My Friend’s Daughter

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It’s hard to admit these things to yourself sometimes but I had to admit it that I was slowly becoming obsessed with one of my oldest friends daughter who had just turned 18. Of course I’d known her all her life and she was always a cheery, upbeat and opinionated young lady but the last time we all got together I could hardly take my eyes off of her.

She wasn’t tall 5’3 at most and she wasn’t skinny as so many young girls are she had curves in all the right places. Her breasts looked like they would be a sight to behold sitting high and large on her chest. Her stomach looked to be flat underneath them and she had wide child bearing hips and nice toned legs.

She was a pretty little brunette with a round ish shaped face and she had over the last few years been experimenting with make-up and clothes.

It was a get together just after her 18th birthday when it hit me, and I have to say I felt like a dirty old man sitting drinking beer and really noticing her not as a child but as a sexual woman for the first time. It was an idle moment as well, chat was flowing around me and she walked into the room, heading out to meet her pals. She walked in wearing a camo style mesh crop top with a black vest underneath. A little skater skirt and bare legs.

I became aware of checking out her legs, arse and then tits in quick order and then gave myself a hard time but as she walked out of the door I couldn’t help checking out her arse and legs as she wiggled away.

I wouldn’t say I thought nothing of it I thought about it and I did feel like an old perv.

A bit about me I’m 45, 6’2 and in not bad shape really, I swim and gym regularly enough and while I have no 6 pack ambitions these days I like to keep fit and look fit. I’d never considered it as a way of pulling younger girls being in a long term stable relationship! Yeah OK I’ve strayed a couple of times but always short meaningless fucks. Usually when travelling and I’m fairly sure my wife Karen has had a couple of similar encounters. We’ve never talked about it but a few times she had come back from trips a bit too wound up and horny but a little bit shifty as to why! What happens on the road stays on the road right?

In the intervening weeks I did find myself thinking about Bethany. Her tits were starting to become a real obsession. Now normally I reckon more than a handful is a waste but there was just something about her breasts, the size they were on her short frame was starting to pop into my head on a regular basis.

Of course, friends tend to post pictures of their kids on social media so I did get regular flashes of her in my feed and on those nights I would find myself thinking about those gorgeous titties as I drifted off to sleep.

One night when the wife was away on business I found myself awake in bed bored, horny and flicking through porn on my tablet. Nothing was working for me and I idly switched to Instagram as I follow a few indecent accounts on there in a second perverts Instagram account that I hope no-one knows about!

Before I could flick to that account I saw a picture of Bethany, yeah I follow her and a few other friends kids on it usually it’s full of inane selfies and pictures of food but this selfie of her just burnt itself into my horny eyeballs. Tight dress, covering her arse and not much more and with a cut out just above her tits showing off amazing cleavage.

I couldn’t help myself and let my hand move down to my cock. I quickly flicked onto her Instagram feed and started to wank myself slowly. Picture after picture of her in tight tops and short skirts had me imagining her naked body, under me her legs spread as she asked me to fuck her and then as my hand moved to a furious speed on my cock I thought yeah I’d fuck her tight little pussy, pop that cherry and then pull out and cum all over those magnificent tits. I came with an explosive force as my balls emptied to thoughts of this gorgeous teenage fantasy.

I did feel quite guilty as a I drifted off to sleep but as I awoke the next morning I found myself repeating the activity of the night before cumming hard over the picture of her cleavage in that tight little dress. I moaned her name as I came, I knew right then that she had gotten under my skin.

I am afraid to admit to myself that I turned into a right little stalker frequently lusting after her hot body one night while I was fucking my wife her latest picture came into my mind and it took all my concentration not to scream out her name as I came hard into the familiar and delicious pussy I was actually fucking.

“You came loads,” my other half said jokingly.

I turned to her and said, “Yeah means we need to have more sex, then right?”

“Any excuse,”

We both laughed and snuggled together but I knew I had emptied my balls thinking of my new teen obsession.

A few weeks later my wife announced, “Hey darling, I invited everyone over in a couple of weeks, start of BBQ season that OK?”

“Yeah sure I best clean the grill and fire it up then and stock up for casino şirketleri everyone, assume the kids are coming as usual or is it adults only?”

