My First DP

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My First DP

My day began early. I knew what was going to happen that evening and was VERY excited for it. I had been thinking about what I was going to do all week and there wasn’t a day that my panties weren’t wet from it. Just thinking about it made me cream my pants.

I got out of bed and went to cook breakfast. My lover was still asleep. I made a full meal: eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, pancakes, and waffles. My lover woke to the smell of them and immediately came into the kitchen. “Wow!” he exclaimed, “someone’s been up for a while.” We ate and decided to start our day.

This particular day was dedicated to outside work. We mowed the lawn, weeded the flowers, tended to the plants, and cleaned the pool. It was a great day. After we finished, my lover and I decided to cool off in the pool. That’s when I made my move.

“Lover, I want to do something tonight.”

“What do you want to do?” he replied.

“Well, I… I want to go out tonight.”

“Oh, ok. We can go out.”

I started moving toward him and in a shy voice said, “Well, that’s only part of it… I don’t just want to go out. I want to go to a bar and pick up a hot guy… I want to have a threesome tonight.” I could tell that I was beginning to blush.

“Wow! That’s different. I’m not sure what to say.”

As I reached out and touched his inner thigh with my hand I said, “Oh, come on. It’ll be really fun! You can watch this little slut of yours get fucked by two dicks!”

“Ok, I’ll give it a shot” he said.

I gave him a kiss and began to caress his dick. It started to get bigger and bigger. I began to stroke it, feeling it throb in my hand. It grew and grew. I wanted it so bad! I dipped under the water and took it into my mouth. It was so big and delicious; I could hardly get my mouth around it. I sucked on it for just a second before I had to come back up for air. As my head emerged from the water, he met me with a kiss. I could feel his hand sliding down my bikini shorts; ending up at my clit. “Ooo, that feels good. Keep it up! Ooo don’t stop!”

My lover picked me up and sat me on the edge of the pool. He stripped me of my bikini and began to lick my clit. “O, MY GOD!” I said in excitement. “That feels so fucking good!” He took a finger and started to fuck my pussy with it while he continued to use that tongue of his on my clit. I started to moan and could feel the urge and tingling sensation come over me. “You’re going to make me cum! You want to make this little slut cum? Ya, you want me to cum all over that finger of yours?… Oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Ya, that’s it, just like that! Do it! Make this little pussy cum! Make me cum for you!” I came all over him, I could feel my pussy juices escaping and it felt so good. I sat there, taking everything in.

I slid back down into the water and began stroking his dick again. “Ooo, your dick feels so big! I want to fuck it so bad! I want you to shove it in this little pussy and make me cum!” I didn’t need to say anything else. He quickly turned me around, bent me over the side of the pool, and began thrusting his cock inside me. It felt so good. I screamed in ecstasy as I came all over it. Again and again he made me cum, making me beg for more each time. I could feel him getting close and I came harder than ever as his dick spurted his seed within my pussy, filling it to the rim with his white juices. It became silent as we stayed still, feeling the rush of energy within us, filling our entire bodies with ecstasy.

A few minutes later, we decided to get out of the pool and go shower the chlorine off in the shower. “You go get in, I’ve got to do a couple things,” he said.

“Ok” I said and I went to go get in the shower. As I was washing my hair, I could hear my lover step into the bathroom. Before I knew it, he was getting in the shower with me. He took my sponge and started to wash my back. bahis firmaları It felt amazing. Then, my sponge fell to the floor and he began running his hands over my back and butt. Everywhere he touched began to tingle. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Next, his hands began to run down between my legs and I could feel his hand reach my pussy. He began to rub it back and forth, over my clit. His hand went down and I thought he was going to stick his fingers inside my tight hole and then I felt something much bigger.

His dick was being pushed deep inside me. Bigger than ever, I came right there; all over his dick. He kept pushing his dick in deeper and deeper, stretching my pussy to the max. It felt amazing! His dick felt so good and it made me cum over and over, climaxing harder each time. It began to throb inside me and I knew he was about ready to explode. “Cum inside me! Cum in this pussy! Make me cum with you! Cum honey, cum in this pussy! Dump your seed inside me! Cum on baby!” And then he came; I could feel his warm seed fill my pussy. I almost passed out! I could hardly stand the feeling of his seed being dumped inside me for a second time.

We held each other, letting the water from the shower fall on us. We stayed there for quite a while, saying nothing, but feeling everything. Having just enough strength to dry off, we fell into bed naked; and that’s where we stayed for about three hours.

