Monday Morning

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Note: the pertinent characters in this story are high school seniors and 18 years of age.

Monday Morning

Mrs. Yoshihara answered the door to find her daughter’s friend and classmate, Hana, standing on the doorstep. Being a small woman, she actually had to look up slightly to meet Hana’s gaze.

“Ohayo, Yoshihara-San.” Hana smiled. Dirty-blond dreadlocks tumbled about as she bobbed her head in the vague indication of a bow.

“Good morning, Hana. Please, come in.” Mrs.. Yoshihara returned the smile.

Hana closed the door behind her. Leaving her shoes on a mat next to the door, she followed her friend’s mother toward the kitchen.

“Still working on your Japanese?”

“Yeah. I don’t have the knack for picking up languages; it’s slow going.”

Hana stood out of the way, watching Mrs.. Yoshihara prepare a bento lunch. She marveled at the perfect, measured movements and the Zen-like calm that elevated something like preparing sushi to an art. Hana had taken an interest in Japanese culture since becoming friends with Misaki last year. She had been impressed early on by the way the Japanese had long ago worked out efficient, elegant ways of performing even mundane, day-to-day tasks.

“You’re early. I don’t think Misaki is up yet. Why don’t you go wake her up. I’ll start breakfast.” Mrs.. Yoshihara suggested upon finishing the bento for Misaki’s lunch.

“Hai.” Hana smiled, bobbing her head again.

Upstairs, Hana peaked around a door frame.

“Misaki?” she asked quietly.

The sun was only just risen and a dim glow filtered through drawn blinds. Eyes adjusting to the gloom, Hana found the room neat and tidy as usual. Well, mostly neat and tidy. As usual. The desk on which Misaki’s laptop and accompanying hardware resided was strewn and festooned with all manner of plushies, figurines, stickers and key-chains featuring her favorite anime characters.

Hana padded into the room a few steps. Yes, there she was, still sound asleep in bed. Hana’s eyebrows rose.

Misaki lay on her back, shoulder length black hair spilling around her head. The bedclothes, (Hello Kitty sheets), were tangled about her legs. She wore black cotton panties and a hugely oversized black tee which had ridden up to her tummy. Having slept over several times in the past, Hana recognized it despite it’s rumpled state. It served as Misaki’s favorite nightshirt. The print on it, faded from wear, was of Kaneda, a character from the anime Akira.

Hana stood for several long seconds, eyes wandering up and down her sleeping friend’s body. She rolled her lower lip between her teeth nervously. Unsure exactly what she was doing, she pulled her dreads back and used one to tie the lot loosely. She moved around the foot of the bed and slowly, cat-like, slid onto the bed.

Hana moved over Misaki’s legs on hands and knees. She could feel her own heart hammering. Her breathing grew shaky. Lowering her face, she inhaled casino şirketleri the faint scent of Misaki’s skin as she moved up her body. Pausing, she nuzzled her nose under the nightshirt, inhaling deeply.

She drew back when Misaki stirred and murmured in her sleep. Hana was amazed she hadn’t been awakened yet. After taking a deep, steadying breath, she moved up so that she was almost eye to eye with her friend.

“Mi-mi chaaan. Time to wake uh-up.” she said loudly.

Misaki flinched, then blinked her big dark eyes.

“Wha… nnmmph… Hana? Why are you here?”

“To walk you to school, sleepy head.”

Misaki’s expression became one of mild embarrassment. She had just realized that rather a lot of her was exposed and her questing hands weren’t finding the covers.

“Um… Why are you in my bed…” She met Hana’s eyes and began to blush. “…on Top of me?” she finished in a hushed tone.

Feeling her own cheeks heating up, Hana nonetheless held her gaze while answering.

“I saw you sleeping and… I… Thought I might have to kiss you.” Hana moved ever so slightly closer as she spoke.

“Did you?” a whisper.

“Not yet.”

“But… I just woke up.” a plaintive whisper.

Hana blinked then burst into laughter. When she subsided she saw that Misaki was waiting to ask what was so funny.

“I’m basically laying on you now, telling you that I, your friend, who is a girl, am going to kiss you; and your biggest concern is morning breath?” Hana grinned all the while, revealing her pointy little canine teeth when she spoke.

Misaki favored her with a shy smile. Moving a hand up between them she pressed it to Hana’s jaw, worming a fingertip between her lips to test the tip of one of those wicked canines. At first unsure, Hana opened her mouth when she caught on, baring her teeth. Shortly she took the investigating digit gently between her teeth, her smile turning vaguely predatory.

A thought struck her then and she let go of Misaki’s finger.

“Oh, your mom’s making breakfast.”

“I should get dressed and-” Misaki waved a hand vaguely, “whatever. I suppose you’ll want to help.”

Hana arched an eyebrow. “Making jokes now? You’re still blushing, you know.”

“I am the one in my underwear.”

The predatory aspect returned to Hana’s smile.

“Ohhh yeah.” as if she had totally forgotten.

With that, Hana backed down Misaki’s body. She trailed her hands down her captive’s sides to her sweetly curved hips. Nuzzling her face against Misaki’s tummy, nipping and kissing playfully, she practically purred.

“Mmmm… Cat got your tongue, Mi-mi chan?”

Misaki had been too overwhelmed even to voice an objection. Then she had found that while this whole business was a surprise, Hana’s affectionate new attention did feel good. She rolled her eyes at ‘Mi-mi chan’ – a little pet name Hana used when being silly or poking fun at her. Misaki knew casino firmaları it was just a shortening of her name, but ‘mimi’ was Japanese for ‘ears.’ Hearing it, she always had an urge to reach up and check, as if there might be something wrong with them.

