Maybe Im Gay Chapter 7 The End

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Maybe I’m Gay Chapter 7

We walked along the path by the Solent and it was quite windy. Andy walked with me and Bob and Tony were in front. Terry was behind us. Andy talked to me about cars and motor bikes and football. He had his arm round my shoulder and it felt goo. Then he said to me: –

“Look kid you know whats gonna happen this afternoon”


“What do you reckon will go on then?”

“You lot are gonna fuck me, even Tony, he promised”

“You sure you ok with that?”

“Yeah, Bob has done me before, and I wanted Tony to but he wouldn’t he reckoned he was too big, and I had to be like stretched some first.”

“Didn’t it hurt when Bob did it? Was he your first?”

“Yeah he was, and yeah it did; but they gave me loads of the poppers stuff and I was ok. Actually Bob has done me twice. Anyway why you asking this shit you seen the video”

“Yes I have, and fuck yeah it was really hot. I shot my load watching it, but you were yelling like it hurt, especially when Bob took your cherry. I’m bigger then Bob and ok I like a guy to yell when I enter him, makes me feel macho, but you are real young”

“If I didn’t want it I wouldn’t be here. Tony’s not like blackmailing me or anything. If you don’t want to fuck me you don’t have to. The only one I really want is Tony”

“You really like him don’t you”

“Yeah he’s nice and been ok to me”

“If you were 18/19 I wouldn’t worry, I’d screw you till you were screaming, and that has happened a few times. Guys find my cock too big, but I go on anyway. But your just a kid, I got a brother not much older than you”

“Like I said you don’t have to. I’ll just suck you off”

“I know you did Carl, and I know you would, but I know me too. Once it kicks off and I get horny looking at your naked cute little body, and what the others are doing, I know I won’t be able to stop myself. I get so carried away sometimes that it is almost like raping a guy. Thats why I ALWAYS ask two or three times first. I know if he changes his mind then I probably won’t be able to stop. I just don’t want to hurt you, well maybe a little controlled bit of pain, but not bad.”

“Do what you want, if they got me high on that poppers stuff again it will be ok”

It was then Tony said we should be getting back because he had to start driving back to mine in two hours, so it looked like I had just got in from school at normal time. We walked up to the road then and walked back to the car and got in. We went back to the mobile home park and got out and went into the mobile home. After what Andy had said I was a bit worried, but I was feeling horny again and I really did want for Tony to do me at last.

“Carl go and make sure you are clean inside, you did bring the equipment to do it didn’t you? Then strip off and come in here wearing just your boxers”

I went into the little toilet shower space and used the thing Tony had given me and made sure I was clean for the second time that day. I left my clothes in there and walked outside in just my blue boxers, which were loose and showed I was hard. When I got out they had closed all the curtains and had gone to the back of the mobile home and the table that had been there was gone and it had been turned into a low double bed.

“Look he can’t wait. Look at the tent pole in his boxers, the dirty little slut”

Bob seemed to like saying things like that to me, and I saw Terry was rubbing his dick through his trousers and sort of leering at me. I was grabbed by Bob and pulled to where the four of them were, and forced onto my knees in front of Bob. He had his dick out and into my mouth in like seconds, and down my throat. I gagged.

“Suck it boy, get it really wet. I’m first and I want it to slide in real easy so you can feel all of it going in

As he was saying this he was taking his shirt off. Then he drooped his jeans and boxers. He held my head on his dick as he stepped out of them. I saw from the edge of my eye that they were all naked, first time I had seen all of them naked. Andy had an amazing body and his dick was sticking up in the air. They moved me around the four of them till I had sucked all of them two times and they were really horny. Then I was pulled to my feet.

