Moonlight in Vermont

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I found this great short story in Literotica, “Stranded in the rain” written by skinnypom . It gave me this idea, a variation on the same theme just like musicians do, as a base for inspiration, as an homage, not as a plagiarism.


Did she know from the start that this was going to happen? Did she know that I was going to be there, on this road, waiting for my rescuer, my extremely curvy valkyrie in white shining pick-up truck? Did she know that I was going to lust for her magnificent wide body?

I had been riding my bicycle all day under a hot summer sun, on winding and steep Vermont roads. In the afternoon as I was looking for the next small town, the temperature climbed even more due to the approaching thunder storm while I was getting lost. I thought I was close to my goal, maybe two miles or so but my requests for directions were answered by something close to “you can’t get there from here”. The fact was, I had to make a long five miles detour along the neighboring hill already covered with a menacing dark cloud. Suddenly it became much darker, the wind picked up and the thunder rumbled in the distance. I was now alone on the side of the road, at the exit of this small village, considering my poor options, when suddenly a white pick-up truck appeared by my side without having made any warning sounds. The window opened and a soft firm voice asked me

“Do you want a ride?”

Just then the rain started to pour and I answered shouting but with an almost pleading voice

“Yes please”.

“Throw your bike in the back and climb in”.

I did and got inside the pick-up truck. But by the time I had put my bike in the back I was already drenched.

“Sorry I’m wet”

“Don’t worry about it”.

It was totally dark by now, the only real lights were beaming outside, and I could just make the contour of her silhouette, a very large silhouette, thanks to the dim light on the dashboard.

“Do you know where you’re going?”

“I want to get to the next town… Barre I think?… There is a youth hostel there.”

“I live a couple of miles down the road. If it’s OK with you, we’ll stop at my house first, and I can bring you to Barre later on.”

“That will be wonderful, thank you very much”.

I was really tired by then and didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings, enjoying the shelter of the truck after this sudden cold shower, underneath the rain pounding on its roof , and feeling or wanting to feel taken care of by this corpulent woman. Soon we arrived at her house secluded in the woods. She left her truck under a canopy in between the house proper and a second building, and entered the house through a couple of stairs closed to her truck door. I went around the truck and found her already in the kitchen.

“Come in, come in, make yourself comfortable”.

There was a large kitchen all in luminous wood, counter, chairs and large table.

“Do you want to eat something?”

“I’d love to” and then “but I don’t want to impose”

“Don’t worry about it, sit down, I’ll get you something in no time”.

I sat down at the table after a quick visit to the bathroom, bent down and rested my head on my crossed arms. Some time later I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and found a bowl of warm home made soup in front of me as I raised myself.

While was eating my soup, she was watching me from the other side of the table with a gentle grin, standing, with her hands resting on the lower counter in front of her, her body bent slightly which made her deep cleavage more obvious with her heavy breasts hanging down without any apparent restraint. She had changed while I was dozing, a sleeveless undershirt with a wide low opening and a skirt made of light beige towel like fabric, coming down above her knees, the incorporated elastic belt holding the skirt over her large overhanging belly and her very protruding rear end.

I looked at her and we smiled at each other.

“I’m sorry. I’m not very talkative tonight.”

“Don’t worry. Just take your time and eat.”

I was in a sleepy state, similar to an inebriated state, almost like I was high, enjoying being taken care of in a dry clean place, after long days fending for myself on the road, sleeping in dirty youth hostels, eating not very good meals.

After I finished my soup, I rested my elbow on the table, put my chin on the back of my hand while listening to the music playing in another room, a symphony with a somewhat familiar theme. She was getting rid of the dishes from across the table in front of me, bending over in the process.

“Wow she does have big breasts. How much I would love to take them in my hand, to massage them, to suck on them… Would I do it if I could? You bet I would? But she is old… so what? I find her very sexy and I can’t take my eyes off those big boobs. And those large thighs, and those round shoulders, and those fat arms, and this huge ass, yes I’d love to get closer to her, to hug her tight, to feel her mass türbanlı escort close to me… ”

Her figure was now moving around, the fatigue of the day making me see her at turns closer and then away, actually adding to the erotic charge.

