Megan , Mom Get Busted

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I’m a pretty lucky guy, one of the few who actually enjoys their job. My name’s Dougray, and I’m a twenty three year-old police constable, or cop if you like, serving my great country in the beautiful, remote Highlands of Scotland, usually on road patrol. It’s an easy number, most of the time I just park up somewhere quiet with the speed radar on and maybe pull some poor soul over for speeding offences about once every two hours and give them a ticket. Mainly, I’m sat in the car either reading a book or winning money by playing internet poker from my lap-top. That’s if I’m not getting a free meal at a local café, having a pint of beer in the back room of a pub or visiting a female ‘friend’ who’s husband or boyfriend may be at work or out with his friends. Yes, life really is that tough up here in the high country.

The only thing I don’t like is working the overnight ten to six shift. You can’t get a free beer after about twelve o’clock! Still, sometimes there are compensations, occasionally glorious ones. The following is an account of one such summer night.

It was about eleven o’clock. I had just set up the radar on a back road and was now busy drinking coffee from a flask and reading the latest Irvine Welsh novel, musing how well he seems to understand those Scottish male traits of casual racism, alcohol abuse and petty corruption, when I was rudely interrupted as the old red trip light came on. A large Range Rover slipped by, about twenty miles-per-hour faster than it should have. I slung the coffee out of the window, dropped the book and went after it; sirens blazing. Oh, how I love that sound.

I chased it down quickly and as the car pulled over I parked in front of it. I called and checked on the registration plate – It was a rented vehicle – then walked across to it, hand on my Tazer gun; well, you never know what might kick-off these days, and I’ve never used it on anyone yet, which surely is a shame.

There were two figures in the front of the vehicle. The driver’s window came down and an interior light came on. A worried female voice with a sort of Mid-American accent spoke.

“Is there some kind of a problem here officer sir?”

I looked at her face; she was an attractive early middle-aged woman with large, vivid green eyes, sensuous full lips and thick, wavy brown hair. I felt a slight knot in my stomach and my eyebrows raised a touch.

“Oh, no, there’s no big problem here Mam,” I replied, trying to hide the mild excitement a good-looking woman somehow always induces in me. “You were, however, going fifty miles-per-hour in a thirty zone. I may have to give you a speeding ticket.”

A different, younger sounding, female voice now spoke, this time from the front passenger seat.

“Jeez Mom, Dad’s gonna be real pissed if there’s another fine to pay!”

I leaned down further and looked across at her. WOW, what a beauty! This was one seriously fine looking young woman, maybe in her late teens. She had long straight blond hair with a few strawberry streaks, plenty of make-up and a narrower, more defined face than her ‘Mom,’ but the full lips and mischievous, enchanting green eyes were just the same. She looked to have a nice slim figure with all the curves in the right places too. I felt a slight thickening at the front of my trousers.

“Can you both step out of the car please and show me some i.d.”

“Oh, yes sir,” Mom replied, laying on the probably fake respect just a little too much for it to ring true. Then they both got out and stood passively. Mom was quite full-figured; she was wearing a long, ankle length conservative light red and yellow floral dress. Her daughter was wearing tight jeans and a belly top. Her perky boobs stuck out high and proud and her ass was tight and perfect; like two little round peaches. I began questioning them, just to get as much information as I could for personal rather than professional reasons. My curiosity was aroused, so the speak.

Mom was still in a polite, co-operative frame of mind. “My name’s Mrs Lisa Liebesperma, and this is my daughter Megan sir. We arrived her yesterday. We’re from Des Moines, USA. Megan is a student who is going to start a law degree at University here in beautiful Scotland next month, and my husband and myself are over her helping her to settle in, and to have a vacation in this beautiful land.” She flashed me a big insincere, fawning grin. “We’re staying at the hotel about mile further up this road. My husband went to play golf today and we’ve been in town, and then went to see a band tonight. I’m sorry I was speeding sir, I was in too much of a hurry to get back to my bed. Jet-lag is such a drag.”

