My Ex Nicole

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Nicole and I had dated in college. It had been a very up and down relationship. We had both just gotten out of a relationship at the time and she in particular was reluctant to put her full effort into the relationship for fear of getting hurt. I, on the other hand, went into it with a full effort, which caused me to be the one who was hurt in the end.

Things ended badly between us – we both said some hurtful things – but we were able to eventually move beyond those things and remain friends. And even though we both knew that a relationship could never work out between us, we both still found ourselves attracted to each other.

Nicole is 26, about 5’8” tall, brown hair and eyes, smallish breasts and strong legs from all of her years playing competitive sports. I have always loved athletic women and this type of body was the norm. Sometimes taller, sometimes shorter, but always a strong lower body – I loved it! I am 29, 6’3”, brown hair and blue eyes and also an athletic body.

Nicole and I began texting or IMing one another when we were drunk. It started out as a once in awhile thing, but slowly turned into a ritual any time one of us was drunk and/or lonely. This lead to some interesting exchanges, but for one reason or another we never seemed to put our words into action.

One night I was out with some friends at a strip club when Nicole texted me. She asked what I was doing and I answered her honestly, expecting her to reply somewhere along the lines of “oh, ok, have fun” and that would be that. But when her reply came through I had to take a second look:

“Oh cool! Which one? Can I come join you?”

Now, I love a good guys night, but if you have ever had the pleasure of being in a strip club with an attractive woman by your side you know it is quite the treat. The dancers love putting on an extra show for a woman instead of the usual drunk guy that just wanted to grind on them hoping they could go home together. I told her of course she could come!

About 30 minutes later, Nicole showed up. She had done her hair, had on a halter top with a push up bra to show off some cleavage and a jean skirt with short heels on. She looked like she was one of the dancers showing up late. Every guy in the club, my friends included starred at her as she walked directly towards me and sat down in my lap.

We sat in the chair next to the stage drinking beer with her sitting on me. She kept commenting on the strippers and how sexy they were and how she wished she had their bodies. Between the strippers themselves, Nicole talking about them, and her constantly shifting in my lap, I was beginning to get excited. Nicole knew this and began to move her ass around on my hardening cock.

“Are you going to use that thing on me later, or just tease me with it now?” she asked me rhetorically.

We stayed at the club for about another two hours with Nicole teasing me the entire time. She would arch her back so I could see down her shirt, move my hand so it was rubbing up and down her legs and shift her ass back and forth, especially when I commented on liking a particular stripper. She also took liberties with her beer bottle, inserting the top into her mouth before taking a drink.

Finally everyone decided to leave and we got up and left the club. I was pretty drunk by then and there was no way I could drive home. I asked aloud if anyone could give me a ride. Before anyone else could offer, Nicole offered up her taxi services for me. I looked at the guys who all smiled and said they would see me later and they walked to their cars or to find cabs. Nicole grabbed me by the arm and pulled me with her to her car.

We got in and Nicole leaned straight across and kissed me full on the lips, which I of course reciprocated. We made out in her car like high schoolers for about 10 minutes before Nicole asked where I wanted her to take me – home for the night or her place for a “night cap.” We both knew the answer and she started the engine.

“You know, I don’t have any panties on tonight,” she informed me. She then lifted her hips slightly off her seat and pulled her skirt up just a little. This gave me a view güvenilir bahis of her pussy while still being covered up to someone on the side of her car. “Once we get onto the freeway I want you to finger me until we pull into my driveway.”

We reached the freeway and I moved my left hand across her lap and plunged my finger into her soaking wet pussy. “Oh my god, I wanted you to do that in the club so badly!” I slipped my fingers in and out of her for the duration of the short 10 minute drive. A SUV even drove past us at one point, noticed what was going, and slowed down to pull along side of us and watch. When he nearly swerved off the road he sped up to head home.

We pulled into her driveway and I removed my fingers from her slit. “Have you ever tasted yourself before?” I asked her. She shook her head “no” and I moved my outstretched finger to her mouth. She opened up and sucked my finger into her mouth, tasting her own juices for the first time ever.

“What did you think?” I asked her.

“Not bad, I can see why you always wanted to eat me out when we dated. But just remember, what goes around comes around.” She got out of the car and started walking to her house.

I followed her inside and we practically ran to her bedroom. Nicole lived with her sister, Erica, and I assumed she didn’t want her little sister to know she was bringing someone home. We got into her room, shut the door behind us and dove into bed. I was laying down with Nicole straddling my lap and we resumed our make out session from earlier, our hands exploring every inch of the bodies we were once so familiar with. I pulled at the base of her shirt and Nicole raised her arms and broke off our kiss just long enough to let me slip the shirt above her head and off of her body.