She woke me out of my slumber…

“Would you like to sleep here? You seem to be awfully tired to go back on the road and find your hostel, even if I bring you there”.

“I’d love to” it seemed like it was all I could say followed by “but I don’t want to be…”

She stopped me in mid sentence

“No worry, I won’t make a fuss. Let’s go and I’ll show you your bed.”

“I’d lo… ” I stopped and we chuckled.

“Come on!”

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom, getting me to raise a boner which had gone dormant as I was dozing at the table. I was oblivious to her outfit and to my own possible indecent exposure. The room was a large bedroom with a kind size bed, some sliding door windows opening on a porch. I peaked outside and thought I could distinguish a hot tub on the porch underneath a canopy.

“You have a hot tub?”

“Yes I do. Would you like to go into it? It would do you good.”

“I’d love to.”

She opened the door. It was still raining outside although not as violently, and the thunderstorm could only be heard far away.

“Drop your clothes in the room, I’ll wash them.”

I removed my clothes and got out. She had opened the hot tub.

“Get in.”

I climbed over and sat in a corner of the hot tub.

“I’ll come back and get you a towel.”

“Thank you so much.” I hesitated. “I don’t know what to say. You are so nice to me, it’s just like a dream to be in your house” and with a little chuckle “and outside your house!”.

“You’re sweet.”

She came close to the hot tub on my left side.

“Don’t say anything.”

She bent over, pulling me by my neck closer to her, her large breasts pushed against the wet hot tub, and whispered to me as she kissed me gently close to my mouth

“Just enjoy”.

I day dreamed, or night dreamed for a while, not thinking, just enjoying the situation as recommended.

“Hope it felt good. Now it’s time to get out.”

As she said that, I opened my eyes, found her bending in front of me, the full moon barely raised over the trees, having found its way through the clouds, shedding light on her large bosom and sensual cleavage, pointing out her curves on the white undershirt.

“Thank you, I am getting out”.

She handed me the towel and said

“Sweet dreams, Francis”

She turned around to leave, and I saw her huge spherical butt, no longer hidden by the short skirt, mooning me thanks to the bright moonlight.

I got out, dried myself and got back into the house and into bed. I lied down, put a sheet over me, and immediately went to sleep, not taking the time to fantasize about her amazing large body, not wondering why she was parading half naked in front of me, not wondering how she knew my first name.

In what felt like the middle of the night, lying on my right side, slowly remembering the evening before, I opened my eyes, looked at the stars outside, found myself without a sheet covering me, and felt something in my lower back. I brought my hand there and was very surprised to find some human flesh, a lot of human flesh. Then I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and an arm went underneath my neck as I had raised my head to confirm that she was lying behind me. I heard a whisper

“Come close to me”

At the same time I felt myself being pulled backwards, her left hand on my belly and her right hand on my chest. I was now prisoner of a tight, yet very soft embrace, feeling the pressure of her belly on my lower back and of her big firm breasts behind me. She moved her left hand towards my dick and put her hand around it, giving it the perfect amount of pressure. This was extremely arousing but I was not sure how to handle it, so I gave signs of wanting to move out.

She whispered again, this time in my ear.

“All resistance is futile. Just enjoy…” and in a soft pleading tone “Please”.

The “please” stroked me enough that I surrendered completely.

She pulled me more towards her, pushing and thrusting her lower belly towards me as if she wanted to make love to me this way, my buttocks reacting by opening and searching her pubic hair underneath her belly. She put her thumb inside her mouth, catching some saliva and then tickling the slit of my penis; penis opening itself more towards her thumb as if thinking it was becoming a vagina. The combination of the situation, the special circumstances, her size, her expertise rendered this absolutely incredible and made me ready to come. By then I was really into it, my left arm over hers, my left hand holding her buttock, enjoying its sheer size and softness. She slid me on top of her, tilting herself just slightly from lying on her size to having her back not quite resting ulus escort completely on the bed, pulling my body up now arching on top of one half of her belly, her right tit, and her right fat arm,. She licked my ear lobe, put her tongue in my ear, played with my right nipple, and was pulsing my dick as if she knew what I enjoyed best, pumping in the middle instead of shaking back and forth, all this with my left hand resting on her fat belly and hip, and my right hand holding her right hand resting on my chest.