“Yeah would expect the usual kids,” she replied, I started to build the shopping list in my head. I knew what everyone drank and ate so it was easy enough to plan but I hate last minute things, so I got ahead in the beer ordering which is super easy to do online these days plus some other stuff we usually have for BBQ’s.

As the day approached I did find myself thinking more and more about Bethany again I had calmed down and thought I had gotten over my middle-aged obsession apart from the odd picture stalk on insta! I wondered what she would be wearing and of course I was looking forward to her usual hug when those plump breasts would be pressed against me.

Saturday arrived and the morning was busy getting the house tidied beers chilled and in buckets of ice etc and of course firing up the Barbie!

People started to arrive around midday and with my wife, Karen, playing her usual meet and greet role, I was distributing drinks and making sure people were sorted. It was about an hour into the day when Paul and his wife Sarah arrived bringing with them Bethany and her younger brother who usually just ended up on the xbox with a few of the other kids at these events.

Bethany looked gorgeous. She had gone all out, flawless make-up, sleek straight brown hair just touching her shoulders. High heeled boots so she was a bit taller than I usually saw her, over knee socks, little red skirt with slight waves in it and a tight black top with spaghetti shoulder straps a V-neck and fuckin miles of cleavage on display. She bounced into the garden checked out who was about and then along with the rest of her family came over to say hi.

I had to try real hard to focus on my mate and his missus saying Hi and getting hugs before I could finally say Hi to Bethany. Hi Hugh she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a big hug. I could feel my cock flex as she pressed her whole body against me. Fuck she felt good in my arms.

Anyway you can’t make a normal hug into anything else so it was over way quicker than I would have liked.

“You’re all dressed up and fabulous missy!” I said to her with a little laugh. “I wasn’t aware there was a boy here you fancied?”

“You never know,” She replied. “Plus, I just wanted to look good for your BBQ!”

“Ahhhh thanks,” I replied, “Your making an old man feel honoured that a gorgeous young lady like you would want to impress at my humble BBQ rather than spend time with her boyfriend!”

I clearly don’t give a fuck if she has a boyfriend but the opportunity to ask was there so I took it!

“No boyfriend here mister,” she replied.

I gave her a mock bow and replied, “In that case I am honoured now can I get you a drink?”

This was actually a weird one as I’d never gotten her anything alcoholic before but with her being 18 now she could go into pretty much any pub in the UK and indeed most of Europe!

“Yeah can I get a white wine?” she asked. She pretty much asked her mum and dad as well as I could see her eyes check there was no correction coming from the parental unit.

I went to get the drinks and knowing her mum quite well made sure Bethany only got a small glass of wine.

The day was going well and with kids running about and playing xbox we had a good opportunity to chat and mix amongst our friends. I was enjoying the fact that Bethany was more in the adult company than not, though she wasn’t the only teen just the oldest the rest all being early teens.

These events always end up the same we drink too much, the mates with smaller kids head home earlier and the ones with older kids stay later. So, it was about 10pm when I found myself coming out of the upstairs toilet and coming face to face with Bethany.

“Oh hi, sorry did I keep you waiting?”

She shook her head, “No not really.”

I took a look at her and thought she looked a bit tipsy at least. “Bit pished?”

She nodded OK follow me, I took her through to our room and checked she didn’t feel sick which she assured me she didn’t and then I told her to lie down and I’d check on her in 20 mins. Of course, I let her folks know and they went up and checked on her as well

30 minutes or so later with everyone else sitting in the conservatory watching the summer sunset I went to check on Bethany.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed when I came in.

“Hi, you OK?”

“Yeah,” she replied, “just a little lightheaded.”

I sat down next to her and put an arm around her shoulder.

“One too many wines you think?”

“Maybe,” she replied with a shrug which felt nice against me.

I gently pushed her hair back, it was silky soft and I immediately thought how good it would feel brushing against my skin. “It’s fine either way just take as long as you need. Everyone else is in the conservatory watching the sunset.”

She stayed quiet and then sort of burrowed casino firmaları her head into my shoulder. “Will you sit with me a bit?”

“Of course,” I replied absolutely hating myself for the fact I could feel myself stiffening as I got a great look down her top as she snuggled into my body.

