My Cairo Wedding

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My name is Hira. I was born in Cairo in 1985 and lived a comfortable upper-class life. My father had a big business and I was considered a good catch. I was very good-looking and I had finished high school. I couldn’t find a good job and I wasn’t academic. Just after my 18th birthday my mother told me that she had found a nice boy to be my husband. I told her that I was not really interested but she then went on to describe that he was 24, he was a graduate in engineering and had a good job and that his father was a very important general in the army.

We agreed to meet him and our families met over cups of tea and delicious cakes. I met Mohammed for a few moments with the whole group and then it was suggested that I go into another room and talk with him to see if I liked him. We talked for a while and then we came back in and everybody looked at us but I didn’t say anything. I went outside to talk with Mohammed again for a long time and this time I decided that he would probably be a good husband. When we came back and announced our decision, there was much happiness.

My mother contacted his mother and told me there was a problem. His mother said that she was very happy for the wedding to go ahead but only on one condition – that I was a virgin. She wanted a certificate of virginity before the wedding. I resisted but finally I gave in. I didn’t want somebody looking at my pussy.

My mother took me to an expensive clinic which specialised in doing this for the upper classes of Cairo. I went to the clinic and Dr Abbas who was a handsome young man came and talked to me. He asked me if I knew what was going to happen and I told him that I knew and that I wasn’t very happy about it. He said he would have to examine me because he would have to give a certificate that I was still a virgin. I went into a little dressing cubicle and put on a blue gown and came back and he sat me down onto what I now know is a gyno chair. I had to lie down with my head down and my knees up and over some stirrups so that he could look directly where my bottom was. He asked me to open my lips and separate them very widely so that he could look into my vagina. He said that I was definitely a virgin which I already knew.

I asked him how come he was doing this without a nurse present and he replied, “Sometimes the ladies prefer to see me alone. You would be amazed at the number of young women who are about to get married and they have no idea what sex is all about. They weren’t taught at school and their mothers won’t tell them so when they get here they want to talk to me and they must feel embarrassed because they don’t want the nurse to be here. They must trust me more than they trust nurses.”

“Oh. Now I understand. Well I don’t know much about sex either. I just know that my husband is going to push his penis into me and hopefully I will enjoy the experience. Is there something else I should know?”

“Actually a lot. Do you know what this is?”

“Is it what I think it is?”

“I am sure you know what it is.”

“I last saw one when my little brother was six or seven. It was nothing that size. It was the size of my finger.”

“Well they grow. Normally they are soft but they get hard like this when the husband is going to make love. This is average size.”

“You mean he’s going to push something like that into me?”

“Yes. That’s why I am showing you. Many Egyptian wives become so frightened when they see their husband for the first time that they freeze up completely. So many Egyptian marriages fail because the wife develops vaginismus – she can’t open up enough to let the husband enter her. Most Egyptian wives know nothing about sex before they are married. They teach you everything and nothing at high school. Your mothers won’t talk to you.”

“Well I never expected that. Are you serious? Is that really going to fit inside me? Are you sure?”

“Yes I am sure. Millions of Egyptian wives enjoy having their husband enter them every night but you have to know how. If you lie back in the chair I will show how to use this.”

Dr Abbas pressed a switch and there was a buzzing noise. “You hold it and touch yourself just there.”

Hira gave a reflexive start, “Wow.” This was the highlight of Dr. Abbas’ work. He loved to see virgin girls in his gyno chair being touched with a vibrator on their clitorises for the first time. Inside he was a pervert. He touched my clitoris with his finger briefly. I am sure he wanted to see my reaction. I am sure he does that with all the girls who come in.

“It’s exactly the same shape and size as Mohammed is likely to be. I want you to just push it in just a little bit and then stop. I want you to see there is no problem in something that size pushing into you.”

“You’re right. It feels good too.”

“That’s enough for today. Tell Mohammed I want him to come and see me before the wedding so that I can make sure he knows what he’s doing and I’ll give him this thing – it’s called a vibrator. Here’s a little book you will find handy.”

