Miran TS

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I’ve always loved shemale porn, and I’ve had sex with a few of them, unfortunately I’ve only ever paid for their company, but living in Japan I started to get curious about the local TS. I’ve always been a bit of a size queen and I love a girl with a big juicy uncut cock. But one day I discovered Miran online, I love her vids, she’s very passable and has a pretty big dick for a Japanese girl. Of course I watched a lot of her vids and jerked off…

One day I found a vid of her being interviewed after winning some pornstar award in america, and she speaks english very well, and in the interview she said she does “escort” on the side. Well I couldn’t help myself, I started trying to find her.

Now I live a train ride away from downtown Tokyo, and I found a website that claimed she worked at their place. It seems kinda normal here to have brothels. After thinking about it for weeks, I couldn’t resist anymore, I had to call and try to get an appointment with her. A chance to have sex with my favorite porn star in real life??

I eventually set aside a day to go to Tokyo and see her. Silly me, I didn’t call the day before and didn’t even call until I was within walking distance of the place. I was able to get an appointment but I had to wait an hour so I hung out a convenience store near by.

I show up for my appointment güvenilir bahis and they bring me into a room and tell me to wait, and Miran came through the door, I couldn’t believe it was actually her, I was kind of expecting a look-a-like or a phony. She was very tall (then again she was wearing some sexy stripper heels)

She asked me if it was my first time with a TS and I answered “no”. I think I saw a bit of a smile come on her face when I said that. She walked me across the hall into a shower, (in japan its customary to bathe before sex) and we showered together, the whole time I was very nervous, but she was very relaxing, I washed my ass of course but she reached between my legs past my balls to give me a bit of a scrub down there. I complimented her on her body, she’s in very good shape.

After the shower she walked me back to our room, and we set down our towels on the bed, and she lied down on the bed, I got on top of her and kissed her, and she had the softest lips, I was just working my way down to her perfect tits when I couldn’t help but notice she was already getting hard. I couldn’t believe it and went straight for her cock, ready to suck it, and before I could get my lips around the head, she was rock hard. This of course made me rock hard.

Now I’ve always wanted to try topping a TS but I’ve only ever had the experience türkçe bahis of bottoming. I supposed I want them to use their gift, otherwise what’s the point?

But at this time, I was so dam hard, and she was so dam sexy, I knew I could top her, so I asked her if she preferred to top or bottom (didn’t wanna be rude) and she immediately answered “TOP!” without hesitating. She gets up and puts a condom on, and starts to suck me off, she seems to enjoy sucking dick as much as I do. She gets some lube and works a finger in and then another while sucking me. Pretty quickly she says “I think you’re ready” and works her way into me. OMFG she’s hard and ready to go. She obviously has a lot of experience, she uses her long nails to tickle my ass cheeks which makes me clench, and then as soon as I relax the clench, she pushes herself in further. She fucked me very well in missionary, and then we switched to doggy style, and then we lied on our sides while still fucking, the whole time I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be fucked my Miran. While in missionary she likes to stroke my cock while fucking me, really trying hard to squeeze the cum out of me, or fuck the cum out of me. IDK how I hold my shit together and don’t blow my load immediately. She has lots of stamina and fucks hard for a long time, she also didn’t cum in me like some other TS, that’s güvenilir bahis siteleri hot but it kinda ends the fun quickly.

It gets to the point where I can’t take it any more, and I ask her to throat fuck me while I finish myself off. She knows exactly what to do, pulls off the condom and positions herself over my head. She has a big enough cock to choke me, (very rare for a japanese girl) and she just shoves it in all the way down my throat, and doesn’t take it out, doesn’t thrust, just leaves it there, until I start to gag, and she doesn’t give in, I started choking on her dick, gasping for air while jerking myself off, this was the hottest thing ever, I managed to work my tongue out while her dick was in my mouth, and I was using my tongue trying to get her balls in as well, I guess she caught on because at one point, she pulled her juicy dick out and put her balls in.

She has the cutest little balls, they both fit in my mouth easily and this really turned me on, playing with them in my mouth until I came.

She helped me clean myself up and lied down next to me, her skin is so soft, on her whole body, I asked her lots of questions about herself and we shared experienced, she’s a great conversationalist. Some people say you shouldn’t meat your heroes because they’ll let you down, but Miran was more than I could have ever expected.

So now I have to decide, am I going to be one of these guys who goes and sees the same prostitute every week? Spend all my money on this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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