Midtown Meat Mall (1 of 5)

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Chapter 1 – Danielle and Teddy’s First Trip to the Meat Mall

Danielle and Teddy were fraternal twins born to a wealthy family in Midtown. Their father, Mike, was a scientist who was credited with creation of many machines and techniques to make the human meat industry very successful. Their mother Brandi, stayed at home and raised the children, enjoying the riches amassed by her husband.

At the age of 18, young adults earned the rights to vote, drive, and enter the upper floors of the local meat mall. Prior to 18, children could only enter the first floor of the meat mall, which was just like a present day grocery store. Inside, families could pick up anything they needed from the butcher, deli, or pre-prepared meals.

On their 18th birthday, Mike and Brandi decided it would be best to take their children to the meat mall for their first time as a family. Waking their children up early, they rushed them to get ready to head to the mall. Both Danielle and Teddy were extremely excited to finally get to experience everything the meat mall had to offer. During the car ride Danielle was sure to embarrass her brother by pointing out his raging hard-on that was easily visible down his pant leg.

When they arrived at the mall, Mike made it a point to show the kids a monument they walked past many times, but never took the time to read. On it was engraved the names of 100 women. Each of these women, were picked to start the meat industry. Each was chosen based on their genetics to become the “seeds” of the meat industry. Thanks to their sacrifice, the human meat industry was a great success, and they were memorialized for all to remember them.

To the left of the monument was the entrance to the grocery store, where both Danielle and Teddy had accompanied their mother many times before. However, this time they were able to enter the revolving door to the right.

Upon entering, they were asked to show their identification for proof of age, then they were handed a bag and a locker number. Mike and Teddy headed to the male locker room, while Danielle and Brandi went to the female locker room. In the locker rooms, patrons are instructed to shower and must put on clothing that was provided to them to ensure everything stays sterile.

In the men’s locker room Mike and Teddy are given lockers next to each other. They take off their clothes, and as Teddy gets up to go to the shower, he turns and slams the locker door shut with his rock hard erection. Mike laughs and turns to check on his son, only to notice his gigantic penis. He’s is almost in awe as Teddy’s 11 inch long erection is bobbing back and forth after hitting the locker door. Mike asks if his son is alright, then both head to the showers. After showering, fortunately, Teddy’s erection had subsided, and they put on the supplied branded t-shirt and shorts they were provided.

In the women’s locker room Brandi and Danielle were also given lockers right next to each other. Danielle was very shy, and hesitant to undress. Especially sitting next to her mother. Brandi was very beautiful for a woman with two 18 year old children. She became a mother at a very young age, and was only 36 year old. She quickly started to undress lifting off her shirt to reveal her large C-Cup breasts. Amazingly they were as pert and perky today as they were when she herself was 18. She looked over at her daughter who was visibly nervous and encouraged her to undress. Danielle removed her top, and revealed her much smaller breasts, they were only a b-cup, but she had rock hard nipples that stood out as prominently as her brother’s erection. She then removed her dress and underwear and stood up to go to the shower. Brandi examined her daughter to ensure she completely shaved the night before. In order the keep the meat market sterile, all patrons must be clean shaven from the neck down to prevent contamination. Brandi approved as she could clearly see that her daughter properly shaved and cleaned her pubic area, then proceeded to head to the shower herself. After showering, the women put on the dresses they were provided and met up with the rest of their family in the lobby.

It was customary for all first timers of the meat mall were given a tour of the basement of the mall, which served as the meat processing plant. So Teddy and Danielle joined a tour guide, as well as 2 other young men and headed to the basement. Brandi and Mike went off to the café for some coffee while their children went on their tour.

Chapter 2 – Midtown Meat Mall Basement, Meat Processing Plant

As the elevator starting moving, the tour guide quickly explained that what they will see is very graphic, but necessary for them to understand the great sacrifices that were made to ensure the world had a large enough food supply to rebuild. She explained that it is completely understandable if anyone should feel sick and there are multiple bathrooms in case anyone felt the need to throw up.

They entered the basement, and it was a huge facility. It was an open area, much larger than the meat mall building you see from the street. The tour guide explained that the basement actually runs underneath the street to the warehouse next door, which contains the cages for all the cows.

Catwalks were high above the entire plant floor, so that tour groups and supervisors could get a good look at what was going on below them. The plant ran as a well-oiled machine, as everything was automated, and no people (other than the cows or bulls) were on the plant floor.

The tour guide led the 4 teens to the first station, the birthing station. There was a line of cows in a covered walkway, and each was noticeably pregnant. The nurse explained that these cows were about 8 months pregnant and will be given a drug to induce labor. They watched closely, as a cow was pushed forward through the walkway, and immediately sat down into a chair which had its leg strapped down and legs spread wide.

Danielle had a feeling she was being watched, and quickly turned to the boys in the group. She giggled a little as she looked down at the growing bulges in their shorts. She knew they had been checking her out. As she looked back at the birthing area, a large arm pressed down on the cow just below its breasts, and started pushing. Quickly a rush of liquid shot out of the cow’s pussy, as its water broke. And then the bar continues to push until the baby dropped into a waiting bath container. The tour guide explained that the cow felt no pain, as the drug it was administered had a very strong muscle relaxant in it, and the feeling would be not more painful than taking a pee.

