Misguided Love

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My longest story yet – just over six pages – but hopefully those of you who read the whole story will appreciate the length – it would be wrong to compact such a love story into just three pages.

And please note, this is indeed a love story and not just a fuck-up tale, so be patient; the action is all here…..


I was at the gym the other day when I spotted her; a picture of health and loveliness standing inside the glass walled office, watching us few men working out.

The low sun was illuminating her features perfectly, casting her golden hair into a wonderfully glowing cascade that seemed to dance on her shoulders with every breath.

Her lips were full and looked enticingly moist, no doubt the result of almost professionally applied make-up and looking as alluring as ripe cherries while her cheeks looked as soft as peaches and twice as kissable.

Her long eyelashes curved perfectly upwards from her dark eyes, providing a perfect backdrop to her mascara that faded to soft purple.

As I absorbed her features I took in her magnificently curvy body; her generous bust that seemed larger than life above her trim waist; hips that were generous but not broad and her legs, bare from below her shorts to her ankles, which were the best looking pair of pins I’d seen on a woman in real life.

Oh yes, there were those perfect airbrushed models in magazines but this was a real live woman and she was at the peak of her glowing vitality.

I simply had to get to know her better…..

Easing my weights into their stands I stood up and relaxed, my body glistening with sweat and oil, my muscular chest and biceps heaving and throbbing as my heart and lungs pumped fresh air and blood to my extremities. I grabbed a towel and after a quick and perfunctory swipe over my upper body I strolled across to the office wherein Jim, our trainer and this picture of utter desirability now stood.

Raising a hand to say “Hi” and receiving a similar response from the trainer, I opened the door and entered the room, my eyes now entirely betraying my interest.

“Yes Chris, what can I do for you?” asked Jim, already an insignificance in my view.

“Ah, hmmm, yes, errrrr, I was errrrm, I was going to ask you if I could change my routine a bit,” I said, desperately seeking a way to prolong my viewing but my trainer saw through me.

He laughed, making me feel very self-conscious all of a sudden; he knew that my words were merely subterfuge for my visit.

“No problem Chris, come and see me later when you’re through,” he said, “But that’s not what you’re here for is it?”

“Errrrr, ummmm, what d’you mean?” I blundered about with my words.

“You just wanted to have a closer look at Miss Young, didn’t you?” said Jim, smiling broadly, “Well now you’ve seen her!”

“Beautiful!” I blurted out before I could even think, “Just bloody beautiful!”

Jim laughed at the woman.

“See – he’s smitten already!” he said to the woman, “You’ll fit in perfectly here!”

He turned back to me.

“Miss Young will be our new office manager,” said Jim, “So you might just as well get to know her, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her in a few weeks time.”

God – didn’t I just want to see a lot more of her – as soon as possible!

But now was not really the time for that; instead I extended my hand politely and Miss Young raised her perfectly manicured hand to mine and we shook hands gently.

“Pleased to meet you, errrr Chris, is it?” she said, her voice like tinkling crystals to my ears, yet as soft and gentle as a feather and I found myself shivering with such intense desire that I had to release her hand quickly.

I stuttered out some welcoming words but I’m certain that I sounded more like a schoolboy than a grown adult.

“Thanks Chris. I’m Karen,” she continued, “You might as well call me by my first name – I guess you come here a lot, so I’ll be seeing you quite often.”

Her eyes swept up and down my muscular body, from my feet, up my powerful thighs, across my toned and hard abdomen and up over my 50″ chest to my short spiky blond hair. She smiled broadly as she surveyed me.

“At least the view will be worth looking at!” she said as she turned to Jim, “Handsome bloke isn’t he?”

“He’s worked hard to get all that,” he said approvingly, also sweeping his eyes over me as I stood there, “Stays clean, scrubs up well!”

I felt I was blushing now but I’d achieved my target; I’d met and spoken to that vision of desirability; now all I needed to do was to chat her up and make her mine!

But feeling that my arousal was now rapidly moving southwards I decided it was time to get out of there before things became too evident, so with a quick goodbye I left them to their discussions and headed off to the showers. I still had some ten minutes left on the exercisers but I needed to get away from that delectable sight and at least I was cheered to some small extent as I remembered that Jim was gay, so he’d be no threat otele gelen escort to my interest.

