Mommies girl part 2

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This is a work of fiction and all participants are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1

Donald stared at his phone feeling himself growing extremely horny. He had been denied an orgasm for almost six weeks now and the message he’d just received was almost too much.

Donald knew just how lucky he was. He’d met his wife Maria when they both attended the same college. He knew she had a reputation but that attracted him to her even more. Don was a good looking guy, he was popular and intelligent. He stood at 6ft1”, 170lb with an athletic build and a member of the swim team.
As soon as he and Maria started dating he knew he was hooked. She was wild in bed and seriously sexy. Maria opened Don’s eyes to all sorts of sexual practises. She was willing to try anything and wanted to as well. She demanded he be very open minded and he jumped in with both feet. They had threesomes and experimented with clothes, toys and pornography. They got married and soon afterward Maria asked if Don would like to watch her fuck another man. Don agreed and Maria went out to a bar without her wedding ring on. Apparently and unsurprisingly several men hit on her and she selected one and explained the situation. He had no problem fucking her in front of her husband and they went back to Don and Maria’s place. Don sat in a chair and masturbated as Maria fucked in front of him. Don loved it and encouraged her to do it again, repeating it several times.

Things calmed down when Maria fell pregnant with their beautiful daughter Stephanie, but then after a few years Don suggested they should go to a swinger’s party and the sexual deviancy ramped up again.

Now Don was cuckold and Maria was in complete charge when it came to sex. He was very successful in business and they had a large house with all they could desire. The only downside was that he had to work away a lot. Maria was always keen to ensure they both continued to have fun, even when he was away. She kept his cock caged in chastity and would tease him mercilessly. She’d send him pictures and videos or a live show of her masturbating or posing in sexy clothes. If he was lucky she’d have found a partner to fuck for him to watch.

He liked nothing more than receiving a message from her with just a picture of her with a big cock in her mouth, knowing there would be more to come. When Maria allowed him to cum his orgasms would be huge and explosive. They’d fuck several times and then Maria might cage him again and he’d have to wait for his next release.

He was now in Europe, due to return home in another 2 days when he hoped he’d get to enjoy his wife.
He had been disappointed when Maria’s liaison with a fuck buddy had been cut short two days ago and all he’d got to see was a short video of Maria sucking his dick. This new message might very well make up for it though.

It said:

‘I’ve found a new playmate, she’s so hot. What do you think?’

Attached to the message was a single picture. It showed a female in an extremely sexy white lacy lingerie set. She wore a lacy bra, with matching thong, garter belt holding up fishnet stockings. On her feet she had very high heeled red stilettos. The woman was facing away from the camera with her hands on her hips, her body was turned just enough that Donald could see she had a nice big pair of tits but her face was turned away and she wore a red shoulder length wig in the style of a bob haircut.. She had a killer ass and body and Donald thought she looked quite young, maybe in her early twenties.

‘Holy shit she looks incredible’ Don typed, feeling his cock pressing against its cage.

‘I’d love to see you fuck her’ he added and waited.

‘Go to sleep now darling. There will be something nice for you to see in the morning.’ The reply came.

Then another ‘Stephie sends you her love’

Don put down his phone frustrated. Being 5 hrs ahead in Europe meant that although it was only early evening for his wife it was already after midnight for him and his wife correctly knew he must get to sleep. His dick throbbed as he imagined what his wife was going to get up to with the beautiful creature in the picture.

Chapter 2

As soon as Donald opened his eyes in the morning her remembered the messages and reached for his phone. There were several messages for him from Maria and he opened the first.

Attached to the message were five photos of his wife’s new friend in provocative poses; bent over, on hands and knees from behind and then with panties and bra removed. Jesus, thought Don, she had an incredible body. Those titties were just magnificent. He could see they were natural and still very pert confirming his thoughts that she was young. He didn’t notice that her face was still hidden.

Don’s cock began pressing uncomfortably at its confines. He quickly opened the rest of his messages and stared at the pictures of his wife with her new pal. There with pics of her sucking her tits and licking her ass and pussy. There were pics of her fucking her with a dildo also pushing a butt plug into her ass. Oh my god, where the fuck had she found this girl thought Don.

Don’s dick leaked vast quantities of precum and was wonderfully painful as it pressed and pushed at its chastity cage. Don had an emergency key in a glass vial which he briefly considered using but if he broke the vial Maria would know and there was a huge amount of trust in their relationship. He looked at the pics until he couldn’t bear it anymore.

‘Oh Jesus baby, the pics are so fucking hot. I’m so horny. Thank you.’ Said the message to Maria.