Another machine quickly replaced the metal arm, and sewed the vagina back shut on the cow, while the baby was cleaned and scanned. The tour guide explained that the baby is being checked for defects, and if they are males. She explained that they only wanted to produce the best meat possible, and very few bulls were needed. If a baby is male or defective, it is sent to the veal processor, otherwise the babies are sent to incubators to continue to grow. The tour guide explains that as the calves grow, they will have be administered a shock to their brain that will kill off important functions. At that point, the baby is no longer considered to be of human origin, but instead a marked for consumption.

The tour guide shuffles the group to the next area, where cows are being milked. Danielle gets a quick rush of warmth in her body, as one of the young men in the group accidently brushes his now very visible erection along her butt. She acted like she didn’t notice, but was really intrigued by the hardness that grazed on her.

At the milk processing station another line of cows were filed in a line with their breasts pushed forward through a gap between metal bars. A machine placed vacuum tubes on the nipples of each, sucking out the milk contained inside. The tour guide explained the cows had been given hormones that cause their breasts to grow very large and constantly produce milk. The amount of milk needed was very high, as it is needed to feed the growing calves as well as be sold in the supermarket.

Danielle once again felt the hard penis of the boy next to her brush against her leg, this time thinking he was messing with her, she reached down and grabbed his it and started to shake. She yelled at him, “Can you keep this thing off me!” The boy, like everyone in the group was still a virgin, and did not have much control of himself and almost came, if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of tour guide. The tour guide yelled at Danielle; and simply reminded the boys in the group of their duty to society. Now that they are of age, their orgasms are very precious. They must save all their semen for impregnating cows, unless are trying to start a family.

The other boys laugh at Danielle as she gets angry for being yelled at. And she turns a bright red with anger. As they move onto the next station the two other boys mess with Danielle smacking her butt, and reaching under her skirt and quickly rubbing their hand on her young hairless pussy. She wanted to fight back, but is afraid of getting yelled at again. Teddy, completely focused on the tour, doesn’t notice anything going on with his sister.

The tour guide leads them to the meat processing area, and warns the group that this is part of the tour where what they will see gets a little more graphic, and shows them where the bathrooms are located in case they feel the need to vomit.

They come to the bull processing area, the tour guide explains that while most of the meat from the plant comes from cows, there’s still a demand for bull meat. Danielle was fully aware of this, as one of her favorite meals was cock sausage and peppers. The group watched intently as a hook descended, and pierced the back of the bull. It was then lifted up in the air, and quickly run past a saw that cut the head cleanly from the body of the bull. The bull continued to move down the line, as a clamp came up and surrounded its penis, then with a quick yank down, the entire penis and scrotum were removed from the body. Danielle chuckled as the boys in the group cringed a little imagining that was them instead.

Next, the bulls had a blade quickly slice deeply from their neck down to where their penis used to be. This caused all of the guts to fall out of the carcass and into a waiting container. Finally, the bull carcass went behind a plastic lined curtain to another room that was not visible. The tour guide explained that since the rest of the bull meat is less desirable, it would be ground up and made into deli meats and hot dogs. The process is quite messy, so it is done behind closed doors.

The tour group moved on to the final area of the processing plant, and by far the largest. The area was filled cows of all sorts of disassembly, on a production line that was quick and efficient. Like the bulls, the cows were lined up entering the facility. A hook grabbed them in the back, then quickly their heads were sawn off, and the chests sliced open to clean out their organs. At this point, however, the carcasses were placed on a moving conveyor, where machines expertly carved the cows up. First the pussy filets were removed, then the breasts, wings, legs, and rump steaks. By the time the carcass had made its way to the end, it was nothing more than bones and very little unwanted meat.

Between the sight of the bulls being processed and now the cows, the two boys in the group couldn’t contain themselves and scampered in to the bathroom. Danielle, however, was able to stomach everything she was seeing, and found herself becoming quite aroused by it. She felt flush for a moment and let out a moan. Her brother quickly looked over at her to make sure she was ok, when he noticed her nipples poking hard through her dress. He then looked further down and noticed a couple of wet streaks of pussy juice flowing down her leg.

Danielle look back at her brother who quickly turned away to not be noticed. She too looked down and noticed her brother had a raging hard-on. His shorts were barely able to contain his gigantic member. Danielle became even more excited. Teddy had tricked her into touching his penis before, but it was a prank and only for a split second. She knew he had a very large penis, but didn’t know how large. She shyly went into one of the bathrooms and cleaned up so that no one else would notice her excitement.

When everyone returned from the bathrooms, the tour guide informed them this was the end of bahis firmaları tour. The group headed back to the elevator, and thanked the tour guide for her instruction. In the elevator, Danielle turned towards the other two young men in the group, and looked down at the crotches and snickered, knowing their penises were tiny compared to the massive beast in her brother’s shorts. The elevator door opened and Danielle and Teddy headed to the café to meet back up with their parents.

