My Adventures In Pleasure Ch. 01

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I am an East Indian male, of average good looks, and have been fortunate in having a great education – beginning with a school that was started in 1865, by the British! I wrote this set of experiences, all true, as part of a set of e-mails to a close friend. I saved the files, and thought I would publish them. They are a kind of chronicle, primarily recalling pleasurable memories, and find I can share them with people who enjoy the right kind of pleasures. All these stories are in sequence, but the first one is an overview.

I was about 14, when I noticed that a part of me kept changing size, and it was not only for pissing! I began to experiment, and found I could get a lot of pleasure by manipulating myself. Fortunately, I attended a good school, where the teaching was modern enough for seniors to attend sex-education classes. That gave me a head start over others in my age group, on what to do with myself.

The result is that as long as I have been single, I have masturbated almost every day. Later, when my schoolmates went to on study medicine, I got confirmation that it is a very safe and healthy practice. Today, it is considered better and safer than having casual sex, for both men and women and that is a fact.

In India, I had many female friends, but my limit was going to a movie and feeling each other in the back row! Probably, we were too young and too much middle class people to do anything more.

When I came to Hong Kong, I did not do anything for the first 2 years, because I was scared of AIDS. Then, I met an older Chinese woman, who was a colleague, and she became a good friend. 1995 December 31, was the night I lost my virginity, that too to a woman who was 10 casino şirketleri years older to me. She taught me many things, but I had also seen many porn movies, and read many books to know what a woman likes. Maybe she was hot, or sex starved, but I made her get an orgasm 3 times, using only my mouth and tongue ALL over, before I even entered her. She remembers this even today, and I can never forget her, for helping me lose my virginity.

This gave me the courage to find good female Chinese friends who were interested in sleeping with me. Understand one thing: first they were friends, and then they approached me slowly with casual hints. Never was there any discussion of money or favors, they just liked me. Usually, it started with going out for dinner, and then they knew I liked cooking, so they would say they wanted me to cook for them. When they came to my house, we usually opened a bottle of wine, and had dinner, while chatting or watching a movie. Then, it would get late, so I would suggest they could stay over if they were worried about going home late. I think they planned it, because they would bring a toothbrush!

By that time, we would be sitting close, or watching some nice adult movie, so it was natural to start kissing. Sometimes, I would think I am very charming, but later I would realize that the woman also wanted it! Anyway, what made me happy was that they normally would not do this; I found out later it was only with me. That made me feel good too, as if I was chosen!

The next stage was having a bath together, which is always good fun. Imagine someone else massaging soap over you, the skin was so slippery when our bodies rubbed together! Because Chinese casino firmaları women were so short compared to my 6’2”, and they are so light, the enjoyment was always greater for me. This also gave both of us confidence to do what I am describing below.

After the bath, we would rush to the bedroom, as both would be aroused so much. At this stage, the woman would want me to enter her immediately, but I would never do it. Putting her on the bed, I would hold her hands to the side, then slowly begin kissing her. Starting at the lips, I would move to her neck, then her ears. Did you know the ears are the most sensitive in a woman’s body? Using only the tip of my tongue all around her ears, one after the other, which would usually bring her first orgasm. Then I would slowly move down to her chest and breasts. Here, again, I found gentleness always works. I would use my tongue gently, starting at the side of her breasts, then gently move to the center, with light touches. At the nipple, using only my tongue and lips (NEVER teeth), I would suck on both breasts, alternately. For women with big breasts, it is also good to bring both together and try to lick both together.

All this time, I am only holding her arms, and not touching her with any part of my body except my tongue. This increased the tension and made her more aroused than ever. After a few minutes at her breasts, I would slowly move my mouth down, over her belly button, then near her thighs. I would spread her legs, but avoid getting between them just now. Slowly, I would continue licking all the way down one leg, then slowly up the other leg. When I got to the center, I would continue licking around her vagina, without güvenilir casino touching it. This increased the arousal even more. By now, the woman had pulled up her legs, spread herself open, and begged me to enter! She would be holding my erect penis, and trying to pull me in, which I would not permit. At this point, when she is not expecting it, I suddenly put my tongue into her, and start sucking. This would give her an electric shock, and she would have at least two more orgasms!!

By now the woman would have moved around to take my penis in her mouth, and trying to suck me dry. When I am wet enough, and I know she is ready, I would slowly enter her. I had to be slow, as they are usually tight, even after having kids, and also, they said I was much bigger than normal. This I think is true, as I have compared with others, and I will tell you later, if you are still corresponding with me.

Because they were so small in size, I found it better if I lay on my back and they climbed on top. This way, the woman can set the pace, and the pressure that she likes, so now both can have an orgasm. The whole thing took at least 30 – 45 min, and I made absolutely sure she was always satisfied first. This way, she would always come back when she needed some real good fun!

In all these, I have always used a condom. This is simple protection, to prevent pregnancy, as the women were clean, I am 100% sure! After all they are my good friends. Even then, every time I went to India, I have had a complete checkup done, and as of today, I have no problems.

That describes the general method I have used, which has always worked. I really don’t know how I got the courage to write it down, but I have done it, and I think I will publish it on the web!!!!

I don’t know how you are going to react to this, and what you are going to respond, but it will be interesting to see. Only one woman has described her experiences before, and she is still a good friend.

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