mom & I

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mom & I
Going home when sick has its benefits. Since Dad works so much & often on the graveyard shift. Mom gets lonely.
I called mom before I left the college and asked to make my bed for me, I felt ill.

When I came home I went direct to my room, and mom was busy making up the bed wearing a very short black night gown that showed no panties, but a glistening pussy, plus a very low cut top that threatened to spill out her mom boobs if she coughed.

She told me she had a laundry on, and nothing else to wear. Mom had long blonde hair and big boobs which she loved showing off when the guys came over to play video games with me. She always made sure she bent over slightly in front of them, which drew a smile on their faces, but slightly embarrassed me.

She smiled at them. My guy friends told me she is the neighborhood MILF. Mom s & her friends all dressed like sluts, but mom had the biggest well formed rack of the bunch.

She and dad always had great sex when he was on days off. I could hear her moan loudly when he went down & in her & she was descriptive when she was being laid. She talked loud saying, put your huge wide cock, in my soaked cunt OR SLOW down, I want to squeeze your manhood.

And she always wore a low cut tops, which I thought, one of these days those puppies are going to pop out.
This time they did! I went straight to bed, and she tucked me in, placed a pillow under my head, kaçak casino one of her boobs fell out onto my lips.
OOPS, sorry dear but she moved to adjust the pillow, her tit was at my mouth. This soothed me for some strange reason, I started to lick her nipple, which became hard, and she pushed her boob into my face.
It okay dear, she said. I want to make you feel better, & like to look after my sick son.
As for me, I have not felt a good wet pussy for over a month, and felt the urge to suck hard. Her sexy long blond hair fell & caressed my face. I grabbed gently her boob, and sucked HARD on it. She moaned loud.
OMFG, My favourite spot she said in a very sexy voice.

I get very aroused when your daddy sucks hard on my tits. AND my legs become soaked & open, to invite him in. Then I used my legs to PULL him hard.
Then she started to notice I was getting hard. She lifted the cover ever so slightly, and!! You are big!!
I bet you satisfy your girl friends with that size!
I responded, I do my best. Have not had a complaint yet.

I hope not she said. I want to try you on for size!
She coo’d Don’t worry, this is OUR secret! But dad & I have not fucked for awhile. After 3 k**s, I was surprised. I enjoyed seeing mom being felt up by dad, she wiggled her ass into him, when she thought no was looking. She enjoy the Kitchen counter sex. But left her cum juice spray on the counter casino oyna by the toaster.
She lifted the bed cover at the same time I was munching on her nipple. God THAT FEELS GOOD, SHE SAID.
We did this for awhile. And she told me to hold on to that hard on of yours. I want to put it to good use.
She moved to the other side of the bed, and sneaked in. She removed my shorts, and I sucked on her left tit. She moaned again. FUCK me son! This should make you feel better.
I was HARD, and she was wet. I could smell her pussy. Her long blonde hair creased my chest, as I was sucking. Then she mounted me. Looking down, shaking her head, fluffing her hair, AGAIN, aroused me.
Its okay if you cum,but I want to cum first!
You always do, mother. We both snickered.
Her pussy was soaked & dribbled down her leg. We fucked for a long time. With both boobs out. I took turns with each boob. Mom had a Size D, and sometimes walked about the house with no bra. She loved to show off her mom tits. And they bounced nicely. If we went somewhere, as the grocery store, the men would gawk at her.
THAT’S my mom!! She was a flirt, but always knew what she wanted. Most women do.
We bounced on the bed a couple of times, then traded spots. I dogged fucked her, and grabbed her big breasts from behind, and gave her a man massage. She kept saying, harder. And I complied.
AW..just like your dad. He loves grabbing canlı casino siteleri my tits, and massaging them really hard. He blows his load in my mouth and my hot mommy pussy. I put extra perfume on my thighs for him.
After a few intense orgasms, She blew, her hips gyrated with vigor to the orgasm, & closed her legs during the FUCK that feels good, then she flipped over and mounted me. Those big mom tits were so delicious.
While panting, I would love to fuck one of your time only, and our secret.
She wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me in. NOW son, its your turn to blow YOUR load. I am ready. She was about to take her top off, and I told her leave it on. I love the way your breast sway when you something tight on.
OH? Okay! I thought it would be more sexy with my top off.
I responded, for me, I feel hornier with your nightie on, and your breasts swaying.
I erupted like Mount St. Helen!! Filled her pussy with my college juice, and it dripped down between her mom thighs. She tightened her pussy when I came..her puss muscle were strong.
We both collapsed in sexual relief.
THANKS mom! I needed that.
Remember dearest son, this is between you and I, literally. I wont mention this to your dad AND you wont tell your men friends about this.
They can fantasize about me all they want, but they no fucky me! After we rested for awhile, I fell asleep. Mom dozed but got up, to go to her mom stuff.
I felt a lot better, then got down to my homework assignment. I love to write a report about how to fuck a mature woman especially a mom I love to fuck.
NOW clean yourself up! No jerking off around your computer, its rude.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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