More Than Just A Massage

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I’ve been seeing the same massage therapist for four years. I’ve had a raging crush since the first time I laid eyes on her. And while she has always behaved with the utmost propriety, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming of the day she realizes that her very presence makes me breathless and wet. This how my next appointment would go if I could write the script!

As usual I’m about 5 minutes late for my appointment with her. She greets me at the door wearing a tank top and a long light weight skirt. She has taken the back bedroom of her house and turned it into a treatment room. When I walk in to the room, her table is set up in the middle and she has Kate Bush playing on the CD player. The room is lightly scented with lavender and because I have an evening appt today, it is only lit with a few candles.

We visit for a moment and then she says that she’ll leave me for a minute so I can get undressed and lay on the table. When she comes back in, I’m lying on my stomach on the massage table completely nude and covered with a light sheet. As she moves around the room, finding the right oil, adjusting the volume on the CD player, she catches me staring at her. I blush, giggle, and make small talk. She asks me if I want to use the hot rocks today and I say, “Yes!” She pulls three black flat stones that are as large as her palm out of the warmer and places them on the trigger points in my back. These stones are one of my favorite massage tools, providing a hot heaviness that melts out the worst of my knots before she ever lays a hand on me.

She picks up my favorite massage oil and pours a good amount into her hand. “Is this position OK for you?” she asks and I tell her that I can’t imagine being more comfortable. She goes to work on my shoulders, and I melt into the table letting her fingers pull all of the stress out of me.

My body goes limp and I sigh and moan a little while she works her magic on my upper back. All of a sudden I realize that I am imagining her naked, and I like what I see in my mind’s eye. I try to push the image out my head, but it keeps popping up. She’s working her way down my back, moving the rocks around as she goes. I realize that she’s about to work on my lower back, and I take a tight rein on my fantasy about her to prevent the inevitable embarrassment that would arise if she had any idea what I was thinking about.

She moves the sheet down so that it’s only covering half of my ass and deeply massages the tender tissue at the base of my spine. “You’re really tight here,” she says and pulls the sheet down a little farther, working on the top of my buttocks. I’m so turned on by her that I have a hard time relaxing while she’s working on my glutes because I’m afraid she’s going to discover that I’m soaked with my own juices.

Instead of stopping at the top of my butt as usual, she says bahis firmaları “You really need to relax these so I get them all worked out. Listen to my voice, and let yourself go deep into the calm place in your mind. Let the table hold you up, and know that I will take good care of you, I won’t hurt you. I will just take this pain away.”

Her voice is so soothing and I feel like I’m about to drift off when her hand, which has been working on my glutes slips down in between my legs and brushes against my very wet pussy. I sigh, and moan a little again, and she says “That’s good, that’s just right.” She works on the inside of my thigh, and the side of her hand keeps gently nudging my sex, again and again, until I think ‘This has to be intentional; she’s doing this on purpose.’ Just as I decide to go with it and let her know that is what I want too, she moves down my thigh and works on the rest of my legs and my feet. I am sexually on fire and a little frustrated, but relieved that I didn’t say anything a minute ago.

After she finishes my back side, she has me roll over so she can work on my front. As I’m rolling over, she accidentally drops the massage oil and squats down to pick it up. Right at the point where she’s in a full squat I look over at her and see that she not wearing any panties. Oh My God, I think, there is no way I can make through the rest of this massage without slipping my hand inside her velvet box. I fight back the images of her and I taking a tumble on the massage table and she starts working on my shoulders.

She tells me that I’m blushing and asks me what I’m thinking about. I decide, what the hell, I’ll take the plunge. “Well,” I say, “I was remembering this old girl friend I had back home. We were very close, you know? Very close. See, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I like girls too. A lot. And today, I just can’t stop thinking about girls.”

She doesn’t seem surprised or threatened, she just keeps working on my shoulders. I fall silent, thinking, ‘OK, I’ve blown it, just enjoy the rest of your massage and get out of here.’

She starts working on my upper chest muscles and I take a deep breath in and out. She stops for a minute to get more oil, but instead of pouring it into her hand; she pours it all over my chest. She says, “I would like to teach some basic chest massage that you can do yourself. It is very soothing, and could really cut down on your stress.”

She takes my hands and places them over my breasts. She starts moving my hands in circles, around the outside of my breasts, and I sigh some more. She sighs too, and then blushes and turns away. “Keep that up,” she says, “I want to get out another rock.”

She turns to get the rock out of the warmer and when she turns back around, I am fully enjoying playing with my own well oiled breasts. I’m lifting them, kaçak iddaa patting them, pulling on my nipples, moving my fingertips in circles around and around. She stands staring for a few seconds and then she says, “Here is the other rock I would like to use today.” And she opens her hand to show me a stone that is completely different from the others. It is very smooth, like glass, and white in color. It is also bullet shaped and about 6 inches long, which makes it look a lot like my favorite vibrator.