The reply came quickly. ‘I’m so glad you like them sweetie. I had a lot of fun. She wants to be involved with us a lot in the future if that’s okay with you? Would you like to watch us fuck some studs together honey?’

Don stared at the message, his mouth hanging open and groaned as his cock tried its best to break free of the cage. He quickly typed a reply:

Are you kidding? You know how much I’d like that. It feels like I’ve won the lottery! I can’t wait to get home baby. I have to go and take a cold shower. Christ knows how I’m gonna concentrate with my clients today. XX’

Chapter 3

Maria looked at her husband’s message and smiled. So far so good she thought. There was never any doubt that Don would love the pictures and go wild at the thought of watching the two of them but Maria had worried that Don might have recognised Stephanie.

When Stephanie had returned to school on Monday, Maria had waited impatiently for her to return, spending the day shopping at Victoria’s Secret and treating herself and her little girl to lots of sexy new underwear.

Maria and Stephanie had talked at length and discovered that they shared identical urges and needs. Maria was a little saddened that her daughter wouldn’t have the luxury of a normal sex life but as Steph said, what is normal anyway? It hadn’t stopped Maria from having a wonderful marriage and family after all. Stephanie had slept with her in her in her bed for the last couple of nights and they’d made love sensually and fucked each other like whores before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Donald was due home on Wednesday and the girls made plans to give them all the best weekend of their lives. Stephanie made some phone calls and Maria took them out shopping for more slutty clothes.

Chapter 4

When Donald returned home on Wednesday afternoon everything went as it usually did. He was used to coming home in a horny mess after being teased mercilessly whilst away on business.
As soon as he saw Maria his dick strained to harden.

His two girls welcomed him with big hugs and then they all enjoyed a nice dinner together. Eventually Stephanie went off to bed and Maria led Donald up to their bedroom.

“Have you been a good boy?” She asked him as she peeled of her clothes to reveal a nice matching bra and pantie set.

“Of course baby, although it wasn’t easy with the pics you sent me. Who the hell is that girl and where did you find her?” Donald showed Maria the glass vial with the key to his chastity cage still rattling inside.

“All in good time honey. Let’s get you out of that nasty old cage.”

Donald removed his clothes and looked down as his wife retrieved the key and unlocked his cage. He had been in it for a week and the relief of being free felt wonderful.

“You go shower sweetie and give that thing a good wash. No being naughty in that shower. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Blood began pumping into Don’s cock and as he washed himself thoroughly he became hard like concrete, he couldn’t resist tugging on it hard every now and then as he carried out some light manscaping. Maria liked him to be trim and Donald thought it made his cock look bigger so he was all for it. At about seven and half inches, Don was longer than average if you believed what was said, but he’d be lying if he said he was completely satisfied with the size of his dick.

When Donald returned to the bedroom Maria was lying on her side on top of the bed, topless now.
She smiled at the sight of Don’s dick jutting out in front of him.

“Horny baby?” she asked.

Donald just gave her look that said ‘what do you think?’ and climbed onto the bed beside his wife.

Maria lay on her front between her husband’s legs as he sat up on the bed resting his back against the headboard. His cock throbbed in anticipation as Maria kissed around his thighs and groin area.

“Oh Jesus baby” he sighed.

Don closed his eyes and felt Maria’s breath on the end of his penis. She kissed him softly and then her head was gone and she held him by the base of his dick, pulling it back so it was pointing directly up. With her other hand she began lightly tracing her fingers up his shaft and around the glans paying particular attention to the sensitive underside of his glans. Don’s cock twitched and throbbed in Maria’s hands. It looked purple and angry as blood pumped into it, hardening it further. Precum oozed form the end and Maria used it to lubricate Don’s cock, wiping it around lightly with just her fingertips.

“I’m gonna have so much fun this weekend and if you’re good you can watch. Would you like to watch Don?” Maria purred.

“Oh yes.” Don whispered.

“Would you like to watch me and my new friend fucking some young hung studs my darling?” Maria continued still lightly caressing Don’s prick and marvelling at how it throbbed hotly in her hand.

“Fuck yes” gasped Don.

Don desperately need to cum and wanted Maria to grab his cock and jerk it but bahis firmaları she continued to lightly play with him making him groan.

“Ooh baby. You’re so fucking hard.”

Don closed his eyes and thought back to the pictures Maria had sent him.

“Tell me about her.” He panted.

Maria massaged Don’s balls and then ran her fingers slowly up his shaft again wiping another smear of precum around the glans.

“She is sooooo hot baby, you’re gonna love her I know. She’s real naughty too. Just like me really.”

“What’s her name?” Don gasped, gently thrusting his hips.


