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This is my first try at writing erotica. I would like to thank whotrere70 for all her encouragement. You rock!

Making out with her, things were getting hot, as usual, but there was something more tonight. I could feel it, tonight was going to be THE night! I removed her bra, using it to temporally tie her hands together, as I continued kissing her mouth and breasts. Man she had the softest lips, and some great tits. I untangled myself for her limbs, to get out my strap-on. Looking in the “toy chest” I smiled as I looked at the array of “toys”, yup, tonight was definitely gonna be it. Placing the strap-on aside, I pulled out one of the wrist cuffs and looked at her with a raised eyebrow. My heart started beating faster, and my clit pounded impossibly harder as she smiled back at me. Fastening the cuff securely to her wrist, I reached in the drawer and grabbed the other cuff. After getting both cuffs around her wrists, I clipped the two together and hooked them to the headboard. Next I pulled out the nipple clamps, nipping, sucking her nipple to hard points, I put the clamps in place, putting them on very lightly, for now. The ankle cuffs were the next item retrieved, this time she raised her eyebrow at me, and I was the one with the smile. She was now spread as far apart as possible and tied in place. Hot! Absofuckinlutely hot! Casually, I took out the leather paddle, blindfold, lube, butt plug and anything else I saw that I might want to use, placing them out so she can see them and wonder. Joining her on the bed, I started kissing her and playing with her breasts, tugging on the nipple clamps. Just as she was really getting into it, I stopped, grabbed the strap-on and headed towards the door. When I glanced over my shoulder to look at her, the look of stunned disbelief on her face made me quicken my pace before I broke down in laughter. Laughter can be good during sex, but at this precise moment, it would be a bad thing…very bad.

Struggling to regain my composure, I walked to the kitchen for some water. I had been gone for about five minutes, figuring that was a long enough absence, I headed back to the bedroom. I didn’t’ want to dampen the sexual tension that had been building, and most importantly, didn’t want to piss her off. When I got back into the room, I was wearing the strap-on and a shirt, the shirt being long enough to just hide the toy.

Without saying anything, I walked up to the bed, starting at her ankles, I kissed my way up to her pussy, but wouldn’t kiss it, just all around it. I kissed my way up to her tits pulling lightly on the clamps, and finally her lips. When I lay on top of her, she could feel my cock pressing into her, I let it rub against her clit for a while getting her all worked up then left again. The look on her face as I left the room pretty much told me I was not on her favorite person list, and if this wasn’t worth it, I was in deep shit.

When I came back in a few minutes later, I was carrying a towel, wash cloth, razor, shaving gel and water. Lathering her up, I made sure to pay extra attention to her clit. I shaved everything but a small strip of hair, the landing strip, making sure I got the lips and everything nice and smooth, with a lot of clit play involved, not enough to get her off, just enough to drive her crazy. Washing her pussy again, I left to get rid of the supplies.

The only way to make sure I got everything shaved to my satisfaction is to test it with my tongue, slowly. Gently biting and sucking each pussy lip, dipping my tongue into her cunt, tasting her juices and completely avoiding her clit. And I did just that, she was begging for release, so I …stopped.

It was now my turn. I am so turned on and hot right now, I need some release so I could continue to torture, tease and please her. I remove my cock and lower my drenched pussy on her face, letting her taste and tease me just a little. But I don’t let her get me off, that is what she wants to do, but that would be too nice. Just when I am about to come, I tighten the nipple clamps and get off her face. Sitting on the bed next to her I make her watch me masturbate, as I am pulling on the chains that connect the clamps together. I do let her clean my finger when I am done…see I can do nice.

I move to undo her ankles so I can turn her over. When she is on her stomach, she tries to grind her pussy into the bed for some release, since I didn’t say she could, this earns her a nice smack on the ass with the paddle.

