My Friend Ed

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My name is James. I was 16, and I went to a private school in England. I’m a keen sportsman, with the toned body which goes with it. My sexual experience is limited; I’d managed to slip my hand down some trousers from time to time, but never further. Thus, I would have described myself as horny as fuck. But enough about me.

I was in physics, sitting next to a good friend of mine, Ed. He was one of the smarter boys in the class, not your classical alpha male. It was actually confusing for many of my other friends as to why I got on so well with him. I myself had no idea. The physics teacher was the hopeless one of the two we had, and so nobody was paying much attention. I was talking to Ed:

“I am really starting to get fed up of these lessons. I don’t mind a lesson where we learn something, but I am really concerned that we won’t pass our GCSE.”

“Too true. I expect I’ll end up teaching myself the whole of this half of the course.”

“Me too. Hey – do you want to team up during study leave to do some revision? I find it always helps to work as a pair. It’s certainly less boring.”

“Sure! Monday the 16th?”

“Alright, that sounds good. I suspect my parents will be out, so we’ll have to sort ourselves some lunch and things like that, but that shouldn’t be a problem.”

At that point, the bell went for the end of the lesson. We packed up our bags and headed off to the next lesson – maths. I was also with Ed for this lesson, but I decided that paying attention was a better idea, seeing as our maths course was tricky, to say the least.

For the rest of the time at school that term, I completely forgot about that earlier conversation. When we went on study leave, 3 weeks before the first exam, the ‘phone went. Seeing as I was the only one in the house at that time, I answered it. It was Ed.

“We’re trying to find your house, mate. Where are you?”

I was confused for a second, and then recalled the conversation from several weeks earlier. I instructed him in where to go.

It was 10a.m. but already the house was a mess. I dashed around putting away odd socks, dirty dishes etc. The private school mentality doesn’t allow me to seem a slob! Five minutes later, Ed turned up. His mother stopped the car, he got out and I met him at the front door.

“Hi Ed! I’d completely forgotten! Oh well, we’ll have to go out into town for lunch.”

“That suits me fine. I’ve got some cash, I’ll buy.”

This note of generosity hanging in the air, we got down to some revision. O.K., we did play on the playstation a bit, and mucked around, kicking each other’s feet under the table and claiming that it was the dog. But all in all, it was a productive morning. So much so that we decided to head off into town a bit early for lunch.

We went to a pizza place, sat down and ordered. I’m a voracious eater – I finished the pizza in record time, leaving me not much to do whilst Ed finished! I looked around and enjoyed the warm summer’s day. I noticed quite a few older boys from the school in town that day, including one who was having a very productive day lip-locked with some blonde girl.

The couple spun ‘round a bit and with shock I noticed the identity of the blonde girl. It was Ed’s girlfriend! He looked up to see me in a state of shock.

“What’s with the…fuck! What’s that bitch doing with him?”

He made as if to stand, but at that moment she noticed him and, whilst leaving, shouted back “This wouldn’t have happened if you’d not been so uptight!”

I didn’t want to ask, but he answered the unspoken question.

“She wanted to have sex, but I didn’t think that she deserved it. I’m still a virgin, and want it to be special.”

Coming from anybody else, I would have been bahis firmaları shocked at this revelation, however Ed had always been one for talking about things that most wouldn’t. At school, he would often talk to me about porn and other such subjects, as if everyone did so in the middle of a lesson.

He seemed dejected on the way home. I wonder why! I decided to talk to him.

“I think it’s a great idea, not having sex until you really like somebody. I’m sort of on the same level as you – except I’ve just never got around to it!”

“Surely you’re constantly horny then? How often do you rub one off?”

That did surprise me – I know that such things are a favourite subject of his, but I was still surprised at how quickly he had bounced back from the break-up. However, maybe she was just a bit too slutty for him. Tentatively, I answered “Maybe once every couple of days.”

He was a little surprised. He said that he can hardly get through a day without doing it at least once or twice. However, he had not yet today.

Continuing, he asked “So which sites do you like to go to?”

I replied “Xnxx usually – they’ve got some hot videos, and some great stories.”

“Xnxx? Haven’t heard of it. Hey! How about showing me when we get back!”


