Mom and son, secrets

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Mom and son, secrets
I just got out of the shower when my mum came into the bathroom; she looked over my naked body then picked up the towel,
“Here, let me dry you sweetheart” she asked,
Without hesitation I let mum dry me, and as she did my cock started to go hard once again, she took hold of me and gently dried me about my crouch,
“Mum, you have the most wonderful touch, just being close to you makes me feel horny” I said leaning forward and kissing her,
“You do the same to me, I didn’t think two months ago I would be with my son, having sexy with him and enjoying every minute of it” she finished drying me,
“It has been a little hard to get my head about it but now we are lovers I just want to be with you every minute of the day” I touched her on her naked breast,
Mum closed her eyes as I pulled her to me, my hard cock pressed against her belly, she looked at me and I knew she wanted my cock once more, and who was I to deny my mum, I took hold of her hand and lead her to the bedroom, we both got onto the bed and cuddled up to each other, we started to kiss and it didn’t take mum long to roll on top of me,
“I need you son” she whispered softly,
With her legs open and her pussy wet my cock slipped readily into her love hole like it was made to be there, passionately we kissed and mum thrust her hips backward and forward to enjoy every inch of my cock in her, as mums go she was the most sexiest, horniest and excitable woman I had ever encountered, I had lost count on how many time we had made love but every time we did she was soon into having her orgasm, and I always made sure that she was getting as much from our love making as I did, when she cried out softly she was coming I held her tightly about her waist and sucked on her tits like I was trying to get the last drops on milk from her nipple, soon she was panting, flinging her head back as the orgasm took her to a place where we all like to be when making love,
“OMG” she cried out many times as her güvenilir bahis naked body started to slow down, suddenly she collapsed on me and I held her till she lent up and looked at me,
“I am not sure sweetheart” she said panting, “If it is just the sexy or is it you making love to me that makes me feel so bloody horny”
I smiled, “Whatever you feel mum I am pleased I can be with you, share this sexual pleasures that only two people can make, I feel so good” I kissed her,
Mum rolled off me and lay next to me naked and open, it was something that I never thought possible having sex with my mum but now I didn’t need to imagine being naked about her, having her hands all over me and me touching her on every part of her body,
“I never thought sex could be so good” she panted some more,
“Well mum,” I leant on my side to face her, “There is plenty of that to come”
“I hope so” she faced me and we closed up together,
“Sweetheart, can I ask you something” she looked serious,
“Yes, of course you can, you can ask anything” I said kissing her lips,
“Have you ever had a fantasy you would like to for fill” she asked stroking my hip,
“Yes, and I am for filling it right now, when we got to having sex it was one of my fantasies I wanted for so long, I didn’t think in a million years that I would ever be with you, having sex daily and you wanting me as much as I want you, now we are, you have made my wish come true” I kissed her,
“And what about secrets, sexual secrets, do you have any secrets you would like to share with me” she asked and I thought that something was making her ask these questions,
I smiled, “Yes I have secrets but I am not sure I can share them with you”
She pulled in closer to me with started my cock to go hard,
“Tell me your secret” she begged,
I laughed, not knowing if to or not, “I am not sure mum, it is pretty unusual” I remarked, “tell you what, if you tell me your secrets then I will tell you mine” I made the offer,
She leant türkçe bahis up on her elbow, “OK, but this only between the two of us” she asked,
“OK, deal, you first” I replied,
“When I was a young girl I used to go to the woods and take all my clothes off, I would walk about the woods naked, I just loved the fresh air about my body and between my legs, after many trips to the woods I became more and more daring, and walk further and further, one day I got lost”
“Got lost, how did you find your way back?” I asked,
“More by luck than judgement, I was sitting in this open area of a copse when this dog”
“A dog”
“Yes a dog came out of nowhere, I heard someone calling for it so I quickly dashed into the trees and waited, the last thing I wanted was get caught running about the woods naked, so when the dog ran off I followed, I had go some distance when I caught sight of this couple, I recognized them as a neighbor down the road where I lived, so I followed keep to the trees till I recognized where I was, I went back to my clothes and quickly dressed, tell you it was exciting and frightening at the same time, I never went back to the woods but I always dreamt I would do it again someday”
“Wow mum, you adventurous girl, I wish I could have meet you in the woods, now that would have been something else” I remarked touching her shoulder,
“Well that brings me on to my fantasy, I want to do that again, I want to run about the woods, naked and free, but having you with me” she asked looking into my eyes,
“If you are asking if I would go with you to the woods, get naked and have sex with you, the answer is a defiantly yes, would love to give it a go” I replied,
“Thank you sweetheart, maybe we can do it in the near future, the weather is warm” she asked,
“Yes, that is a date mum”
She lay back down with a smile on her face, “I have never told anyone of that day, not even when I was with your father”
“I feel so privileged mum”
There was a little silence güvenilir bahis siteleri between us till mum spoke, “So what is you secret you would share with me” she asked,
“Well it is a little bit, uh, embarrassing but I am going to tell you because you have shared your secret” I paused for a short while, “I will come straight out with it, I wear your panties” I said waiting to see her response,
Mum smiled, “I know you do sweetie, I have known for a long time”
“You know, and you have never said anything” I remarked surprised,
“Yes, but I felt it was down to you to tell me” she paused stroking my naked body, “So, how far do you go wearing my lingerie”
I was a little reluctant to tell her then I knew I must, “Bra, panties, even a dress now and again”
“What about the suspender belt and stockings” she asked,
“Well yes, but it was your panties that really turned me on, and do you know why” I asked her and she shook her head,”Because you wear them, it was the thought that your pussy was in them and I wanted to get right up close to you, I never thought though that I would be making love to my mum”
“Hum” she replied as I moved onto her naked body,
I looked at mum laying there under my horny body; she looked like she wanted fucking again,
“Do you like to dress as a girl sweetheart” she asked,
“Yes, knowing that you have been in the lingerie I wear is such a big turn on” I replied kissing her,
“Would you like to dress as a girl for me” she asked,
“Mum, I would do anything for you” I said slipping my hard cock into her lovely welcoming slit,
I started to fuck mum slowly but with a lot of thrust, “Mum you are one hell of a woman, if you want me as a girl then a girl I shall be so long as I am with you”
“Yes, I would like to see you in my underwear, I have always said that you have a nice leg for a stocking, now I might see you in mine” she cooed,
This excitement to the point that mum was going to take the full load of sperm deep inside her, when I erupted up her hot pussy she held onto me like she never wanted me to stop, when I finally collapsed on top of her she kissed me long and passionately,
“Sweetheart, I know you were something special, now I know I want you forever” she whispered in my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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