Maria and Stephanie had discussed what name to give her as Maria always used the name Molly when picking up guys or going to swinging parties.

“How old is she?”

“She’s young babe. All will be revealed.”

Maria looked at Don’s cock and thought that it really looked like it might explode. It was so hard and pulsing in her hand, slick with its own lubricating juices. She wanted it inside her so bad but she wanted Don hornier than he’d been in his life this weekend.

Releasing Don’s cock Maria wriggled out of her panties. Don moved toward her but she pushed him back. Straddling him she placed her pussy on his cock flattening it against his tummy. Moving slowly she rubbed her very wet pussy back and forth along his shaft.

“Oh Jesus Maria, please, please.” begged Don squeezing and kneading her tits, pinching her nipples.

Maria had to be careful as Don could cum any minute and she was getting very horny herself.

“I licked Candy all over Don. Her pussy tasted so sweet. I bet you can’t wait to see us together and watch us fucking for you.”

Don could only groan, he was being tortured but he loved it. He leaned forward and sucked one of Maria’s nipples into his mouth.
Maria continued sliding her wet snatch along Don’s shaft as she thought of Stephanie, feeling it hot between her labia.

“I’m gonna get fucked so good this weekend baby and you’re going to get to watch it all and then afterwards, you get to cum baby, you get to fuck me and cum.”

Maria pushed Don down away from her and looked him in the eyes.

“But if you cum before then you get to watch nothing.”

Don looked up at his beautiful wife smiling sadistically down at him, her large firm tits swinging, nipples erect. She was still slowly moving backwards and forwards on him and his dick twitched.
Quickly he pushed her off as she giggled. Don stood up and looked down at his swollen cock bobbing and twitching. It was purple and throbbing, glistening with his precum and Maria’s pussy juices.

“Oh my god Maria! You’re such a bitch. I’m so close and sooooo horny.”

“Oh Don, I know you love it and think how good it will be when I let you cum.”

Don could only sit on the edge of the bed away from Maria and think of work or grocery shopping. Anything to make his hard on go away. Maria was right he did love it. He loved how horny she made him and then denied him release. She knew exactly what to do and say to excite him to the max.

Chapter 5

Don had the rest of the week off so he lay in late. He eventually managed to get to sleep and had slept fitfully. He awoke with a raging hard on again which he tried his best to ignore as he listened to Maria and Stephanie got up and had breakfast and he dozed until he heard Stephanie head off to school.

Downstairs Maria was preparing some eggs for breakfast when Stephanie crept up behind her mother and reached around her squeezing her breasts.
Maria spun around and when she saw it was Stephanie her eyes darted around the kitchen.

“Relax mom. Daddy’s still sleeping” said Steph her hands pulling open her mom’s blue satin robe revealing her naked body beneath.

“I missed you last night” she continued and her hand cupping Maria’s pussy and rubbing it as she kissed her neck.

Maria closed her eyes and put her head back enjoying the sensual kisses and touches, feeling the heat in her pussy immediately. Eventually she snapped herself back to reality.

“Stop it sweetie. Your father could come down any minute. We don’t want to spoil it do we?”

She pushed Steph away gently, their eyes betraying the lust they were both feeling.

“Aww okay mom. It’s so hard though.”

“Everything should be fine for tomorrow night Stephie. Daddy is very excited and unsuspecting; it should be a lot of fun. Is everything okay from your end? Are you sure you want to do this?” Marie said retying her robe.

“Yes! I’m sooooo excited and so are the boys. I can’t wait mom.”

Chapter 6

Thursday night Maria had needed to cum. It was tough having her new fuck buddy right there but unable to play with her and Stephanie had deliberately teased her with flashes of tits and ass at every opportunity this evening too, not that Maria hadn’t seen her daughter’s body before, but now there was something intensely sexual about the way it was presented to her.

Don had been made to stand at the foot of the bed, hard-on jutting out, painfully swollen as Maria writhed on the bed is some of her new lingerie and a couple of sex toys. She had described in detail all the things that she had been getting up to with Candy and all the things that they were going to do to each other and to whatever man they wanted.

Eventually Maria had allowed Don to climb onto the bed and lick her clit as she fucked herself with a dildo until she reached a climax.

Now it was Friday and the day that Don would meet Candy was upon them.

Maria and Stephanie had made arrangements and booked a room at a hotel for the weekend. Don was told that Candy had booked them all a room and whilst Don had a drink the bar, Maria would go and meet her before collecting Don.

At around 6pm Don and Maria were ready. “Now tonight you’re going to have to trust me baby.” She said to Don in the car on the way to the hotel.