We sat like that for a while until I heard her sigh and realised that she had settled into me and was now very content. I gently stroked her shoulder; her skin was soft and warm under my fingers.

“That’s feels nice,” she said.

“Good,” I simply replied and carried on softly stroking her skin and enjoying the sensation of her body pressed against mine.

I pulled her closer and softly kissed the top of her head, “Poor little Bethany.” I muttered against her hair as I took the opportunity to draw in her scent. She smelt nice and clean with a summery flower scent of her perfume.

I felt her arm snake around my back as she settled in. Her left breast was now pressing deliciously against me. I also felt her other hand land lightly on my thigh to balance her a bit. I used my other hand to smooth her hair and slide down her side briefly glancing against her other breast. I was sure I heard her breath catch in her throat as the contact happened.

I slid my hand down to her hip sitting nicely in the gap between her top and the waistband of her skirt. God this felt amazing.

As we both settled even more firmly against each other. I let me hand finalise its journey and fall onto her thigh just below the hem of her skirt. Her thigh felt amazing, so smooth, she obviously waxed her legs there was no way they were this smooth from shaving. My mind lurched into wondering if she waxed her pussy. I’m such a pervert.

I couldn’t help myself, but I slowly started to run my fingers up and down her thigh. She squirmed slightly, and I felt her hand mimic my actions on my thigh. Her touch was tentative and maddeningly light.

I was very conscious of keeping my hands in innocent places but my god I wanted to move them into areas that would definitely not be regarded as innocent.

I pulled her tight against me with the arm round her shoulder. “You OK in there?”

She sighed and replied, “Yeah really good, feeling much better now.”

“Good, hopefully you’ll be feeling much better soon.” I said and slide my fingers up her thigh.

I felt her shiver and softly she said, “I think I’ll feel much better soon.”

I couldn’t yet tell if she meant that my hand continuing up her thigh would be what makes her feel better or if it was just a comment about the ongoing hug. I decided to chance things a bit.

Slowly I moved my hand to the thigh closest to me and gave her inner thigh a quick squeeze. She moaned very softly and I felt her legs part ever so slightly. I took this as permission and moved my hand up her thigh.

I could feel Bethany’s body tense as my hand met the bottom of her skirt, up ’til now this was all innocent but the moment my hand moved under that skirt all bets were off. The tension in the room felt real and it seemed like an eternity before I moved my hand under her skirt!

As I did so I heard her release her breathe and she moaned ever so slightly against my chest where her head was still buried. I dipped my head lower and whispered, “Does this make you feel better?”

She shook her head, “It might in a minute!”

“OK.” Fuck I had permission to proceed and given how short her skirt was her pussy was seconds away from my fingers.

As I continued to slide my hand towards her cunt. I moved my hand off her shoulder and down towards her luscious tits. These tits had been in my dreams and I needed to touch them.

She sat up a bit put her hand around my neck this allowed me to take my hand off her shoulder and slide it directly onto her tit as I did so she arched her head back and moaned softly. God, they felt amazing so big, soft plump and with massive erect nipples I could feel through the fabric.

I pinched her nipple between thumb and forefinger and felt her squirm and moan against me. At this moment I abandoned all pretence and moved my fingers directly her pussy stroking her lips directly through her knickers.

“OH fuck that feels good.” she gasped.

I quickly pulled her panties to one side and slipped my fingers along her folds. She was bare, slippery and wet. Fuck I wanted to taste this pussy and fuck her senseless but just now I wasn’t sure how much time we had and simply wanted to get her off and get her tits out.

She was looking up at me now biting her bottom lip, “I’ve never…”

I looked down at her, “You’re a virgin?” I wasn’t too surprised at that really.

She nodded, “Yes only really kissed and messed about a bit.”

“Relax there’s no way we have time for more than messing about anyway,” I said. “You do have magnificent tits, could you let me see them and feel them properly?”

She nodded, “Quickly though.”

There was no way I was fucking her tonight but I was getting those tits and güvenilir casino fingering her to an orgasm at least. I wondered if she had ever blown anyone.

She quickly pulled her vest top down and her massive tits were finally revealed to my eyes.

“Those really are very impressive,” I sighed.