She kissed me again and my hands moved to her breasts. Yes they were on the small side, but that never bothered me. She loved to have them played with and I loved obliging. I filled my hands with her breasts and I began to squeeze, caress and manipulate them. I pinched her left nipple between the middle finger and thumb of my right hand, which caused her to moan into my mouth. Its amazing how you can remember the things an old lover enjoyed even when it been years since you had been together.

Nicole broke the kiss. “Do you want to taste me now?” Without waiting for my reply she shimmied her skirt over her ass and above her hips. She walked on her knees from my waist up to my head and slowly lowered her drenched pussy above my face. I loved having my face sat on and I grabbed her ass and greedily put my mouth on her wet mound.

My tongue slipped between her labia and I moved it from the bottom of her lips to her clit. Nicole shuddered when I reached her clit and I went back to work. Nicole had actually never been a fan of giving or receiving oral sex when we dated and I used to have to beg her to let me do it. She came every time I went down on her and when I asked why she didn’t like it considering the outcome she just said it seemed dirty. Well, I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity and I hungrily lapped at her pussy. She tasted so sweet as my tongue swirled around her. When I held my tongue rigid and began to penetrate her slightly with it she began humping my face. I ate her out for about 5 minutes when she finally came on my face. As she came down from her orgasm I kept licking her juices, getting my fill as she shuddered above me.

Nicole finally moved off of my face, back down to my waist and kissed me. She could again taste herself on my lips as she made out with me and then stopped the kiss again. I raised my head and sucked one of her breasts into my mouth. I could feel her reach back and unzip my fly as she pulled my cock through the opening. Not even able to wait to remove my pants, Nicole moved back and plunged my dick inside of her. She began bouncing on my cock as I engulfed her breast into my mouth. She was only going part way down to make sure not to hit her pussy with the zipper of my fly, but she was moving at a pretty good pace. I reached down and undid the button and pulled my shorts down slightly. This gave her the ability to slide all the türkçe bahis way down onto my cock as she would now just bottom out on my soft boxer shorts. She realized this immediately and slid all the way down my cock to the hilt.

Nicole kept bouncing on top of me, taking my pole from the very tip all the way down to the base. I kept grabbing at her hips and waist, helping her with the rhythm. As she moved up and down on me, I reached and spread her ass cheeks apart. I inched my middle finger to her ass hole and began to rub it in circles around her brown hole. She gasped in pleasure.

“Has a guy ever touched you there before?” I asked her. “No,” came her reply.

“Do you like it?”

“Mmhmmm. Keep doing that.” And I did continue rubbing her hole. I moved my finger down along side my cock and coated it with her pussy juices before returning it to her puckered hole. I could tell Nicole was close to a second orgasm and this extra, new sensation was speeding that along. She came shortly after that and as her orgasm began I plunged the tip of my finger into her tight ass. As she tried to muffle the sounds of her orgasm so that her sister couldn’t hear her, I kept my finger still. With each subsequent thrust down on my cock, my finger slipped a little farther into her ass until it was at the second knuckle.

“Ok, I want to be on top now!” I demanded.

“Aren’t you ready to cum yet?” she asked? It was a good question. Normally there is no way I would have lasted through that orgasm, but when I am drunk, like I was then, I can last forever.

“Not yet,” I responded, “I love drunk sex!”

Nicole climbed off of me and laid down on the bed. I stood up and removed my shorts and boxers, which were soaked from her juices. She spread her legs and I climbed in between them. I propped myself up on my hands and Nicole grabbed my shaft and guided it into her pussy. We both watched as I entered her and slid all the way inside of her. And then as I pulled it back out. And again as I moved back in with a little more speed. Nicole and I both continued to watch as I slammed into her pussy.

I reached down and lifted Nicole’s right leg onto my shoulder and then did the same with her left. I quickened my pace as I fucked her as hard as I could. I wanted to cum, but was nowhere near ready. I rested my weight on my right shoulder and grabbed her ass with my left hand as I pumped in and out of her relentlessly. I kissed her, our tongues flying around in each other’s mouths, and she was practically screaming into my mouth as I fucked her as hard as I could. But I couldn’t keep my hips moving that fast for too long and slowed down my strokes and increased my depth, pushing as far into her as possible with each thrust. I put my middle finger back on her ass hole and began to rub it again.

“Do you want me to push it in again?”

“Uh huh.”