After a quick discussion, Mike had decided that he would take Teddy to the Breeding Booths on 2nd floor, and Brandi would take Danielle to the 3rd floor which was just for the ladies. They figured out a time to meet back up in the main lobby, then headed to the elevators to go to the appropriate floor.

Chapter 3 – Midtown Meat Mall 2nd Floor, The Breeding Booths

The elevator bell dinged, and the door opened, Mike and Teddy then exited and headed straight to the breeding area. Which was just to the left.

In the breeding area were row after row of private booths. Each one with a light above the door. If the light was on, then the booth was occupied. So Mike told Teddy to choose a booth then go inside. Each chose a booth, then headed in and closed the door. Inside the booth was clean and sterile, only a single seat in the back with a sink and soap in the corner. Along the back wall was a covered up hole and a button.

Teddy was aware of what he was supposed to do, as he had received sexual education classes in school. He was still a virgin, and as young adults were separated in school and rarely spent time with the opposite sex. Teddy knew that it was every man’s duty to visit the breeding booths regularly. It was the responsibility of all males to impregnate the cows to prevent any inbreeding or substandard human meat.

Teddy pushed the button on the wall, and after 30 seconds, the cover lifted, the plump butt and hairless pussy of a cow filled the hole. Instantly his half hard cock burst with blood and was fully engorged. He quickly pulled down his shorts and his massive erection slapped loudly against his stomach. He removed his shirt and placed it and his shorts on the seat, then approached the awaiting cow.

Teddy grabbed his penis by the hilt, then aimed it directly at the cow’s pussy lips. He gave a quick thrust, but failed to get it to go in. He rubbed the tip of his penis up and down on the slit, and it started to get wet. He then slowly started to push his rock hard cock in inch by inch. Teddy struggled at first, but quickly found out that if he slowly inserted a bit of his dick, then pulled it out, the cows pussy would stretch to take more. Teddy was able to get most of his member inside the cow, before he felt a new sensation at the tip of his penis. He almost blew his load instantly when he felt the cow’s cervix on his pulsating tip.

Teddy was as deep as he could get into the cow. It was an experience he had never felt before. Years ago, Teddy had learned about masturbation and did it frequently. He even found ways to trick his sister into touching his penis, then played it off as a joke.

This time however, the feeling was so much better than the gentle touch of his sister, or his own hand. He began to slowly fuck the cow, penetrating it as deep as possible, then pulling out. He didn’t understand that fucking the cow slowly to start would be more enjoyable to him, and starting quickly jackhammering the juicy slit until he couldn’t take it anymore. After only a couple of minutes, his butt cheeks clenched and he thrust deeply into the cow, unloading a large load of life-building sperm inside of it. He stepped away as his quickly deflating penis slapped against his leg coated in a layer of his own semen and the cow’s juices. He pressed the button on the wall again, as more of his cum dripped out of the cow and on the floor.

Teddy went back to the sink and thoroughly cleaned up his penis and balls. He did so well that he actually started to become erect again. He thought about having another cow, but decided not to thinking his father would be waiting for him. He put his shirt and shorts back on, then headed back out of the booth. As the door closed Teddy heard the whoosh of water and cleaner rinsing down the booth for the next male to enter.

Teddy waited in the main hall for 10 more minutes until his father emerged from the breeding booths. His father looked extremely relaxed as he greeted his son. Mike asked him how his first time was, and Teddy blushed a little and said “It was nice.” Mike chuckled and asked Teddy if he was hungry. Teddy was, and they headed off to the diner to the right of the elevator.

In the diner there were three beautiful women working. Each was wearing a super tight shirt that barely button over their massive breasts, and short mini-skirts that showed the bottom of their tight butts. Each woman wore a name tag designated “Not Suitable for Consumption” meaning they were paid employees and not cows. Mike and Teddy took a seat and were quickly greeted by a waitress named Lisa. Lisa quickly wiped down the table with a cloth being sure to gently rub her large tits against both Mike and Teddy’s face. She took their orders for drinks and then went to the back room to get them.

Teddy surveyed the diner, it looked like any other diner he had been to before with his family, except for the fact that you can see into the kitchen. In the very back, a beautiful Latino cow was slowly rotating on a spit as her juices would drip off her body and a flame would jump up and caress her skin. There was also a very plump cow that was just being pulled out of the oven. Teddy watched intently as the cook, slowly started carving pieces of meat from the freshly cooked cow.

Lisa returned with the drinks and asked if the gentleman knew what they wanted to order. Mike told Teddy to order anything he wanted. But Teddy still had immature taste buds and asked for an order of “Chick Nuggets” and fries. Mike ordered a 10 Oz filet of rump and a breast meat sandwich. Before Lisa finished writing down the order, Mike told her this was Teddy’s 18th birthday today. Lisa wished him a happy birthday, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mike then asked Lisa for a fluffer for Teddy, knowing full well his son had no idea what he was talking about. Lisa agreed, and went back to the kitchen to place the order.

