More Than I Bargained For

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David was one of the regulars at my favorite bar. He was one of many people I saw there on a fairly regular basis; we’d occasionally chat about sports or movies or our favorite types of booze. He was a couple years older than me (I was 26 at the time) and, even though I’d never had any sort of sexual or romantic encounters with another guy before, I couldn’t help but notice that he was attractive. He was about 6 feet tall (a couple inches taller than myself) and fit, though not overly muscular. I’d never seen him in the bar with anyone of either sex that seemed to be anything more than a friend, so I wasn’t sure about his orientation–not that I figured it mattered, since I had nearly resigned myself to being too chickenshit to actually take the plunge and have my first gay experience. My thoughts about David were limited to imagining him fucking me when I jerked off, often with the help of one of my dildos up my ass.

Thus, when I agreed to go over to David’s house one night in early May to look at some of the old CDs, tapes, and records that he was thinking about selling, I didn’t expect anything to happen other than just perusing the aforementioned stuff.

I got in my car and followed David from the bar to his house. He lived at the edge of the suburbs, where the houses started to get more widely spaced with wooded land in between them. I followed him into his house and saw several boxes of David’s music collection out on the coffee table and living room floor. “Have at it, Rob,” he said. “Do you want a drink?” Naturally I did; he made gin and tonics for us both and I started looking through some records.

It was an impressive collection, with rare releases from acts as disparate as Mudhoney, Testament, David Allan Coe, and Thelonious Monk. After David made us a second round of gin and tonics, he suggested we go out on the back deck and continue browsing. We carried our drinks and several boxes out and sat at the small patio table. It was a glorious Spring night, practically room temperature outside with a light, pleasant breeze.

We talked and joked about music for a while, and my head was starting to buzz when we started in on a third round of drinks. I started looking through a box I hadn’t explored yet. After flipping past CDs by some punk band I had never heard of, I came to some DVD cases. I froze when I saw what they were: pornos starring Asia Carrera. I was afraid the night was about to take an awkward turn, but David laughed when he saw what I was looking at.

“Oh, I forgot those were in there. They’re up for grabs too, though, if you’re interested.” His reaction immediately put me at ease. I laughed, too, and not the kind of nervous, awkward laughter I thought was going to happen.

“I might have to take you up on these. Asia Carrera is hot! And I’ve heard she played the piano at Carnegie Hall when she was a kid.”

“Yeah, and apparently she’s a member of Mensa, if that’s the sort of thing that gets you hard,” replied David. Hearing him talk about what gets my dick hard, even in jest, suddenly brought all the fantasies I’d ever had about David back into my mind. I’d been geeking out on his record collection so much that I’d almost forgotten how attracted I was to him. Now, seeing him laughing and smiling under the dim glow of his back porch lights, I was suddenly more hot and bothered for him than I ever had been before. I wondered for a moment if perhaps putting those porno vids where I would see them was David’s signal that I should make a move, but I quickly put that thought out of my mind. That was just the gin talking. After all, it was straight porn.

Not sure of what to say, I laughed and continued looking though the DVDs. There were a few more Asia Carrera titles, a couple lesbian flicks, and then I hit upon something that made me freeze again. It was unmistakably a gay porno. David just continued smiling. “I guess that one’s a little different than the ones you usually watch.” I looked up at David, then back down at the man on the cover of the porno. I was momentarily unable to take my eyes off of the man’s raging boner and his pendulous, hairless balls. “Or maybe it isn’t,” said David, taking note of how I stared türbanlı escort at the cover. I looked back up at David, now completely unsure of what to say or do. He just grinned at looked me in the eye piercingly. “You know, Rob,” he said, swirling his glass around, the ice cubes softly clinking, “no one would have to know.”

I still didn’t know what to say, but I could feel my mouth start to curve into a grin, and I felt the beginnings of an erection in my pants. David got up from his chair. “Isn’t it a lovely night? I won’t tell anyone if you don’t, Rob. And don’t worry, my neighbors’ houses are too far away for anyone to hear us out here.” He walked around the table and put his hand on my thigh. Still at a loss for words, I remained in my chair and simply lifted up my hand to carress his arm and looked up at him. His hand slid up my thigh and cupped my balls through my jeans as our lips met. It was electric. My heart was immediately racing and my dick started to spring to attention within my jeans. David leaned in closer, probing my mouth with his tongue, his hand still on my balls. My hands moved across his back, running my fingertips up and down from his shoulders to his waist.

David broke our kiss and I emerged breathless. A mumbled “Oh my God…” was all I could manage. David, still with that sexy grin on his face, started to lift up my t-shirt. I raised my arms to allow him to pull it all the way off. I stood up, feeling the night air on my bare torso, and kissed him again. He took my by the hand and led me over to the wooden bench that lined the perimeter of his deck. He pulled his own shirt off as he sat down next to me.