As I’d finished my session early the showers were empty and I stripped off my shorts and vest and turned on the shower at the far end, the best of the four nozzles. Soon I was luxuriating in the sensation of cascades of warm water washing over me, somehow relaxing my muscles as it did so…..although one muscle refused to relax. Because as I let my mind wander as I unwound, so that magnificent piece of womanhood stood there before me in my dreams, slowly divesting herself of her clothes – and suddenly I realised that I was quickly getting a hard-on!

“Oh fuck!” I groaned, feeling unstoppable forces at work, “Fuckin’ marvellous I don’t think!”

And at that fateful moment I saw another person appear, already stripped down for a shower – it was another devotee to the gym, Gary, who’d been exercising not far from me. We’d become members on the same day a few years ago and we’d had a sociable link ever since, even though we’d never made anything of it. Buddies at the gym – merely acquaintances out of it though…..although we’d have made a good matching pair had anyone wished to pair us up.

I kind of half turned to hide my rising erection as Gary waved a hand to me and turned on the shower next to me, but he’d already seen my arousal.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” he said languidly and sexily, “Who’s that for?”

I felt certain he was kidding with his imitation gay style and I found myself chuckling and feeling a lot less self-conscious now.

“Sorry mate. Couldn’t help it; bloody thing’s got a mind of its own!” I said defending my erection, “Happens – just happens when I see someone as good looking as that bit of stuff in there with Jim.”

“Know what you mean,” replied Gary, his own penis far from flaccid.

I turned back, my cock now above horizontal and raised considerably from its normal hanging position……but now I wasn’t so concerned about my arousal.

“She was a bit hot, wasn’t she?” I said, knowing full well that Gary would also have seen Karen and Gary nodded.

“Bloody right she was,” he said, smiling broadly, “And I noticed you were in there damn quick, weren’t you?”

I laughed as he spoke before I replied.

“Do you blame me?” I said, feeling more blood rushing to my penis, “Best thing on two legs I’ve seen in ages; gotta get me some of that!”

My cock was almost erect now and the thought of a potential pussy hunt drove him upwards until he was pointing at the ceiling but since we seemed to have got over the fact that I was erect, I was no longer shy about it. Instead I flexed my eight inches, making him jerk up and down.

“She’s going to get all of this!” I said, proudly showing off my penis, “Bet I can get it up there inside a month – maybe even a week!”

“Yeah? You reckon?” said Gary, “Is she yours already then?”

“Well, not yet, but I bet I can make her mine,” I said, strutting around vainly, “I could see by the way she looked me over that she was interested – she’ll be a walk-over!”

But Gary had a kind of mischievous look on his face….and through all the soap suds his penis was now rising fast, even as I watched it.

“Don’t bank on it,” he said, “Don’t know what you might be up against – assuming she’s free anyway.”

And now, as Gary’s penis rose, so he revealed it to me by washing away the bubbles and his cock now stood there, jerking just like mine, but probably a good inch or so longer!

Fuck me – of course he was interested in her too, that was now very apparent.

“You bastard!” I said gently, “I thought you were happily settled with what’s-her-name, errrm, Dawn.”

Gary shook his head somewhat slowly, a sad moue coming to his lips.

“Nah, we fell out, didn’t we, couple of weeks ago,” he said, “All about having kids it was. She wanted loads – I don’t really want any, at least not yet.”

For a few moments he was silent as he considered what he was missing.

“She was a bloody good fuck though,” he said brightening somewhat, his cock jerking again, “That’s all I’ve got on the brain these days now I’m not getting any!”

He rubbed his hand up and down his cock a few times, entirely unselfconsciously, his long shaft dripping with water from the shower. I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to see his hand at work on his penis but somehow I couldn’t tear my eyes away either, nor would my own erection go down.

“Phew, I feel fuckin’ horny now,” he said, “Shame you can’t help me out; never mind, I’ll errrr….I think I’d better go and get rid of it.”

So saying he turned off his shower, quickly dried himself and with the towel wrapped around his middle he trotted off to the toilets, leaving me to deal with my own erection.

But the actions of rinsing off and drying myself took my mind off my cock for a while and I was able to complete my shower and dress without further complications.

Soon I was heading back out into the world, escort rus my bag over my shoulder, my body feeling energised and refreshed and ready to return to my work.

