Merry Ex-Mas

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A flip of a switch filled the yard with colored lights. Regina smiled while watching the spruce trees lining the sidewalk appear to spin. She didn’t care that chasing lights were out of style — she liked them. Curtain lights, icicle lights, LEDs… The trend changed every year anyway.

Turning around, she sighed. It was hard to get into the spirit in an empty house. The loss of her dad five years earlier had started it, followed by her mother the following year, and then the divorce. This year, she wouldn’t even have her daughter to keep her company, because Amy had chosen to spend the holidays with her father. Regina could hardly fault her for it, since they were going to a five star lodge in Colorado.

With a defiant shake of her head that tossed her chestnut curls, she filled the CD changer with Christmas music and turned it on. There were still presents to wrap and a decision to make about what she was going to wear to the company holiday party tomorrow evening.

Her spirits had brightened by the time the final few gifts adorned the sparkling skirt beneath the Christmas tree. This had always been her favorite time of year, and even her current circumstances couldn’t keep her down for long. She was anticipating serious potential for joy if things went well at the party tomorrow, anyway.

Doug had just transferred a couple of months before, and Regina had seen the possibilities almost immediately. They had talked a few times, and even gone out to lunch once, but she sensed that he was about to take the next step and ask her out on a real date.

She was determined to encourage that as soon as possible.

Letting out a quiet moan of anticipation, Regina walked to the bedroom and headed for the closet. Almost immediately, her eyes were drawn to a certain sweater and skirt that she hadn’t worn for a couple of years. Biting her lower lip, she carried them out and laid them on the bed.

The garments undoubtedly would send the signals that she wanted to convey, but there was one little problem. At thirty-seven, her metabolism was slowing, and she’d put on a little weight since the last time that she’d worn them.

“Here goes nothing,” she whispered as she pulled her blouse over her head and removed her jeans. Keeping her eyes away from the mirror, she pulled on the skirt and sweater, took a deep breath, and then turned for the moment of truth.

A wide smile spread across her face when she saw the image looking back at her. Her stomach might not be as flat as it once was, but some of that extra weight had gone to just the right places. She muttered, “Oh my,” upon seeing how the sweater hugged her breasts. A turn and a glance over her shoulder revealed that the skirt looked just as good clinging to the more rounded curves of her bottom.

I think he’ll notice this, she thought after posing for a minute or so. Decision made, she took the garments off and hung them back up just inside the closet door, ready for tomorrow.

A chill shot up her spine and an insistent tingle arose between her legs as Regina thought about the path she was hoping to lead her co-worker down. It had been a while since she’d been with anyone, and for the last few months, her libido had gone into overdrive. A glance at the small chest of drawers next to her bed made her think about the one advantage of her daughter being away for the holidays.

The heat that had already begun building inside her swelled, and Regina popped open the clasp of her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She opened a drawer and pulled out the vibrator she’d purchased online when her fingers were simply not enough to tame the suddenly frequent and powerful spells of arousal that gripped her. Afraid of being overheard in the throes of passion, she was always on edge and rarely had more than lackluster orgasms despite the toy.

Nothing was holding her back now.

Regina slid her panties down her legs, and then ran her fingers through the manicured curls surrounding her sex. She briefly considered shaving, as that was the norm and dating was intimidating enough, but shook her head and dismissed the idea. She’d never done it before, and she’d never had any complaints about the soft nest of curls between her legs. If she went through with it, the hair would grow back thicker, and it would never be the same again.

The thoughtful caress became something more as the touch heightened her arousal. Regina slipped into the bed and turned on her vibe, stroking it over the swell of her breasts, and then teasing the stiff points. Free of any reason for restraint, she let a loud gasp of pleasure pass her lips.

A groan accompanied the vibrator’s journey from her breasts down to her tummy, then gave way to a yelp when the phallus reached her mound. She was soaking wet in anticipation, and the vibe slid easily into her depths.

A week’s worth of pent up sexual frustration found release as Regina stroked the toy into her needy sex, her mind’s eye transforming the plastic kartal escort bayan and batteries into Doug’s cock. For the first time in far too long, she was free to cry out in passion to the ceiling above.