It was a lot more that I could take and very soon I did let go a wad of juice, some of it flowing all the way to her right forearm, while I gave a loud, guttural and yes very primal sound.

We didn’t move for some minutes.

We slowly relaxed, finding ourselves lying side by side on our backs. My right hand eventually caressed her while I tilted my body towards her. After a move up to her breasts, pushing her right tit into my mouth, I explored her belly and went down to her pussy while my left arm was going underneath her, finding a point of lesser pressure under her lower back. My right hand extended on this very fat and wide triangle, holding it completely, exploring the sides with thumb and little finger, moving my middle finger on her pussy lips, made vertical by all the flesh surrounding it. I brought my finger to my mouth to put some saliva in it and went back to open the lips and come in. As I did I realized that there was no need from lubrication, her vagina was very wet and gooey, full of a lovely warm and, I learned later, tasty liquid. Given that her wonderful hand job had lasted no more than 3 minutes, she must have had prepared the way before I woke up, and maybe that’s what had woken me up?

My middle finger found her clitoris, a seizable piece of flesh, her pleasure following my rotations made obvious by her sighs, arching and her own ass rotation pushing hard on my left hand. My thumb came to relieve my middle finger of the duty of massaging the clit, my index found its way into her vagina and my middle finger went further down in search of her crack.

She didn’t take very long to come either. While her pleasure was rising, she was all giving all sort of grunting sounds, moving around, making me feel how much she was enjoying it, and whispering.

“Oh that’s good, keep going, that’s so good, yes, yes…”

eventually “YESSS” and she came after a last arching of her body.

I kept my hand inside her without moving at all. Now I was already aroused again and I was pressing a flamboyant dick against her hip. With some moves back and forth against her, I moved my left arm out from under her back to get my hand holding her right shoulder, my left hand moving up to her right breast, I felt her bringing me on top of her with a swift movement of the arm, and placing my throbbing penis inside her with her opposite hand.

What a good feeling, being on top of this very large woman, this mountain of soft, tasty flesh, my arms now both holding her shoulders with my elbow resting at her side, my arms bringing her breasts on top of her for me to suck on them, going from one to the other, her own fat arms hugging me, pressing me against her, her hands caressing me from my head to my butt! My thrusts inside her were met with her own thrusts, her pelvis tilts towards me pushing me to climax quickly. She moved up her legs, I got on my knees and was able to apply more pressure while her own push was coming from inside her vagina. I didn’t want this to stop but at the same time my pleasure was driving me to push more and more, faster and faster, and with her last call “COME INTO ME” I let go and reached the best orgasm of my life.

After that we both relaxed and I rested on top of her. my head side ways on her cushioned shoulder, my neck on her breast, my legs open slightly on her fat thighs and calves, my arms bended on top of hers with my hands on her shoulders. Soon I was asleep on what seemed like the best of all beds, a combination of water bed for his jiggling effect and of tempur pedic for her molding to my own shape, my forms burying into hers.

The day was starting to show when I woke up, a day still dark with clouds, telling me to stay in bed and enjoy. I opened my eyes and tilted my head towards her. She was looking at me smiling, and she gently stroked my back. Soon my manhood was ready and found its way inside her without guidance. I moved myself inside her warm wet shelter, accompanied by her groans and own moves, but soon she pushed me away and moved me on the side

“I will be right back”.

When she came back I was lying down on the opposite side of the bed to give her room to make herself comfortable, my head and upper body lifted by three pillows. But she went around the bed, bent over and kissed me gently while holding my dick, my left hand caressing her behind her thigh and climbing up to her crack. She straightened up, turned around, her rear facing me; took my right hand in her right yenimahalle escort hand and put it on my dick.