A casino şirketleri week later. “Ah Mohammad, I’m so glad you came.”

“Hira told me that I would learn a lot and help to make our marriage a happy one.”

“That’s right. I presume you’ve never been with a woman before.”

“Never. It’s very hard in Egypt to get information that you can trust so I am very happy to learn from you.”

“Hira is very beautiful and I’m sure she’ll make you happy. The most important thing is to make sure that she enjoys sex from the beginning. I’ve made a pink silicon model of a woman’s bottom. When you first look at it, it’s all closed up and you can’t see anything. When I pull the lips apart like this, everything is revealed. There are only really two things that you need to know about. See this little thing sticking out at the top here – that’s for pleasure and when you rub it Hira will love it and it will get hard and make her get wet down here. That’s where you’re going to put your penis. Don’t try to put it in until she is wet and then push slowly. It might hurt a little bit at first but just keep pushing until you’re in. Gently and slowly, okay? Make sure you play with her breasts.”

“I think I understand.”

“There is one other point. You can make love to Hira when she is lying on her back or you can make love from behind. You can do whatever you like but I always suggest that with Egyptian girls, who are so ignorant of anything to do with sex, that you do it first time from behind. The main reason is that if she is on her back she can see what you are going to push into her and she gets a little afraid. Sometimes a lot. When you go from behind, she can’t see what’s happening and is probably more relaxed. For most girls it’s a big surprise to see their husband’s penis for the first time. You are used to it. For her it is enormous. I’ll give you an example. I can give you an injection with this little modern needle or I can give you an injection with this old hypodermic syringe. You’re not afraid of the little needle, are you? Now you understand. Good luck. When Hira was here I showed her this vibrator and showed her what to do with it. Take it. Good luck.”

There was a magnificent reception at a large Cairo hotel. All through the meal Hira kept thinking to herself – this is all about me and my pussy. All my life, I never talk about it. All my life, nobody talks about it. And right now, it is the centre of attention – they’re all thinking about it. How can something that is not important one minute be so important the next?

After the reception Hira and Mohammed went to the bridal suite. Hira could hear her mothers and sisters and aunts calling out “good luck” and “congratulations” but she knew that what they were really thinking was, “I hope Mohammad is gentle and doesn’t hurt her too much.” She would never have thought it but most of the men in the room were wishing they could have been standing in Mohammed’s place in pushing their dicks into the beautiful pussy of the beautiful bride.

Hira walked into the bathroom knowing that within minutes she would change from being a girl into a woman. That’s what this whole wedding was about – the sanctifying of Mohammed’s access to her virgin pussy. Before the wedding her mother had helped to buy the wedding gown and the silk nightgown with matching panties. There had been a lot of discussion about the colour and the appearance but she was wondering whether she should be wearing panties or not. They were like a security blanket preventing unwanted fingers from getting close to what had to be protected at all costs but in all her life not one boy had even got close to her and kissed her for that matter. Certainly they would have to come off, but should she be wearing them at all? In the end she decided to wear panties – they would be symbolic that she would not be throwing herself at Mohammed. He would have to take them off.

Hira came out from the bathroom dressed in a beautiful short silk nightgown to be met by Mohammed in a white cotton robe. She drew him to her and kissed him while his hands felt the softness of her breasts through the silk. Hira purred and somehow turned the lights off. Her older sister had told her that having sex from behind was really good and she wanted it too. She was also relieved that she would not have to expose her sex to Mohammed. It was not that she was ashamed but that she just wasn’t used to doing such a thing.

Mohammed lifted her nightgown over her head and twisted her around while playing with both breasts at the same time and tweaked her nipples. He reached for her panties and eased them down. She instinctively placed her hands on the bed to support herself while she could feel Mohammed probing around to find the entrance to her vagina. Hira did not understand much but she knew that it was her duty and destiny to be a wife and mother and that meant offering her vagina to Mohammed for his pleasure.