“I know what you like to do to a boy’s arse Bob, but not this one. It has to be lubed and worked a bit before we start. Get him on the bed but give him poppers first”

Terry held my nose really tight and got me to sniff from the bottle each side of my nose. My head swam and I was like out of it. I sort of saw Tony put some poppers into a little wooden tube on a string thing, and then put a top on it. He leant forward and put it into my nostril and put the string round my head. It turned out to be like an elastic band, and it held the tube in my nose. I was being slowly fed poppers every time I breathed in. I was then laid on my back. The clamp things were put on my bruised tits. That hurt,but I felt the shock run through my body and into my dick, which jerked with the feeling. My boxers were pulled to one side and something went up one of the leg holes. I felt something vibrating at my bum hole too. It was cold and it felt slippery as it was slowly pushed into my bum. It went in quite easy and it felt good and I started to moan. It was quickly taken out.

“That was too easy. It’s too small Tone we need a bigger one”

I felt something new against my bum and the pressure built up. I sort of clamped my bum tight and the pressure increased. I knew something was gonna give, and it had to be be my bum. There was a sort of ripping burning feeling, and the new dildo burst through and into me. I screamed!!!!

I saw Bob and Terry grab their dicks when I did.

“Of how I love that sound. Scream boy scream, it is the sexiest music to my ea, and gets me so horny. Is he ready bahis firmaları Tone, can I?”

“No he still isn’t ready”

“Come on Tone, look at him. His eyes are rolling and he is squirming all over the bed. He is gagging for it”

“No, if I’m gonna have him today he has to be really ready and opened”

“Oh he’ll be opened after Andy has finished with him, if Andy has the guts to do it. He can be such a softy sometimes. Well let’s use another one on him, and loads of super slime”

Bob was right. I did want a dick in me and I was flying on the poppers. I was playing with my dick and pulled the chain on the clamps at the same time. I felt a hard slap on my dick and balls.

“Leave yourself alone”

It was Tony’s voice. I felt another push against my bum. This time I felt horny and I sort of tried to reach for whatever it was with my bum. I felt the pressure build and then it slipped in. OMG it was big and it hurt. This time the scream sort of got strangled in my throat and I saw the look of glee on Terry’s face. I couldn’t see Bob cos he was working on my bum.

“God he is so tight his arse has closed behind the head and trapped the dildo. I’m gonna have to pull back and push again to get this in”

I felt huge pain and pressure on the inside of my bum this time, as something huge was trying to force its way out. I heard a voice shouting

“No! Please! Stop!”

It took time for me to realise it was me. Then the pain stopped, but only for a moment and the dildo was then forced back the other way; and it slipped further into my burning bum. Then it was pulled back again and then forced further in.This happened again and then the pushing and pulling stopped. It felt gi-normous in my bum, and I felt like I must be twice as fat as normal there and that the end must be in my belly; but at least it was not moving and the pain was bearable. The Bob started to slowly fuck me with it! At first the pain started all over again, but now and then he hit that place in my bum, and my eyes would jerk open, and my bun would lift off the bed. He did this for a while and I could hear myself starting to moan and make a whimpering sound.

“He’s ready now Tone, he’s ready”

“Yeah I reckon he is Bob, as ready as ever”

It was Terry that moved first. He got on the bed and got to one side of my head and twisted my face to his fat ugly dick. He pushed it into my mouth and I started to suck him. Bob pulled the dildo out, and as the bit that I realised had to be the head, was pulled out I screamed around Terry’s dick.

“Shit Terrance we missed that scream, don’t muffle the best sounds please”

As he said this Bob got between my legs. He lifted them up and bent them at the knees and then Terry got hold of one of them, the one nearest to him, and Bob just held the the one. I felt his dick at my bum hole and then I felt the pressure as he pushed. It slid in quickly, in one go. I gasped but didn’t scream. It didn’t feel as fat as the dildo had.

Bob was pounding my bum as hard as he could and I knew he was like far gone before he got into me. He wasn’t gonna last, and I knew he was not good at seconds unless he had taken a pill again. Sure enough in no time he was ramming so hard I though his bollocks would go in as well, and he grabbed the chain on my tits, pulled hard and I felt him cum his load in me. He jerked about four times and then fell onto my chest letting go of my leg.