“I always do darling” Don replied.

“I know sweetie.” Maria continued, reaching over and rubbing Don’s crotch and feeling it instantly swell. “Just remember that I love you and Stephanie completely and totally.”

When they arrive at the hotel Maria had a quick cocktail and then left Don at the bar and headed for the room that she and Stephanie had booked earlier. When she opened the door Stephanie was watching TV on one of the beds.
She was already changed and wore a short pleated white mini skirt that barely covered her ass and a white crop halter top. She wore no underwear and on her feet some white stripper shoes with 7” heels. She looked stunning, if a little slutty.

“Thank heavens you’re here!” Stephanie said, leaping from the bed.

“I’m sooooo bored and I’m super excited and horny!”

She put her arms around her mother and kissed her full and hard on the lips.

Maria gently pushed Stephanie away giggling. “Okay baby, it’s nearly time. Let me get changed and get daddy.”

Maria put on a short, sheer, body hugging, backless black dress that accentuated every curve of her beautiful body. Underneath she had a garter belt, holding up her black seamed stockings and she too had on some slutty 6” heels. She wore no panties and her tits were pushed up and out by the confines of the dress.

“Right” Maria said. “Go and meet the boys. I’ll see you soon.”

Chapter 7

Don stared as he watched his wife enter the bar. She looked around the bar to find him. Don smiled to himself. She knew he was right where she left him and was just doing this to give everyone time to notice her. She was such a show off. Her dress had ridden up a little and her stocking tops were visible as well as a large portion of her tits. She looked like a slut and he loved it. He noticed every man in the bar turn to look as she strutted up to the bar next him.

“I’m not wearing panties. Finish your drink.” She whispered in his ear.

Don lifted his glass and downed the rest of his drink and rose form the bar, he winked at the bartender who was staring at them open mouthed and tossed a few notes onto the bar leaving a big tip.
Don put his arm around his wife’s waist and as they left the bar he squeezed her ass for all the men he knew were watching them leave.

As soon as they entered the elevator, Maria turned away from Don and slowly pulled her dress up around her waist and pushed out her ass. She looked over her shoulder coyly and gave her ass one light spank.

“Are you ready baby?”

Don admired his wife’s incredible body and nodded.

“I’m so ready.”

Maria took Don by the tie and pulled his mouth to hers. They kissed passionately, breathing hard, Don’s hands all over Maria’s ass until the lift stopped and Maria quickly pulled down her dress.

Chapter 8

Don had been guided into the room and sat on a comfy chair. Maria had then undressed him until he was completely naked; his cock already hard, and asked him to put his hands behind the back of the chair. He had then been handcuffed. Maria and he had often played around with light bondage so this was nothing new. She whispered that Candy would join them soon and this was only temporary and he must trust her. Finally a ball gag was placed in his mouth and fastened behind his head.

His chair was placed at the foot of two queen sized beds; Maria went to the nightstand and switched on the blue tooth speaker and then started playing some music from her phone.

Maria reached down and squeezed Dons cock. She could feel it was already hard as concrete, she resisted the urge to straddle her husband and sink down on his lovely hard dick. She was so ready for some cock but knew she just had to wait a little longer.

Maria stood back from Don and began to dance for him, running her hands over her body, squeezing her ass and tits and moaning softly for him.
Bending over she displayed herself to him, her dress rising up her ass. She gripped her ankles keeping her legs straight and looked back at Don who was staring, his cock twitching, the glans glistening with pre-cum.
Maria placed a hand on her ass cheek and pulled it apart and then, with the finger of her other hand ran it over her asshole and down to her pussy where she dipped it inside herself.

“Molly needs a nice big hard cock baby.” She purred at him, using the name she and Don used for her when they played like this.

“I’m so wet and horny. You wanna watch Molly get fucked by a big fat dick?”

Don gulped hard and nodded.

Maria straightened and straightened her dress out, smoothing it down over her buttocks. She turned to Don and stood in kaçak iddaa front of him. She bent over again looking him right in the eye.
“What a good boy you are. Maybe later I’ll let you do rude things to me with this.”

Maria slapped Don’s cock with her hand and it sprung back and forth. Don groaned into his gag.

“Are you horny sweetie? You’re really hard aren’t you? You must need to cum quite badly by now huh?

Don could only groan again and Maria used her fingers to lightly trace around Don’s swollen glans.
She lightly ran her hand down his shaft, feeling it throb under her touch.
Suddenly she gripped his cock hard and pulled it down, pulling the skin back painfully.
Don whimpered and stared as Maria slowly positioned her mouth over his dick and opened her mouth wide.
Slowly she pushed her head onto him taking him deep into her mouth before she carried on, inching him into her throat.