Her wrist pumping with ever-increasing speed, Regina could almost feel Doug’s fingers digging into her thighs and hear him grunting with exertion. The delightful itch of climax swelled beneath her mound, growing stronger with every thrust. Then, it claimed her.

Regina’s legs snapped together even as her intimate muscles clenched the toy buried in her depths. She screamed long and loud, trembling as wave after wave of ecstasy wracked her body. The sensation was too much, and she had to pull the vibrator free, letting it roll across the bed. Even then, the aftershocks continued for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, she settled down from the heights of bliss, one hand cupping her breast and the other held tightly between her legs. As the sound of a deeply satisfied moan faded away, she couldn’t help but laugh.

The CD player was still running, serenading her with a highly appropriate tune — Oh Come All Ye Faithful.

Exhausted by the intensity of her orgasm, she didn’t even realize she was drifting off to sleep.


Waking up late — still sticky from the previous night’s pleasure — should have alerted her of things to come. Work had been a nightmare, and the party was turning out worse.

Regina glanced back over her shoulder with mixed feelings. On the one hand, seeing Doug ogling a young woman from the HR department made her blood boil, and on the other, she was glad that it wasn’t her chest he was staring at any more. After a couple of drinks, Doug’s true nature had bubbled to the surface, and he was a complete jerk beneath the veneer of charm.

The company president started announcing the winners of the door prizes, but Regina continued on her way. Out in the hall and away from the crowd, she flipped open her cell to call for a taxi. A couple of extra drinks had put her past the point where she felt safe to drive home, and she was certainly ready to leave.

Before she could dial, a familiar voice caught her attention.

“Hey, Mrs. Peters.”

Regina looked up from her phone and returned David’s smile. He and her daughter had dated for years, and only recently split up. “Hello, David. You look handsome tonight.”

“You look great too.”

“You always were a flatterer, but thank you.”

David chuckled. “Taking a break from the party? I had to get away from mine for a few minutes.”

“Calling a cab, actually.”

“Sorry,” David responded, wincing a little.

“Oh well, it’s probably…”

“And the winner of the TV is Regina Peters!”

Her mouth dropping open in surprise, Regina turned back toward the room.

“What did you win?”

“A 52 inch plasma,” she answered. “I don’t believe it. How in the world am I going to get that home?”

“I drove my truck. I could haul it home for you.” He chuckled. “I know the way.”

“Would you?”

“Sure. No prob.” He pointed at the 21 or over to enter sign and added, “As long as you can get someone to help you bring it out here.”

“I’m sure I can scare someone up. It’s on a cart.”

“Cool. I’ll go pull my truck around to the front.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you in a minute or two, then.”

Marveling at the sudden turn in her luck, Regina walked back into the party and waded through the congratulations to reach the television. One of her co-workers offered to wheel it out to the lobby and help load it.

The two men hefted the television up into the bed of David’s truck, and then her co-worker offered a final word of congratulations before returning inside with the cart.

Shivering from the cold wind blowing across her bare legs and up her skirt, Regina asked, “How are we going to get it out of there?”

“It’s a little awkward, but it’s not all that heavy. I think I can get it from the truck to the living room. Why don’t you get in the truck while I tie this down and put a tarp over it? You look like you’re freezing.” He handed her the keys.

Teeth chattering, Regina accepted his keys and hurried to the door. It wasn’t much warmer, but at least she was out of the wind, and starting the engine promised warmth in a few minutes.

David finished securing the television and jumped into the driver’s seat. “Whew. It’s colder than a witch’s…”

Regina chuckled as he trailed off, his expression somewhere between fear and embarrassment. “Tit in a brass bra?”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it, David. Thanks again.”

“No problem, Mrs. Peters,” he responded as he put the truck in gear.

“Please — Regina. I’m feeling old enough right now.”

“Regina. I like that.”

After looking at him in confusion for a second, it dawned on her. “You didn’t even know my name, did you?”

“I’d never heard anyone say it. Amy called you Mom escort maltepe and Mr. Peters always called you Dear. Anyway… No problem, Regina.”

