My Aunt Barb Ch. 04

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When Barb moved to Portland I had no idea my life would undergo such a dramatic change. Looking back, I saw myself just living a routine existence, getting married, having children. I don’t believe that would have been living life as I was meant to live it.

When I began making love to Ping it was just that, love. I know that sounds odd but it wasn’t just sex to me. I’d only met her a few hours earlier, maybe it wasn’t Ping herself that I was falling in love with. It was the idea that I was in charge of what I was doing. I could get what I wanted and not have to satisfy someone else before getting what I wanted. The pleasure I received made me want to return the favor. No, arguments, no negotiating and I didn’t feel guilty at all.

I think there’s an abyss between feeling wanted or desired, like a new toy at Christmas you’ve been craving for and the feeling that you’re a familiar stuffed animal, always there, comfortable and safe. I definitely had that desired feeling with Ping.

I’d caught my breath from the wonderful intense orgasm Ping had just given me. The slight intoxication I felt with the wine had now been replaced with an intense feeling of desire to please the woman who now lay naked next to me.

I swallowed hard still a bit unsure if I could reciprocate the pleasure. I was under no pressure to do so. I was going to try regardless because I wanted to not because I had to. I nuzzled her neck to build up my courage. I was about to do something I’d never thought possible. I continued kissing down her svelte body, my lips paused at her breasts for a brief interlude of sucking and teasing. I actually enjoyed her nipples in my mouth. It was fun playing with them and seeing her reaction as she delighted in my experimenting.

She squirmed a bit encouraging me with her moans and whispers of compliments on my expertise. I was doing something right. As my confidence grew so did my lust for her. Traveling down her, I again stopped. I was thinking about what I was about to do when I should have just followed my passion. She must have felt it also, she placed her fingers in my hair drawing my hair up and out. She continued that for a few moments then gently pushed me down to the “promised land”.

I came back to life and focused on her body. The reluctance I briefly felt passed as I licked and kissed her sweet skin. Upon reaching her trimmed “landing strip” I heard a whispered, “Yes, my kitten” . That was all it took. I licked her landing strip as if I were a real kitten lapping up a bowl of sweet cream. My tongue then slipped easily into her wetness. My movement evoked a moan and a “YES” in Chinese, bahis firmaları I assumed. I was actually delighted with the taste which reminded me of tasting myself on her lips. It definitely wasn’t something I found disgusting.

She spread her toned long legs further apart allowing me full access to her. I placed one hand around her leg. The other reached up to massage her breast and play with her nipple. I sat up a bit so my tongue could dive deeper within her sweet folds. We both were getting worked up again. My sucking and mouthing her pussy was better than I imagined. Her warm juices flowed freely over my cheeks giving me a naughty feeling but, it was a good naughty.

Each time I pinched her nipple her sweetness met my face with a bit more enthusiasm. My tongue darted in and out of her, discovering a new passion within me. I savored her being with all of my senses. The feel of her body, the scent of our shared musk, the sounds of her arousal and the sight of me bringing her to climax was wonderful to me. Her arousal and encouragement fed the fire within me, I was ready to orgasm again and it felt fantastic.

I stiffened my tongue and inserted it in her like a small penis. Moving it inside, sliding it up and down, circles, every way I could possibly move it to bring her to climax. Her words weren’t always in English but I got the idea she was enjoying it.

I moved my hands back to my sides. I decided my tongue might not be enough for my jade princess so I placed one finger next to my tongue. The other hand flat on the bed. I inserted my index finger slowly under her hood near her clit. I heard a gasp and again something in Chinese. She planted her feet on the bed lifting her ass in the process. In a deep primitive voice she asked me to go lower. I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. I gently removed my finger from her pussy. Her response was another “lower”. I kept it against her body tracing her skin with my fingertip. I was guiding it to her rosebud which seemed like what she wanted.

When my finger brushed over it, her whole body shuddered. I massaged it as I continued slurping at her wetness. During one convulsion she blurted out, “inside, kitten please, inside.”

I did as instructed by my jade princess, pushing my moist digit through her opening. She gripped the sheets as if white knuckling a thrill ride at some amusement park. Her reaction confirmed that I had hit the spot. My tongue, along with my finger worked inside her like two pistons in a well oiled machine. I was about to send her to the same place she’d taken me a few minutes before and maybe a bit beyond.

