Megan’s Magic Impromptu Spa

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**Author’s Note: Megan and Kara – Inspired by porn. Well, what isn’t, but anyway. It was the laundry that got this idea turning. Cursed laundry. Thanks to all who’ve voted or commented on my other stuff. Unlike my others, I’m not sure I can take this one anywhere else. Let me know what you think. This one was fun to write. I hope its as much fun to read.


I heard a shriek just before I opened the door. I quickly inserted my key and rushed inside my apartment. My roommate, Kara, stood in the far pantry. I could see her past the living room and through the kitchen. She had on a baby-doll that stopped just below her breasts and nothing else. I froze, stammering, then realized what I was doing and shut and locked our door.

I put my bag of groceries and purse on the kitchen table and walked over to the pantry. Kara leaned over the washer, grabbing either side of it as if she intended to rip it away from the wall and throw it. Her naked body, dark and flawless, gleamed with a layer of perspiration. Our clothes, mostly tanks and underwear, were flung all across the floor, dryer, our shelves, and the dry basin behind her.

After a few moments of carefully controlled breathing, Kara finally spoke. “Hi, Megan.” Her teeth did not part.

“Can I help you with that?” I asked.

“Not unless you can fix my broken nail, turn Rob into a nice guy, kick my asshole brother in the balls, fire my boss and promote someone with a bit of sense, and fix the pair of silk panties I just ruined in the wash.”

“That’s quite a list,” I murmured. I was looking at her back. Her spine flowed out from beneath that baby-doll and curved back into her ass. She was perfect, and her cheeks were delectable. My mouth watered. She’d kill me if I touched her, I know, but that didn’t stop me from looking.

Kara took a deep breath, turned, put her ass to the washer. “Sorry, Megan. It’s just been one horrible day.

I walked up to her, expecting to get punched any second. I put my hands on her shoulders. She was tense, her shoulders stiff and wooden. Even through cotton, her skin was hot from her anger. “You need to be pampered a while, girl. Come here.”

I pulled her towards the door. She hesitated, glancing over our clothes. “Let me grab some panties.”

“Forget that,” I told her. “I said pampered.” She frowned at me, confused, but resisted no further. I guided her to our couch, sat her down, pulled her baby-doll off, and then kissed her forehead. She looked up at me, not surprised exactly. I don’t know. Something. She wasn’t angry, though, and that gave me all the green light I needed. I felt a dollop of girl-honey beading between my labia. Damn, but she was beautiful, like a Hawaiian goddess come to life in our San Francisco apartment.

I locked the door, drew the blinds, and turned up the heat a little. She wrapped our puppy-dog throw over her shoulders. I stood her up, wrapped her in it, then had her lie down on the couch.

“You’re in Megan’s Magic Impromptu Tender Moments Spa,” I said as I leaned over her. “Only kisses and caresses and the finest care for our customers.”

She giggled. “Are you stoned?”

“No, but I’m inspired. That was one hell of a list you rattled off back there, so now I’ve got one hell of a task to make it all good.”

Kara giggled again.

I went through our apartment, piling assorted items in my arms, until I returned a moment later and dumped it all on the couch at her feet. I left room for her to stretch out, but she was lying with both feet still on the floor, so I guided her small, beautiful feet up onto the couch. I tried to not stare at her delicate labia as she moved. They had parted slightly, like lips taking an urgent, sensual breath, though they remained tucked inside her outer labia. My mouth went dry.

I sat beside her on the couch and pulled her hands into my lap. I found the nail with the break and trimmed away the broken piece, filed it down as well as I could, then gently filed the rest of her nails. I put a cucumber mask on her face, spreading it gently with my fingers. I loved touching her face, and wished I could touch more.

Kara sighed when I finished. I got her up long enough to spread a heavy towel over the sofa. When I laid her back down, this time without the throw, I spent a few moments massaging her feet. Within seconds, she was cooing as if in the hands of her lover. I felt a peculiar exultation that I was the one eliciting these sounds.

She opened her eyes when I started pouring body oil on her legs. She watched me, but said nothing as I worked the thin, sensual oil into her skin. I made no pretense at shyness, and blatantly ran my fingers all the way up her thighs to the scruffy pubic hair she had not shaved for a few days. Her panty lines rasped beneath my fingers, but I continued, just as if I was oiling myself with her as an audience. She gasped when I ran my oily fingers over her pubis, somehow not actually touching her clit.

“Megan, what are you doing?”