I love a woman’s ass almost as much as her tits, and she has a really nice ass! Rubbing my hand all over her back side, I know I will be there for a while, kissing, biting, and licking my new playground. Can’t forget that I gotta leave a hickey or two there to mark güvenilir bahis it as mine! Slowly I run my tongue over her hole, working my tongue inside, a little at a time. Getting it all nice and wet before slipping my thumb inside her, slowly fucking her ass with my thumb while the rest of my hand teases her clit, fucking her faster until she was just about to come, then I pull out of her, and give her another slap on the ass. You can just see the frustration on her face now…I love it. I just grin at her.

I turn her over so she is laying on her back again, and let one hand loose. I grab the lube, put some in her hand and bring her hand to my cock, and make her give me a hand job, telling her just how I want her to do it, until I am almost ready to come again, then I pull away and retie her hand back up to the bed. God, if looks could kill…I’m telling ya!

Because of the nasty looks she was giving me, I leave the room again, letting her know why I’m leaving. I’m gone for about five minutes, when I return, I am smoking the rest of the joint we has shared earlier. Inhaling the smoke, I press our mouths together, exhaling into her mouth, kissing her hard. I end the kiss, and sit on the end of the bed finishing the joint, just taking in the sight of her naked body, sprawled out and tied to my bed…fucking hot!!!

After putting out the roach, I lay next to her on the bed, playing with her breasts. Taking a nipple in my mouth, I bite it right before I remove the clamp with my teeth. She arches up to my mouth as I take in more of her breast and suck on it like I am trying to feed from her. As I move to her other nipple to repeat my actions, my hand slides down her body to her landing strip. Playing and pulling the curls before my fingers slide lower, man is she wet! Right as I bite her nipple I shove two fingers inside her. God, I love the feeling of a juicy pussy surrounding my fingers. Soon I am sliding a third finger inside of her, and latching onto her clit with my mouth. The orgasm that hits her lifts her ass completely off the bed and almost dislodges my mouth from her pussy.

I give her a few minutes to catch her breath before I climb on top of her and place my cock at the entrance to her cunt. Kissing her, I shove all of me into her and just lay there. She is fighting the bindings now, I know she want to touch me, hold me, but that’s not gonna happen. I am far from done with her, she just doesn’t know it yet. Slowly I start moving inside her, just thinking about what I have planned for her next is getting me so fucking hot, that without realizing it I am slamming into faster and harder than I had intended. Too late to slow down or stop now, I am so close to coming, I couldn’t stop if I had to. Kissing my way to her ear, I whisper “cum for me bitch”. Her orgasm brings me over the edge and we cum together, loudly.

Laying on top of her catching my breath, I can feel her heart pounding in her chest. I raise my head to look into her eyes, smiling, because what I have planned next is something we have talked about but never tried before. She must see something in my eyes because a questioning look comes over her face, making me grin even more. Slowly I ease out of her, and sit up, grabbing for the bottle of water. Taking a long drink, I lift her head and offer her some. She tells me that if I would loosen up the restraints, she could do it herself, I just laugh and put the bottle to her lips.

Again, I get the questioning look from her, and again, all I do is smile.

Running my hands down her body, I tell her to relax, I was not done with her just yet. Leaning over, I kiss her deeply, and tweak her nipples before I stood and left the room.

This time I am gone for almost 20 minutes. I can hear her calling my name. I laugh and ignore her as I watch something inane on the television. No fucking clue as to what I am watching, my mind is on something much more interesting.

Finally going back into the room I am greeted with a few choice words, not very nice words either. She is looking at me, and I am wondering if she notices that I am wearing a different cock. This one is slimmer and not quite as long as the one I had on earlier.

Ignoring her comments she made to me, I loosen her ankles again to position her differently. But before I get her into position, I think a spanking is due, because of the things she was saying earlier. Having her kneel down, I shoved her face into the pillows and grab the paddle. The first slap surprises her and she lets out a small yelp, the second one produces more name calling…not a good idea on her part. The next slap was a little harder. The slaps kept getting just a little harder and faster until she bought a clue. Once no more curses were being flung at me, türkçe bahis the spanking stopped. I was very happy she didn’t catch on right away, her ass was very warm and had a very nice shade of pink and red to it. From the glistening I could see on her pussy lips, she enjoyed her self too. All the better for me.