Don closed his eyes and concentrated on not cumming as her throat muscles massaged his painfully hard prick.

Suddenly the door unlocked and swung open and Stephanie strode into the room.

“Holy shit mom, that looks so fucking hot!” She said as Maria’s lips reached Don’s groin.

Chapter 9

Don experienced almost every emotion going in the split second that Stephanie walked into the room; horror, betrayal, shame, sadness, excitement and lust to name but a few.
He had recoiled but Maria had kept his cock firmly in her throat, her muscles massaging his swollen dick as she stared up at him. He could see her eyes were pleading with him as he shouted into the ball gag.

“It’s okay daddy. Calm down, everything’s okay” Stephanie had said as Maria slowly raised her head off him.

“Don, meet Candy. She said.

As soon as his cock was free Don struggled like mad and crossed and uncrossed his legs, trying to hide his hard-on from his daughter. (Later they would laugh about this.)

Don’s brain struggled to get to grip with information it had just received. Stephanie was Candy. His daughter was the girl he had been lusting over since Maria had sent him the pictures. Maria and Stephanie were having sex.

Don’s eyes darted from Maria to Stephanie and back as they tried to explain as quickly as they could what had been occurring over the past few days.

“Don, she wants this.” Maria said. “We all want this really. She’s going to do this sort of thing with us or without us. Wouldn’t you rather we could help guide her?”

It took quite a while but gradually Don calmed down and began to see their point of view. He saw them looking at each other with so much love in their eyes and understood that there was nothing he could do except accept it or lose them both.

Once convinced that Don was calm and had accepted the situation, Maria removed the ball gag and cuffs. Don, who’s penis had lost all its hardness at the shock of seeing his daughter began to stir again as he stopped looking at Steph and began to look at Candy. Maria knelt beside him and began to gently caress Don’s cock, as. Don found it extremely difficult to concentrate as Maria’s finger s lightly ran up and down his shaft and around his glans.

The three of them discussed how the new dynamics of their relationship would work. They decided that Steph and Maria would be Candy and Molly when they played like this but all other times the usual family roles were to be adopted.

“So, are you happy baby? Do you want to get naughty and play nasty with Molly and Candy? Maria purred.

Don looked at the two girls. “Part of me is okay with this but part of me wants to stop.”

“I see the part of you that wants this daddy” Stephanie said, grinning and nodding her head towards his crotch where his cock still jutted out angrily.

Don smiled and then closed his eyes and put his back as Maria once again used her skills as she licked up his shaft again and masturbated him gently before standing and approaching her daughter.
She pulled Stephanie to her they kissed full and hard, their tongues slipped into each other mouths and Don swallowed hard as he watched their hands exploring each other’s body.

Maria stopped and looked over at Don.

“Final chance. Yes or no” she asked.

“Oh my god. Yes” He sighed.

Chapter 10

Don watched as the girls fussed over each other, re-applying makeup. Maria told Don what was going to happen and kept him right on the edge at all times with her mouth or hands. Stephanie would keep looking but never touch and Don felt himself begin to will her to touch him before shaking the thought from his head. Finally the two girls were happy.

“Are you ready hon?” Maria asked him.

“I think so” Don replied

“Are you ready to watch your two sluts get fucked daddy?” Stephanie asked him and Don’s cock twitched hard as if nodding, making them all laugh.

Candy picked up the phone and dialled room to room.

“Hi. It’s Candy. We’re almost ready. Come on over in five.”

Maria went to the chest of drawers and pulled out several long leather thongs. Stephanie lay on the bed on her tummy and Maria secured her to the bed by her wrists and ankles with the thongs. She then pushed a pillow under her tummy.
Stephanie was now tied to the bed, her arms and legs spread and her ass pushed into the air.
Don sat down heavily on the chair.
Maria slapped Stephanie’s ass making her squeal as her buttocks jiggled deliciously.

“Isn’t she something?” Maria asked Don.

“Yep” Croaked Don as he stared at Stephanie’s perfect ass and glistening pussy.

“Grrrrrrr” Growled Maria squeezing her ass cheeks hard. “I fucking love this ass. I wanna eat it.”

Stephanie giggled as Maria toyed with her, finally stopping, adjusting Stephanie’s skirt as best she could and turning to Don.

“My turn. Just like Stephanie please” she told Don, handing him the thongs.

[b]Chapter 11[/b]

Don answered the knock on the door wearing a hotel robe. Bobby, (whom he recognised) stood with another guy which he guessed was Dave. He let them in and then sat down in the chair, picking up his phone and selecting the camera.