Her voice was curious, a little wild around bahis firmaları the edges. Not angry. I leaned close to her and gently kissed her lips, careful to avoid the mask.

“I told you, Kara. Only kisses and caresses at Megan’s Magic Impromptu Tender Moments Spa. Just enjoy.”

I continued rubbing while I spoke, and my fingers slid up the inside of her thigh, across her sex, and up. My pinky and ring fingers slid into her slit, rubbing along her clitoris in a quick, almost careless stroke. I hadn’t planned it that way, but I enjoyed every bit of the sensation. As much as I enjoyed the tingling stiffness in my nipples and the fluttery pulses of moisture and tension seeping into my vagina.

Kara tensed, squealed, her thighs coming together and lifting.

“Megan,” she moaned. “Listen, you shouldn’t worry about all this…”

I pushed her back down onto the couch, then started oiling her tummy.

“What,” I began, “You going to make me sit on you to hold you down? Come on. Just relax. Don’t you trust me?”

Her eyes were mysterious. “Until now, I trusted you to not molest me in my sleep. Now, I’m not so sure.”

My hands kept rubbing the oil over her smooth stomach, up onto her ribs. I stared into her eyes as I reached her small but lovely breasts. Her flesh sagged against her ribs, beautiful and graceful even while lying. My breasts are smaller still, and I envied her clearly defined aureoles and those tiny but erect nipples. Mine are pinker, flatter, and hard to see even against my pale skin.

“No molesting,” I said. “I’ll stop when you tell me.”

Her lips pressed together. “I think I already did.”

I froze, looked into her eyes a moment longer. She watched me. My fingers had settled over her nipples, trailing oil onto her beautiful breasts. I withdrew, got up, closed my bottle, and walked away from the couch. I went into the pantry, where our clothes lay scattered. I washed my hands in the basin, then started picking up the clean but tumultuous laundry.

After a minute, I became aware of Kara’s presence in the door. I didn’t look at her. I was waiting for her to ask me to move out. I was waiting for her to scream at me. I tried to not be ashamed, but the feelings washed over me in great waves. I had fucked up. I had crossed the line. Sometimes it really sucks when you’re a girl who likes girls.

“I didn’t know you were like that,” she said after a moment.

I shrugged. Still didn’t look at her.

“If I had,” she started. “I wouldn’t have…”

I dropped the shirt I was folding. “What? You wouldn’t have let me move in?” I looked at her, ashamed and angry and feeling suddenly mean. She had wiped the mask away, but her body still gleamed from her breasts down.

“No. I was going to say,” she paused to take a slow breath, “I was going to say that I wouldn’t have been so careless. I must have been a terrible tease, all this time walking around here in panties, or nothing.”

Defeated by still more guilt over my anger, I turned away, returned to folding the clothes. “Forget it.”

Another pair of panties folded, another tank, a pair of pink socks. Suddenly she was behind me.

“You promised me kisses and caresses, Megan,” Kara murmured.

I frowned but said nothing.

She put her elbows on my shoulders, her hands together in front of my face. I looked at her palms, at her fingers, and the curve of her thumbs. Why did I find even that erotic?

“Now I know why you’re sometimes so – strange – around me. Now I know what my effect on you has been. It’s okay, Megan. I’m not angry. I’m kind of flattered. Come on. Finish the oils.”

“I shouldn’t have started,” I said. “It was a stupid idea. I won’t bug you any more.”

Childish, I know.

“You’re not listening to me,” she said. “All right, do me.”

I frowned, then turned around. She kept her arms around me, her elbows returned to my shoulders when I was facing her.


“Finish the oils, then do me. Then can we go back to being friends?”

I didn’t believe what I had heard. “What?” I stammered again.

“Do me. Fuck me. Have sex with me. Then can we just be friends again?”

“I see what you’re doing,” I said. “I’m not going to do this just to get it out of my system. Forget it. Look, I said I won’t bug you anymore.”

She watched my eyes. I watched hers. She darted back and forth, from one of mine to the other. God, she was beautiful. I didn’t want to just fuck her, though. I wanted her love. I wanted to wake in her bed, have dirty, morning sex, and sleep the rest of the morning away. I wanted to be with her all the time. I wanted…

“Okay,” she said. She walked back into the living room. I watched her walk away, watched the seductive sway of her spine, her ass. Heavenly. My inner slipperiness remained, though I had lost the fire behind it. I went back to folding laundry.