Minutes later, Lisa returned to the table and told the men their order was placed. She then dropped to her knees and made her way under the table. She reached up the leg of Teddy’s shorts and started to rub his dick. Not knowing what was going on, Teddy jumped a little, and both Lisa and Mike had a good laugh. Mike explained to Teddy that Lisa was going to suck and lick his penis until their meal was ready in order to prepare him for another round in the breeding booths. Teddy nodded and smiled as Lisa removed his shorts and quickly took the young man’s dick deep into her mouth, she gagged once it became fully hard and reached the back of her throat. Lisa continued to lick the head of Teddy’s penis, then deep throat it was far as she could. She reached back with her free hand and pulled out Mike’s already hard dick and stroked it furiously. Returning the favor, Mike reached below the table and shoved 2 fingers in Lisa’s pussy, and one in her asshole. He continued to fuck her with the shocker until her body tensed up and she came all over his hand. He pulled his hand from under the table and licked all of Lisa’s juices from his index and middle finger.

Mike saw Teddy’s eyes slowly start to roll back into his head and knew that his son was close to cumming. He gave Lisa a gentle kick, and she immediately stopped sucking his cock. Teddy looked up surprised and his father told him that he cannot cum for a fluffer. If so, there is a severe fine, as he is wasting his precious semen that he should use to impregnate a cow. Lisa got up from under the table and apologizes to Mike, claiming it’s very difficult to control the young ones. Mike, being completely understanding tells Lisa there’s nothing to worry about and thanks her for her help. Seconds later a bell could be heard in the kitchen and Lisa says the order is ready.

She returns to the table with 2 plates of food. On Teddy’s plate is, 10 perfectly browned fried breast meat nuggets with a side of French fries. On Mike’s, is a juicy medium rare steak of rump meat straight from the roaster that came out of the oven. He also has a sandwich with shredded breast and bbq sauce. Lisa sets the plates on the table, and reached down and gives Teddy’s cock one more squeeze, along with a sly wink of approval at him. Teddy then proceeds to douse his nuggets and fries in ketchup, as his father rolled his eyes.

After eating, Mike asks Teddy if he wants to go to the breeding booths again one more time. Teddy, still reeling from being so close to cumming for Lisa agrees. Mike asks for the check, but both he and Teddy notice that Lisa is currently busy sucking the dick of another customer across the room. Mike leaves a $100 bill on the table as hefty tip, then he and Teddy proceed to leave. Lisa looks up and notices them leaving, and with a gargling sound, says “Thank You!”

Before heading into the breeding booths, Mike asks Teddy if he knew that the cows had 2 holes he could use in the breeding booths. Teddy, not quite sure what his dad was talking about, just nodded yes, for fear of looking stupid for not knowing. Mike nodded and said “OK, I just wanted to make sure you knew that you can also fuck the cow’s asshole.” Teddy, surprised asked “It’s Asshole?” Mike chuckles and goes on to tell his son that he is allowed to bang the cow’s asshole, it’s a much different feeling, but warns him to make sure Teddy’s keeps his penis lubricated with the cow’s juices or his own spit when in the ass.” Teddy, with all smiles says “Cool!” His father then warns him not to cum inside the cow’s asshole, he reminds him that it his duty to impregnate the cow, and he should always finish inside its pussy. Teddy agrees, then heads into the first open breeding booth.

As soon as the door shuts behind him, Teddy is quick to remove his clothes. He doesn’t take the time to place them on the bench instead just letting them lay on the booth floor where they fell off. His long youthful cock is bouncing up and down in anticipation. He can’t wait to fuck a cow in the asshole. He pushes the button on the wall and impatiently awaits a cow to be prepared.

The hole finally opens up, and a creamy chocolate ass of a cow is pushed into the hole. This one is not as plump as the first cow he fucked, but its butt cheeks were spread wide and Teddy could see its tight sphincter clearly. Excited, he steps up to the cow, and places the head of his cock on its asshole. He shoves as hard as he can, but cannot get his penis inside. He remembers what his father told him, then spits on the cow and spits on his dick. This time he has enough lube and the purple head of his dick slides right into the cow’s ass.

Teddy almost loses it as he hears a whimper come from the cow, followed by a grunt. He then starts to fuck the ass of the cow until all of it is deep within the cow’s anus. He can hear the cow moaning and whimpering from the other side of the wall, and that only turns him on more. He spits on the base of his cock, and starts to fuck the cow’s ass hard. After each full thrust in, he completely pulls out his dick to see the huge hole where he was fucking it. Then immediately shoves all of his penis back inside. The cow kept moaning until it tensed up, and squeezed Teddy’s dick hard.

He felt a warm liquid hitting his leg, and jumped back a bit. He had not known it, but he had made the cow cum and she squirted all over him from the pleasure. Teddy noticed the cow’s pussy was still wet, and knew he still had his civic duty to take care of, so he quickly rammed his dick into the warm wet awaiting pussy, then like a jackhammer fucked the cow’s pussy into mercy. He started to cum inside of the cow, pumping what seemed to be gallons of cum into it. Again he felt the warm liquid hitting his balls and legs as he unloaded in the cow.

Exhausted he pulls his now flaccid penis out of the cow, then presses the button sending the cow back to the processing facility. He turns around to realize the floor of the booth is drenched because of the cow. His clothes that he left on the floor, are dripping wet. He picks them up, wrings them out a little and puts the shirt and shorts kaçak iddaa back on. He washes his hands and everything else as much as he can, then exits the room.