I checked and called in their i.ds, which were fine, noting that Megan was nineteen and her Mom forty three. At this point I should have just written out a ticket for a fine and let them go on their way, but what I was actually doing was looking for any excuse to get them back to the police station. I had plans, well hopes, for these two. I asked Mom if she had drunk any alcohol; she said she hadn’t but I breathalysed her anyway. It was negative. They both began to get a bit restless, impatient to get away.

“I’ll just check your bags ladies and then you can be on your way,” I told them.

This seemed to annoy Megan. “Can’t you just let us go; there’s no need for this is there?”

I ignored her and checked their bags on the car bonnet. My torch revealed that Mom’s bag had nothing other than the ordinary, but Megan’s… well, well, well. Inside a cigarette packet were four hand-rolled joints and a few pills, probably Ecstasy. I smiled to myself, this was getting better. The joints would have only got her a caution, but the Ecstasy, well that was another matter. She was in trouble and she new it. I held the packet open and showed both women the contents.

Megan shouted out in a panicked voice: “Mom, they’re not mine, honestly Mom, I don’t know what they are or what they’re doing there!”

“Jeez Megan,” her Mom snapped back in a furious voice, “You stupid little bitch!”

“Ok,” I said, “You two are coming with me, I’m arresting you on suspicion of illegal possession of grades one and three narcotics.”

I turned Megan around and cuffed her wrists. Her Mom loudly protested that this was not necessary. I cuffed her too and led them to the rear of my patrol car. “Mind your heads,” I said, almost laughing as I shoved them into the seats.

I called the station to say I was bringing two ‘suspects’ in. There was only the sergeant, old Billy, on duty there. The ten minute drive was hilarious, with Mom verbally slaughtering Megan about the dangers of drugs, breaking the law, messing with the bahis firmaları wrong boys, the shame she was bringing on them, etc etc. I said to myself, “If she’s mad now, what’s she going to be like in a while!”

We got to the station. Old Billy, supping a smallish glass of whisky, winked at me and stroked his grey beard, guessing, maybe, how any ‘interrogation’ from me may go. I took their cuffs off, led them to the custody suite and gestured for them to take a seat.

Mom was still fuming. “I want to make some phone calls, my husband is expecting us and we also need a lawyer.”

“That can wait,” I said, “You haven’t been charged yet. The narcotics may need to be examined in a lab to determine their exact nature, and I will also have to search the both of you for any further concealed illegal substances. If there is nothing else found I may, just may, let you leave with no charge, but if you cause me any problems you will be sent to jail on remand before you appear before the courts, which may take some weeks.” This was total bullshit, but they seemed to swallow it.

“Look,” I said, trying to inject a note of sympathy and understanding into my voice. “There’s two ways we can handle this. The easy way and the hard way. Have a think about it ladies, I’ll be back in five minutes.”

I left them alone and went to see Billy at the front desk, where as usual we talked about sports. He was watching his favourite soccer dvd on a small television for about the nine hundredth time: ‘Glasgow Rangers ten greatest victories over Celtic.’ I explained the scenario to him; we shared one of Megan’s joints, then, after a parting, “Enjoy yourself son,” and some high fives from Billy, I returned to my two ‘criminals,’ a happy, calm buzz emanating from my whole being. The two women both looked serious; Megan seemed angry and Mom sort of resigned looking.

“Ok then ladies, I’ve spoken to my senior officer and it seems I must conduct an internal search to check for more contraband.”

This news seemed to take a few seconds before it was understood properly. Then Mom’s polite, almost subservient demeanour towards me changed totally as this information sunk in.

“No way! Fuck you asshole, that is a gross invasion of our human rights and totally illegal you pervert.”

Megan joined in, her green eyes blazing. “Yeah, get fucked you weirdo; you can’t do that. I study law, let us go right now or there will be trouble.”