I’m fortunate in that I work for myself – hence I can find the time to come to the gym quite regularly. I work as a landscape gardener; “Landscape Artist to the Stars” I call myself nowadays – yeah corny, but it gets me the business. I’m pretty good at my work and after I landed a decent contract a couple of years ago with a couple of (relatively minor) pop stars to look after their gardens, I ‘upped’ my business name and now even my truck is bespoke, all complete with some nifty artwork. Life is good – lots of fresh air and exercise and the money keeps rolling in too! And I even have spare time to go pussy hunting!

My life moved on for a few more weeks; a busy time for me, getting my client’s gardens tidied up for the autumn and winter; even permitting myself some time to go over my own garden – I guess I needed to keep up my own appearances too.

Then I needed some paving slabs for a job one day so I headed off to the merchants, my big 4×4 truck handling the damp roads with ease and soon I was parking up near their loading area while I checked over the selection of slabs.

And I was intent on my work when suddenly I heard a voice that I thought I knew – a female voice raised in anger.

“Stop being so bloody bossy!” the voice yelled, “We’re supposed to share things – and I’m not your bloody slave either!”

“Aaah, shut up and stop fucking moaning,” a male voice returned, “Bloody woman – you’re being a fuckin’ nuisance.”

“How dare you call me a nuisance!” came the woman’s voice, even louder…..”You fuckin’ twat! You bloody waste of space!”

I looked cautiously around a huge pile of concrete blocks and there indeed was Karen having a major face-off with some guy who looked almost old enough to be her father. Perhaps he was, but I doubted it from their words.

“I’ve just about had enough of you!” the man yelled.

“And I’ve more than had enough of you too!” screamed the woman, who despite pretty well losing her rag, looked entirely delectable.

Her straightened hair was up in a long pony-tail; she wore a lovely plum-coloured fuzzy form-fitting roll-neck jumper which smoothed down from her bouncing boobs to her graceful waist and to her hips while her skin-tight jeans and long leather boots finished the desirable vision perfectly. And even through her anger, her face was beautiful – anger sometimes makes a person’s features so much more alive…..and she was well and truly alive!

“Time you found someone else to sponge off isn’t it?” she said, strutting angrily around the yard, “Just fuckin’ go will you – go on, fuck off!”

“Why the fuck should I?” the man replied causing Karen to instantly cease her strutting.

“Because you’re fuckin’ useless, that’s why,” she yelled, “I work hard to keep you and what do you do – sweet fuck all!”

The guy was deflated now.

“I try…..,” he said, mumbling somewhat, “Can’t help it…..”

“Well, fucking DO something or get out of my life,” she almost screamed.

I knew how she felt – I’d been through much the same some years before when my partner had become demanding, lazy, obsessive and controlling – and expensive to keep – and how good it had felt when I eventually blew my top and kicked her out.

I wanted to go and shelter Karen from this dumb idiot but I didn’t want to show too much interest right now and it wasn’t really my place to do or say anything, so instead I merely watched as they continued to growl at each other for a while before getting into their rather tatty car and driving off, their visit to the merchant seemingly wasted.

Quickly I jumped into my truck and followed them; fortunately they seemed more intent on arguing than on rushing and so I was able to keep them in my sights until they turned into the driveway of a rather nice house in one of the outer suburbs – a mere three doors away from one of my clients.

I noted the address, now planning some form of approach I could make……and drove back to the merchants’ yard where I completed my purchases.

Back at home I began my campaign of seduction…..

I checked that I had a good supply of visiting cards – mine all glossy and bedecked with flowers, stars and my credentials. I even checked the house all over, removing untidiness and signs of overt masculinity, fetching out long forgotten ornaments and pictures with which to ‘soften’ my home. I checked the freezer; plenty of options in there and then resumed my life, just awaiting my moment. I’d give him a decent chance to ‘get out of her life’, as I hoped he now would before I made my play for her.

And it wasn’t long before I found time to drop off a visiting card at her house, just as an innocent introduction…..but I had plans for this lady! One day, or perhaps one evening would be more appropriate, I’d follow up on my card drop with a personal visit. Then escort sıhhiye I’d have a chance to invite her to come out for a meal, perhaps even back to my place…..and then get her into my bed. I could but hope….and plan.

A few days later I was at the gym again, on this occasion working on my arms and upper body muscles, so I spent much of my time lying on my back, pushing weights upwards. Therefore I had no idea who else was in the gym, not that I really cared that much. Finally I finished and sweating and breathing heavily I headed for the showers once more, sliding my shorts off just as I arrived in the shower room.