“Holy fuck” grinned Dave as he stared at the two women tied to the beds.

Bobby moved between the beds and ran his hand up Maria’s stockinged leg as he moved toward the head of the bed. When he grew level with her middle he took hold of the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it up.
Don watched his wife lift herself slightly to allow Bobby to pull up her dress and soon it was bunched around her waist.
Bobby looked down at Maria’s ass beautifully framed by her stockings and suspender belt.

“Whoa” he murmured in appreciation and looked over at the other bed.

Dave had had the easier job of lifting Stephanie’s pleated skirt to reveal her perfect rear. When he heard Bobby he looked over. The boys looked from mother to daughter.

“Holy shit” They laughed.

Dave stood by the side of Stephanie’s bed facing her feet and placed one large hand on each small pert butt cheeks. He kneaded them and the pulled them apart exposing her asshole and pussy completely. He looked over to Don.

“We are going to fuck the shit of this.” Said Dave and Don heard Candy quietly moan.

Don’s gaze was suddenly drawn to Maria as he heard a loud slap followed by a squeal. Bobby had spanked his wife and Don could see her gorgeous ass still wobbling, a red hand print starting to show. His robe fell open and he carefully stroked his swollen prick.

Maria was so excited. She loved how being tied to the bed like this made her feel so exposed and vulnerable. Bobby had spanked her several times and was now behind her tonguing her pussy and ass. She moaned and looked over at Stephanie who had her eyes closed and was chewing her bottom lip, obviously enjoying whatever was being done to her. It was so erotic to see her like this.

Dave appeared at Maria’s head, at some point he’d removed his clothes and his large erect penis bobbed into view. Molly saw Stephanie open her mouth as it was pushed toward her before Dave’s buttocks obscured her view.

“Oh fuck, yeah!” Maria sighed as Bobby pushed a couple of fingers in and out of her pussy as he rimmed her asshole.

She could hear the slurps of Stephanie sucking cock and Dave encouraging her and she watched Dave’s taught buttocks moving as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Yeah you little slut, suck my dick.”

Abruptly, Bobby stopped what he was doing and Maria felt him untie her ankles before appearing at her head and untying her wrists. He too had removed his clothes and his hard cock swung tantalisingly close to Maria’s head and she reached out for it.
Bobby pulled her up from the bed and pulled her dress up and over her head. Her large tits swung free and Bobby couldn’t resist grabbing them and pushing his face into them, sucking and nibbling each one in turn.

She looked over at Don and into his lust filled eyes and could see Dave was untying Stephanie’s wrists as he slowly pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

Once Stephanie was untied and her top and skirt removed the girls were placed on their knees in front of Don. Bobby and Dave stood between them and they went to work sucking cock.

Don stared, mouth open, as he watched his girls suck dick together. They took the boys deep into their throats, sometimes they had one each and sometimes they sucked together. The thing that Don found most erotic though, was when they broke away and briefly looked into each other’s eyes before passionately kissing, their tongues flying in and out of each other’s mouths, before Bobby or Dave would shove his cock between their lips.
Don loved to look into Maria or Stephanie’s eyes as a hard cock was pushed into their mouth and judging by the soft moans they were making, the girls loved it too.

“Jesus your girls can suck cock buddy.” Dave laughed glancing at Don.

Bobby pulled Maria to her feet and led her back to a bed. She sat on the bottom of the bed then lay back. Bobby held her legs open as Dave guided Stephanie to the bed and climbing onto it she placed herself over her mom adopting the 69 position.
Stephanie opened her mouth as Bobby pushed his cock deep into it and then rubbed it over Maria’s snatch.

As Bobby pushed his dick into her, Maria groaned and licked furiously at Stephanie’s pussy over her face. She found her clit and flicked it with her tongue and heard her daughter moan, feeling her tongue work on her own clit as Bobby slowly slid his full length into her wet cunt.
Looking up she saw Dave’s fat kaçak bahis cock being guided toward Stephanie’s pussy and she watched intently as it prised apart her cunt lips and started inching its way in.

Don’s dick twitched and throbbed uncontrollably. Stephanie stopped licking Maria and looked him directly in the eyes as Dave knelt behind her and began to enter her. She chewed her bottom lip and then pursed them and pouted as if making an ‘Oooooooooh’ sound as Dave began to slide into her.

“Oh my god!” Stephanie moaned loudly. “Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy!”

Don had never been so turned on before. He daren’t touch himself for fear of cumming and as Stephanie buried her head between Maria’s legs again he stood and walked to the spare bed and sat where he could film Dave’s fat cock fucking his daughter as his balls banged against his wife’s forehead.