Misaki reached a hand down to run her fingers into Hana’s dreads. She spoke between little sounds of pleasure.

“Mmm… Hana. Just… Don’t tease, okay?”

There was a pause as Hana absorbed this. While they had started out as friends and Hana had never overtly tried to change things, she had harbored a deeper attraction to Misaki for several months. Emotion welling up under her naughty intentions, she slid back up to rest her chin on Misaki’s chest.

“You… Really?” she asked, serious now.

“I… Well-” Misaki began, staring into Hana’s pale blue eyes uncertainly.

Taking Misaki’s face suddenly in her hands, Hana pressed into a hot, passion fueled kiss. After a muffled squeak of surprise, Misaki returned the kiss. Both girls moaned softly as their tongues slid over each other and about each other’s mouths. Misaki still had one hand worked into Hana’s dreads and now placed the other over one of Hana’s. The urgency of the kiss soon left them both aroused, but breathless.

When they parted, practically panting, Misaki saw tears welling in Hana’s eyes. She must have looked concerned, because Hana cleared her throat and wiped desultorily at her eyes. She gave Misaki a long, soulful look, then dipped her head to kiss her again. This time, though, it was a painfully gentle, tender, and brief kiss on the lips.

Hana crawled backward yet again. A hint of her earlier mischievousness quirking one corner of her mouth and smoldering in her eyes.

Misaki tipped her head back, closing her eyes and murmuring sounds of pleasure as Hana kissed and nipped down the length of her torso. Moving further down, Hana licked and sucked at the insides of her shapely thighs, eliciting gasps.

“Not too loud, okay? Don’t want your mom coming up.” Hana sounded half drunk on lust and whatever else she was feeling. Naturally after warning her to be quiet Hana promptly pressed her mouth and nose against Misaki’s cotton covered mound, slowly grinding from side to side.

Misaki did her best to keep quiet. She was doing alright until Hana slid her now damp underwear off and began licking her clit. Beginning to squirm, she turned her head and pressed a corner of pillow to her face to muffle her cries.

Hana smiled, flicking the tip of her tongue over her friends swollen bud. She pressed her lips firmly down around it and sucked rhythmically, still randomly licking. Meanwhile she ran a middle finger down along Misaki’s sopping slit, to press at her opening. As her finger slowly sank in she was amazed at how hot and tight Misaki was inside.

Hana slowly curled and uncurled her finger as much as Misaki’s gripping tunnel would allow, rubbing at her G-spot. She güvenilir casino felt muscles inside Misaki flutter and tense.

“Nnph! Hana… mmp!…gonna cum…” Misaki pulled her face out of the pillow long enough to gasp out.

“Already?” Hana smiled, eyebrows raised. She kissed her friend lovingly on the inside of the thigh, feeling her hips begin to jerk and tremble. She moved her finger faster, grazing Misaki’s clit with her thumb. “Mmm, go ahead Misaki. Cum for me.”

Misaki nodded, gasping. “Oh…Hanna… Now… Now!” she pulled the pillow over her face again, crying out into it.

Misaki convulsed, hips thrusting up against Hana. Her insides spasmed, then clamped tight. Hana felt juices spurt violently around her finger to soak her hand and run up her forearm.

Misaki remained locked up like that, back arched and hips in the air for several seconds before slowly relaxing back onto the bed. She twitched and gasped when Hana gently removed her finger. Face a ruddy pink, she drew the pillow away and propped herself up on an elbow to look at Hana.

Crawling up to straddle Misaki’s tummy, Hana smiled down at her friend. Watching her eyes, she brought her hand up and licked the warm juices from it, slowly sucking clean her middle finger. While most of her face was returning to a normal shade, Misaki’s cheeks burned anew. Her expression, though, was only partly embarrassed modesty. As Misaki herself would have said in her online nerd terminology, she was experiencing ‘feels.’

After one more quick kiss Hana climbed off of her friend and her bed to stand with hands on hips. She tried to affect a stern expression.

“Well, Ms. Yoshihara, I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but you’re running late and your mother is not going to be impressed. Your breakfast is probably getting cold right now. And your pussy is soaking wet.”

“Shut up!” Misaki laughed, lobbing a pillow at Hana. She hopped up and scampered over to her bathroom. “It’s your fault. My History book is on the desk. Stick it in my bag and bring me the clothes from the chair, please.”

Finally making it downstairs the two found Mrs.. Yoshihara sitting at the kitchen table playing mahjong by herself with an ancient-looking set of tiles.

“Better hurry along or you’ll be late for school.” she commented, glancing up.

“Yeah, I was having Hana help me with a Trig problem I had trouble with. We lost track of time. We’ll just eat breakfast on the way.” Misaki fibbed.

Hana caught her eye and gave her a look.

Misaki stowed the little boxed lunch her mother hand fixed in her backpack. She and Hana each guzzled down a cup of lukewarm tea and took a few assorted moshi (rice cakes with filling) in paper towels. Misaki gave her mother a kiss on the cheek.

“You girls be careful. I’ll see you after school.” Mrs.. Yoshihara called after them as they left the house.

Once outside they walked briskly, snacking on the moshi. Hana nudged Misaki with her elbow.

“What was that? I suck at math. Trig problem. Pfft.”

Misaki shrugged. “Meh. She wasn’t really paying attention. But yeah. You do suck at math.” Hana nudged her again playfully and they both giggled.

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