Mom and the Maid, 1947

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Edited by Amazon2204. Thanks Jo.

All characters are fictional. Any resemblances to persons living or dead are coincidental. No stereotyping of any kind is intended. The characters and dialogue reflect a time and place


At the time, my reaction to what I’d witnessed was probably quite unusual, especially for 1947. No, I’m not referring to a UFO sighting in New Mexico. When a young man discovered that his mother was bisexual, he would be expected to have a strong negative reaction. Instead, what I witnessed I found to be very exciting.

The world was very different in the Spring of 1947. World War II had ended less than two years earlier. Jackie Robinson was poised to break baseball’s color barrier, but for many Americans segregation was acceptable. Though we were wealthy, my mother treated both our black and white servants with respect and warmth. Because of her example, I learned to be accepting of all kinds of people from when I was very young. I did, however, grow up in that relatively conservative era, and only now in the twilight of life, am I comfortable revealing what I saw.

Everybody said that my Mom was a beautiful woman. Sometimes people on the streets of Los Angeles mistook Mom for the actress Ingrid Bergman.

More than once, people stopped her and said, “Miss Bergman, I love your movies. Can I have your autograph? I didn’t know you had a son.”

She’d explain that she wasn’t Ingrid Bergman, and thank them for the compliment.

Though my mother’s face was nearly a double for Ms Bergman’s, Mom was more shapely, with a larger chest. She wore her hair in a typical 1940’s style with the dark blonde waves reaching to her shoulders. Her physical beauty was matched by her kindness and sense of humor. In 1947, Mom was 41 years-old.

Now, a few details about the other characters in my recollection. My father was a wealthy movie studio executive. He was a smart, handsome man, and could be very charming. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t discover until after they were married that he was also self-centered and a hypochondriac. By then, Mom had gotten used to a wealthy lifestyle in a modest mansion with a couple of servants.

My name is Andrew. I had turned 19 in early 1947, and was taking pre-med classes at UCLA. The co-eds considered me to be a nice-looking young man, and I dated a couple of girls. I could have turned out to be a spoiled rich-kid, but my Mom didn’t allow that to happen.

In late 1946, our housekeeper developed health problems and was forced to retire. Ruby interviewed for the job, and Mom hired her on the spot. I was attracted to the African American beauty from day one. Ruby had skin the color of milk chocolate, and inviting brown eyes. She was 37 years-old and divorced. Ruby wore her black hair in a style that was popular for black women in the 1940’s; short with lots of waves and curls. Ruby was built like my Mom, ample chest, slim waist, and firm, shapely ass. She had full, sensuous lips and an alluring smile. Ruby was smart, friendly, warm, and had a good sense of humor. I think she sensed that I was attracted to her, and she teased me in very subtle ways.

Mom also hit it off with Ruby immediately. On several occasions, I remember coming home from classes to find Mom and Ruby sipping coffee together and laughing like old pals. I never remember my Mom acting snobbish toward anyone.

By 1947, my parent’s marriage was painfully deteriorating. My father was becoming more and more difficult to live with for both my Mom and I. She probably would have left him, but she would have had a difficult time finding work, and was accustomed to the wealthy lifestyle.

I came home from class one very warm late-April afternoon, and seeing nobody, went directly to my room and closed the door. I stretched out on my bed intending to take a nap, until casino şirketleri I heard voices coming up through the heating ducts. One voice seemed to be sobbing, so I got up to investigate. I crept down the steps and quietly followed the voices toward the kitchen.

As I got closer, I recognized the voices to be Mom’s and Ruby’s. Mom seemed to be upset and Ruby was consoling her. Rather than marching into the kitchen and possibly embarrassing Mom, I squatted down and surreptitiously peered into the kitchen. Mom and Ruby were sitting side by side at the table. Their backs were mostly toward me. A martini glass sat in front of each. A martini pitcher was on the table. Ruby wore a conservative black and white maid’s uniform. Mom wore a light blue blouse, the shirt-tails of which had been tied under her ample breasts, exposing her flat stomach. A pair of navy blue shorts showed a portion of her shapely legs.

“You know, if Andy or me gets sick, the old fart barely asks how we’re feeling,” Mom half-sobbed. “He hates competition for not feeling good.” She sipped more of her martini.

Ruby shook her head and said, “You deserve better.” Ruby sipped more of her martini.

“Ruby, do you think I could still get another man? Do I still look pretty?” Mom slurred.

Ruby gazed at Mom and said softly, “You’re sho’nuff the most beautiful woman I ever seen.” Ruby’s gaze was somewhere between a lovesick schoolgirl and pure lust.

“You’re sure you’re not just sayin’ that?” Mom smiled.

The fingertips of Ruby’s right hand moved gently over Mom’s cheek. She smiled and said, “I’d be glad to prove it to ya.” Her other dark hand moved to Mom’s knee.