A screen wall initially hid the shower area, but as I entered, a sight that I’d never come across in there before met my eyes. There, kneeling on the floor was Gary, his mouth around the erect penis of some other guy, his head moving steadily back and forward; the pair absorbed in their ecstasy!

Silently I stood there, captivated by the erotic scene, entranced by the action – and entirely aroused. My cock was hard in seconds, as hard as Gary’s appeared to be; as hard as the cock in his mouth definitely was.

But it wasn’t hard for much longer.

“Here it cums!” the man said, his hips starting to pump and twitch raggedly, “Get ready!”

“Uuummphhh!” grunted Gary, “Ummmmmm – ooooh yeahhhh!”

His cheeks bulged as his mouth filled with spunk, then his throat worked as he swallowed a mouthful, then his cheeks bulged again before he swallowed once more.

“Jesus – that was a big load!” he said as he allowed the penis to slip from his lips, “More than last time. You been saving that?”

The other guy chuckled and shook his head as he stripped the last of his cum from his cock.

“No – you just bring out the best in me!” he said, “You always make me cum hard.”

“You’re always hard!” chuckled Gary as he stood up, “When can we do that again?”

“I’ll be here on Thursday,” the other man said as they turned on the showers and began covering themselves in soapy suds, “Same sort of time, ok?”

I backed down the corridor, pulling my shorts back on and then reversed once more, now slapping my feet on the concrete floor and humming loudly, to find the two men now both innocently showering at adjacent nozzles.

“Hi fellas, oh hello Gary,” I said innocently, “Good workout?”

“Hi Chris. Yeah, just the job!” said Gary, “All I need now is a good massage.”

‘Oh yeah,’ I thought, ‘I know which bit you need massaging!’

Instead I chuckled, pushed off my shorts once more and turned on my own shower head, turning slowly under the spray to wet myself all over.

“Cheers buddy – see yer!” came a voice and the other man departed, his shower finished.

I turned to Gary.

“How’s your search for crumpet coming on?” I asked sociably, “Found anyone yet?”

“Not a damn thing. Bloody boring lot around here!” he exclaimed, “The pubs are full of dykes; the clubs are full of kids and the streets are full of old grannies! And I’m still full of spunk!”

We laughed together but because the subject of sex had come up, because memories of what I’d just seen had resurfaced and because I too was not a little short on pussy-time, my cock immediately began to respond, obviously wanting to join in somehow.

“Bloody thing!” I said to myself as I felt engorgement stiffening my length, “Why the hell won’t you leave me alone!”

I got busy with the soap but still my cock rose, my moistened foreskin sliding back off my knob and sending a thrill through me as my exposed nerve-filled flesh was exposed to the water. Unbidden I drew a heavy sigh of pleasure, causing Gary to look down at my erection. He smiled broadly.

“Look at you!” he said brightly, “Guess who else is full of spunk. I can see what you need!”

I didn’t answer, fearing that I’d say the wrong thing and Gary continued, now coming to stand under my shower with me.

“Chris,” he murmured carefully, “What would you say if I helped you? Wouldn’t it be nice for you….?”

I didn’t reply but my cock did – he jerked up and down as if to nod his approval and Gary smiled.

“Looks as if someone would like some help anyway, so could I ummmm…..rub him for you perhaps?” asked Gary carefully.

I shuddered, not knowing how to respond but Gary took my silence to imply approval and now I shuddered again as I felt his hand grasp my cock!

“Ahhhh, what the fuck…?” I said, “No don’t, you’re not supposed to…..!”

“What do you mean, not supposed to?” asked Gary, his hand now sliding up and down my length, “I’m just helping a friend, aren’t I?”

His hand was moving faster now and I was simply unable to or unwilling to move away – instead I just let him carry on, his firm fist feeling wonderful on my rampant and fully loaded instrument.

“Oooooooh fuck,” I moaned, “Jesus – that’s good….!”

I sucked in a deep breath as his hands stimulated me, my hips jerking back and forward, thrusting my cock through his fist as he brought me nearer and nearer to an orgasm. Seconds turned into delightful minutes and still he worked away and still I couldn’t stop him. No way could I stop him now – this was too good to stop; too many sensations were now awash in my system; I was getting too close to even want to stop.

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