In keeping with my training I remained calm at this double verbal assault, merely observing, “Don’t tell me about the law in my own country. This is a drugs related case, now the pair of you strip off naked or it’s jail time for you both.”

“Mom,” a fuming Megan shouted back, “Stop him, there is no freaking way this is going to happen. He is just one sicko who’s looking for sexual kicks by getting us naked!”

“Well,” I replied, “You’re a perceptive woman, I can see you’ve got all the brains to do well at your university Megan.”

Mom now tried being polite again. “Look, please don’t make us do this officer sir. We can pay you some money to end this, ok?”

“Well, you’re now adding attempted bribery to your other potential offences,” I calmly replied, thinking that I would have ‘liberated’ a couple of hundred in cash from her bag anyway. “Stop messing me about and get those clothes off now!”

After another couple of minutes of pleading from Mom, and verbal abuse from Megan, I reiterated the point. “Strip or it’s prison time ladies.”

“Mom, just don’t,” Megan implored, as the older woman began to unbutton her conservative dress.

“Hun,” Mom replied. “Let’s just get this over with, and maybe, just maybe, when we are both standing here buff naked you will learn some lesson. Is that too much to ask?”

Megan gave one last plea which fell on deaf ears as Mom stepped out of her dress and quickly and efficiently removed her white bra and panties.

I ordered her to put her hands against a wall as my eyes drank her in. I’d definitely underestimated this tall mature woman’s charms. She had big, heavy, firm tits crested by simply beautiful, huge brownish nipples, which were massively erect. Her waist was quite slim in proportion to her wide hips, and best of all she had big, full, but still quite firm and round butt cheeks. She had a large dark pubic bush which had been trimmed short. My cock was fighting its constriction. Whatever the circumstances, surely beauty is a thing to be admired?

Reluctantly, in a way, I turned to Megan. “Ok Miss Dope-Head, I’m waiting, lose the clothes.”

“Please officer,” she implored. “At least let me do this in another room!”

“Megan,” Mom said. “Just do it honey, let’s get this over with as quick as possible.”

Behind some clearly fake tears, for her Mom’s benefit presumably, Megan finally got on with it, in order kicking off her shoes, peeling down her jeans and thong then off with the belly top and a dark blue bra. She covered her crotch with her hands. Megan was truly beautiful, about five feet five tall, slim with long legs, a magnificent small, tight, round butt and perfect, perky medium sized breasts, topped, like her Mom, with huge brown erect nipples, which, on each one, although there were better uses, you could easily hang a heavy coat on. I ordered her to place her hands against the wall and observed her beautiful pussy, which was totally free of hair. It looked big because her ass was tight and small.

“Megan,” I explained. “As you have been found with drugs, in line with police procedure I need to search your vaginal and anal cavities. What I need you to do for me is to stand with your legs apart, stick your butt out as far as you can and relax. This process will not take long.”

Surprisingly she complied with my request immediately, and with her voluptuous Mom standing beside her, with her hands against the wall, I slipped on surgical gloves and spread those hard, tight little ass cheeks. I knelt down so my face was really close to her pussy; there was that really delicious unique smell of pussy juice assailing my nostrils. Mmm, it was wonderful. I separated her pretty pink labia, than slipped a finger up her love tunnel. She was wet!

I should have used some KY jelly as a lubricant, but there was really no real need. Megan wriggled her butt as I pushed my finger knuckle deep, and gave a clearly audible sigh of pleasure as I penetrated her with a second finger.

“It’s ok Megan, I told her. “There’s clearly no concealed contraband there.” Just before I removed my fingers I gave a couple of quick ‘fucking’ type thrusts with them, inducing another sigh from her. “Now I need to do the rectal search.”