I pushed my finger back into her ass, again to the second knuckle. As I fucked her pussy, I also fingered her ass. Her butt hole loosened up and let the rest of my finger in. We had been fucking for 30 minutes and I just kept going, though slowing down as I began to tire. I felt Nicole grabbing my ass to pull me into her deeper, or so I thought. I felt her finger slip between my cheeks and she began rubbing circles around MY ass hole. And it felt wonderful! She kept rubbing me while I fucked and fingered her.

“Mmmmmm,” escaped my lips.

“Do you like my finger on your back hole, too?” she asked knowingly. “Yes,” I responded.

This continued another 5 minutes. I felt her pussy beginning to dry up a bit we had been screwing for so long.

“Is there anything I can do to help you cum?” she inquired.

“Let me fuck you in the ass; that should do the trick.” I never in a million years expected her to agree to this, but she did. “Ok.”

“Have you ever done anal before?” I asked. Nicole’s response: “No, but I had never had it fingered until tonight, either, so…”

I pulled out of her pussy and positioned my cock at the entrance of her ass that was spread out before on the bed; she was still on her back. I was expecting her to change her mind at any moment. güvenilir bahis siteleri I started to push but was met by strong resistance. After all, the only thing that has ever penetrated this hole was my finger, which is much skinnier than my cock. I kept pushing, but was getting nowhere. I moved back, dropped my face down there and stuck my tongue on her ass.

“What are you doing?” she asked, shocked.

I put my hands on her thighs so that she couldn’t lower her legs. “Just relax, this will feel good and help open you up.”

I moved back down and ate her ass. I loved the musky taste and tried to toss a girl’s salad any time they would let me. I had never met a girl that didn’t enjoy it if they would just relax about it. And Nicole relaxed and let me lick away. I ran circles around her brown hole and licked to my heart’s content. Her ass began to open and I pushed a finger in, quickly followed by a second. I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm, and usually I would have given it to her, but I wanted to fuck that ass.

I moved back up and she placed her legs back on my shoulders. I put my cock back at her back door entrance and began to push. There was still resistance, but I was making a little head way. Finally, as we both watched, I pushed harder and my head pushed through.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled, this time unable to muffle herself. “Fuck that hurts!”

I held it there for a minute her two, letting her get used to the size of her anal intruder, before I began pushing forward again. I bottomed out in her and immediately pulled back and then thrust forward. I knew she was in pain, but I didn’t care anymore. I began thrusting deep in her ass. I could tell she was getting used to it now and the pain was beginning to subside.

“How does it feel?”

“It hurts, but getting better. Not quite as bad as I imagined, but bad at first. FUCK!”

I started moving faster now. I could finally feel my nut building up and I wanted to fuck her ass good before I came. I felt her put her finger back on my hole and start to rub it again. This was only helping to increase the speed with which my orgasm was building. I kept pounding in and out of her tight, yet loosening ass. I slammed into her again and again and Nicole kept yelling, unable to control herself now. Her sister was definitely able to hear Nicole take her first ass fucking.

“Fuck, Nicole, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum deep inside your tight ass!” I yelled.

“No,” she responded, “not this time. Next time cum inside me. I want it in my mouth this time.”

I had never been allowed to cum in her mouth before, so I wasn’t going to pass up the chance. I pulled out of her ass with a plopping sound. I quickly moved my way up her body and aimed my dick at her mouth. She opened her mouth just in time as my first shot exploded from my cock and hit the back of her throat; then a second. Nicole moved her head up and wrapped her lips around my cock, milking it all out as I continued to spurt. She could undoubtably taste her own ass on my cock, too.

As soon as I was done cumming I collapsed on the bed and rolled onto my back. Nicole got on top of me again. She leaned in to give me a kiss. Hers lips met mine and as we parted our lips to French kiss, I felt something thick and warm spill into my mouth. She was snowballing me, making me eat my own cum! Nicole broke off the kiss to look at my reaction. It was half shock, half anger.

She began to talk, but it was garbled; there was still cum in her mouth!

“I told you, what goes around, comes around. You had me taste myself, you taste yourself. Open up, I have more.”

She was right, turn about is fair play. I opened my mouth and from a few inches above my face Nicole let more cum slowly drool from her mouth and we watched as it fell into mine. She stuck her tongue out and one drop remained. It dangled on the tip of her tongue until I fell into my waiting mouth.

“Swallow it! What are you waiting for?”

I then swallowed every drop of it and felt it slide slowly down my throat.

“Fuck, that’s hot! What did you think?” she asked.

“Not as bad as I thought it would be.”

“I can’t wait to fuck you again in the morning!”

“Can I fuck your ass again?” I asked.

“We’ll see. Whatever we do, I’m sure it’ll be fun!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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