Meeting another guy online

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Meeting another guy online
My story starts with placing an add online years ago looking to experiment with another guy, I found myself only attracted to bigger bear men over 50. I received heaps of replies but they either fell out of the criteria or were one liner replys with little communication.

My add was quite dirty and kinky, I watch alot of porn and really wanted to experience all the fun things I see women doing. I specifically asked to please a top that was into nipple play, being sucked, and due to being shy I asked if I was able to be blindfolded.

I caught the interest of a 60yo top chubby bear guy, we spoke for a few days and swapped photos, he probed at what I was looking for in detail and had me list all my do’s and don’ts. He explained that he was a very dominant man and would give me all that I was looking for in exchange the same for him.
I worked up the courage to ask visit him, we setup a time and date, I was asked to have a coffee with him first at his home which was a small cluttered house.

We started with coffee and small talk, I was very shy and nervous but he was very easy to get along with, during our coffee he asked about my list of all the sexual kinks that I was interested in which made both of us really horny, alot of things I said maybe to or willing to try was thinks like water sports or rimming to even ass to mouth.

He started off with watching some porn on his laptop at his computer desk, we sat side by side and I was so quiet and kept thinking if I was doing the right thing, I wanted to make my move and break the uncomfortable feeling so I started rubbing his leg his leg, then his cock through his pants until it was begging to be let free. I reached into his pants and felt a warm stiff and thick cock, it wasn’t long and huge but felt big in my hand.

I stroked and squeezed his cock and reached lower and cupped his heavy hanging balls which were full and big. He stood up and removed his pants and sat back down, he leaned back with his legs apart and started pinching his nipples, I had my hand around his cock as we watched the porn which was a teen sucking a guy off, I had to try it and tried to lean over and suck him off which didn’t work as we both were a solid to chubby build. He told me to hop on the floor and I was quick to, I was positioned slightly under güvenilir bahis şirketleri his desk, I didn’t started licking his cock as I first dreamt of doing, it was straight into my mouth, my hair was grabbed and I was bobbing up and down fast on his cock, he was a little rough and forced my head down so I was gagging and choking, I remember as i came up for air and looked at him, he was pinching one nipple and before i knew it he forced my head back down, his cock missed my open mouth and my hair was pulled back so i could look at him again, he grabbed his cock in his hand and pushed my head down to his balls.

I was instructed to lick and suck his hairy balls as he wanked his cock, I heard the computer chair squeak as he positioned himself lower in the chair with his feet up on the desk, I closed my eyes and ended up licking his ass for a few minutes, he enjoyed this and spoke dirty to me by saying I was a good boy and he then went on about all the other things he wanted me to do as he said I’m now under his control.

“Do you agree?” He said which i replied to yes, I was told to get up and move to his couch, he first kneels down onto the couch and bends over with his ass up in the air, I was told to suck his cock in which he pushed back between his legs and locked in in the position, my nose pushed against his balls and ass as deeply sucked away, every few minutes or so i would run my tounge over his balls and over his asshole, I started to work out what he enjoyed by his groans and moans.

Next I was told to move to the bathroom and remove my clothes, he told me to get on all fours on the floor and show him my ass, he arranged a few things and came up behind me and inserted and enema tube into my ass, I felt the warm water gush inside me and fill my ass up which felt great, I was instructed to go and empty and come back for more, we repeated this a few times before I was told to get back on all fours, this time I felt a lubed finger working inside me, he pushed for two and stretched me wider which was just preparation for a toy that he waved in my face and had me suck and gag on roughly. The buttplug he used and a tube and hand pump attached and was lubbed up and pushed inside me slowly until my ass took it in, it felt amazing, I clenched my ass on the toy and I could feel canlı bahis şirketleri the stiff sensation right up to my cock which grew harder.

He then sat on the side of the bath and made me crawl over to his cock so i could suck him off again, it felt amazing having my mouth and ass full at the same time and when I crawled on the floor it sent sensations through my body. Next he stood up and stood into the bathtub, I was instructed to follow, my mouth was guided back onto his cock but this time he had other ideas, as I was sucking every now again again he shot small burst of his piss into my mouth, at first I spat it out and received a light face slap with my hair pulled, he looked me in the eyes and said swallow it.

I gulped down small mouthfulls of his piss as I was sucking, the rest he aimed at my open mouth and held a steady stream until he was done, I was then told to shower off, i stood up and walked out of the bath into a large shower room, as i was walking i could feel the pump and tube hanging from the toy in my ass, I quickly showed off and he joined me, he washed my back and pushed himself up behind me, I felt the pump and tube move up as he grabbed it and pumped it a few times, they plug inside me grew bigger and bigger, he asked “more?” In which i said yes. He counted the pumps until my ass was full, i was barely able to stand.

He then said “because your being a good boy I could push the button that releases the air if you follow my instuctions” in which i stongly agreed, i found the button and let all the air out, my ass felt so releaved, we dried off and I was led to his bed…

“On the bed and bend over” he said, I moved very quickly to do so, he walked around the room and opened draws and searched for things, he wrapped a blind fold over my face and tied it back, another buttplug with a strap was put into my mouth and tied back, I felt very cold chains over my neck and back, he joined the links under my body and connected more chains to my nipples, tried to scream but I was gagged, more chains went over my ass and under to my cock he clicked something around my balls, I was now stuck there, he told me to work my self forward to the bed head, all the chains went tight and my cock and balls were pulled tightly downwards which made my cock rock hard, I could feel canlı kaçak iddaa the toy in my ass through my erection.

He stood by the bed and asked me questions as he ran his hands over my body, pulling my hair and slapping my ass, he asked if I was enjoying myself in which I wanted to reply yes but i couldn’t reply, my sounds were just noises from the buttplug in my mouth, he said “wrong answer” and pumped the toy a few times, he then said “did you like sucking my cock and licking my ass?” I mumbled again and he said “wrong answer” and more pumps of the toy stretched my ass inside. He said “are you going to ride my swing?” In which i had not noticed in the few rooms I have visted in the house, I tried to say yes but again I was wrong, more pumping then I started to wriggle and groan as I was unable to take anymore. He said “in going to remove the chains from your legs to your arms and your going to crawl to the garage” I was guided through the house on my hands and knees still blind folded and no idea where he was tanking me, the crawling sent sensations through my nipples, cock and ass when all the chains tightened.

I was told to stand, reach out for the table and climb on, he told me to get on my elbows and knees, my ass as up inn the air, I felt seat belt like straps wrapped around my chest, waste and legs, he operated a jacking noise and now i was being lifted above the table, I was now suspended and swinging.

The buttplugs were removed from my mouth and ass, I could now speak again, he held me from swinging and shoved his cock in my mouth and pumped away, I was still blindfolded and tied up, drool ran from my mouth as i gagged, he asked if i wanted a rest but spun me around and put his cock in my ass, it was smaller than the pumped toy it felt great, he grunted and pumped away, being a big chubby bear old man he was quick to run out of stamina, he took breaks buy spinning be back around and fucking my mouth, this went on and on until he was ready to cum which felt like forever, he grunted and drilled my ass until his warm cum emptied inside me, the dirty man even switched holes until I sucked him clean, feeding cum from my ass into my mouth.

He was so kind to remove me from the swing, harness and chains and walk me back to his room, I layed back on the bed, my legs were held stretched back, he fed his still hard cock inside my ass and bent my legs back hard, he finished by telling me to masturbate and cum into my open mouth, I came all over my face and got some in my mouth.

We showered separately and i headed home as he said his wife was due home soon from work.l

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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