I was in a haze of poppers and sex, and some way the next bit looked funny to me. Terry was out of my mouth and off the bed, and pulling Bob away from my bum. He couldn’t get into me quick enough and it made me giggle.

“You think this is funny boy? Well I’ll teach you to respect your elders.”

I felt his dick against my bum and as he pushed his fat ugly dick into me he slapped my face one way and then back again. I screamed from the shock, and the way his dick was so much wider than Bob’s. He laughed, grabbed my bollocks and used them to pull himself into me. My eyes were watering.

“Hey Terry, no need for that. You go too far and this all stops”

“Keep it in your pants Tony. No boy laughs at me like that, and you are in my home, remember?”

Terry started to pound me like Bob had. His dick was fatter and I could feel it really forcing my bum hole open; but he was not as long and he never got near that magic place. It was just pain and disgust. Andy had got alongside my face and I willingly turned to suck his beauty to take my mind off what was happening in my bum. Andy had a beautiful dick. It was fatter that Terry’s and as long as Bob’s, a beauty. I sucked it and took it all in. I reached for my own dick but got my hand slapped away by Terry. I could tell I was really getting Andy horny. He kept looking up at the ceiling and moaning and feeling my tits and pushing deep into my throat. I felt so good making him feel like that. He was sort of getting a bit almost animal.

Terry was thrusting hard and sweating and panting. He looked gross!! He moaned and groaned and shouted horrible things about me and then he froze, mouth open, and he cum. It wasn’t much anyway. He had an ugly dick, he couldn’t reach my spot, and he never cum very much. He was useless!! He feel forward and then pulled himself up and out of me.

“He’s all yours Andy, work your magic on that arse. Play music with his body”

Andy went round to my bum as Terry said this. Tony refilled the thing in my nose and fresh poppers hit me hard. Andy looked and looked.

“I can’t do it, I can’t he is too small and too young and I am too big.”

“Andy if you don’t then I can’t as I am wider than you even if I am not as long, please”

“Im sorry Tony I can’t. Look at him. I just can’t bring myself to hurt him. You know what happens when I fuck, and and he is the youngest I will ever have been with, kaçak iddaa and it isn’t like he is a big guy, he is so small”

I was really high but upset too. I WANTED Andy. I looked at him and I started to grope myself through my boxers. I was now so horny for his dick, that I had been sucking a few moments ago, that I started to tease him. Groping my dick through my boxers so it was sticking out of the legs, and wriggling my bum I looked him in the eye.

“So I’m not good enough for you? Or are you not man enough to do me. I thought you were a real man when you shoved your massive dick down my throa,t but you’re not. You’re not man enough to fuck a bum like mine are you. Maybe I should be fucking you.”

I should have stopped then as I saw the look in Andy’s eyes change, but I went on just a bit more. The next moment I was lifted right off the bed by my boxers till they ripped in pieces, and I fell back again. Andy lifted me up in the air and twisted me round so my back was towards his chest now, and my feet were still on the bed. He held me there for a moment. I heard the others calling out.

“Andy no, not that, no!”

“Go On Andy go on. Give it to him”

Teach him not to tease Andy, show his who is the real master fucker”

I was moved down quite fast, and I felt Andy dick head in my bum, and he thrust me down onto it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One minute I was held up by his hands, the next he was ramming me down onto his dick. He never even lined it up; it was either just in the right position or it moved to the right position. I screamed, I screamed and scream and screamed. I was begging him to stop and I was crying with the pain, but more the shock of my god doing this to me. He totally ignored me. He pulled me up and then rammed me down again. He did this three or four times and each time I screamed and through the pain and the poppers I could hear Tony telling him to be more careful and I could see the other two wanking their dicks.

After he had done this to me a few times he threw me face down on the bed but managed to keep his dick still in me. He fucked me a few times and the knob end felt like it was in my throat, but he touched that spot!!!! He then turned me round still on his dick! Then he lifted me up.

Put your hands round my neck and your legs round my waist”

I did this and he seemed to slip in even further. I threw my head back and whimpered.