As I woke up, I noticed that my lover was still asleep. I quietly got up, out of bed, and left my lover to sleep. I decided that I needed to start getting ready for my big night. I went and put on my sluttiest outfit! I was so excited! Then, I went and dolled up; putting on my makeup and fixing my hair. By then, my lover was starting to wake up.

“Wow! You look sexy!” he said.

“Ya, I’ve got to look sexy if we are going to get any action tonight!” I replied.

“I guess I better get ready.”

“Yes you should.” And he went to get ready. A few minutes later he was ready and we left for our night out on the town.

The local bar was hopping with people. As we entered, I could see hundreds of guys, and could imagine what each one had to offer. I was so wet! Having to choose a guy was like putting a kid in a candy store and telling them that they could only have one!

My lover and I sat down at one of the tables. “Are you sure you are up to this? I mean, It’s pretty scary” he said.

“I’m up for it! I can’t wait for tonight” I said.

“Ok, well than who are you going to choose.” I began to look around, looking at every man my eyes crossed. After a few minutes, I finally found a man that I wanted to try. I started looking at him, trying to get him to see me. Finally, we made eye contact. He winked at me, and I knew he saw me. I winked back and smiled.

“Do you see someone” my lover asked?

“Yes, he’s over there” I replied.

“What does he look like?”

“Well, he is tall; probably 6’ 2”- 6’ 4”. He is very well built, very toned muscles. He has a great smile and his eyes are a very bright green.”

“Oh, sounds nice.”

“Yes, I can imagine how nice another part of his body is!” As I was finishing my sentence, the waitress came over and set a drink down in front of me.

“The guy over there ordered this for you” she said.

“Thank you” I replied.

I motioned a “thank you” to the guy and winked at him again. He then started walking toward the table. “Hi, miss, how are you?”

“I’m good… and you?”

“It’s been a great night” he said. “I’m Nick.”

“Hi Nick, I’m Jennica and this is my lover”

“Well, Jennica, would you like to dance?”

“I would!” Nick took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. We started to dance and Nick began asking about my lover and asked what we were doing at a place like this? He said he had never seen us before. “He is my lover. We kaçak iddaa have been lovers for almost 7 years now and tonight we wanted to go out and have some fun!”

“Well, I can be a lot of fun” he said.

“I’m sure you are” I said. “That’s why I was wondering if you would be willing to join us for some fun tonight?”

“Well, what did you have in mind?”

“I was looking for some threesome action. I’ve never had a threesome before and was hoping to find someone to share my first experience with.”

“Well, I’d be happy to join the two of you.”

“Ok! We are at a hotel just a couple of blocks from here. You want to follow us?”

“Sure!” The song ended and we walked back to the table where my lover was seated.

“Nick is going to follow us back to the hotel honey.”

“Ok. We’ll meet you there, Nick. We are in the silver jeep.”

“Ok. I’ve got the red Ford. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.” My lover and I walked out of the bar, holding hands. Both of us were in shock that we had actually found someone for tonight’s adventures.

We got into the jeep and waited for the red Ford to pull around. As it came around the corner, we pulled out and headed for the hotel.

“Are you nervous” my lover asked?

“Yes, but I’m excited too.”

As we got to the hotel, we motioned Nick to follow us in. “I’m just going to use the restroom and clean up.”

“Ok” they both replied.
“I’ll be right back.” I left the room and went to use the restroom. While I was in there, I could hear my lover and Nick talking together.

“Ever done this before” Nick asked?

“Nope, never before” my lover replied. “Jen has never done anything like this before. Will you please take it easy with her? This is pretty daring for her.”

“I’ll take it easy.”

“Also, you must wear a condom at all times.”

“Ok. No problem.”

I came out of the bathroom wearing absolutely nothing. “Wow, you look amazing” said Nick. “Yeah, honey, you look great.”

“Well, I knew clothes wouldn’t last long anyway.”

I walked over to my lover and kissed him, caressing his huge dick in my hand. Then I moved to Nick.

Nick immediately grabbed me and gave me such a passionate kiss. I caressed his dick through his pants. I could feel it getting harder and harder every second. I kept getting bigger and bigger; I was wondering how big it was going to get!!!

I decided that it was time to remove some other clothes. I began to take Nick’s shirt off, while my lover was caressing my luscious tits. Then came the pants; as I pulled them down, his dick popped out and hung there. I was long and big enough to be a flagpole!!!