She reaches under the sheet and places it on the table between my legs, taking care to put the top end of it just inside my pussy. I gasp and look at her. She comes back up by my head and goes back to work on my breasts. She is taking my breath away, and I stop thinking about anything, I just feel her hands moving over my slick upper body. My eyes close and I realize that my thighs are soaked with hot juice from between my legs, and I am involuntarily straining toward the hot rock that she placed there. My pussy is clenching and unclenching, trying all on it’s own to pull it further inside. I’m hungry for it.

And then lightly, I feel her lips on my lips. I open my eyes, and she is bent over me, kissing me. I kiss her back, tentatively, gently. Her mouth is so sweet, I want more of it. I pull her close and kiss her deeply. Her hands stop teasing my breasts and go to the back of my head as I sit up to put us on the same level. As I am sitting up, I use the heel of my foot to push the stone all the way into my dripping pussy and I moan in the ecstasy of being so rapidly filled.

She steps back for a moment and pulls her shirt off, exposing her very large breasts, barely held back by a white lace demi-cup bra. Her bra fits so that it looks like her breasts are being offered to anyone who looks, and I cup my hands around them and nuzzle my face between them. I can’t get over how perfect they are, as I kiss the tops as they escape from her bra. I move my mouth down to find her nipple and she pushes the bra out of the way. I pull her nipple into my mouth and draw circles around it with my tongue. I suck gently on it and then bite it playfully with my front teeth. She is moaning now and moving her hips rhythmically. I move to the other breast and repeat all of the love I gave the first one. I reach around back and unhook her bra. She shrugs it off and I reach out to her, pulling her into a full embrace while we kiss some more.

My hot oiled body is rubbing against her and we are both working our way to a frenzy. I step off the table and the hot stone falls from my sex. We are standing face to face, except that I’m shorter, so I’m at a good height to kiss her breasts again. I start there and work my way down her belly. I pull her skirt all the way down to the floor and she step out of it. I’m kneeling on the floor in front kaçak bahis of her and I slowly reach out and touch her pussy for the first time.

She’s as wet as I am.

I start working with my fingers, massaging her juice back into her. First I work on the right lip of her pussy, and then the left. I tenderly pull, stroke, and play with her. She is trying to move her clit against my hand, but I am content to work on the outside first. Finally, I can resist the temptation no more, and I use my thumb to stroke her magic button. She lets out a deep moan and whispers, “This is just what I want.”

I plunge my face between her legs and lap at her clit, feeling it dance under my tongue. The more it dances, the more determined I am to take her all the way there. I pick the stone up off the floor and find that it’s coated with my wetness and still warm. As I’m nibbling at her clit, I work the very tip of the stone into her opening. She strains toward it, just as I had done earlier and I slide it inside of her. I work the stone while I’m eating her pussy. She wiggles and rocks and moans and rides the rocket ship to the moon, dripping her juice over my face and down my arm. I give her a minute to recover and pull the sheet down off the table and wipe the stone clean, and then my face and hands, and finally wiping what’s left of the massage oil off my upper body.

I stand up and she wraps her arms around me, kissing me deeply again. I move my hands back to her naked breasts while she rebuilds the fire in me by teasing my mouth with her tongue. My breath is coming deeper again and she backs me up against the massage table and I scoot up on it. She’s kissing me and leaning me back on the table. Once I’ve laid all the way down she moves down my neck and kisses the hollow just above my collar bone. I tell myself to relax and melt into the table, just like during a massage.

She kisses her way down to my breasts and now it’s like she’s massaging my nipples with her tongue, finding all of the best spots and working on them one at a time. “Is this position OK for you?” she says slyly. I answer with a throaty moan.

She moves around to the foot of the table and pulls me down so that my sex is right at the end and she bends down over it while placing my feet on her shoulders. She tickles my clit with the tip of her tongue, once, twice, three times, like knocking on the door before walking in. I let myself sink further into the table and she dives in to my pussy. She nibbles on my pussy lips and laps at my clit. She goes lower, to lick at the hole and comes back to my clit. She pulls it in and out of her mouth and moves it side to side with her tongue. My climax is building and building and she knows just what to do. She works my whole sex like an orchestra, pulling, nibbling, sucking, stroking, pushing me to the edge. Just as I am starting to fall into my orgasm, she pushes the stone, now very cold, inside me while flicking her tongue over and over and over my clit and I am tumbling into the world of white light and no sound. Ahhhhhh, total release…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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