I went back out after I finished the clothes. Kara was in the bedroom, doing I don’t know what. I just grabbed my keys and left. I wanted kaçak iddaa her. I had wanted her for a long time. That she was willing to have sex was a positive, in a way, but not the way I wanted. At least she didn’t hate me for being a dyke.

I drove around a while. Gas was way too expensive, but I didn’t care. I could walk to work – it would take a half-hour longer – if I it came to that. I needed the time to think, and it was too cold to just sit outside.

So she was interested enough to let me ‘do her’ once. How could I turn that into romance? How could I turn that mild interest into something like the hungry desire I felt? What would catch her attention? How could I basically be to her what a male date would be? A male date… A guy…

When I went home, she was gone. It was late, so I made myself a small supper and went to bed. When I woke the next morning, Kara was lying on her bed facing away from me, the sheets kicked off. She wore a t-shirt and panties instead of her usual pajamas, and the back of her panties had worked between her cheeks like a thong. I stared at her ass for a long time, relishing the sun gleaming on her dark, golden skin. My alarm went off, though, so I got up and went to work.

Kara was waiting for me when I returned. She looked like she had something important to say, but I cut her off.

“Before you start, I have something to say. I’m sorry for what I did yesterday. Can I make it up to you with dinner?”

She blinked. “Dinner?”

“Yeah. Let’s dress up, and I’ll take you out. Wherever you want to eat.”

“Um, okay. Yeah, Megan, that sounds good. Listen, let’s just forget about yesterday, okay? I like you, and you like me, we get along, let’s just move on.”

I smiled. “Okay. Then where do you want to eat?”

Kara shrugged. “I don’t know, someplace with burgers, I guess.”

With a shake of my head, I started towards the bedroom. “Nah. Something nice. A steakhouse or something.”

She followed me, and watched from the door as I pulled my sweatshirt over my head, then my bra.

“Megan, you don’t have to do that.”

“It’s okay. I want to. Let’s just go enjoy some good food and relax.”

“Gordon’s, then,” she said finally.

“Great.” I pulled a decent sweater out of my closet and pair of khaki pants to match and went to bathe.

Again, Kara followed me. I kept my eyes to myself as I stripped to my panties and started running my water. After some lily-blossom bubble bath, I retrieved my razor and some gel. Kara didn’t go away. She just watched. I kept my eyes averted, pulled off my panties, and climbed in the big, old-fashioned bathtub, sighing as the hot water massaged my ass and legs. I sprayed a healthy gob of cream in my hand, lathered up one leg and started to shave. Kara watched from the door, her eyes dark, mysterious.

After my legs and underarms, Kara still didn’t leave. I hesitated, then decided I didn’t care. I keep my pubic hair shaved because I like the feel of my skin against my underwear. I moved up onto the side of the tub, with my back against the wall, and braced one foot on the other side. Under Kara’s scrutiny, I started to shave my muff.

“That’s pretty kinky,” she said as I pulled my outer labia flat and ran the razor over them. I had only two days of growth, so it was easy.

I shrugged.

Kara smiled at me, then left. I finished, then got dressed. While she bathed, I waited on the couch. When we were ready, I drove us down to Gordon’s. We took a seat in a corner booth, away from the other customers. It was dark in the corner, but nice. It was kind of late, and mostly empty.

We ordered, and the waitress disappeared. Kara and I met each other’s eyes several times, but neither of us said much. The food came, and we ate. I like steak, if it’s not rare, and not burnt. Gordon’s makes a perfect steak, all grey, with awesome spices and flavor. Kara ate hers pink, which made me think of sex. I guess I was smiling, because I suddenly realized she had stopped eating and said, “What?”

I know I blushed. “Sorry. Just lost in thought.”

Kara went back to eating as if nothing had happened. I kept my eyes on my own plate after that.

“Let’s split a shake,” she said when we finished. I nodded. When the waitress brought our shake, I moved around onto Kara’s bench. We only had one straw. I started to wave to the waitress to bring another, but Kara shook her head. “We drink out of the same glass anyway.”

So, we shared the straw.

“This is nice,” Kara told me.

“Yes,” I said. “Thanks for not being mad. Putting everything behind us is best.”

“Not everything,” Kara said, sipping at the shake. I looked at her. She paused for another sip, then looked directly into my eyes. “How can I forget what you tried to do. I’m not angry or anything, but I mean, that changes things.”

There it was. I had been expecting something like this, only then, after what she had said earlier, I had thought I had escaped.

“Look. You’re interested in me. That’s a big thing. kaçak bahis It’s not something I can just forget, okay. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just something that isn’t going to go away just because you said you’re sorry.”