I intensified kaçak iddaa my motions, getting closer and closer with each loving thrust. Suddenly, she arched her back, let out a yell and then sank back into the mattress panting and moaning. Her body convulsing with an intensity I’d never had felt myself. I gently removed my finger. My tongue slowed down to let her enjoy the waves of bliss coursing through her wonderful body. Despite my lack of experience I had managed to duplicate if not exceed the ecstasy she had brought to me.

I lay there, my face between her legs cheeks, drenched in her sweetness gently licking and kissing her pussy. She let out a small growl which made me giggle.

“Come kiss me please, sweet kitten. You are amazing with your first time.”

It felt good hearing her say that, I hurriedly joined her, delighted at what I had just accomplished. Never in my life had I ever thought I’d make love to another woman. Here I had done it and done it well.

We lay there for a few minutes just cuddling. When one of us did speak it was to praise the other at how delicious we felt. We eventually dozed off secure in each others arms. When we woke, the candles had been extinguished and the sun was illuminating the room through a gap in the curtains. We kissed each other good morning. We lay there recalling the bliss we both experienced softly kissing and reminiscing.

Barb must heard us because she opened the door to peek in. “Ladies, you’re welcome to use my shower if you like. It’s much bigger than the guest one. There are croissants and coffee ready when you feel like it.”

In the back of my mind I was half expecting Barb to join us. It was a fun thought and I laughed to myself for thinking it. Last night a sheltered, naive, and straight Katherine had overnight become not only a little less naive but bisexual and a little less sheltered.

Barb didn’t join us, she gave us time together to talk which was very considerate of her. We took her up on her offer of coffee and croissants after we showered together. I grinned when I passed Barb’s unmade bed and saw the massager half covered. She is one naughty lady and I love her to pieces. We spent a long time in the shower soaping each other, talking and just being naked together. It was a very liberating and thrilling experience.

Ping apologized for not being able to stay the rest of the weekend. She had to pack and catch a flight back to China. Barb was going to join her on Monday along with the other clients who had other plans the night before. I made sure she knew it was alright and that I understood.

After Ping left, I sat down kaçak bahis and had a long talk with Barb. She explained to me that she wasn’t pimping me out to Ping. The contracts had already been signed, sealed and delivered. She knew of Ping’s interest in women and our coupling was just serendipitous. I thanked her for the information because it was in the back of my mind. I told her about the lack of progress with Michael she didn’t offer any advice. She told me after last night she didn’t think I should settle for him. That I had a huge wonderful world open to me to explore and I should take advantage of it. She made sense once again. I needed to have it out with him. I had discovered a new world with Ping. It was good and I wanted more.

She told me she would be there for me and whatever I decided to do, she still loved me. Barb gave me a ride home and I spent the rest of the weekend pondering how I was going to deal with Michael. There weren’t any texts or voice mails from him which helped make my decision that much easier.

I waited until he did call and told him we needed to talk. We met the next Wednesday night at his favorite sports bar. I told him I just didn’t feel “us” anymore, he was shocked. He didn’t get upset but he focused on the sex issue. I told him that it was only part of the problem. I felt like I was in a rut and that I needed time apart. He reluctantly agreed so we parted as friends. I told my parents about our breakup. Dad took it worse than mom, he liked Michael and didn’t understand my reasoning (I didn’t tell him the sex part ) for ending it. Mom consoled me as best she could before going back to the hospital to another sick child.

When Barb got back from China we had another long talk. I updated her on my life, the discussion with Michael and my parents reactions. She listened like she always does and then out of the blue offered me a job.

She had a contract all ready for me to sign as an independent contractor. I would be paid almost twice what I made as a teacher. I would go to various parts of the Pacific rim, inspecting her satellite offices and help the employees learn English.

It’s been over a year since this change occurred. I can happily say it’s worked out well. I’ve moved in with Barb occupying one of the guest rooms. We have separate rooms so when mom comes over she doesn’t know I occasionally share Barb’s bed. I date men and women who actually interest me now and they are interested in me. I refuse to settle and just be comfortable anymore.

Barb is still a bit of a perv at times and it’s not a bad thing. I’ve learned quite a bit sexually which has been extremely fun. She knows some VERY interesting people in Portland and in Asia. Ping and I see each other when we’re in country and we’re always texting. I love my new life and I owe it all to my Aunt Barb who really isn’t my aunt.

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