“Ruby, I think you’re pretty too,” Mom replied softly.

Ruby stood, took Mom’s hands, and lifted to get Mom to stand. Mom gazed into Ruby’s eyes as Ruby’s brown arms slipped around the exposed white skin of Mom’s waist. I nearly gasped as I spied Mom and Ruby press their lips together in a passionate kiss. Seeing a gorgeous black woman’s mouth pressed against a gorgeous white woman’s mouth made my nineteen year-old dick harden instantly. The fact that it was my Mom was irrelevant.

They stood kissing, their hands running over each other’s bodies for several minutes. My secretive gaze was riveted on the mature beauties. My mouth was getting dry and my hard-on strained against my pants.

Finally Mom slurred, “Less go up to my bedroom.”

Ruby nodded and giggled, “Anything you want, gorgeous.”

I made a quiet retreat behind a large china closet and pressed flat against the wall. Mom and Ruby were holding hands as they exited the kitchen, giggling and paying attention only to each other. Mom led Ruby quickly up the stairs to the master bedroom. I followed stealthily. The ladies had left the bedroom door wide open, both being rather drunk and assuming they were the only ones in the house. I knelt in the hallway and cautiously peered around the door frame. Mom and Ruby were standing by the bed, locked in another passionate kiss. Ruby’s dark hands gently rubbed the bare white skin of Mom’s sides. Mom’s hands were kneading Ruby’s ass. Then Ruby untied the shirt tails under Mom’s breasts, unbuttoned the shirt, and helped it off Mom’s shoulders. Mom held her arms down to allow her shirt to fall to the floor. Her 36D bra strained to contain her breasts.

Mom asked, “Ruby, you ever done it with another woman before?”

Ruby nodded and said, “Yeah, buncha times.”

“This is my first time… you unnerstand? …But I want you so much.”

“It’s okay, honey. Ruby gonna treat you right,” Ruby smiled and ran a hand over Mom’s right breast.

“Ruby, turn ’round so I can take off your dress,” Mom said.

Ruby smiled and turned her back toward Mom, who pulled down the zipper of the maid’s dress. As Mom pushed the dress from Ruby’s casino firmaları shoulders, she kissed the side of Ruby’s neck. Ruby sighed with pleasure. The maid dress joined my Mom’s shirt on the floor. The 1940’s ladies’ underwear wasn’t sexy by today’s standards, but the more bare skin I saw, the more aroused I became. Ruby stepped out of her dress, turned, and undid Mom’s shorts. She hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled the shorts down until they fell to the floor. Both women were clad in the standard white bra and panties of the time. Ruby also wore a garter belt and stockings. Her satiny brown skin contrasted beautifully with the white undies.

Mom and Ruby embraced once again, even more passionately. Their mouths moved against each other’s and I imagined their tongues intertwining. Ruby ran her fingers through Mom’s blonde hair. Mom’s white fingers moved over Ruby’s dark skin until they found the clasps of Ruby’s bra. At the same time, Ruby’s fingers located Mom’s bra clasps. Within seconds, both bras joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor. My Mom’s tits turned out to be the large, firm, round beauties I had imagined them to be. Ruby’s tits were also firm and round and about a C cup. The problem of whose tits to gaze at was solved when Mom and Ruby embraced again, pressing their lips and tits together. The sight of those black and white boobs sliding against each other nearly made me cream my jeans. You just didn’t see such things in 1947. I imagine that breaking several taboos was exciting for all three of us.

Quietly, I unzipped my shorts, and with some difficulty, managed to pull out my hard-on. Being a hay fever sufferer, I pulled out the man’s handkerchief I usually carried to act as my target towel.

Next, I watched Mom move behind Ruby, rain kisses on the side of Ruby’s neck, and fondle her breasts from behind. Mom’s blonde hair cascaded over Ruby’s satiny brown shoulder. Her ivory fingertips rubbed Ruby’s erect ebony nipples. Ruby moaned with pleasure. Then Mom’s pale hand slid down Ruby’s flat stomach, and inside the waistband of Ruby’s panties. Ruby moaned even more loudly when Mom’s hand rubbed her vagina.

After a short time, Ruby turned to face Mom, who leaned back against a low dresser. Mom’s hands gripped the dresser to brace herself. Ruby cupped Mom’s left boob, and then began to lick the pink nipple. Mom closed her eyes and gasped. Ruby moved to the other nipple and swirled her tongue around it several times, and then flicked it until it stood erect.

“That feels so good,” Mom whispered.

“You have the nicest tits I ever seen, honey,” Ruby replied. As Ruby continued to lick Mom’s nipples, her dark hand slid down Mom’s flat, white stomach, and into her panties. Mom gasped and looked at the ceiling as Ruby fingered her pussy.

“You’re so wet already,” Ruby grinned.

“Take off my panties,” Mom pleaded.

