers. She had not eaten anything at the party, so she got blasted, she was not capable of driving. I was going to call her a cab, but my daughter and a Greek god named Eros, or maybe Eric, or maybe Chad, volunteered to take my ex home to her apartment. I suspect they have an ulterior motive, so my daughter will be using her room at my ex’s place.

I kissed her goodbye, and reminded her to use protection. I got an “oh Dad!” in response. Yeah, they needed protection for sure. She better not date a fuckin’ Chad. I can only take so much shit.

There I was, host to her friends at a party I didn’t want, but got to pay for. And she is gone! What the fuck! Oh joy. It was getting late and most of the guests were already gone, so I started cleaning up. I got a bunch of dishes and glasses and started washing them. I had a good dishwasher: Me.

I had my hands in the hot soapy water. I felt big, huge, pointy boobs on my back. Arms circled around my waist and lips were on my neck. Her nipples were poking into my back. Geez, this woman had a rack. I wanted to turn around, but I was full of soapy water.

“Let me help you with that Mr. Henderson.” She kissed my neck and tweaked my little man nipples. I would have really enjoyed returning the favor. She rubbed my groin and made happy noises when she felt my erection.

She was really good with her hands, she had my zipper down and her hand was in my shorts on a hardware tour. Mr Happy was going to make an appearance. My erection was rampant. I was hard as steel.

I thought for sure it was Gretchen. It was not. It was Myriam her mother! She had my dick harder than a diamond, and she was stroking me. I was there in my kitchen with my dick hanging out of my pants, being stroked by a beautiful woman. Ok, that doesn’t sound too bad at all actually!

Gretchen came in and saw what was going on, she went out to roust the remaining stragglers. I had to quick put on an apron to cover Mr Happy. He was still quite evident if you looked down there. I had to say goodbye to my daughter’s guests. Myriam and Gretchen were giggling as the watched my very hard discomfort.

I said goodbye to everyone, two women grabbed my dick and giggled. How embarrassing! It seemed like all my daughters friends noticed I was sporting wood. Lots of giggling took place. They all wanted to touch or stroke my very hard dick. Th apron didn’t hide my hard on very well. Hands seemed to be under my apron every time I said bye bye to one of the giggling troupe.

“Didn’t know cleaning turned you on so much Stan!” Said one woman. “Stan, you can wash my dishes and I’ll take good care of this for you!” The other woman stroked my dick, then she shoved her phone number into my shirt pocket, with the CALL ME sign. Oh boy!

“That was fun. I thought they would never leave.” Said Gretchen. “Stan, you remember your promise? I’ll finish this, you go take care of my mother. Good care of her, right?” She went into the kitchen with some more dirty dishes.

“I’d rather be taking good care of you. But you asked me nice, and promised me the moon, so I’ll take care of her for you.” I whispered in her ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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