I was nervous – I hadn’t ever watched porn with someone looking over my shoulder before. I just accepted the fact that I would and continued walking.

When we got back in, we headed up to the study where the computer was. I booted it up, and typed in the address. The familiar intro screen showed.

“This looks good. How about some teen videos?”

I conceded, and clicked the link. A 92% rated clip came up top, and looked good. I agreed with him, and opened it. Immediately, a hot redhead in a tight tube-top appeared on a bed. Sexily, she started to strip the top off. Beautifully shaped breasts followed, crowned by ice-hard nipples. She rubbed the nipples enticingly, then bent over a stool nearby with her tight butt surrounding a perfectly fitting g-string. A man walked over and slowly pulled aside the materiel to expose a soft anus and a dripping wet pussy, pink and virginous…

Meanwhile, I was in a dilemma. Do I put my hand down my trousers and enjoy myself, or do I restrain myself? Surely it doesn’t matter. I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts, under the elasticised waist of my boxers and around my testicles. I started to knead my testicles with my hand, rolling them back and forth. My cock continued to grow until it reached its 7-inch maximum. Looking over, I saw Ed doing the same. He had pulled his shirt up his chest a little, and I could see a smooth midriff with the tiniest hint of hair below the navel. It seemed as though he was gripping his shaft and squeezing, breathing contented-sounding breaths nasally.

I tried to concentrate on the video. The man had removed her g-string completely and was dipping his fingers in a jar of Vaseline. He moved his lubricated fingers to the opening of her anus and put a little bit of pressure on the puckered skin. They gently broke the seal and two disappeared.

I was trying to concentrate, but I could only think about how restricting my boxers were. I asked Ed “Is it alright if I do this properly?”

“What do you mean?”

In response I slipped my shorts and boxers down to my knees, exposing my perfectly formed cock. As said, 7 inches of meat on the end of two largish testicles. Crowning all was a loose foreskin covering a large red head. My body was athletic, with strong legs which weren’t obscenely large, and the outline of a 6-pack. My butt was not petite, but compact. I caught Ed sneaking a glance, and then he did the same. His penis was of similar size but a bit kaçak iddaa thicker, with a tight scrotum. I realised that I was gazing, and smartly turned my attention to the scene ahead in which the man was up to four fingers. He removed them and positioned his throbbing cock next to her ass, and applying pressure, it sank in.

While we were busy pleasing ourselves, our thighs were in loose contact. The gentle rubbing only heightened our excitement. It got to the point where I simply couldn’t bear it any longer, and I doubt that he could either. I forget who made the first move.

Simultaneously, we looked at each other in the eyes and reached for each other’s penises. True to style, I reached over and started to knead his testicles, rolling the tender globes between my fingers, applying the tiniest amount of pressure. Meanwhile, he was gripping my penis and moving his hand up and down. He gripped harder on the way down, so the tip of my head was starting to poke through the top of the foreskin. His hand on my penis felt so right, and so soft, that I almost swore off women that moment. His balls in my hand felt velvety and delicate.

I was delighted when he bent his head over and made to take the head of my penis into his mouth. I begged him on.

“Oh my god Ed, just do it! Just bloody do it!”

I was answered when his hot mouth enveloped the scarlet head, which was now seeping copious amounts of jizm. It lasted only for a moment, and he withdrew. I was about to grab his head and force it back onto my cock, but it went of its own accord. He stretched out his tongue and, almost like a pro, pulling back the foreskin to reveal the full head, licked the precum off the tip. It was so erotic and so sensuous that I almost came right then. He replaced his tender lips on my penis, and started to suck. His strong tongue encircled the head, running over the ridge on the edge, causing shudders which wracked my body. He obviously knew how much pleasure he was causing, as he again withdrew.

I took the hint. Lowering my head, I touched my lips to the soft flesh of the tip of this cock. With a glint in my eye, I kissed it gently. I then started to move down the shaft to the sac, where it took a large testicle in my mouth, rolling it around for a moment before suddenly releasing and latching onto his bulging piece.