Maria too, was in a state of sexual frenzy. Bobby was fucking her in long deep hard strokes hitting her G-spot perfectly as Stephanie rubbed her clit with the palm of her hand.
The sight of Dave’s large cock sliding in and out of Stephanie’s dripping cunt was too much and she lapped and licked hard. Every now and then Dave would pull out of Stephanie and push it down into Maria’s mouth so she could suck Stephanie’s juices off it. She guessed that Stephanie was doing the same when Bobby pulled out of her. She caught a glimpse of Don and they shared a lust filled look just as her orgasm began.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” she yelled at the all. “Oh my god! Oh my god! I’M CUUUUUMMMMING!”

“Fuck her Bobby. Fuck her good” Stephanie said

Don watched his wife’s mouth open in a silent scream and her face flush with color as she came hard. Her hands that were on Stephanie’s ass cheeks squeezed hard and her body convulsed as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her.
Bobby slowly continued pushing his cock in and out of her as she came until she stopped juddering at which point he pulled out of her and let Stephanie greedily suck her mother’s cum off his cock leaving Maria trembling.

Dave withdrew from Stephanie and lay on his back next to the trembling Molly. Stephanie climbed off her mom and straddled Dave, holding the base of his cock as she lowered herself onto him.

“Ooh baby that feels sooooo good” she purred as she began to ride him, her pert 34C tits bouncing.

Bobby stood on the bed next to them and fed his cock into Stephanie’s mouth. Maria looked over at Don.

“Having fun baby” she asked.

“Oh yes hon. was that good?” he asked her.

“Fuck yeah. I came so hard. It felt so nice having a big hard cock fucking my pussy while Steph licked me.”

Maria turned over and knelt over Dave’s face and began squeezing, licking and sucking Stephanie’s tits, chewing a nipple, making Stephanie gasp. Dave’s tongue disappeared into Maria’s fuck hole and then it was Stephanie’s turn to cum.

Don watched mesmerised as a red flush appeared all over Stephanie’s body as her orgasm hit her. Bobby held her head and pushed his cock deep into her throat muffling her cries as she snorted through her nose, rocking back and forth on Dave’s prick. Maria put her arms around her daughter and hugged her as her whole body shook in spasms.
Finally Bobby let go of her head and pulled his dick form her mouth. Long ropes of saliva hung from his mouth and her chin as she gasped for air.

“Ooh baby, was that good.” Maria asked her.

Stephanie stared into her mother’s eyes and nodded unable to speak before they kissed each hard and wetly, hands all over each other’s tits.

Stephanie rolled off Dave and climbed off the bed. Don quickly sat himself back in his chair as he realised that both beds were needed now.
Stephanie climbed onto the bed on all fours facing Don and pushed her head into the bed and her ass into the air. Bobby climbed behind her.
Maria stood and placing a hand on each of Stephanie’s butt cheeks pulled them apart before dribbling spit from her mouth onto Stephanie’s asshole and rubbed it around.
Bobby pushed the tip of his cock against Stephanie’s little pucker and Maria watched as he opened her up and slid in the tip.

“Oh my god” Stephanie breathed, looking Don square in the eye.

Bobby pushed forwards and then pulled back before pushing forward again and suddenly he was past the resisting muscle and he slid a couple of inches of hard dick into her.

“Ooohhhhhhhhh” Stephanie moaned.

Bobby pulled back until he almost pulled out and then pushed forwards, inching more into her each time he repeated the process until he was sliding his entire length into her.

“Oh daddy,” Stephanie said to Don “he’s fucking my ass. His big fat cock in my tight little ass feels sooooo good.”

Don gulped hard. The look on Stephanie’s face as she was ass fucked reminded him so much of her mother. He stood and walked to other end of the bed and filmed Bobby’s cock sliding in and out of her. Bobby pulled out watched Stephanie’s ass gape. He pushed his dick toward Maria who opened her mouth to suck it before it went back into Candy’s ass making her moan like a whore.

“Fuck her Bobby. Fuck her in the ass.” Said Maria and reached underneath Stephanie to find pussy.

Dave, who had been watching and stroking himself on the bed, stood up and grabbed Maria’s hips pulling her ass toward him, bending her over and moving her legs apart with his feet.
It was Maria’s turn to chew her lip as Dave positioned his dick at her pussy and pushed.

“Mnmnnnn” Maria moaned as Dave slid his dick into her. “Oh my god yes. Fuck me. Mnmmmm.”

Maria toyed with Stephanie’s cunt as Bobby ass fucked her hard. She alternated between finger fucking her with two or three fingers and rubbing her clit.
Stephanie gripped the bed sheets in her fists and buried her head muffling her cries of pleasure.

