My 1st time sex with a guy with my husband there!

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My 1st time sex with a guy with my husband there!
I had this FB friend for awhile now, and my husband had noticed i had been chatting with this guy! Matthew! Long story short my Husband also became FB friends with him. Now my Husband and Matthew and Me are talking about doing a Threesome. This is not my 1st threesome as i had separated from my husband for a month and lived with my Uncle and his girlfriend. i was at a Party back then and had meet 2 Hunks and to much drinking and with medicine i was on! I was sucking on this 1 Guy while the other Guy was Fucking me in the front room with other people at the Party there watching, i dont remember much but my Uncle’s girlfriend came to find me and told me about being a sex doll for these 2 guy’s while people are watching.
Anyways back to what happened with Matthew and Hubby, Matthew lived over 4 hours from us but agreed and did meet with us at a Bar in town we lived in. My Husband had gotten a Motel room for us and had Video camera and Camera waiting in the room to be used later! LOL, So were at this Bar and Matthew was kissing on me and we danced and kissed on the Dance floor! Then later my husband and me were dancing and kissing also! illegal bahis So i could guees what people there seeing me kissing on 2 diff guy’s! LOL
So after several hours of Fun, drinking and dancing we walked to our Motel room which was across the Parking lot! So convenient for us! LOL
So when we got in the room i wanted to take a shower and Matthew wanted to join me! which he did and my husband also got Naked and video some of Matthew and me in shower! While in shower i was feeling Matthew hard cock in between my ass crack, it was feeling good while he was behind me massaging my breast and kissing on my neck.
After we got out of shower, we dried off and i layed on bed while Matthew spread my legs and went to licking and kissing on my pussy, my husband in mean time climbed beside me and so i took his cock in my mouth and sucked on him until Matthew stoped eatting my pussy and got beside me on the other side of me and so i turned my head and started sucking his nice hard cock! It was so good tasting as much as my Husband’s, so i sucked and sucked on Matthew while my husband tired of waiting on me to suck back on his cock! Took out the camera and started taking pictures perabet giriş of Matthew cock in my mouth. Matthew is a married man and said his wife didnt like sex, and when they did fuck , she never sucked his cock. So i was giving him some sucking pleasure alot that night, my husband wanted it that way of Matthew and me sucking and fucking so he could get pictures and video.
So im sucking on Matthew and then he stoped me after a good bit! and he climbed on top of me and put his hard cock in my already now Swollen pussy, he was moaning , as well as i was too! LOL while he was pushing in and pulling out his cock from my wet swollen pussy, after a good time of fucking me went by, he pulled out had me turn over and raise my ass up in the air and began to fuck me Doggy Style, while my husband was on the other bed massaging his very hard cock now. After a bit of fucking Matthew pulled out and shot CUM all on my back all way up into my hair, LOL.
We then laid down beside each other taking a break, i was massaging his cock while he was fingering my pussy. after a little rest, he stood up on his knees beside me and kissing very passionate me, then raised up and moved perabet güvenilir mi closer to have me suck on his hard cock some more, my hand was in the way of my husband video taping so my husband grabed my wrist lightly and moved my hand away so he could see Matthew cock in my mouth.
Matthew was massaging my breast while i was sucking, then my husband came up to me on other side of bed and put his cock up to my mouth while Matthew cock is in there and had me suck on him too! So now im taking turns sucking on 2 cocks! which i loved it!
I would rub both there cock heads together while i was sucking and my husband and Matthew almost at same time shot cum in my mouth and so i was drinking CUM and loving it.
My Husband had me get doggy style and started fucking me while i was still sucking on Matthew cock.
After back and forth of sucking on 2 guy’s and having them take turns fucking me, and fucking my butthole! Matthew CUM several times in the over 3 hours of sucking and fucking.
He had to leave us to get back home, before his wife suspect something, so while he was getting dressed he was watching me sucking my husband , my husband was enjoying it and talking to Matthew at same time as getting his cock sucked! LOL
after Matthew had left, i was stoping sucking my husband because i was ready for fucking! which my husband fuckk me for longest time before he CUM, and he was still hard then and my Pussy was swollen with pleasure. The End!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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