I kaçak iddaa parted her tight cheeks again. Her asshole was gorgeous; pinkish and puckered. I put some KY on my fingers and slid one in. Hmmm, not quite as tight as I had thought. Young Megan was clearly no stranger to the delights of anal sex. She sighed louder this time. “Mmmmm.” I was beginning to like her more and more, so I slipped a second finger into her butt, and from my other hand, three fingers in her pretty pink pussy. I began gently, steadily thrusting in and out of both delightful orifices. Her butt cheeks were clenching hard and she was moaning pleasurably. This continued for a couple of minutes. I sensed from the way her holes were almost milking my fingers, the copious juices she was leaking and her ragged breathing that Megan was close to cumming.

Alas, this reverie was somewhat rudely interrupted by Mom, who had, unnoticed by me, moved from her position against the wall and from behind pulled my arms back, causing my fingers to retract with an audible, ‘schlop’ sound.

Mom was fuming. “Just what the fuck are you playing at you bastard. That’s not an examination, it’s a God-damn finger fuck!”

This, although true, annoyed me somewhat. “Ok lady,” I said, grabbing her wrists and forcing her to lean over a nearby table. “It’s your turn.” My God, her big, shapely ass was magnificent.

“You piece of shit,” Mom retorted. “You’ve had your fun, now just let us go!”

Megan appeared by my shoulder and rubbed a hand across my hip. “Ease up Mom,” she said. “Just relax, it’s not as bad as it seems.”

“Why you little slut, I can see you for what you are now,” Mom castigated her. “You’re allowance is in big danger when your Dad finds out about this!”

“Just shut up,” I told her. “Stick that big butt out, I need to check for contraband.”

“I just thought that since you’d had your fun, maybe we could go now!” She cried out.

“I’m not through with you yet Mrs Liebesperma,” I growled into her ear, while grinding my pelvis into her backside.

Her tone changed as she felt my raging hard-on against her ass. “Please officer I’m married,” she mumbled. Like I cared!

“Jeez Mom,” Megan retorted. “Like that ever stopped you.”

“Shut up you little slut,” Mom replied.

“No, I won’t shut up. Like you gave a shit about being married to Dad when you were screwing that pool cleaning guy last year. Or when you you were having that affair with our ‘nice neighbour’ Mr Kroeger. Jeez, you didn’t even do anything when you saw that bastard grab me and grope my boobs at that Christmas party, you freakin hypocrite.”

Well well, it looked like there may be a bit of a nice kinky revenge twist to this scenario, I thought cheerily.

Megan carried on. “Now you take what he wants to give you. See how you like it!”

“Why you,” Mom started to reply aggressively before I stopped her by spanking her ass hard and shouting, “Shut it! Now will you co-operate or do you want prison time?” Meekly she replied, “Yes, I’ll comply.”

Satisfied with this, I turned to lube up a new pair of gloves, but Megan beat me to it, grinning at me as she applied some KY to my fingers. I pulled Mom’s big butt-cheeks apart. Mmmm, what a delightful ass-ring she had; all wrinkly and slightly distended. I slipped a finger straight in. “Ahhhh, she cried.” Mom was way tighter than her daughter. Guess she was never into any back-door loving.

“Please sir,” she pleaded. “Stop it, it hurts.”

I had a quick probe around, to her obvious discomfort. “That’s fine,” I exclaimed. “Now turn and lay on your back on the table with your legs spread wide.” She did so but was patently unhappy with the situation.

“For God’s sake,” she pleaded. “This is so humiliating. Please stop.”

Ignoring her, I quickly slipped a couple of fingers into her delightful, trimmed, dark haired pussy, which was a deepish red colour, different from her daughter’s pretty pink tunnel. She was nice and moist and gave no real reaction other than flashing me a ‘real big deal’ kind of a sarcastic look. I thrust quite vigorously in and out of her juicy, slushy pussy. She had a really big, prominent clit that began to show itself to increasing effect. I began sort of stroking it from inside, then rolling my thumb over it from outside. This got the old cow going; her hips were bucking and she was clenching her teeth. Her massive dark nipples her hugely erect. I gave each of then a suck and a nibble.

“Well look at that , “ Megan interjected. “You look like a bitch on heat Mom.” Mom didn’t reply, just emitted some low-pitched groaning noises.