Making her stay in the kneeling positioned, I fastened her ankles to the bed again. Going back to her ass, I kissed and licked every inch of it, paying extra attention to her ass-hole. Licking it, kissing it, shoving my tongue in as far as it would go. The feel of the cold lube on her hot ass caused her to gasp. Using my thumb, I worked some of the lube into her tight hole. Grabbing the lube again, I spread a generous amount on my cock. Tossing the lube aside, I positioned my cock at the entrance of her puckered opening.

I felt her whole body tense up, like I said, this was something we had talked about, just never tired, until now. I wanted her virgin ass, and I was going to get it.

Leaving my cock just resting at the entrance, I leaned over her back and started talking to her, playing with her breast, caressing her, kissing her neck. Once I noticed her starting to relax, I reached down with one hand to start easing inside her slowly, while the other hand brought her face to mine so we could share a kiss. As the kiss grew deeper and more passionate, I slowly worked my cock all the way inside her. Once I was fully seated, I stayed still letting her get used to the feeling of me buried deep in her ass, constantly kissing and caressing her.

After a short time, I could tell by her kisses she was ready for more, I pulled away from her mouth positioning myself behind her again.

Grabbing her hips, I started to move in and out of her just a little at a time, again letting her get used to me. When she started meeting my small thrusts, I knew she was ready. Pulling out almost all the way, I added more lube before sliding fully into her. Smiling as her ass hit my pelvis with her backward thrust, begging me for more. I was more than happy to give her all she wanted. With every thrust, I could feel her loosening up more, til there was hardly any resistance.

Grasping her hips tighter, I started thrusting inside of her faster and harder. Her ass slapping back against me was pounding the base of the cock into my clit. I really wasn’t sure how much more I could take before I exploded.

I reached between her legs, grabbed her clit and held it in a tight pinch for a few seconds, releasing it, only to pinch it again. I did this several times before taking the shaft of her clit between my fingers and jacking her off. She screamed and fell flat as her orgasm hit her hard. I followed her down on the mattress, with my own orgasm searing through me.

We just laid there trying to slow our breathing and pounding hearts. As much as I hated to, I started to pull away so I could slowly ease my cock form her ass. She was whimpering, and her ass was clenching, neither one wanting me to remove my cock from her tightness.

When she finally released me, I pulled her in for a kiss, as I unhooked her hands from the head board. As I was rubbing her arm, she tried to remove the cuffs; I grabbed her hands, pulled them away from the cuffs and shook my head no. The look I got was a priceless “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” look. I laughed and whispered in her ear that we weren’t through yet, I was just giving her a little breather, but if she couldn’t behave I had no problems what so fucking ever tying her back up. As I bit her ear she sighed and lay back down, I released her ankles, then removed the strap-on. God I was still horny as hell and wanted more. Working my way up her body, I laid on top her, slowly grinding my pussy into her ass. When she started moving her ass in rhythm with me, I reached between us to spread my pussy lips so my clit could have direct access to her ass. When she felt the heat and juices pouring from me, she groaned and pushed her ass tighter against me. I groaned in response, moving one hand under her to grab her breast, the other hand grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back, exposing her neck to my frantic mouth. Latching onto her neck, I started rubbing my clit faster and harder against her ass. In mere seconds, I was cuming, biting down hard on her neck, and pulling her hair as the orgasm took control of my body.

I rolled off and lay down next to her, pulling her close so she was lying almost on top of me, just holding her and running my hand down her back and luscious ass. And thinking. Thinking about what I wanted to do next and wondering if I had the nerve to go through with it. Being completely relaxed and sated, for now, we drifted off to sleep.