Hira reached around and opened her lips and guided the tip of his penis to its destination. Mohammed casino firmaları could feel from the heat and the wetness that he was almost there. Hira was glad that Dr Abbas had made her test the opening to her vagina and prove that Mohammed could fit. He pulled her body to him slowly and millimetre by millimetre pushed in until his penis had completely disappeared inside. Instinctively he began to pump in and out slowly until he felt the impending explosion and spurted his semen into her waiting body.

“Was that good? Did you feel any pain?”

“No. You were wonderful. It’s very late. I’m tired. We can sleep and do it again in the morning.”

The soft warmth of the morning sun beamed through the windows and Hira woke to see Mohammed standing next to the bed looking down at her naked body. She beamed to see her beautiful husband and looked for the first time at his stiff penis. The doctor was right. The little pink vibrator he showed her was almost the same size and shape. She rolled over on her back and it was then that Mohammed realised that the little pink model he had seen with the doctor wasn’t a true representation of his wife’s bottom. Hira’s had hair on it and plenty of it.

Mohammed wasn’t displeased with what he saw – he just wasn’t expecting it. In fact it excited him somehow. The smell of sex was heavy in the air even though he didn’t recognise it, but it still excited him.

“You look surprised?”

“Dr. Abbas showed me a silicon model of what your bottom would look like – it was all pink and didn’t have hair on it like yours.”

“Don’t you like it? All women look like this.”

“It’s much more exciting and mysterious when it has hair. Your hair is beautiful flowing down your back and these small, curly hairs are just as beautiful. They are telling me that in the middle of this forest I shall find Paradise. I found it last night and it’s still there, waiting for me.”

His erection was beginning to grow impatient and he was somehow propelled along the path to inserting it once again. Hira lay on her back and opened her legs and separated her lips so that he could now see what the doctor had shown him. Hira was dark and hairy on the outside and pink on the inside. He remembered to rub that little pleasure spot at the top and Hira responded to his every move with little facial gestures that signified that she was enjoying what he was doing. She was watching all the time as his erect penis was getting closer and closer to entering. She knew now that it could easily fit and how enjoyable it was and she wanted it in right now. Her arms reached up and pulled Mohammed’s body to hers.

All the preparations that had been going on with high-intensity for the past few weeks culminating in the wedding, and now with the whole point of everything, was being enacted right now, at this very moment, when Mohammed’s penis was in Hira’s vagina. The sheer wonder of it all had not completely gone, and in those few seconds while it slipped in and then the feeling of movement gave her time to reflect on the fact that this was her destiny, her role in the continuation of life itself. The movement in and out was not all that amazing but the general feeling of bliss had taken over her body. Mohammed did not last long and she felt the twitches from his penis inside her vagina as he released his semen into her. She could feel him getting soft and could feel that he was involuntarily trying to exit but she kept him there so that she could enjoy the feeling.

“Dr Abbas said he was going to give you something for me. Did he remember?”

“Yes he gave it to me. I put it under the pillow. Here it is. Do you know what to do with it?”

“Yes. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable. I’d like to sit up.”

Somehow they manoeuvred that she was sitting in his lap resting on his thighs while his now fully erect penis was still inside her. Hira kept kissing him while his hands massaged her breasts.

“You turn it on like this and then you touch the little button down here and it feels so good. You take it and do it. Oh wow. Can you feel the vibrations too? It feels so good. I can feel you getting stiff too. Just move it a little up and down. Just a little more. I’m nearly there. How does that feel? Aaaargh!”

Her body shook and at the same moment Mohammed came again. They looked into each other’s eyes in amazement and wrapped their arms around each other. Who knows how long they stayed in that position before Hira said, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

She extracted herself and covered her bottom with her hand as she ran into the bathroom. You didn’t want to leave any evidence to the cleaning staff that you had been having sex. This was after all the bridal suite.

“You can come in too. I want to wash you.”

Mohammed came into the bathroom. He was not religious but one thing he had been told was that in Islam it was obligatory to wash yourself after sex. Hira knew it too. She also knew that men preferred to squat when they peed because they didn’t want to touch their güvenilir casino penis.

“I know you don’t like to touch yourself but I like to touch your penis. I like it very much. I’m going to wash it now. My mother took me to a perfume shop and the man made up a special perfume for me and one for you. I hope you like it.”