The truck rolled on, heat finally starting to flow as the engine warmed. Regina glanced over at the young man in the opposite seat and wondered what her daughter had been thinking.

David’s parents were well-off. He did well in school, and had been the star quarterback of the football team. He was handsome, thoughtful, and had a wonderful sense of humor. Why her daughter had thrown away the perfect man perplexed her to no end.

Her cheeks warmed when the truck bounced while pulling into the driveway. She’d been lost in thought, staring at his face, and hoped that he hadn’t noticed. Covering her embarrassment, she said, “I’ll go unlock the door.”

“Let me get it unstrapped. Keep an eye out the window and open the door again when I pick it up.” He grinned and repeated something he’d heard quite often from her over the years. “No sense heating the whole neighborhood.”

Regina laughed and steeled herself for the cold before opening the door. Fortunately, it was only a few steps to the house, and she had no trouble with her keys. In less than a minute, she was safely within the warm confines of the house. As soon as David picked up the television, she held the door wide open to let him in.

“Oomph,” David exclaimed as he sat the box down. “Heavier than I thought.”

“You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

“Nah, it wasn’t that bad. Want me to hook it up for you?”

Regina was just wondering how she was going to manage that, since she knew absolutely nothing about the process beyond plugging it into an outlet. “If you don’t mind?”

Nodding toward the box, David said, “You open it up and I’ll get the old one moved.”

Regina retrieved a pair of scissors to cut through the plastic straps and packing tape while her young helper tossed aside his coat and knelt down beside the entertainment center. By the time Regina had the box open, David had finished negotiating the nest of wires and cables and stood up to pick up the old television.

Though she opened her mouth to ask if he needed any help, the words never passed her lips. David’s muscles worked beneath his shirt, bulging against the cloth in a way that was impossible to ignore. Mesmerized by the sight, she absently thought, Amy, what were you thinking?

“Where do you want this?”

Snapping out of her trance, Regina pointed and answered, “Uhm… I… Just put it down over there.”

David sat the television down next to the couch where she’d indicated, and then stood up to mime dusting off his hands. “Now, let’s get that big boy up there where it belongs.”

The words big boy echoed through Regina’s head over and over again, bringing color to her cheeks as some primal, naughty part of her mind applied them to the young man who had uttered them. He crossed the room to the box, reached in, and bent down.

Regina’s heart thundered in her chest as his butt stuck out at her. She knew for certain that she’d never seen more gorgeous glutes in her life. Chilly tingles of arousal arched up and down her spine, centering in her nipples and between her legs.

Get a grip, she thought, shaking her head and looking away as he let out a grunt while lifting the television out of the box. You drank too much at the party. You’re acting like you’re a horny teenager. He’s half your age. Act yours.

The self-recrimination didn’t keep her eyes from drifting back to his muscled body as he carried the new television to the entertainment center and sat it down. When he knelt down to deal with the cables, she fanned her suddenly very warm face. A moment later, she tugged at the neck of her sweater to fan her chest as well.

Regina’s thoughts drifted back to one of the most disturbing and embarrassing moments of her life — one that she’d never spoken of. It was an innocent thing. She’d simply picked up the phone to make a call. She hadn’t paid attention to the light warning her that the line was already in use from another handset.

What greeted her as she put the receiver to her ear to listen for a dial tone was her daughter’s voice talking to a friend, describing an intimate encounter with the young man in front of her.

I thought that I was never going to stop coming, or that he was going to split me in half. God, I love his cock.

At the time, those words had embarrassed Regina so much that she’d barely been able to look at her daughter for a couple of days. Now, she felt more like the friend on the other end of the line, imagining what it must have been like.

“The remote should be in the bag I tossed on the couch. I’m almost done, so put the batteries in and we’ll fire this baby up.”

“Okay,” Regina answered, not trusting herself to say more. Shame and arousal warred in her thoughts, but her body only shared one of those emotions. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles, and the pendik escort chilly tingle between her legs told her beyond any doubt that she was soaking wet.

Even trying to concentrate on installing the batteries didn’t help. That made her think of her vibrator, which in turn made her think of what it mimicked. The odds were better than even that the toy would be getting some use very soon — if she didn’t have a heart attack first.

