Momma Rose

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Allot of things happen when your 18… Ok they happen earlier too but I was nearly 19 at this point. I was an active 3rd wheel in the group I ran with. They were involved with each other and I was involved with some girl in the next town over. Not a great social life for me or my girl, which was her (probably true) excuse for ending things with me.

After Trish told me it was over my friends threw a party for their favorite odd man out. I was flattered. They really worked at saying they were happy that I was single even though they were all connected at the hip. The party I was dragged to was at Jessie’s house. There was booze galore and pot to spare. They had brought in several “contenders” for my attention. Too bad for them I was an oblivious teen aged boy. I would have taken at least one or two for a ride had my brain kicked into any level of reality.

It was one of those nights, the kind when you think the cops will show up any time. We had it all food, loud music, drugs, booze and sex. Well they did any way. I was 6 months away from Navy boot camp and wouldn’t risk any more incrimination than getting drunk. Lord did I tie one on. The girls who had been brought to keep me entertained soon found more suitable objects for their time and affection while I was puking off the back porch and climbing into the old tree house to sleep it off.

I woke up about 4 AM. I had to pee like no tomorrow and I was sober enough to climb down the ladder. Stumbling into the back door of the house I made my way to the bathroom attached to Jessie’s mom’s room. I had just finished what seemed like the longest piss in my life when I heard her open the front door.

Momma Rose, as we all called her was not a great otele gelen escort looking woman. She was knida broad in the hip and overall more plum than hour glass shaped. She picked her way through the mostly sleeping bodies in the living room into her private space. I kept quiet in the bath room as she started to strip off the trappings of fast food management. She was careless as she shucked her slacks and had her blouse half unbuttoned as we both heard it. A soft voice we both recognized as her daughter fucking her boy friend, “Oh God, Kell yes fuck me..” we both hard Jessie grunt in a guttural tone and knew she was cumming

Suddenly I realized Momma Rose had her hand in her panties. As I listened to Jessie and her boy friend fuck I watched as Rose’s fingers plunged harder and harder against her clit. We both heard the muffled cry “Oh Fucking God” as her daughter went over the edge. I watched Rose enraptured. My dick was standing hard against the soft cotton of my jockeys. She was cumming along with Jess. I however was just getting started.

After a few minutes Rose stood up from the bed she had bent over and proceeded to finish taking off her blouse. I think she was considering changing her drawers when she realized I was in the room with her. She looked wildly around trying to figure out whether or not I had seen her frigging to her daughters cum. As her eyes caught sight of my straining dick she knew the answer to her unspoken question.

Her shoulders slumped as she hung her head in shame. I walked quietly to where she stood and lifted her chin so she would look at me. “We all have needs”, I said looking into her lined brown eyes. She turned away from me and I escort rus stepped behind her. Pressing my cock against her ass I said, “It’s alright Momma Rose, we both just need a good fuck.”

I was just still drunk enough to not be shy. I pushed my cock against her ass again as I reached under her arms to grope her small tits. She made no move to stop me and her breathing quickened as I played with her nipples. “We can stop if you want” I whispered in her ear.

Suddenly I felt her push her ass back against my dick and I heard her softly say, “No … Please… Please fuck me.” Her words came out as a wanton sob. I realized than that no matter how much my teenaged hormones had me pumped up she wanted this far more than I could.

Her body felt good against me, her tits in my hands and my dick grinding against her. I leaned back forward “I think I’ll cum to fast.” Her hands rested on my own as she thought about my words and then she pulled them away from her breast.

Turning around in my arms she pushed me down to sit upon her bed. Slowly she removed her flimsy bra and panties and guided my shorts over my hips as she knelt between my legs. The way she handled my cock was heaven. She knew just how to hold and rub how to make a man feel good. “Cum in my mouth first, your young enough we can still fuck after…” With those words she engulfed me in her mouth. Tentative at first the deeper and deeper, I felt the head of my cock slide deep into her mouth and throat and knew I was going to shoot. Momma Rose knew too and she clamped her hands tight on my ass pressing my dick into her mouth as I blew my load.

Slowly she began sliding her lips up and down my shaft once again, her tongue escort sıhhiye teasing and testing my cock and balls. I don’t think I ever stopped being hard as she excited every nerve in my shaft. Slowly she stood and had me stand with her. She wrapped her arms around me and held me close. Feeling her urgency exited me. I ground my cock against her belly as I reached down and massaged her ass.

Sensing it was time that I should take control I lifted her head to look at me and kissed her gently, my hands roaming up her body to massage her tits and tease her nipples. After a moment of this communion I turned her around and pushed her down towards the bed, the palm of my hand between her shoulder blades. Shortly I was presented with the sight of her bent over the bed, ass in the air her sex wide open begging to be filled.

Peripherally I was aware of sounds in the next room, a soft moaning but my attention was on filling and fucking Momma Rose. As I filled her with my cock I heard her moan and she began to buck against me. Slowly at first and then harder and harder, soon I was plowing her cunt like a pile driver and she was bucking back just as hard screaming “fuck me, Fuck Me Oh God Fuck me” again and again at the top of her lungs.

As I felt the cum Rising in my dick I heard through the walls behind me “fuck me Kell, fuck me as hard as he is fucking my momma” This pushed me over the edge. I grabbed savagely onto Rose’s hips and drove as deep as I could into her waiting cunt and blew my load. Digging my fingers into her flesh I pulled her to me as she wailed in orgasm. I could hear Jessie and Kell climaxing in the next room as I emptied my balls into Rose and it made me buck even harder again.

We collapsed onto Roses bed and fell asleep. The next morning I awoke to feel lips surrounding my morning wood. It didn’t take me long to shoot my load and Momma Rose sidled up beside me and whispered in my ear, “that’s my way of saying thank you for making an old woman fell good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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