Megan then began working her own clit as I continued my unprofessional ‘examination’ of Mom. Then, to my delighted surprise, the young woman began rubbing my raging cock through my trousers. It felt oh so good. I pulled my fingers out of Mom’s pussy, leaned across to Megan and whispered into a delicate ear. “Suck me off.”

“Ok,” Megan replied, smiling. “Then that’s us all square, no charges?”

“Maybe,” I answered.

“Mom,” Megan mumbled. “I may have found a way that will get out of this mess, but, please keep your eyes closed.”

Megan dropped to her knees, and with an obviously well practised hand undid my trouser button, downed the flies and swiftly pulled my trousers and pants clean off of me. My thick eight inch erection sprang free.

Megan, No!” Mom barked out. But this didn’t top the blond cutie. She blatantly looked up at me smiling both in her vivid green eyes and with her mouth, before spitting on my cock and licking it, coating it with saliva. Then, still maintaining eye contact, she took me in her mouth, closed her full lips and slurped away, really deep-throating me. I slipped a couple of fingers back into Mom’s juice wet pussy. “Your daughter certainly sucks a mean dick Mrs Liebesperma,” I told her.

“Fuck you asshole!” Was her rather charmless response. “And take your fingers out of me now!” I slipped a third in.

Megan was really sucking me hard now, literally gobbling my cock like a mini hoover. I could feel my balls tightening in that old familiar way, I was very close to cumming. Megan sensed this and with an audible ‘pop,’ released my pulsing tool. My transitory disappointment at this was, however, alleviated, as the cheeky young minx winked at me and nodded at my fingers, which were still working on her Mom, who was herself at this time back to that satisfied groaning, and was milking my digits with her pussy muscles.

‘She wants me to screw her Mom,’ was my obvious thought. Well, indeed it would have been very ungallant to ignore my new friend’s request. And to think, kaçak bahis earlier Megan had referred to me as, “a sicko who’s looking for sexual kicks.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

I withdrew my fingers from Mom’s lovely soaking pussy. “It’s time to give you a little extra Ma’am,” I told her.

“You bastard,” she replied, but not with any defiant edge to her voice. She spread her legs a little wider opening up her gaping mature cunt to full view.

I eased into her steadily, balls deep and held it there. She felt tighter than I would have thought. “You really are mean son of a bitch,” she observed, but gave a satisfied smile as I began to ride her and play with her huge rubbery nipples.

Megan sat up on the table, intently watching me and Mom screw with a delightful grin on her face. She was also pinching her own big nipples and sometimes working her clit. She was loving the scene. “At least you won’t be telling Dad about me smoking dope or sucking cock now huh Mom.”

The room really began to become drenched in the sweet smell of sex, and the sound of slapping skin, as I picked up the pace and really slammed away at Mom. I got my hands on her big clit and worked that cute bud good.

“Ohhhh, Ahhhhh. Fuck me you big bastard,” Mom pleaded. She began biting her bottom lip. She then squealed out loud; her spine arched back like a bow and she came big style. I could literally feel her projectile cum, as her pussy juice smeared over both of our upper thighs.

I pulled out still rock hard and unspent, leant over, kissed Mom’s mouth deeply and massaged her big heaving breasts. “Ok, Mrs L, that’s your speeding ticket taken care of.”

“Can we go now officer?” Mom enquired.

“No, not quite yet, there’s still the slight matter of your daughter’s joints and pills,” I replied. Then, looking at the still grinning Megan, instructed her to, “Lean over the table please Miss, and push your backside out.” She charmingly acquiesced to my request.

I got my face up close to observe fully the delights this young lady had to offer. As, unlike her more voluptuous Mom, she had small butt cheeks, her puffy, pretty pink pussy looked proportionately big, and it’s smell was both strong and enchanting. I licked her from behind with my tongue, tasting and savouring the nectar that is a young woman’s love juice; a drink I’ll never tire of until my very dying day.