“There we go,” David said as he stood up. “Time for some big screen sweetness.”

Regina forced a smile, hoping it didn’t look as fake as it felt, and handed him the remote.

David turned on the television and said, “Boom.” He flipped through a couple of channels, and then handed back the remote, “There you go.”

“Thanks so much, David.”

“No sweat — Regina.” He chuckled. “It’s not quite as weird the second time. What are you going to do with the old one?”

“It’s bigger than the one I have in the bedroom, so I’ll probably put it in there.”

David walked over to the old set, “Well, let’s get crackin’.”

Regina knew that having him here much longer was not a good idea. She couldn’t keep her eyes or thoughts off of him. Having him in her bedroom went far beyond that. “No, you don’t have to. I can deal with it later.”

Already kneeling down, David gripped the television and said, “I don’t mind.”

He was already walking, and Regina couldn’t think of a single thing to say to stop him that wouldn’t reveal far more than she could live with. Resigned to enduring the torture for a short while longer, she followed him to the bedroom and stood in the doorway.

Whistling Here Comes Santa Claus, David removed the cables from the old TV and sat it down on the bed. He then went to work on hooking up the larger replacement. Regina tried to concentrate on his hands, but even that didn’t help distract from the heat that had come over her. He had strong hands and dexterous fingers, making her mind wander to the sort of delights he could give her with them.

In short order, David had the television up and going. He stepped back to the doorway where Regina stood, pointed over his shoulder with a thumb and asked, “Well, where do we want to put this…” He glanced up.

Regina’s heart skipped a beat when she realized what he was looking at. Preparing for the possibility that things might go well enough at the party to bring Doug home, she’d hung a sprig of mistletoe over the bedroom door.

David chuckled and held his hands out, palms up. “I know the rules.”

One of the family traditions was that anyone who met under a sprig of mistletoe had to kiss. It provided all sorts of entertainment when cousins or siblings had to peck each other on the cheek and then flinch away as quickly as possible, or children had to cringe as parents kissed.

“Oh, that’s only on Christmas,” Regina tried to protest, but David was already leaning in. His warm lips touched her cheek, and she felt her knees go weak. He turned his head to the side, offering his cheek to her, and Regina followed through with the ritual, her mind awhirl.

Caught up in the feeling, she put a little more of the passion she felt into that kiss than intended. David quivered ever so slightly as her lips caressed his smooth shaven cheek.

He cleared his throat and smiled. “Now, where do we go on the next round of musical TVs?”

“Uhm, the garage, I suppose.”

“Grab the old remote so it doesn’t get lost,” David instructed as he went to pick up the television.

Regina crossed the room on unsteady legs, her cheek and lips both feeling unnaturally warm. She picked up the remote and turned to see that the comforter had somehow caught up on one of the jacks on the back of the television.

“Whoops,” David said, and gave the TV a shake to dislodge the comforter.

Unfortunately, far more shook free. Regina stared in horror as her vibrator rolled off the bed and into the floor. Rushed in the morning, she hadn’t even thought about the toy still lying on the bed, sticky with her juices. The sound drew David’s attention, and his eyes locked on it.

“Oh my god,” Regina almost sobbed, spinning away from him, the remote falling from her nerveless fingers as she reached up to hide her face.

“Mrs. Pet… Regina. It’s no big deal.”

She couldn’t answer — couldn’t even bear to look at him.

His hand settled on her shoulder. “Really. Just pretend I never saw it, okay?”

“Easy for you to say,” she muttered, positive that the words were unintelligible from behind the hands held tightly over her face.

“I mean, it’s normal. Everybody does it.” The volume of his voice dropped a little, and his hand slid down her shoulder to her arm. “I’m just kind of surprised you need one.”

At her bent elbow, his hand left her arm and curled around her waist, joined simultaneously by his other hand on the opposite side. “Any guy would rather take its place.”

Regina’s fingers slipped away from her face as his caress made her shiver. “David, what are you talking about?”

“Well, you’re beautiful. Sexy.”

Still facing away from him and looking down in disbelief at his hands touching her, Regina breathed, “I’m old enough to be your mother.”

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