My Big Brother – Part 4

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My Big Brother – Part 4
The story so far:

It’s fair to say my relationship with my ‘big’ brother had changed considerably over the last couple of weeks. It had taken a distinct turn a couple of weeks back, when he’d sneaked into my room…
…and introduced me to my first experience of a real live cock. I’d had mixed feelings, a mixture of guilt and excitement. On his next visit to my room ……Neil had introduced himself to my breasts. This subsequently led to my first experience of a boy ejaculating. The thrill of watching that sticky white fountain shooting out of my brother’s cock and the feel of his hot sperm, dribbling over my fingers, had triggered something in me. My inner lust had been awakened.

While I’d felt what we were doing was wrong, on so many levels, the taboo nature of these encounters had been truly intoxicating.

Although Neil had been the instigator, I now found myself directing our carnal encounters. It’d been my turn to introduce him to the mysteries and delights that lay hidden between a girl’s legs…

Part 4

So, there was my big brother, standing next to the bath, in which I lay naked, elated and still reeling, from my first orgasm at the hands of a boy.

I drew myself up onto my knees. Neil’s shorts resembled an old-fashioned tent, and I wanted to get to the pole that was stretching the fabric so tight. I leant over the side of the bath and pulled the waistband of his shorts towards me. His breaths grew louder as I pulled them over his rigid cock, inch by throbbing inch. I finally drew them over the tip releasing his huge dick in all its glory.

I loved how it looked. Neil groaned loudly, as I wrapped both hands around the length. I loved how it felt. I allowed my fingers to explore his throbbing shaft and his shiny helmet.
When, I ran my fingertips around the rim of his helmet, he gasped with pleasure.
“Oh, Christ! That feels good”, he panted.
I listened for his responses, reacting to his moans and groans of delight. illegal bahis

I wanted more, but wasn’t sure how far I should go, or for that matter how far Neil wanted me to.
I stared up at him. He stared down at me, glassy eyed, he looked as intoxicated as I felt, probably more. I suspected he’d probably be open to anything at that moment.

At this point, I still retained some semblance of self-control. What I was contemplating would be taking things to a whole new level. True, jerking your brother off is not something every girl does, but I suspect it’s not THAT uncommon. Allowing him to finger my pussy, was I reckoned, on about the same level of naughtiness. However, sucking him off… That would be properly depraved. However, that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

I lifted a hand to my mouth and licked his sticky precum from my fingers. It tasted salty. I liked it.

I licked my lips, suggestively.
“Mmmm…tasty”, I declared, carefully gauging Neil’s reaction.

He smiled and stepped closer. His cock hovered invitingly a few inches from my face. A long silk like strand of glistening pre-cum dangled from the tip. I leant forward and caught the dribble on my tongue, slowly lifting my head and gathering up the thread. With an upward flick of my tongue I licked the remainder from the base of is engorged helmet.

He placed his hand on my hair and gently pressed the end of his pulsating penis against my lips. I didn’t really know what to do. I heard about this kind of thing, but wasn’t sure whether to lick, suck or what. In truth It didn’t really matter. I wrapped my lips around Neil’s fat cock and slid it greedily in and out of my mouth. “Oh, fuck, Annie I’m gonna cuuu…” a gush of hot, sticky liquid filled my mouth.

Astonished, I jerked backwards and lifted my head, cum dribbling down my chin.
“Shit!” He moaned, spurting his mess uncontrollably. Apart from getting a good mouthful, most of which I swallowed, my face, neck and shoulders were spattered with sperm.

“That was quick!” I laughed wiping my face with a flannel. Neil looked embarrassed.
“Sorry.” He mumbled. “I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth.
“It’s ok” I reassured bedava bonus veren siteler him, “I wanted you to…though maybe not straight away!”
“I couldn’t help it, I tried to stop myself.” He explained.

I continued to wipe his cum from my body. There was a lot of it.
Still better here where I could wash it off, than all over my bedroom carpet like last time.