Hira took his penis in her hand and washed it with a warm washer and then she washed herself and sprayed them both with perfume.

“Dr Abbas gave me a little booklet and I read it and one of the things I’ve been dying to do is what he calls 69. Now that we’re both clean we can do it and I can have a good look at your penis. Let’s go back to the bed. Ring the Front desk and tell them we want to stay until tomorrow. Now we’ve got all day and we can take it slowly.”

The interests of lust having been temporally satisfied, it was time for curiosity to take over.

“Lie down on the bed and relax.”

Hira might have thought that she could take command but Mohammed had other ideas and without words had her lying on her back with her legs apart and his face in close proximity to her pussy. He needed to understand better what this mysterious part of her body looked like and how it functioned.

Hira was a little reluctant to be examined like this but her reluctance was overcome by the fact that in the short space of just a few days, she had changed from being an 18-year-old nobody, who nobody listened to or took any notice of, to someone who was now a Princess in the eyes of her husband and now the sole object of his attention. Her status in life had changed for the better and if Mohammed wanted to examine her, that was his privilege. She would soon examine him.

Her eyes focused on the ceiling as Mohammed riffled through her curly hairs and his finger turned its attention to her clitoris. He poked here and he poked there and his finger descended down to her vagina and gently pushed in.

“Did you forget that thing that the doctor gave you?”

“Yes. Stupid me. Now would be a good time to use it, wouldn’t it?”

Hira waited expectantly for the magic machine and for the pleasure that was going to descend very soon onto her little button. She recalled with pleasure, in just those few seconds, when the doctor did it, how enjoyable it was. She heard the buzzing and a few seconds later the most delicious sensations were coursing through her body. They were much greater intensity than anything she had been able to do with own finger and within a short time her hips and lower body seemed as if they were in the grip of the devil. Hira instinctively grabbed for it and pushed it into her vagina until the last spasm had gone. She looked exhausted but wasn’t. She pulled Mohammed down and kissed him.

“It’s my turn.”

She turned the tables on Mohammed in a flash and he was on his back with his erect penis pointing to the ceiling. Hira was not quite sure how to approach this really interesting object in front of her. It seemed obvious that the best way to start was to hold and that way she could feel just how hard it was and get an understanding of what it was. She was surprised at just how hard it was and how unbending. When it was erect like this it only had one function and that was to be able to push right inside her body and make her pregnant.

“Can you can pee when you are hard like this?”

“No. Only when it’s soft.”

The examination continued and finally she did what Mohammed was hoping she would do, she gently lowered her lips around it and began to suck. It was on the document that the doctor had given her and it seemed so natural to do and best of all it was giving Mohammed pleasure and her pleasure at the same time. She manoeuvred her bottom around so that it was on top of Mohammed’s face. Hira put her mouth over his penis and gently turned her bottom so that it was positioned right over his mouth.

“Lick me on that little button while I suck you.”

Delicious sensations were coming from everywhere. A sixth sense warned her that he was about to come. She could feel the stiffening in his penis and the penny dropped. He would come in her mouth. Oh no!! In an extraordinary feat of gymnastics Hira leapt up, turned 180 degrees and lowered her vagina on his penis which exploded on contact. She bobbed up and down until the last spasm, until the last drop had been pumped into her. It felt good. Very good. Her vagina had no time to ready itself for the sudden penetration and even though she was very wet, it felt very different. Mohammad lay there with a smile on his face, like the cat that has just swallowed a canary.

It was time to eat. Hira cleaned up and got dressed. Mohammad watched her every move. It was the first time he had ever seen a woman get dressed and he watched her every move as she poured her breasts into her bra and then pulled her panties up. He then got dressed and it was Hira’s turn to watch as his limp long penis was tucked into his underpants. Her mind kept bringing up images of little boys that she had seen years ago. They had skin covering their dicks. Not like Mohammad. His was now long and brown with a nice shiny pink tip designed to open her up and penetrate her inner heaven. Much more beautiful and even more beautiful when it was long and hard.

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