About a half güvenilir bahis siteleri hour later I woke up, she was still on her side curled up in my arms sleeping peacefully. Gently, as to not wake her up, I extracted my arms and legs from her grip, and left the room. When I walked back in the room, she was still sleeping, but had rolled onto her back, perfect I thought with a grin. Being as careful as I could, I fastened her wrists back to the headboard, leaving her legs unrestrained. After lighting a few candles that I had brought into the room, I placed her favorite vibrator and the bottle of lube near her hips. Opening her legs, I positioned my self in between them and started to lick her pussy. Her body woke up immediately, she followed soon after. Upon fully awakening, the second thing she noticed was her arms securely attached to the bed again. She let out a frustrated growl, I looked at her and winked, then went back to feasting on her pussy, and it wasn’t long before she was screaming out her release. I smiled as I rode out her orgasm with her and briefly thought about a name change, to the one she was calling me, but I figured no one would appreciate having to call me “Oh God, Jesus, Fucking God” all the time, so I dropped the idea.

Before giving her a chance to catch her breath, I inserted the vibrator into her and put the setting on high. If I was going to do this, I knew she needed to be very relaxed and open. The smell of her pussy and the wet noises it made while I was fucking her was driving me crazy, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to own her completely, and the time for me to take ownership of her pussy was now. Removing the vibrator from her pussy, I received and angry glare and a pitiful moan from her, I ignored both as I took the bottle of lube a poured some on her pussy, in her cunt and over my right hand quickly shoving three fingers inside of her. Her cunt seemed to swallow my fingers, I pulled completely out, and on the way back inside her I added another finger. I now had four fingers inside of her, she was loving it, her juices flooding my hand and the sheet below her, but more importantly, she was handling it with ease. I was that much closer to my final goal. Curving my fingers upwards, I felt the rippled area of her g-spot, concentrating on this area until she was screaming at me not to stop, which I promptly did, earning me several new names. Removing my fingers, I poured more lube on my hand, cupping my fingers around my thumb, I slowly starting easing into her again. Kissing my way to her ear, I asked if she was ready to be mine, completely. She was pulling on her restraints, panting, bucking her hips and begging me to fuck her. I took this as a positive sign, very positive sign. Just as my knuckles were about to enter her, I told her to breathe deeply. Twisting my wrist just a little allowed me to slip my hand completely inside of her.

God the feeling was so intense, my hand up inside her, being totally engulfed and surrounded by her essence, and woman hood. My hand had curled up, once I was fully inside her, making a natural fist, and I gently rotated my wrist to feel all of her. This was killing me, I had to look, I had to see my hand buried deep in side of her, see for myself that her pussy was now mine. The first sight of my hand buried up to my wrist inside of her was almost enough to make me come. I don’t think I have ever seen anything as fucking hot as what I was now looking at. I wasn’t sure how long she was going to be able to last, but I knew for damn sure, my orgasm was not far off.

Rotating my wrist until my knuckles were up, I found her g-spot again. Twisting slightly I stimulated her g-spot with my knuckles until she was bucking and screaming, her juices flowing out of her as she ejaculated, forcing my hand out of her. Not sure when it happened, but I was screaming to all the deities I could think of as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life.

When we had both calmed down and out breathing was semi normal, I released her wrists and helped her remove the cuffs. Holding her in my arms, she started kissing my neck when suddenly she latched on and bit down like she was trying to take home a souvenir. Screaming, I tried to pull away, but she was not letting go. The unfortunate thing for me, was there was I nerve in my neck that went straight to my clit, and she knew that. No matter how much pain she was inflicting on my neck, I was getting just as much pleasure in my pussy. God I hate when my body betrays me like that!

She finally let go and leaned in to kiss me gently on the lips. She wrapped her body around mine, and rested her head on my shoulder, whispering softly to me, “pay backs are a real motherfucker”. Oh, fuck me! Was my last conscious thought, or at least I thought it was a thought until I heard her say, “oh, you can count on that darlin’

I hope this story was enjoyed by all who read it. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


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