Next came my lover’s clothes. As I began to take his shirt off, I could feel Nick getting close to my back. He grabbed me by the hips and worked his way down to my ass. As I bent over to take off my lover’s pants, Nick pushed his dick up to my ass, letting me feel how hard he was getting.

I took both dicks, on in each hand and began going back and forth; sucking both of them until they were as hard as ever. My lover moved my back end around. I didn’t know what he was doing at first, but I soon found out. He began eating my pussy out, while I continued sucking Nick’s massive dick. It felt so good!

I came twice before my lover decided to give me more. We all moved around a little; as my lover laid me down on the bed. I was still sucking Nick’s dick as my lover plowed his humongous cock into the back of me; shoving his whole dick into my tight pussy!

I couldn’t believe it! For the first time in my live I was sucking one dick and being fucked by another, at the same time! It felt amazing!
I was cumming so many times; all back to back! My body was shaking as my lover buried his dick deep inside me. I could feel his dick pulsating inside me. He started to moan and said “I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum in this tight pussy kaçak bahis of yours!!!” It wasn’t long before I could feel the warmth of his juices inside my pussy! It made me cum harder than ever! My body felt like it was convulsing; I had no control over it!!!

My lover stepped back and before I knew it, Nick was standing behind me, inching his dick inside me. It was so big!!! I could feel my pussy stretching just to accommodate the head of his dick. He began slowly working his dick inside my pussy. It felt good and bad at the same time! I moaned with each push and, with a little bit of work, the pain slowly turned into pleasure! I came and came on his dick! My pussy was so wet and I loved the feel of his dick, filling my pussy to the max. My lover came around to the front of me, his dick looked so delicious! I immediately started to suck his dick. It felt so good in my mouth. As I licked it, I could feel it grow and get larger! It was as if all my senses were heightened!

After cumming for over four minutes straight, I could feel Nick’s dick start to twitch! He started pounding harder and faster than ever before until I could feel his dick explode! I could only imagine what it would feel like without a condom, I probably would have passed out from it if he weren’t wearing one.

Nick stepped back and collapsed on the bed. I was ready to start again! I asked my lover to stick his dick inside my ass! “Please, stick it in my ass! Make my ass cum! Make me feel good!” I begged. My lover complied and shoved that dick of his up my tiny ass hole! I instantly came! My ass muscles quivering, I yelled in excitement! My lover pumped back and forth until, once again, I could feel his dick getting ready to burst. I could feel his white love juice fill my ass! We stayed together for a minute until my lover and I collapsed on the bed, beside Nick. We laid there for probably about a half our; the whole time, my body was tingling and feeling like I was lying on air!

As my body felt like it was coming back to earth, I decided to make the first move! I slipped off the bed and began caressing my lover’s dick. He didn’t respond much, so I started to suck it. That got a reaction out of him. He began moaning and his dick began to respond as well. As my lover’s dick became harder and harder, I eased over to Nick’s dick. It was about half hard already and seemed as if it was very sensitive. I only had to slightly touch it and it began to “perk up.” As both dicks became hard, I climbed on top of Nick and sat reverse cowgirl on his dick, allowing it to slide up my ass! Then I told my lover to climb on and put his dick up my pussy. As my lover’s dick slid in, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of ecstasy! I began to cum and it increasingly became a stronger and stronger feeling. I almost passed out in total bliss! It felt so good to be stuffed by two dicks!

I propped myself up slightly, enough that both my lover and Nick could shove their dicks in and out of me. It was such a tight fit and I was cumming so many times that, I quickly realized, that my lover was getting close to cumming. “Cum inside this pussy lover! Cum in me! Let me have your seed!” My lover began pounding harder and harder!
My lover was so close to cumming when Nick shouted out “I’m going to cum too! Here it comes!” I could feel both of them cumming at once, their white juices filling me to the brim, and it made me cum as well! I was in total ecstasy! I was tingling everywhere! It felt like a massager was vibrating every part of my body at once! My head began feeling really light and fuzzy and then, I passed out!!!

I am not sure what happened after that. All I know is that I woke up, cuddled up to my lover and Nick was gone. My lover explained that I passed out and that the two of them left me where I was, Nick got cleaned up, and he left. He did ask my lover to tell me “Thank you for the wonderful evening. I had a great time and hope you did too. Maybe we’ll run into each other again sometime.”

It was the best sexual night of my life!… My first DP!!!

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