This time, his father is there waiting for him, as he didn’t go for a second session. He notices his son’s wet clothes, and just chuckles. “You got a squirter, didn’t you?” His father continues to laugh at his son as he can clearly see the wet spots of his shirt and shorts. “That’s why you always put your clothes on the bench, they stay dry if you make a cow cum.” Mike pats his son on the back, and tells him they can shower up and put on clean clothes before meeting up with the girls.

Chapter 4 – MidTown Meat Market, 3rd floor – Ladies Only

Danielle could hardly contain herself as she waited for the elevator to arrive at the 3rd floor. Her mother looked back at her and the huge smile on her face showed the young woman’s excitement about her first trip to the Ladies Only floor, and her inevitable loss of virginity. The glee coming from her daughter even began to get Brandi excited as she could feel her pussy getting wet waiting for the elevator.

The doors opened up, and immediately they are looking directly into a display window where 5 different bulls are naked and on display. The bulls are chained to a rotating table, and each has an erection. Below them is it states the size of their penis, from small to massive, almost as if it’s a menu of some sort.

Brandi and Danielle step up to the window and survey the options in front of them. Danielle asks her mom, which one is her favorite. “The Large one is my favorite honey, however, your father is more like a medium, so I try to stay at that size.” Danielle gets up close to the window, and checks out the medium sized bull. She doesn’t find him that attractive, and is slightly turned off because of his “dad bod” figure. She cannot seem to keep her eyes off the massive bull. The bull has dark skin, and his penis is so large it hangs down to his knees. Drips of sweat glisten down his chest and roll over his tight abs.

“Don’t try that one your first time sweetie.” Brandi says to her daughter. “You will probably be ripped open and be in pain for days. You have to work your way up to that one, let your body get stretched out first, before trying that.” Danielle continues to stare intently at the massive cock in front of her, she had never seen anything so big, until she thought about her brothers from earlier. Which make her shudder a little.

“I think I’ll have a small one first mom.” Danielle tells her mother. Danielle was quite intelligent, and she understood that she would be back to the meat mall again later. Plus she really wanted to make her mother proud of her good decision. With a smile on her face, Brandi says, “I think that’s a great idea honey. Let’s get some tea and relax, then we’ll go get you a bull.”

The ladies enter the diner, which is very similar to the one on the 2nd floor. The waitresses wear the same low cut shirt and high skirt uniform with name tags that say “Not for Consumption.” There is a cow rotating on a spit in the rear of the kitchen, and a half carved roaster sitting on a table. There is also a wide variety of bull penises hanging from a string above the grill.

The waitress, named Kelly, approaches the table. She looks very similar to Danielle, but was 4 or 5 years older. Her long brunette hair ran all the way down her back and was almost longer than her skirt that barely covered her pussy. She greeted the ladies and asked if they were sisters, and told them they were very beautiful. Brandi blushed at the compliment as a stunned look came over Kelly’s face when she told Kelly that Danielle is her daughter.

Kelly then went on to list the specials of the day. Afterwards, Brandi simply ordered two bull cock kebabs for her and her daughter. The waitress then asked if they would like their meat marinated. Brandi responded “Yes, please.” As Kelly retreated to the kitchen, Danielle closely watched her small tight ass walk away. Danielle had known for a long time that she was bi-sexual. She would often go into the bathroom while her mother was showering, just so she could see her naked up close.

Danielle looked back into the kitchen as the cook reached up and grabbed one of the bull penises hanging above, and slid a metal rod through the middle of it to straighten it out. She then watched as Kelly bent over a table, and he slowly slid the impaled penis inside of her vagina. Kelly immediately stood up and fixed her skirt, then headed back into the restaurant area. She returned to Brandi and Danielle’s table with two glasses of water. With each step they were able to see the bull scrotum swinging between Kelly’s legs. Kelly left them the water, and told them the marinating would take 5 more minutes, then their meals will be served shortly afterwards.

As Kelly once again walked away, Brandi caught Danielle’s glare at her tiny tight ass cheeks. Brandi snapped her fingers bringing her daughter out of the trance. “Danielle, do you know why we are here today?” Danielle looking somewhat puzzled, responded, “Yeah, so we can have sex with a bull.” Shaking her head, Brandi says, “No, besides that.” Danielle continues to look puzzled about her mother’s line of questioning. Brandi, explains “Yes, we come to the meat market to have sex with bulls, but we do it for the men in our lives. The boys have a duty to everyone that they must impregnate the cows regularly. Well, we also have our own duty to everyone else.” Danielle looks puzzled as she was taught in school that only men were expect to serve their country.

“Honey, it’s our job to make babies,” said Brandi. “We must make sure our bodies are at peak health and ability for our men when it comes time to bear young for them. We use this the time we spend with the bulls to keep our bodies at peak form, while learning techniques to please our men.”

“After you and Teddy were born, I had gained a lot of weight and wasn’t attractive to your father anymore. I had desperately wanted to give you another brother or sister, but couldn’t convince your father to impregnate me. Instead he would come here and only give his love to the cows. About 5 years ago, I had enough. I started working out more often and lost the weight, and I too started coming here on the regular to practice moves on the bulls I thought your father would like.”