Ruby hooked her fingers into the panties and pulled them down to Mom’s ankles. She stepped out of them, and I saw my Mom’s pussy for the first time. At the time, few if any women shaved their pubes, and Mom possessed a neat triangle of curly, light brown pubic hair.

In pulling the panties down, Ruby was kneeling in front of Mom. Ruby gently pushed outward against Mom’s knees, and Mom spread her legs wider. For a moment, Ruby gazed lovingly up at Mom, and then pressed her full lips into Mom’s pubic triangle, kissing her vagina. Mom moaned loudly. I watched surreptitiously from behind the door frame as Ruby licked Mom’s pussy like it was a vanilla sundae. Mom ran her fingers over Ruby’s hair, urging Ruby’s tongue tighter against her pussy.

“Yes, Ruby, yes,” Mom moaned, “That feels so good.”

Ruby pulled her face away from Mom’s pussy, and stuck the index and middle fingers of her right hand into her mouth. Then I watched güvenilir casino Ruby ease her wet dark fingers inside of the white pussy. Mom’s knees buckled momentarily when Ruby resumed licking her clit.

“Oh God!” Mom moaned.

Ruby’s fingers were rapidly sliding in and out of Mom’s wet pussy, and her tongue massaged Mom’s clit. I could hear the squishing noises from across the room. I gazed at Ruby’s lovely ebony face as it moved against Mom’s light brown pubes, and I stroked my long hard-on.

It wasn’t long before Mom moaned, “Aaahhh…”, and her body shuddered with a powerful orgasm.

“Stop, honey, stop… I get so sensitive,” Mom panted to Ruby.

Ruby looked up smiling, her face glistened with Mom’s juices.

Mom lifted Ruby by the hand and said, “Sit on the bed. I’ll be right back.”

I retreated quietly down the hall in case Mom was headed my way. Instead, Mom went into the bathroom off of her bedroom. She returned with a clean towel, and gently wiped Ruby’s face. I returned to my place near the door frame.

“Felt good, huh baby?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, wonderful, and now it’s my turn to do you,” Mom smiled. “Lay on the bed.”

Ruby swung up onto the bed, laid on her back, and then Mom laid next to her.

“In case you get half as wet as I did, let me put the towel under you,” Mom said to Ruby. She lifted her hips and Mom spread the towel under Ruby’s ass.

I had a decent side view of Mom and Ruby. I resumed stroking my hard-on as my beautiful blonde Mom began to lick and suck Ruby’s ebony nipples. Ruby moaned as Mom swirled her tongue around her erect nipples.

After a few minutes of licking and sucking Ruby’s dark chocolate nipples, Mom began to kiss and lick her way down Ruby’s flat, brown stomach, and down her abdomen. Mom then unclipped the garters from the stockings so that she could remove Ruby’s panties. Imagining what would be next, I stood for a better view, keeping all that I could concealed behind the door frame. The women were otherwise occupied anyway.

Mom slid Ruby’s panties down to expose her pubic triangle. Ruby possessed a lovely, dense bush of curly black pubes. The sight of my first, but far from last, black pussy was a memorable image. Mom ran her fingertips into Ruby’s bush, savoring its soft, unfamiliar texture.

When Mom ran her fingertips over Ruby’s lips, I heard Ruby say, “You sho’nuff make me wetter than anybody.”

With that, Mom bent and began to lick Ruby’s black pussy. Ruby moaned loudly, and then propped herself up on her elbows to better view what Mom was doing to her. To Ruby, it must have been like watching a sexy, white, movie star licking her pussy. She wanted to savor another 1947 taboo being broken.

Shifting her weight to her left arm, Ruby ran the fingers of her right hand through Mom’s blonde hair while Mom licked her.

It was then that I lost control and, as quietly as possible, ejaculated into my handkerchief. I kept watching, however, not wanting to miss this once-in-a-lifetime show.

Ruby was moaning and moving her pelvis against Mom’s mouth. Mom’s tongue was presumably licking Ruby’s clit, and her ivory face moved up and down against Ruby’s black pubes. It appeared that Mom was fingering Ruby at the same time. Lost in ecstasy, Ruby laid flat on her back and ran the fingers of both dark hands into Mom’s blonde hair.

Ruby moaned, “Oh yeah, honey… Oh yeah… Oh yeah…”

Then Ruby shuddered and spasmed as she came, moaning loudly. After a minute or two, Ruby stopped shuddering, and then Mom began to kiss her way back up Ruby’s abdomen and stomach. Ruby located the towel and wiped her juices from Mom’s face.

Mom said, “I never licked another woman’s vagina before. I hope you liked it.”

“You a natural, hun,” Ruby replied, “Best I ever had.”

The women pressed their lips together once more in a passionate kiss. Mom then laid her head on Ruby’s ample chest and Ruby stroked her hair. Just before I retreated from my hiding place near the door, Ruby looked directly at me and gave a quick wink.

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