“So how was it?” I asked.
“Unbelievable” He replied. “I just wish I hadn’t cum so soon”
“Yeah, you really need to learn some self-control”. I agreed.
“Well Maybe if you try agian I’ll last longer”. He responded, running his fingers suggestively over his semi-hard cock.
“I don’t think so!” I snorted. He was already already going hard again.
“Awww, go on, you know you want to”.
He was right, I did want to, but it wasn’t all I wanted.
“Hmmm… I don’t know”, I smiled “I suppose I could…If…”
“If what?” He asked.
“Well, I want you to do something for me in return”. I shivered. The water was getting cold, although they were more likely more shivers of excitement.

“Pass me a towel”. Neil grabbed one and handed it to me.
I wrapped it around myself and stepped out of the bath.
I walked towards the door, still dripping wet. And I don’t just mean with bath water! I could feel my pussy juice oozing from between my engorged lips and rolling down my inner thigh.

“So…what do you want me to do?” He asked eagerly.
“Follow me and you’ll find out”. I opened the bathroom door and made my way to my bedroom.
I began to dry myself. I tingled all over, as the towel brushed my erect nipples, making them even harder. Neil watched intently, expectantly. I loved the way he was staring at my body, his eyes filled with lust.
I wiped every inch of myself dry, well, not quite every inch. I avoided my pussy which was literally dripping, not because I didn’t want to get sticky cunt juice on my nice clean towel, but because I’d thought of a much more interesting way of mopping them up.
I sat down on the edge of my bed and opened my legs.

The hot, sticky juices that had welled up between my legs were visibly trickling from my aching, hot vagina.

“Come yatırımsız deneme bonusu here.” I demanded.
Neil stepped towards me, more than willingly.
“Did you enjoy having your cock sucked?” I asked.
“What do you think?” He breathed heavily.
“So, do you want me to suck it again?” I smiled.
“God, yeah!”
Take your shorts off then, I instructed him. He slipped them down. My pussy tingled and pulsed.
“Come closer.” I whispered.
He took a step nearer and guided his throbbing pole towards my mouth.
“Not yet!” I said sharply. He looked disappointed.
“You said you’d do something for me”, I reminded him.
“Sure, what? Anything you want”. He replied desperately.
“Kneel down!”
He did as I instructed.
“Lick my pussy!” I ordered him.
He leant forwards and cautiously pressed the tip of his tongue against my hot, swollen cunt.
A surge of electricity coursed through my body. He began to explore the glistening, velvety folds of flesh.
“Mmmmm, you taste great”. His words were intoxicating, the feeling of his tongue caressing my engorged, fleshy mound, heavenly. I eased my lips apart, so his tongue slipped between my puffy, pink lips. He responded by probing deeper. As my groans of pleasure intensified, his licking became more frenetic.
“Slow down” I told him.
I adjusted my position, sliding myself downwards slightly, gyrating my hips, pushing my clit against his tongue.
“Oh my God, yes, that’s it, lick me right there”, I gasped.
Neil, feasted on my pussy, greedily lapping up my juices.
It was ecstasy! I’d fantasied many times about having my pussy licked and wondered how it would feel. But I’d never anticipated my brother would be the one to fulfil my longing. I’d certainly had no idea just how good it would be.

Then I came. I don’t know how long my orgasm lasted, but I went into spasm after spasm, juddering and tensing, my pelvis thrusting upwards uncontrollably. It’s a wonder I didn’t give Neil whiplash! He stayed between my legs, riding the multiple waves of intense pleasure, coursing powerfully through me. When the mini earthquake between my thighs had finally subsided, I pushed his head gently away.
He looked up at me, grinning uncontrollably.
“Wow, Sis, that was so fucking hot!” he panted.
“So, how did I taste? Did you like it?” I enquired, genuinely keen to know.
He licked his lip. “Delicious!”
“Good.” I smiled, contentedly. “Now, then…”, I continued. ”I think it’s my turn to do something for you.

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