Danielle looked stunned at the confession her mother was telling her. She had always thought her parents had the perfect relationship, and never thought about the prospect of having another sibling. Brandi continued, “So while you are excited about your first time with a bull today, you must also use this time to learn and grow. It will be the things you learn here that will allow you to bear another generation of children.”

As Brandi finishes her speech, Kelly arrives back at the table with the kebabs that were ordered. The meat on the skewers is a dark brown color, and were accompanied by some potatoes and carrots. Kelly asks if there is anything else the ladies need, and Danielle uncharacteristicly blurts out “May I have a taste of the marinade?” Kelly knowing exactly what the young lady is asking agrees, then places her right leg on Danielle’s chair, and slowly leans forward towards the teen’s mouth. Danielle quickly licks up and down Kelly’s pussy lips, cleaning up some of the residual juices there. Kelly lets out a quick moan, and Danielle drives her tongue deep into the Kelly’s vagina to grab up any additional flavor still inside. Brandi looks on in amazement as she had never seen her daughter act this way, or be this blunt. She actually finds herself getting quite turned on watching her daughter eat out the waitress.

Danielle finishes cleaning up Kelly’s pussy with her tongue, and thanks her for the deliciousness. Brandi wiggles a little in her seat to clean up the bit of pussy juice that oozed from her slit watching her daughter eat out the waitress, then goes on to eat her meal.

The bull cock was seasoned to perfection, and was quite tender, which is rare to find. Unless prepared perfectly, bull cock can be quite tough to chew. Once finished eating, Kelly returns to the table, and slides a note to Danielle with her phone number on it. Danielle gives her a sly smile as her mother leaves a tip, and they head to choose their bulls.

The girls enter a room where they take a number and sit down waiting for their turn. There are 5 or 6 other ladies in the room, reading magazines waiting until their numbers are called. One by one each number is called, and they head into another room, until finally Brandi’s number is called. As they enter the next room, a woman quickly stops them and informs them only one lady may proceed at a time. Brandi quickly stops her and tells her that it is her daughters first time, and that they would like to share a single room. The receptionist understands and apologizes for the inconvenience. She then goes on to ask the ladies what size bull they would like, and what level of restraint would be necessary.

Brandi orders a small bull for her daughter and a medium bull for herself. Typically Brandi chooses to have her bull with minimal restraints so that she may experience the full power and penetration from it, but instead orders both bulls with maximum restraints to protect her daughter. After the order is placed, Brandi is given a key and they head to the appropriate room.

Entering the room, there is a raised platform in the middle, with eye bolts on the wall for the bull’s harnesses to be attached to. The platform is like a table, and is padded on the top. It has 5 buttons on the side of it. The buttons are labeled Intercom, Forward, Reverse, Release, and Probe.

Brandi looks over at her daughter and asks if she is ok, Danielle gives a quick gulp and deep breath, and says “Yes.” They both then remove their dresses and fold them up neatly on the shelf in the room. Brandi looking over to check on her daughter can’t help but get aroused at the sight of her tight body, and her perky tits. She looks so much like her mother as a youth. Brandi gets lost momentarily thinking about her younger days exploring herself. This doesn’t get past Danielle, who looks back at her mother just in time to see a drip of pussy juice fall from her mother’s crotch to the floor. She gives her mother a look over once again, and can’t help but be turned on, her mother is a natural beauty, and the plastic surgeon that did her work really did a great job accentuating her physique. Danielle too quickly found herself getting very wet between her legs.

The ladies trance about each other was quickly broken as a buzzer went off inside the room, then a door opened. Two employees entered each pulling a chain that was attached to a bull. The bulls hands were tied very closely around their backs, and their legs had a solid bar only 6 inches wide latched to them. The employees latched the chains to the eyebolts on the wall, and locked the bar into a clamp on the floor. Next they placed a spacer between the wall and the bulls buttocks to just force their pelvis forward slightly to the table. Next they adjusted the table so that its height was properly lined up with the bull’s cocks.

Brandi thanked the employees, and handed them a tip for their service. As they entered, she noticed Danielle checking out the two bulls and sizing them up. Both bulls were nearly the same height, as they had been specifically chosen for that purpose since the table could only be adjusted to one height. The small bull was on the left side. Danielle was surprised because the bull was very strong and well-built much like the models she had seen in the lobby, but only had a penis that was 3-4 inches long. She actually thought to herself that the bull looked funny with all those muscles and such a tiny penis.

The medium bull was very skinny, but had a much larger penis. Its body did not have much muscle definition, but its dick looked huge compared to the muscle bound figure next to it. On top of that the bull’s scrotum hung low and contracted a little with each breath the bull took. It didn’t take long for her pussy to be filled with wetness thinking about being filled for the first time.

Brandi walked up to the bulls and grabbed each by the cock and started to stroke them. She informed her daughter that the bulls have been neutered so there is no risk of her getting pregnant. She grabbed the large scrotum of the medium bull and gave it a squeeze, and informed her daughter that kaçak bahis those are just for show, but don’t work anymore. Brandi then went on to explain to her daughter that the bulls are given a pill that ensures they will have an erection for an hour or longer. They are capable of cumming just like any other man, but cannot produce sperm to get her pregnant.