I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I was hornier than I’d ever been before, my cock straining against my boxers and jeans. David pulled me against him, our bare skin rubbing together, and starting to kiss my neck. I moaned softly, lost in the pleasure. Our chest hairs rubbed against each other, creating an erotic friction. I ran my hands up and down the smooth skin of his sides. No words passed between us, and none needed to.

Feeling more adventurous after a minute or so of this, I reached down and felt David’s rigid shaft through his jeans. As he still kissed my neck and chest, I started to undo his belt. He pulled back, smiled that mischievous grin again and said, “You get right down to business, don’t you?” I could only reply with a big, dumb smile. He quickly undid his belt and fly and stood up to take off his pants. I followed his lead. When I saw him take down his boxers as well, I momentarily paused to admire his 7-inch boner, with a drop of precum already glistening on the tip. I wanted to say something along the lines of “You get right down to business, too,” but I was so overwhelmed by what was happening that all I could say was “Mmmmm” as I eyed his cock hungrily. I dropped my own jeans and boxers, my hard-on throbbing and pulsing in the night air. There we were, both completely naked, lustfully staring at each other. We probably only paused for a second or two, but it seemed longer. I could feel the cool breeze all over my body, on my dick and balls, on my virgin asshole. Goosebumps broke out all over me.

We remained standing and embraced each other and kissed again, our hard cocks poking each other, our arms wrapping around and entangling us. David sat back down on the bench and I followed suit. The wood of the bench was worn perfectly smooth; it felt good on my naked ass. We kissed deeply and passionately, and I felt his hand wrap around my throbbing shaft. He didn’t begin stroking it yet, he just held it in his strong hand. I broke our kiss and whispered, “Ohhh, David…”

“I’m glad we’re finally doing this, Rob,” he said, his hand still wrapped around my dick, his thumb starting to rub the head a little bit. I squirmed with pleasure and reached down to touch his dick. I’d had quite a bit of experience with dildos while masturbating, and of course I’ve been touching my own dick since time immemorial, but none of it compared to touching another man’s dick for the first time. I could feel the heat radiating from his penis before I even completely wrapped my hand around ulus escort it; once I had it in my grip, I stroked up and down hesitantly. David moaned and sighed, his own right hand still just holding my dick, while his left carressed and massaged my shoulders. I leaned in and started to kiss and nibble his nipples, stroking his magnificent dick a little bit faster now, smearing his precum along the length of the shaft.

I’d never given a whole lot of thought to sucking dick before, but seeing David’s beautiful circumcised schlong with its purple mushroom tip there before me convinced me to give it a try. So, with my ass still planted on the bench, I leaned down and put my lips on the head of his dick. It was an uncomfortable, impractical position for me to try my first blowjob, but I went for it anyway. David moaned and ran his hands through my hair as I took more of him into my mouth. I wasn’t sure if I was doing a very good job, but David’s cock tasted amazing and I was getting even more turned on. The sexual energy between the two of us was unbelievable. I slurped and slobbered on his dong, swirling my tongue around the head, cupping and massaging his swinging ballsac, and my own dick was harder than it ever had been before.

David then pulled me back up into a sitting position. “It’s my turn,” he said, and pushed me back so that I was lying on my back on the bench, with both of my legs hanging off onto the deck. He kneeled between my legs, spread them apart by hooking his hands at the crooks of my knees, and ran his tongue from the tip of my dick all the way down to my balls. I let out a surprised moan. He took my balls in his mouth and sucked, still spreading my legs wide apart. I was in ecstasy.

David slowly pulled his hot mouth back from my balls, then even more slowly ran his tongue back up the length of my raging hard-on. I once again had goosebumps all over my body. I wailed as David, with sudden quickness, took my dick down his throat. It was undoubtedly the best blowjob I’d ever had. He bobbed his head up and down, taking the whole length of my 6.5-inch dick. As I writhed and moaned, one of his fingers made its way to my asshole. He slowly started to push it in. “Yes, yes,” I gasped. Perhaps sensing that I might cum too soon, he slowed down his deep-throating, and pushed his finger in further. It hurt a little without any lube, but before I could say anything, David let my dick pop out of his mouth and withdrew his finger. “Don’t go anywhere,” he said, winking.

He went over to one of the boxes we had brought out, rummaged for a second, and then pulled out a bottle of lube. Clearly this had been his plan all along. I was even more turned on by this knowledge.

