My First MM Experience

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About 20 years ago I was approaching 30 and very fit. I worked out 5 days a week, cycled every day, and jogged about 20 miles a week. I had no problem picking up women. I was about 5’7″ 135 pounds brown slightly balding hair, deep brown sparkling eyes. I worked outdoor construction so I had a very pronounced farmers tan going,

Well, one day at the gym a guy I had talked to a few times, about my height, salt and pepper hair, and a fit average build approached saying he heard I was a mechanical kind of guy. He asked if I could take a look at his 10-speed, to see if it would work for his first triathlon. I agreed to take a look after our perspective workouts and followed him back to his place when we were done.

He had a very nice home in a quiet neighborhood, just down the road from me. Once I saw his 10 speed, I realized it was the bike from his childhood. He was now in his mid 50’s. There was rust, and so many issues I told him not to even think about it. I told him about the bicycle shop that I dealt with 30 miles away, and told him the name of the guy that always gave me a good deal. We chatted in the garage for a bit, and I learned that he had just finished up treatment for testicular cancer (he had one removed). Which was why he was now at the gym 6 days a week training for marathons and now triathlons.

About 2 weeks later I had road my bike to the gym. He approached me and thanked me for the advice. He said that he went to where I told him and gave them my name. After he told me he ended up with a very good deal on the last years model of a casino şirketleri road bike, he then started asking me where he should be riding to train for the triathlon. I told him I wasn’t sure, but if he stuck to climbing hills he would be ready for anything the race threw at him. Well after jaw jacking for about 10 min, he asked if he could just ride around with me. I agreed and told him I would swing by his place on my way to the gym the next day. Since it was only about a mile out of my way, and we both seemed to have the same schedule. It really wasn’t much of an inconvenience.

I show up the next evening, he was just in some jogging shorts sitting on his back deck. When he stood up I couldn’t help but notice the outline of his cock thru his shorts. At this time I had never been with a man and had no plans on it. That log falling off his leg was just impossible not to notice. Well, we get on our bikes and ride around before we head to the gym for our work out. When we got back to his place, he offered me a beer. Having worked all day, cycled about 20 miles and lifted I said no thank you.

Well, we ride to the gym together for about 2 weeks. One day when I get to his place it starts to rain and we decide to just hang out and have a few beers. As we are sitting there talking about typical shit, I noticed his cock thru his shorts once again. This time he noticed me notice. After a few beers go down, he gets up to get another beer. I finish mine and go to get one as well. We pass each other at the entrance to the kitchen, he sets his beer on the counter casino firmaları while approaching me. He then semi forcefully pushes me to the wall while dropping to his knees. I had had 4 beers and was caught off guard, there had never been any talk of sex or anything.

By the time I realized what was going on, he had my shorts down and had swallowed my entire cock. I was in shock! My cock sprung to full attention as I remained silent, not knowing what to do or say. I mean I am straight but DAMN! He had obviously done this before. I started to gain my composure and was going to push him off of me. However, I was so close to cumming I just couldn’t. I noticed as my cock swelled and twitched that no woman had ever gone at my cock with such intent and desire. He grunted and moaned while taking all of my cock. The saliva rolled off my sac like Niagara. Just taking in the sensations with my eyes closed, I hate to admit…. was just fucking hot. Yet when I opened them and he was staring me dead in my eyes. I was hooked. While he was effortlessly sliding his mouth tip to balls, my cock glistened. The sound of his slurping, the lust in his eyes, and the want in his moans Combined with gentle side to side pivot, while his tongue swirled the full length of my shaft.

He must have felt me tense because he took me balls deep never breaking eye contact. I just stared him in the eyes, until I felt my balls tighten and that warmth begin to rise. At that moment I close my eyes rocked my head back, and said oh shit. When I do he grabs my ass with both hands and buries me güvenilir casino even deeper in his throat. I couldn’t believe it, I could feel his tongue lapping my balls. I was cumming in my first throat and it was in a mans! Not knowing if I should explode in his mouth or pull out, I held back. That need finally became so intense, I had no choice. Rope after rope of my thick white cum shot all the way down into his stomach with no swallowing required. He never flinched, he just moaned as if he had finally accomplished his life long goal. Just keeping my balls deep rocking his head side to side.

When I finally finished shooting the largest load of my life thinking that was the best blowjob I ever had. He slowly drags his lips up my shaft tight. Making sure he doesn’t miss a drop. Returning his gaze to my cock. He removes his lips from my cock and gives it a squeeze. His tongue swirls the tip and he engulfs it, his moan is reduced to a soft sigh of accomplishment and pride. He sucks me clean, lifting my cock and licking up the saliva from my ball sack.

He gets up and hands me the beer he set on the counter. Then goes to get him one. He is back on the couch watching me before I snap back to reality. I crack the beer and slam half of it before I realize my shorts are still around my ankles. I pull them up and stagger to the couch and sit down. He breaks the silence first, “so was I the first man to suck your cock?” I’m still in shock, but manage to say… Wow, yes, and it was the best fucking blowjob ever! He chuckles and said he had fun as well. Lavishing my cock and load with praise and letting me know we could do it on a regular basis if I wanted to. Now all I could think about was that this was the best blowjob ever… a huge margin!

I don’t reply I just slam my beer and head home!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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