Brandi then calls over her daughter to the bulls and offers to teach her a few things. Danielle comes over and stands in front of her bull and listens intently to her mother. Brandi explains to her daughter about how important it is that she remains in peak sexual shape so that when it comes time for her to have a family, she will be able to bear children for her husband. She grabs the cock of the medium bull and shows her the sensitive parts of the penis, like just under the head and on the underside below the hole.

Danielle grabs her bull’s penis, then slowly rubs and examines the areas her mother explains. The bull start to buck a little and its penis starts throbbing as she slowly stroked the areas her mother tells her too. Danielle then watches as her mother gets down on her knees and places her bull’s rock hard dick in her mouth. She bobs her head back forth on it, and makes sure to make a sucking pop on the head occasionally. Danielle finds herself getting very aroused watching her mother suck the bull’s cock, and lets out a quick moan.

Brandi hears the moan and stops sucking the bull. She asks her if she knew she can place the cock in her mouth and it very pleasurable. Danielle nods yes, she was well aware of what she was to do, she had given blow jobs to a couple of boys she knew. She didn’t want her mother to know that, or to know that she was so turned on at the sight of her mother doing that same act.

Shyly, Danielle answers yes, then slowly sucks on her bull’s penis. As she does so, the bull starts to tense up, and then releases a large load of cum into Danielle’s mouth. Not expecting that, Danielle pulls back as the bull continues to launch stream after stream of semen all over the young girl. After what seemed like an hour, the bull had finally finished cumming, and its dick quickly went flaccid.

Danielle covered in a layer of bull cum looks on disappointedly as the bull pants away for air. Brandi had seen the whole thing, and was in her own right very turned on at the sight of bull cum dripping from her young nipples and down her daughter’s tight stomach. Brandi leaned over and with a finger wiped off a large glob of bull semen, then swallowed it. She did this a couple more times, until her daughter was cleaned up from the massive load of cum on her.

Brandi then went on to apologize to Danielle, as the bulls are not supposed to finish that quickly. She then pressed a button at the edge of the table, and the receptionist answers on the intercom. “How can I help you?” Brandi then goes on to explain that the small bull has prematurely ejaculated, and wishes to have another bull. The receptionist quickly apologizes, then another employee comes in shortly with a new bull already chained up. They switch the bulls out, then mark the “Bad Bull” with a red X across its chest, and leads it out the room.

Danielle inquisitively asks her mother what the red X is for. Brandi explains that the bull is defective, and therefore will be sent down to the processing plant to become meat. Danielle responds with a simple “Oh”, then checks out the new bull which has been presented to her. This bull is much skinnier than the previous bull, it actually looks like nothing more than skin and bones. Its penis is still quite small, however, on the bull’s build looks much larger. Danielle strokes the bull’s dick a little, then lays down on the table, knowing it is time for her to lose her virginity.

Brandi follows the lead of her daughter and lays down on the table too. The both lay down on their backs, and spread their legs out wide to present their pussies to the rock hard bulls in front of them. Brandi presses a button that slowly moves the table closer to the bulls, until the tip of her medium bull’s penis is sitting just on top of her clit. She reaches down and rubs it on her mound, and down her slit to get it a little wet. She then inserts the head of the bulls cock into her pussy, and lets out a moan, as she wiggles a bit to make room inside her for it.

Next to her, Danielle’s body is shaking, as she cannot yet feel the smaller penis of her bull, but just watched as her mother enjoyed the feeling of the bull penetrate inside of her. Brandi then looks over to her daughter and asks if she is ready. Danielle quickly nods. Brandi warns her that once she lines up the bull inside her, it will quickly thrust and break her hymen. She warns her that there will be blood, and it will hurt at first. However, the pain will subside, and the feeling will turn to pleasure.

Danielle nods again, and Brandi pushes the button moving the table even closer. As the table approaches the cock of the smaller bull, Brandi feels another inch or so her bull penetrate deep inside of her. The bull begins thrusting his penis slowly in and out of Brandi’s juicy cunt. She loses herself in the feeling, and quickly turns her attention to her bull instead of her daughter.

Danielle, then does like her mother, and rub the head her bulls cock on her clit. Each time it makes contact, a jolt of pleasure runs up and down her spine. As her breathing turns heavier, she starts to flick her clit with the bull dick faster and faster, until her body tenses up, and she has her first orgasm ever with a bull. She momentarily feels ashamed, as she had only had an orgasm from masturbation, or while “experimenting” with her best friend Sarah. She didn’t want her mother to think less of her. However, she quickly looked over at her mother to realize she didn’t notice.

Brandi had her eyes shut tightly and her head tilted back as her bull continued to slowly fuck her insides. She reached up and pinched and rolled her nipples. Letting out little moans with each movement. The feeling of the bulls cock inching into her pussy, then pulling back out was amazing. And the suction sound coming from her glistening pussy each time the bull pulled out was driving her crazy. She wanted to move the table all the way forward to allow the bull to impale her deeply, but still had to wait for her daughter.