“Don’t stop. Fuck my ass baby, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. OH FUUUUUUCK!” she wailed into the bed.

Maria felt Stephanie’s pussy muscles grip her fingers and spasm and then her cunt was flooded with cum.
Bobby couldn’t hold back any longer and pounded her ass hard making Stephanie whimper before letting out a loud guttural groan and pulling out his cock and spraying cum over Candy’s ass and Maria’s face. Maria stretched open her mouth and stuck out her tongue as Bobby stroked his dick emptying his balls over both girls.
Maria licked the cum from her daughters ass and sucked Bobby’s cock clean, savouring the taste of the young stud. She took her fingers, sticky with Stephanie’s cum and licked them clean too.

Once Maria had finished, she pulled herself off Dave’s cock and sunk to the floor. On her hands and knees she crawled toward her husband who was sat in his chair, cock jutting out, ropes of pre-cum hanging in threads from it. She stared into his eyes as she crawled as seductively as she could.

“Tell Dave what you want him to do to me baby”

Don looked down at his wife. Her makeup was smeared and saliva mixed with Bobby’s cum was on her face and hanging of her chin a little. To Don she looked sexy as hell.
Stephanie had recovered enough to sit on the edge of the bed with Bobby watching. Don looked up at Dave who was standing behind Molly. His muscular body shimmered with sweat and his big fat 8” cock bobbed in front of him in front of his heavy balls.

“Fuck her ass Dave. Fuck her ass good and hard. Make her cum.”

Dave grinned and crouched behind Maria who pushed her ass up and her head down. Dave spat onto her exposed asshole and rubbed his cock around it before pushing forwards.
Don watched intently as Dave, held the shaft of his cock and opened up Maria’s ass, forcing the tip into her.
Maria took several deep breaths and tried to relax. Stephanie got up from the bed and knelt next to her mom, spreading her ass cheeks with her hands and dribbling more saliva onto her asshole as Dave gradually eased his dick into Molly.

“Oh baby, he’s so big!” Grimaced Maria. “Oh my god”

Slowly but surely, Dave inched his fat dick into the horny slut until he was balls deep in her tight ass. He fucked her in slow long deep strokes, forcing an “Oooooh” from her with each forward push.

“That looks fucking amazing. Does that feel good mom?” asked Stephanie. “Having that big fat cock fucking your ass?”

“OHHHHHHHH.” Moaned Maria. “OHHHHHHH. It feels sooooo good.”

Maria reached a hand back and under herself to rub her swollen clit and looked up at her husband.

“Do you like watching him fuck my ass baby?”

Don nodded. He was so horny and desperate to cum now that he felt almost dizzy with lust.

“Let me ride you” Maria said and Dave pulled out as Stephanie gasped at her gaping asshole.
“Oh fuck mom, he’s stretched you out so much”

Dave lay on his back with his feet toward Don, where he sat on his chair drooling.
Maria, still in her stilettos, stockings and garter belt, faced Don and placed a foot, flat on the floor on either side of Dave and positioned her asshole over his cock, reverse cowgirl. Dave held his dick steady for her as she sank down and then helped support her as she began to bounce up and down.

Stephanie watched her mom riding Dave’s big fat cock anally, one hand squeezing her large tits which were bouncing and jiggling and her other hand rubbing her cliterous.
She felt a warm sensation between her legs and her nipples began to harden and she glanced at Bobby who was watching everything from the bed and wondered if he was ready to go again. Her thought was interrupted by a deep groan from Dave who had reached his limit.

“Don’t Stop! Cum in my ass!” Cried Maria as Dave held her steady and pistoned his dick in and out of her as she rubbed her clit hard.

Suddenly Dave pulled her down hard and held her as his cock twitched before his cum flooded her cunt triggering her own orgasm.

“NOW BABY!” Maria cried at Don.

Don jumped from his chair and offered his cock to Maria who stretched her mouth open and stuck out her tongue as she tugged on his cock. Cum exploded from his dick, splashing over her face and into her mouth.

“Urgh, Urgh, URGH!” Don cried with each spurt of his cock.

His legs buckled as he unloaded weeks of pent up sexual frustration, covering his wife’s face before collapsing back on his chair.

Stephanie put her arms around Maria and kissed her. The cum on Maria’s face was transferred into both of their mouths as the women’s tongues intertwined and flicked from one mouth to another.
Finally Maria crawled forwards and Dave’s softening slimy cock slipped form her ass, cum running out of her asshole and down her thighs as she made her way to her husband and sucked softly on his dick.


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