She just giggled and I reached my hands up to cup them. She sighed as my hands came in contact with her perfect orbs.

I was in heaven, I had fantasised about these tits and finally I was stroking them, pinching the nipples and gently weighing each breast in my hands. I swiftly lowered my head to suck on her nipples.

“OH god,” she sighed above me, I continued to work one breast with my hand and the other with my lips and tongue, licking and flicking her nipple.

Remembering that unfortunately time was short I moved my mouth across to her other nipple and my hand back between her legs which were now nicely spread as she was getting more and more turned on.

“OH yes,” she hissed as my fingers parted her labia. I quickly inserted a finger into her and put my thumb on her clit preparing to get her off , I was genuinely surprised at how tight she was.

She pulled my head off her tit and our mouths came together in a frantic kiss as I started to work my finger in and out of her tight, wet pussy and put pressure on her clit with my thumb.

I could hear her moaning into each kiss when suddenly her body tensed, she threw her head back and moaned while biting her bottom lip (I think to avoid screaming out loud), “Aaaaaahhhhhhhh yessssss, oh fuck yessssss.”

I felt her pussy spasm round my finger and she came.

As she came down from the first wave of orgasm her head fell onto my shoulder and I moved my thumb off her clit but worked a second finger into her pussy to ride those last gorgeous waves of orgasm for her.

Finally we were still, she looked up at me. “That was awesome,” she smiled and threw her arms around me. “Thank you.”

I laughed and said, “It was my pleasure really.”

She pulled back from me and bit her bottom lip, I was beginning to love that look on her face, “You haven’t had any pleasure really.”

“2 secs,” I said, got up and walked downs stairs. Despite feeling like an eternity not much time had passed and everyone was just chatting and watching the sun go down.

“She OK?” her Mum asked.

“Yeah she’s fine, feeling better I just came down to get her some water.”

I grabbed a glass of water, took a slug out of my beer and went back upstairs.

Bethany had re-arranged her clothes, sensible girl you never knew who would come back in.

“I got you a glass of water,” I said with a smirk and then I pulled out my cock, “Oh and this!”

Bethany took the water, took a big drink and then said, “Well let’s see about your pleasure shall we!”

She sank to her knees in front of me, wrapped the fingers of her hand around the base of my cock and quickly wrapped her lips around my bellend. It was tentative, certainly not super experienced but just looking down at this gorgeous 18-year-old sucking my cock was all I really needed.

“That’s it Bethany, just bob your head up and down a bit,” I said trying to give her encouragement.

She was obviously listening as her head started to bob on the end of my cock with a bit more speed and certainty. Her hand was moving nicely on the rest of my shaft and with the suction still being tentative and inexperienced this was unexpectedly one of the best blowjobs I’d ever had.

“OH fuck, that’s good,” I gasped.

She looked up and attacked my cock with renewed urgency. I could feel my balls start to tighten and knew I was gonna cum.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned giving her more than enough time to back off if she wanted to but I couldn’t believe what she did next. She pulled back, quickly pulled her vest top down, pointed my cock at her tits and started to vigorously wank me off.

It was too much, “Oh fuck,” I gasped as I came watching with perverted delight as my cum splattered her massive tits.

“Wow that’s a lot of cum,” she said with a laugh.

“Yeah, it’s been a while,” I replied with a shrug. “That and I’ve always wanted to cum on tits like yours but never had the opportunity.”

She had grabbed a tissue from our bedside table and was tidying herself up. “Glad you enjoyed it, I’ve never swallowed before and most of the guys I’ve been with have loved a tit wank or cumming on them.”

I could totally relate!

“Right we best get back downstairs, why don’t you sort yourself out in the en-suite and I will go make small talk.”

She nodded but before she moved she handed me her phone, “Give me your number?”

“Why,” I asked looking at her directly.

“Well we might want to arrange to meet sometime when there are less people around?”

I grabbed her phone, fuckin hell if I could pop her cherry there was no way I was missing out on that. I handed her phone back.

“OK if you don’t have them install WhatsApp and Snapchat way more discrete than text.”

I nodded and headed downstairs, I picked up my phone enroute to discover I already had an invitation to connect on WhatsApp. Of course I downloaded snapchat as I drank my beer and idly chatted with my friends.

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