“Hold this straight”

Then she bent over while opening her buttocks as much as they could go, thereby showing me her full crack from clit, through vagina to asshole. I was breathless and my throat was all dry by such a wonderful human landscape. She moved to sit on the bed, and lowered down on me; I quickly understood what she wanted to do and guided myself inside her.

She felt heavy, her giant middle all spread on my lower belly, middle and legs, her weight hard to take but making me feel so good at the same time. My view of her profile was adding to the pleasure, her big ass overflowing from my hips down to the bed, her big breasts resting on her large belly, itself resting on her wide thighs. I couldn’t move so it was up to her to create the action, which she did in slow movements, with little amplitude but with a lot of life to it. I lifted my upper body to stroke her big ass and fat tits. This slow movement was giving me great pleasure and I was about to come when she said “not now”.

She let herself fall backwards on the bed while holding my side and my thigh for me to rotate and follow her fall so I would remain inside her. She then lifted her legs with her arms. I remained there a little while, lying on my side, my body curved around hers, holding her belly and breasts with my left hand, her shoulder with my right one, pulling myself inside her in a slow languorous rhythm.

Afterwards, she rotated away from my face, while lying on her back with her legs still up, her body parallel to my legs and her head opposite mine

“Eat me… please”

Was I happy to comply! My face right in front of her crack, starting with her lips, licking from clitoris to asshole, playing her as if with an harmonica, although I was sucking instead of blowing. Soon I moved on top of her, bringing my left leg over her, kneeling around her, my dick getting into her mouth, hugging her huge middle and kissing her with all my might.

“I love this 69 position. The double action is great, but what I mostly love is the hugging quality of the embrace with hands on buttocks, the natural kissing on the pussy lips, the fat legs up on my ears, the contact of skin all throughout, the fingers inside whatever cranny they can find.”

She soon reached an orgasm, which I knew by hearing the giant cries that she made.

Without losing a beat, I slid down on her wet slippery mound through the opening of her legs, turned on the left while doing a pivot bringing my upper body embracing her left leg, both my legs hugging her right leg, all this done very smoothly. Somebody should have applauded our dexterity but there was no audience. My dick found its way back into her, my left hand caressing her clit, my right hand under her big rear to find her little hole, and after some active moves I ejaculated inside her and she honored me with yet another orgasm. We lay there for a little while both happy and exhausted.

“Do you want to take a shower?”

I don’t know if I had slept, but now she was all ready herself while the same music from the night before was playing.

“I have to go, I will bring you into town, do you want to take a shower first?”

“Yes please I’ll rush.”

In no time I was up and ready to go, having found my clothes washed and folded by the bed. Before we went outside, she sat me down at the kitchen table and said while looking at me in the eyes

“Thank you so much, it was wonderful.”

I was about to say that I should be the one thanking her for more reasons than one, but she bent over, this time her chest well wrapped in a strong bra, only showing the top of her cleavage, took my cheeks in her hands and kissed me, a kiss first starting slow and discreet, then evolving into a full tongue kiss with great passion. I was aroused again, tried to grab her ass but she didn’t let me.

“Sorry I have to go.”

Outside it was the same grey day, the rain starting again. I brought my back inside the truck and we left. She didn’t say anything on the way into town and I didn’t either, exhausted by this wonderful night, looking forward to more. As we approached town she left me in front of a super market; I had mentioned that I wanted to buy something.

“Should I leave my bike in the truck?”.

“Better not.”

I took my bike and my backpack and she left, waving at me as if we were going to see each other again right away. I realized then that we had not made any plans for when she would come back, but I didn’t think much of it, assuming that she would come back right away.

I waited, and waited, eventually realizing that she would not come back. This was a one time stand, a wonderful one time stand but a one time stand nevertheless. Soon I met some friends to resume the bike trip, and the sun shined again.

A month later back home, thinking no more of this night’s wonderful fortune, but as the fierce illusion of a Midsummer dream, I received an envelope without return address with a note and a picture.

Thank you Francis, and sorry for having left you this way. It was a wonderful time but it could only happen once. Love, Jane P.S. I’m including a picture that you might like.

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