As David came back to the bench where I was spread-eagled, his hard dick bouncing as he walked, I saw that he had condoms as well. This night was shaping up beautifully. He dropped the condoms on the bench, got back into his kneeling position, and put some lube on his hand. It was unexpectedly cold when his lubed finger first touched my hole, and I squealed a little. But it warmed up quickly as David’s finger slowly slid inside me. I had my own hands at the crooks of my knees now, spreading my legs to give David better access. The full length of his finger was in me now, and he started to suck on the head of my dick again as his finger twisted around inside me. My heart was going a mile a minute now, my breathing fast and heavy. “Oh David..” I moaned as he righteously finger-banged me, “Oh, fuck me David. I want you to fuck me.”

I was somewhat surprised how naturally those words came out of my mouth. David turned back around to get a condom. He dripped more lube onto my waiting asshole, then smeared some on his dick after he got the condom on. He spread my legs again and stood with his knees bent to get himself into the right position. I was in sensory overload: the cool night air on my naked flesh, the intense throbbing of my dick, the smooth wood against my back, and then I felt the tip of David’s cock against my virgin hole. My whole body quivered with anticipation. David stood motionless for a moment, his dick head just pressed against the outside of yenimahalle escort my sphincter, and looked me in the eye. The look on his face was indescribably sexy. “Do you want this dick, Rob?”

“Yes, god yes!” I half-gasped, half-shouted. David pushed his hips forward, and I could feel my sphincter stretching. Then the head of his dick popped past the ring, and he was inside me. I moaned loudly and uncontrollably. He pushed further in, balls-deep. His dick was about the size of the largest dildo I had ever taken. I was right at my limits. All knowledge of the outside world faded away in my mind as David slowly withdrew his dick until just the head was inside me, then drove it all the way back in again.

“Do you like that, Rob? Do you like the way I fuck you?”

“Oh god, yes! Fuck yes!”

David picked up the pace. I loved every minute of it. I could feel every inch of his rock-hard fucking dick sliding in and out of me. I made helpless, animalistic sounds. David was breathing heavily and grunting softly with each thrust. He took his hands out from under my knees and leaned forward. I wrapped my legs around him and drew him closer. He leaned all the way over and kissed me, my dick crushed between our bodies. He leaned back slightly and pinched my nipples. My fingertips dug into his shoulders. I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my ass as the full length of his shaft drove into me.

“Oh my GOD, David…my dick is SO FUCKING HARD right now!”

Still fucking me hard and deep, David reached down and wrapped his hand around my dick as he had done before. There was some lube on his hand, but he still did not stroke my dick. He just gripped it tightly as he fucked me. The feeling was unreal. Then, as sweat began to break out all over my body, he slowly started to move his hand up and down the iron rod that my dick had become. I writhed and squirmed and moaned and squeaked. I had never known that sex could be like this.

I was close to cumming. David could tell. He let go of my dick, thrust his own dick as deep into me as he could and held it there, then leaned forward and held me tightly. I felt the rush of naked skin on naked skin, I felt his balls pressed against my ass, I felt the heat from the friction of his cock continually fucking me, even with copious lube, and I felt the throbbing head of David’s glorious penis deeper inside me than ever before, pressed against my prostate. I let loose screams of pure pleasure. He kissed my ear and whispered, “Rob, I want you to ride my dick and blow your load all over me.”

The only response I was able to give was a nod. He pulled his dick out of me and laid down on his back on the bench. I was trembling, sweating despite the cool May night air. Still almost out of breath, I straddled David, his strong hands helping to guide me. I felt his dick at my hole again, and leaned back, taking the full length of his shaft. David and I moaned in unison. His hands sweetly carressed my chest and stomach as I bounced up and down on his cock. I looked down and saw my hard dick bouncing up and down in rhythm with our fucking. Each time I lowered myself, I could feel the pressure on my prostate, my balls compressing against David’s abs, and my dick slapping against him. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I was spewing forth a jumbled mixture of words and noises.

“Ah oh David ohh mm fuck ahh…”

David took my cock in his hand again, and this time started stroking me immediately as I continued to bounce on his dick. I was close to losing control.


David was close now, too. His chest was heaving with each breath. He jerked my dick like a man possessed.


And then I was over the edge. Hot ropes of cum flowed from my dick, which was still in David’s tight grip. I saw my spooge accumulating on David’s chest, even going as far as his face and hair. I could tell from his body language and the noises he made that he was simultaneously cumming inside of me. The smell of semen was everywhere. I collapsed, leaning forward onto David’s chest, smearing my cum between our bodies. His dick was still hard inside me. We both lay motionless aside from our heavy breathing. We were both completely spent. David kissed me softly and said with a wink, “Thanks for coming over to look at my record collection, Rob.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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