“Do you want me to move out?”

“No, silly,” she said, partially laughing. I was confused, so I didn’t say anything more. “I want us to be friends, just like before. If that means I now have to wonder if you’re checking out my ass when I walk away from you, then that’s what it means, okay.”

She handed me the straw. I sipped at the frosty, but it had lost its appeal. I was scared, and ashamed, all over again.

I hated myself for being that way. I gritted my teeth. What would a guy do?

I took a deep breath. “So, your place or mine?”

Kara laughed.

I took another breath, then leaned over and kissed her. She froze, but I didn’t relent. I caressed her lips with mine, gave myself to her. After a moment, I pulled away.

“You deserve to be kissed,” I told her. “You deserve good kissing. Yesterday, I was trying to get to that, but I messed it up. You had a bad day, and instead of helping, I fucked it up. You don’t need me screwing up your emotions. You need a good, soft, gentle, thorough kiss.”

She was watching me, my Hawaiian goddess.

“Mmmmm. What else do I deserve?”

“You deserve to be held. Cuddled.”

I put my arm around her shoulders, pulled her close. “Protected. Not because you’re not strong, not because you can’t protect yourself, but because you shouldn’t have to all the time.”

She smiled softly. Her eyes had turned glassy, dreamy.

“Come on. Let’s go home.”

After I paid for our meal, I took Kara’s hand and we walked to the car. I drove us home in silence. We sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and found a silly romantic comedy. Our faithful puppy throw hung over the back of the couch, so I draped it over us, and put my arm around her again. Kara leaned against me, and we watched the movie.

When the movie got to the ending, after the man got his girl and they lived happily, well, whatever, I turned Kara’s face to mine with one finger and resumed that kiss. I kissed her every way I wanted to be kissed. She didn’t kiss back, but neither did she pull away. When I stopped, she had that dreamy look again.

“You’re pretty good at that,” she whispered.

“What’s your favorite sexual fantasy?” I asked her.

“Well, usually, its to be taken by two or three guys until I’m covered in cum and my legs won’t hold me up. Here lately, though, I’ve been having a different one.” She looked at the TV for a while. “But where can you find two decent guys willing to get naked and maybe touch each other a little just to please a girl?”

I shook my head.

“They’re happy enough to daydream that we’re all bisexual, though,” she continued. “They all want me to do another girl, you couldn’t dream of asking them to even do it in front of another guy, let along let that guy join in.”

“What other fantasies?” I queried.

“I don’t know. Anything hot and steamy is good for me. Beaches and forests sound good. I’d like to do it in a pool once.” She looked at me. “What about you? What are your fantasies?”

There was a direct look in her eyes. She was prepared for my fantasies to involve her.

“You don’t want to know,” I said. I looked away. I was blushing again.

“Yes I do. Even if they’re about me.” She leaned close, as if tempting me to kiss her again. “Tell me.”

“No, I’m too dirty. Nasty.”

“I have this one fantasy were my guy licks my asshole while he fingers me until I cum. Dirty like that?”

I shrugged. “Most of my fantasies lately just involve me being a guy and being able to please you. Before that, I daydreamed about getting peed on.” My ears burned. My cheeks felt singed. Even my nose was hot.

Kara closed her eyes and laid her head back on the couch. “Mmmmm,” she said. “I don’t have to pee right now.”

I waited. Was she really serious about all this? Was she really considering it?

After a minute, “Would you lick your lover’s asshole, Megan?”

I cuddled next to her, rested my chin on her shoulder. My lips were right next to the honey-colored curve of her neck. I just loved her skin. I wanted to kiss her down to her collarbones. And then lower.

“I think I would, if she really wanted something like that.”

“Have you ever done it before?”


I edged closer to her soft, perfect skin. “Would you like me to lick your asshole, Kara?”

Her full, lovely lips parted and she took a slow, careful breath. The tip of her tongue grazed over her lips, mostly out of sight. I kissed her neck. Her skin was hot, hot and soft, like I imagined her pussy. I opened my mouth and breathed against her, in her ear. I felt motion below and realized that one of her hands was on my thigh. She squeezed my leg. Static hunger flicked upwards over my thigh, directly into my pussy. I salivated on both ends, and my nipples crimped into hard buds.

“I could stand you over the washing machine, like you were yesterday,” I whispered. “I could start at your neck, and kiss my way down your back until I get to that perfect little tush. I could slide my tongue along…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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