“Not man enough eh boy. Not man enough to satisfy you?”

He started to walk round the caravan with his dick in my bum!! As he did it went in and out and it rubbed my spot. OMG it felt painful but it felt good and I knew I was getting really hard again after going totally soft when he rammed into me. I was moaning and my head was rolling around and my tongue was hanging out the side of my mouth.

“Like that eh boy, shall I open the door and we can go for a walk around outside. Let everybody see what a cock loving boy slut you are. How much you like my massive cock up your arse. Shall we, shall I show you off, advertise your cock loving arse to any man that wants it?”

I wouldn’t have stopped him. I just wanted him to keep rubbing that place inside me as I was getting close, but I heard Tony and Terry speak.

“No Andy don’t do that for christ’s sake”

“Andy No! I’ll get thrown off, or even worse they might call the cops”

Andy took me back to the bed and he started to fuck me really hard. I was in heaven. The pain, the poppers and the sex, and that magic spot, were all getting mixed up and I was gonna explode with emotions I thought. I am going to die and it is the best way to die. He was really fucking very very hard and very very deep, and I could feel myself getting closer and closer and I hadn’t touched my own dick at all.

“You getting close boy? You gonna shoot your load?”

Andy pulled my shoulders down and towards him and at the same time he pushed his dick in further and sort of rolled me. I ended up bent double with my dick pointing at my own face and him on top of my bum pounding in and out like he was trying to drive me through the bed and floor. He was hitting my magic place every stroke now and I couldn’t help it. I screamed and yelled and wriggled and screamed and yelled; and then I started to shoot my own load. It was a massive load, and because of way Andy had me it went straight onto my face. Over and over I cum, and I was more and more covered in my own cum. In the end I slowed down and it was just a dribble out my dick, which was going soft.

Andy rolled back and I ended up on my back but he had my legs high. He was ramming into me and asking if I had had enough yet. I couldn’t speak. I saw the picture later and I was covered in my own cum, my eyes, face, mouth and nose. My head was lying to one side and my tongue was hanging out like a hot dog. I was looking totally shagged. Andy never stopped.

Now I had cum it didn’t feel so good, and it started to burn and get real painful. Andy never slowed down his relentless pounding and thrusting. I was told after that I was whimpering all the time. He would pull on the chains to pull himself deeper into me. Slowly it started to happen. My dick started to get hard again. He kept on and on and on. I thought he was like never gonna cum. The he changed his style. He would pull right out of me so his cock was not in me at all and then ram it all in right up to his bollocks in one move. This was painful at first but he was really rubbing my spot again and I knew I was building up for a second go. I could sense he was getting more excited too. He looked magnificent. His body was covered in sweat that showed off his muscles and his great shape. He started to get faster and faster, first keeping on with the right out and then back but he then stopped pulling right out. I was too close. I knew I was going to shoot again!!! He rammed in, kaçak bahis I lifted my bum to meet him and I started to shoot again. That seemed to do it. He made a real animal like roar, and he rammed, and I felt his dick rigid and really jerking and he come in me. He came over and over and over. It was like a tap, a flood in me. Each time he pushed into me it forced some out round his cock. I must have been in a mess. This seemed to go on and on and on, and it made me cum a lot too. Then he fell onto me like he was totally exhausted. He just lay there and I felt so amazing after all the emotions he had made happen. Then he kissed my face very very gently and said:

“I’m sorry Carl, Im sorry I hope I didn’t hurt you too much”

He pulled out, and Tony was between my legs very quickly. I felt his dick at my bum and he pushed. It went in with a little pain but not much. He was a gentle fucker. He went slow and deep and he wanked me as he did. At first that hurt after shooting two times, but he kept kissing me and slowly I got hard and started to love the different way my Tony was fucking me. I could sense Tony was quite close by his noises. I had heard them enough times. I closed my bum round his dick as much as I could after Andy had fucked me like he had, and I heard Tony moan.