He moaned gently, encouraging me. Placing one thumb and forefinger around the base, I constricted the blood, engorging still further the beautiful dick in front of me. Again with a glint, I withdrew his foreskin and, covering my teeth, I ran my lips up and down the unbelievably soft yet hard red bulge in front of me. He groaned, and I went further. Withdrawing my lips, I gently touched my teeth to the incredibly sensitive ridge, running them with the utmost care all over the cock head. Ed was in ecstasy, and as his hips started to buck I dived, deepthroating such that my nose was brushing the delicate and trimmed hair. Suddenly he came, blasting hot white sperm into the back of my throat. I gagged, but this encouraged him still further, and he squirted what seemed like gallons of sweet, hot nectar. As he slowed, I pulled away. I swallowed most of it, but some still remained on the edge of my lips. He bent forwards and licked it from the corner of my mouth with that magical tongue of his.

“Bloody hell, that was unbelievable. Where did you learn to suck like that?”

“I’m a natural, I suppose. Are you getting over the break-up?”

“Definitely. She was a bitch. You however…wait. I’ve had an idea.”

Intrigued, I watched as he went into our bathroom. I share it with my scorching hot elder sister, and he came out with a pair of her tampons with applicators. He bid me bend, promising me repayment for the amazing kaçak bahis suck.

I did as bid, and felt what must have been a finger pressuring my ring. He slid it in, with no discomfort, as it was coated with Vaseline. He moved it in and out, twisting it and covering my entire rectum and anus with the slippery jelly. He withdrew his hand, and after running his fingers up the crack and briefly slipping in a middle finger, positioned the tampon by my ass. With a quick shove it was in, and it provided one of the most satisfying feelings of my life. It was not uncomfortable at all, and the soft cotton wool was immensely pleasurable. He withdrew it only too soon, and the familiar feeling of his strong tongue replaced it. He encircled my anus once, and then, not hanging around, dove in. He twisted it, he licked, he buried it entirely into my ass. The unique sensation was pleasurable, but nothing compared with what was to come.

With my ass sufficiently lubricated, he kneeled behind me. I knew what was coming, and I would lie to say that I was not nervous. The head of his penis, which looked so appetising not five minutes before, was knocking at the door. I prepared myself for the worst.

His gentle hands made their way to my hips, reassuring me. Taking a firm grip with one hand, he reached for my penis with the other. The pressure gradually increased, and I could not believe how good it felt when my ass started to open up. Then, buoyed by the success, he shoved a little bit more. With an audiable sound, the first inch or so of his penis disappeared. My ringpiece felt like it was on fire, but as he waited the sensation went, and was replaced by one of space and fullness simultaneously. As it went deeper, the Vaseline helping its passage, the sensation of space disappeared. I soon felt his soft legs contact mine, and I knew that he was all the way in.

It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of connection and fullness that comes from having a friend’s penis gently pushing on the end of your rectum, a feeling which is felt from deep inside the pelvis. It was alien yet so right. As he pulled back I felt disappointed, but as a bone-shattering re-entry stretched me further than before I knew that this ecstasy was far from over. For two minutes the rhythm was incessant and blissful. The friction was amazing, as was the feeling of wideness as he pulled back and the feeling of strength and bonding as he buried himself deep in my body. He was moaning incessantly and I was on the brink of blissful tears. After a while, he went so deep that I was sure that half of his pelvis was inside of mine! He tried to push further but sheer physics disallowed it. For the second time that day, he came in my body, each convulsion of the penis leading to a tensing of his muscles such that he was humping my butt. His hand reached ‘round and grasped my penis. The merest touch was enough to send me over the edge, and I experienced the greatest orgasm of my life. We stood, and I brought his hand up to my face and tasted my own cum. Warm and salty, it seemed like ambrosia. We remained like that, his cock in my homely channel, for several minutes as we both caught our breath.

Finally we separated, and he bent down to lick up some of the nectar which was seeping out of my butthole. We stood and finally kissed. It was the greatest kiss of my life.

We moved together, and simply connected our lips. Simultaneously, we opened our mouths and started to kiss as if there were no future. We exchanged a heady mix of saliva and sperm, no longer caring whose was whose. Our tongues danced and wrestled, and I reached around and gripped his untouched butt, one finger rimming the hole. He in turn squeezed mine with one hand and with the other pulled my head still closer. We collapsed, exhausted, on the bed in the study, and fell asleep face-to-face, him on top of me, our hips grinding each other as we slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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