Not wishing to seem selfish, or ungracious, I rolled her clit and brought her close to a climax. These were two very orgasmic women, to say the least. I lapped at Megan, who’s buns where squirming. She was bucking and almost dribbling cum. In a quick motion I pulled back, lined up my hips, and drove my big cock home, balls deep. I hammered her, fucked her like a train, pinching her tits and spanking her ass. The young lady came like banshee: wailing, bucking, grunting like a wild feline animal.

I pulled back and out, then gathered my rather ragged breath for a minute as Megan slumped forward onto the table, but with that inviting butt still exposed. I heard Mom give a light laugh, followed by, “Megan, you really are one slut honey.”

I knelt back down and parted her ass cheeks; licked her asshole ring with my tongue then slipped it right inside her ass, tasting a musky but pleasant tang. I just had to fuck it.

Intending to get the KY jelly, I turned and saw that Mom had dressed herself. She was smiling and had the KY in her hand which she immediately passed to me. “Thank you,” I said, most sincerely.

I applied a generous amount to my cock then started to work some into Megan’s butt. “Mom, stop him for Chrissake.”

“Shut up you you little slut,” Mom replied. “Act like a whore Missy and you’ll be treated as a whore. You might learn a lesson about having drugs too. Look where it’s got you. Now just shut-up, take it, and we can get the hell out of here.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “Oh, and Megan, let’s be open about this. Your asshole is nowhere near as tight as your Mom’s. It’s not exactly going to be your first ass-fuck, is it?”

This brought no reply, so I eased in gently, about three inched deep at first. Megan tightened up her butt cheeks and seemed in minor discomfort. However, her ring soon loosened up and she gave out a few gentle moans of pleasure as I worked deeper inside her and fucked her slowly.

“What’s this,” Mom said. It appeared she had found one of our women officer’s truncheons, or ‘dildos’ as we usually refer to them as. They are made of firm rubber, are about nine inches long, and Mom was lubing one!

Mom took control. The sick lady! She had me sit on a hard backed chair and had Megan sit down on me, face facing away, with my cock balls deep in her progressively less tight asshole. Mom then knelt down and fucked Megan’s teenage cunt with the ‘dildo.’ We thrusted simultaneously, me bouncing her ass up and down on me deep then easing back with Mom then doing the same in a kind of obscene rhythm. Megan was getting one serious fucking.

“Awwwwwww, Ahhhhhhh,” she was groaning loudly in sheer pleasure, “Fuck me you evil bastards, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” We did!

Eventually, after seemingly a long time but in reality probably only a few minutes, the young lady came in massive, spasming, bucking waves, and I joined in too, emptying my balls and splattering her bowel with vast amounts of creamy, thick man cum. Mom withdrew the dildo and helped her daughter off of my cock, with an audible ‘schlop’ sound as she got free.

Mom helped an exhausted Megan clean up at a wash basin, then dress. I threw them a military type salute. “Thank you ladies, your debts to society are paid in full. I will drive you back to your car and then you are totally free to go.”

Hardly a word was said on the short, uneventful journey. When we arrived back at their car I handed Mom the keys and gave them both their bags back, minus the tablets and joints from Megan’s, and three hundred pounds ‘expenses’ from Mom’s purse.

In a very sarcastic voice, Mom bade me farewell. “Gee officer sir, thanks for all your kind help. You truly are a modern day knight of the road.” Still, I didn’t mind the odd bit of sarcasm from such a fine mature lady as this. Especially as she had slipped me her mobile phone number a minute before.

I returned to the station. Billy was watching the same Rangers soccer dvd again! I gave him an account of events, which brought a smile to his corrupt, degenerate old features, then we shared another of Megan’s joints. Good shit too! I got my head down for a sleep, with Billy promising to wake me just before the big boss came on shift in the morning. I needed the rest, it had been tiring night. For all the bad press we get; the allegations of corruption and brutality, believe me, It really is no picnic upholding the strong arm of the law!

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