Terry and Bob got on the bed either side of my face. They were wanking their dicks. Tony fucked a bit faster. Then a bit faster still, and I knew the signs. I was close but not as close as he was. Then he yelled like I had heard, and he shot his load into me. First Terry then Bob shot their loads over my face so theirs spunk was all mixd up with mine from being fucked by Andy. Tony kept wanking me and then I cum a third time over my own body. Tony fell onto me and Terry and Bob dropped onto the bed each side of me.

The next thing I knew was a warm sponge on my body and face, Andy was cleaning me off.

“Hey kid wake up, you been asleep for over half an hour. We gotta get you home before it gets too late.”

“Oh hello Andy”

I was really tired.

Tony came up with a towel and a tin of baby powder. He rubbed me dry and put the powder on my body.

“Come of Carl it is getting late and remember you have to be home as if you had gone to school. We have a problem, you got no boxers and we got nothing to replace them with. You will have to stuff your jeans with bog roll because you are going to leak on the way home. Also don’t worry if you fart a lot too. Because Andy fucked you like he did, pulling right out, he will have pumped air into your arse, and it will come back out as farts, loud wet ones; and that will bring the cum out too. It happens a lot it’s nothing to worry about, but I am worried about a wet path on the back of your jeans when you get home”

I couldn’t have cared less. I was tired, exhausted, totally shagged out and I felt totally amazing!!!! They got me cleaned up and yeah, as I stood up to get dressed I let out a big fart of air and my bum started running with cum. I wiped it up, and it happened once more and I wiped again. Then I eventually got my jeans up and had a big pad of bog roll against my bum inside my jeans. Tony drove me home and only Andy came in the car with us. Bob stayed with Terry to look at the photos they had taken. On the way Andy eventually spoke to me.

“Did I hurt you too much Carl. I’m sorry”

“Yes you did Andy it hurt like hell. I thought you were not going to fuck me and that is why I teased you. I never knew what it would turn you into though”

“I know I am very very sorry.It won’t happen again I promise”

“Andy you hurt me like I never been hurt before. If you really mean it will never happen again well then, I will be really disappointed. I teased you so it was my fault. You made me cum two times, and I never touched it to make it cum. I have never cum that much and never with not touching myself. You also did what had to happen for Tony to fuck me and then I cum a third time. It was totally awesome. I know I couldn’t have managed it without the poppers but thats ok, I loved what you two did” Tony can we do it again sometime please?”

“Well I see what I can do, I’ll talk to Bob and Terry and see”

“Could we leave Bob and Terry out of it?”


“Terry is dirty and his dick doesn’t do anything for me. Bob seems to like to hurt more than have sex”

“Well Terry we could leave out,but we need Bob for a safe place, sorry kiddo”

“Well ok then but only cos I want you and Andy again, not cos I want anything to do with Bob”

Tony dropped me off in the usual close but safe place, and both him and Andy kissed me as I went to get out.

“I’ll be in touch kiddo, promise”

I walked home and got there about the right time. I felt I was sort of in love with ANdy. I went to my bedroom to get some boxers. As I bent over to get my jeans off I let out a huge fart. My sister shouted out from her room that I was disgusting. I grabbed the bog roll to catch the cum from my bum. I decided it might be a good idea to keep the bog roll there, or some clean stuff, even if I did have boxers on now.

Tony did keep in touch, but then after two weeks he told me he had to move away with his job. He told me he was in the Navy and he had been put on a ship to go off somewhere. I worked out that was why he never had a place to take me. I had a few txt msg from him, but not met him again yet. I have met up with Andy and Bob, at Bob’s, and I found places that I could find other men, or I could let then find me.

This is the end of the story about Tony and Bob and me. It was a great way to start to learn about gay sex so don’t like go on about them abusing me, I enjoyed it. I like sex to be a bit painful and I enjoy making men looses control and go wild. It sort of means I have some control over them even if they a lot older and bigger and stronger than me. I have had a few more adventures in the months since they introduce me to having fun.


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