Michael Takes Care of Me…

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Michael Takes Care of Me (More than You Know)

I met Michael through the Internet; an unusual romance; I’m 52 and he is 37. I live in Florida, and he in Long Island. But our relationship developed quickly, and we were soon declaring our love for each other, even though we had not even met in person. Maybe it’s not so unusual. I suppose it happens all the time. But Michael was so special to me. He made me feel so good about myself. He made me feel like a woman and desirable, something my husband didn’t do.

Well, it finally happened; I got the chance to meet Michael. I flew up to New York, to spend a week with him. The first two days were exquisite, more than I ever imagined it could be. No one has ever made me feel the way Michael does. Then on the third day, I got sick – flu season. But Michael raising 2 daughters on his own, knew what to do and did a great job of caring for me. He would hardly let me out of bed. After a quick lunch of hot chicken soup and tea he made me go back to bed. And this is where the story really begins.

I get under the covers and you crawl in beside me, and pull me into your arms. You know I don’t feel well, but you can’t resist me and you want to protect and comfort me.

You begin to plant butterfly kisses on my forehead and cheeks; finally my lips. You even flicker you tongue inside my mouth a bit. Then you continue with the escort ataşehir soft sensuous kisses on my neck and then down my throat. You keep working your way down. Your kisses send shivers through me—not because I’m cold, but because they make me feel so good.

Your mouth reaches the top of my black lace nightie. You slowly slide the straps down my arms and then gently pull the gown down to expose my waiting breasts. Your kisses have made my nipples erect. I can feel the beginnings of a bulge in your shorts.

You latch onto my right nipple and suck it into your mouth. You continue to suck on it like a baby nursing at his mother’s breast. My body responds and my pussy gets wet. You keep sucking for a while because you know how much I love it and how horny it gets me. You alternate nipples, left and right. You have me writhing on the bed

I reach down inside your shorts and feel your hard, stiff, HUGE manhood and a big grin appears on my face. I know what will be coming eventually. I stoke it up and down and play with your balls, gently squeezing them. One than the other. If it’s possible, your cock grows even bigger and harder and I know I’m in for a treat. But I’ll be patient, especially since I’m still enjoying having my breasts sucked and licked and tugged and pinched.

Then without warning, you right hand slithers down my belly and abdomen kadıköy escort till it reaches my womanhood. You caress my clit with one, then two fingers. You’re amazed at how wet I am. You gently insert your fingers into my cunt, which elicits a moan from my lips. You know I’m close, but you are going to keep teasing – for a little while longer anyway

I beg you to enter me; I have this overwhelming need to feel you inside me. I arch my back to grind my pussy into you and in an attempt to get your fingers in deeper.

I want you. I WANT YOU BAD.

I try to pull your shorts off. But you stop my hands. “Not yet, Dahna, not yet.”

“Oh, Michael please”, I beg you. You still say not yet. “I have other things to do to you.” You tell me to spread my legs, which I do willingly, without question. You are my master, and I will do anything for you. I know whatever you’re going to do will be wonderful.

You slide down, until your face is in my pussy. You poke you tongue out as you spread my pussy lips. My clitoris is in full view for you. You start to lick it, suck it, and even gently nibble on it. You have me arching my back again in and attempt to feel more. You continue sucking, then slowly push one finger into my hot waiting cunt.

I groan, and one finger becomes two and then three. You start pumping in and out. My body is bucking with the maltepe escort bayan sensations. On my clit and the pressure on my G spot. Oh I want your cock in me so bad.

You tell me, no not yet; not until you cum at least once for me

You continue with licking my slit, in circles and up and down; and pumping me with your fingers; I ‘m so wet, your fingers are coated with my juices and slide so easily inside me. You are determined to get your whole fist inside of me one of these days. But I’m so tight, you know that my take a while. I’m am on the edge. So close. You put the fourth finger into me and plunge all of them into me; penetrating me deeply, at the same time clamping down on my clit with your lips. It’s too much; I explode in a mind blowing orgasm, screaming out your name.

“MICHAEL, OH MICHAEL, OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING, I’M COMING HARD FOR YOU. DON’T STOP. I moan, and you’re afraid, well not really afraid, but proud that the whole household has probably heard me. Upstairs and downstairs. You almost muffle my sounds with a pillow, but then decide no. You want everyone to hear your woman screaming and knowing what you just did to her. (Fortunately the girls are over their aunts).

But you’re sure your mom heard, and Ralph and Sal, and you sister and brother-in-law downstairs. You grin though at the thought of it.

She’s mine, Dahna, my Sunshine is all mine. And I know I can please her and bring out the hot passionate women that she is.

All this, and you still haven’t even touched her with you hot thick throbbing cock. You tremble, just thinking what that’s going to do to your Sunshine.

The End for Now

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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