Relieved that her mother hadn’t noticed her cum, Danielle let out a deep breath and relaxed. That was short lived, as Brandi looked over, and then nodded to encourage her daughter to go ahead and let the bull inside her. Danielle took the bulls cock in her hand once again, and positioned it at her pussy lips. She eased the head into her pussy, and before she realized it, the bull had thrusted forward with all its force. Danielle let out a quick scream followed by a whimper, as the bull tried to force as much of its cock inside of her as possible. Each time its head would pass her now destroyed hymen she would whimper in pain. Danielle reached out and her mother grabbed her hand. She squeezed it tightly as Danielle let out a tear out that rolled down her cheek.

Eventually the pain subsided as the bull continued to fuck Danielle’s tight young pussy. The bull would strain as its restraints prevented it from thrusting deeper inside of her. Quickly Danielle’s whimpers of pain were replaced with moans of pleasure as the feeling of the bull penis across her pussy lips began to feel better. Brandi realizing this, asked Danielle if she was ready for it all. Danielle once again nodded, as she pushed the button to move the table as close as possible to the bulls.

Both women thrust their heads back in unison, as they slid all the way down the bull’s shafts to the base. Still holding hands, the women gripped each other tightly as they felt their vaginas quickly filled up with throbbing bull cock. Despite it being a small bull, Danielle couldn’t believe how full her pussy felt from the dick inside her. At this point, she mentally thanked her mother for recommending she take the smaller bull instead of the massive one she had been previously eyeing.

Brandi pressed one more button that released the spacer behind the bull, which allowed them free range of movement of their pelvis. Both bulls pulled out their now rock hard cocks, then led them right back into the awaiting holes of the mother and daughter. Lost in the pleasure, the mother and daughter were no longer aware of each other’s presence in the room. Instead they were focused on the feeling of the bull cock thrusting deep inside of them, then right back out. Brandi reached down and massaged her clit as her bull continued to fuck her hard. She loved the feeling as it filled her up, then its sack slapping against her ass loudly. It didn’t take long before she was wiggling like crazy on the table and came hard on the bull.

Danielle was still a little more timid about the situation. She enjoyed the feeling of the bulls cock sliding deep inside of her, and the gentle tickle its balls made on her skin as it tapped her. She reached down and twisted her nipples, enjoying the feeling. It wasn’t until she looked to her right and saw her mother writhing in pleasure on her bull, that Danielle herself felt a warm rush on the inside and came all over the smaller bull.

The two bulls continued to fuck the pair hard, the slaps of their scrotums fainted as they began to clench their balls towards their bodies. Brandi through experience knew that this meant the bulls were close to cumming. She quickly pushed the button on the table to have it move away from the sex crazed bulls. She then told Danielle to look at them, with their fully engorged penises throbbing and bouncing up and down awaiting relief. Brandi told her daughter to notice the ball sack and penis of the bull. Both bull’s dickheads were purple, and their cocks bobbed up and down uncontrollably. Their balls could be seen bouncing up and down inside their sacks. She quickly explains that is because they are about to cum.

Again Danielle nods, appreciative of the lessons she has been taught, but at this point only focused on getting fucked. Brandi then pushes the forward button again, and the ladies slowly creep back towards the cocks. Once back inside, both bulls frantically pump the both ladies quickly and with force. The sounds of bodies slapping together as well as moans of pleasure fill the room. Danielle reaches her hand out again, and her mother grabs it. She squeezes it, and Brandi says “Here comes the big finish.” She then pushed one last button on the side of the table. And a metal rod with a ball on the end of it protrudes from the wall behind the bulls. The rod then probes the asshole of the bull until the ball is placed right next to its prostate. The probe can be heard vibrating, as both bulls quickly tense up, and cum deeply into the ladies.

The deep penetration of the cocks as well as loads of cum being shot inside of them is too much for the women to handle as they also cum at the same time. Still squeezing each other’s hands, the feeling between mother and daughter is enhanced as they both share the feelings of pleasure running through their bodies.

Still trying to catch her breath, Brandi pushes the button to move the table back to its original position. As it moves back the bull dicks slide out of the women and flop down. The anal probes retract out of the bulls, and the two women start to feel the combination of their own juices and that of the bulls start to flow out their pussies and down their ass cracks. Both reach down between their legs and gather up a glob of the wetness, and give the mixture a taste. To no surprise, Danielle enjoys the mixture of cum just as much as her mother does.

Once they have regained their composure they ladies get up and use the towels provided to clean themselves up. Brandi looks up at her beautiful daughter and asks her how it was. Without saying a word Danielle ran across the room and hugged her mother, squeezing her tight. She let loose her grip just a little and kissed her mother on the lips. Brandi was very surprised by this as Danielle’s kiss became more passionate. Danielle slipped her tongue into her mother’s mouth, and quickly pulled back, apologizing for what had happened. Brandi, trying to act un-phased, told her daughter not to worry about it, and also said they should not talk about it around her father.

Her mother then checked the clock and realized they were a little late from the time they agreed to meet the boys. They quickly put their dresses on, then hustled back down to the lobby to shower quickly and meet the boys before heading home.

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