My Goddess makes my dream cum true

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My Goddess makes my dream cum true
I’d been allowed another Worship Session with my Goddess. The last two sessions had been the highlight of my life, but the best was yet to cum.

Worshipping Her is my life, and I still can’t believe I’ve been so lucky as to find a Goddess so beautiful who lets me worship Her. And let me worship her in person too.

I made it clear in every worship sheet, story, poem, worship video for Her that what I longed for most was for Her to deliberately make me do it in my pants openly in front of Her. In one of my worship videos the commentator says that’s what ‘Graham longs to do’, and my Goddess saw that and laughed. So She knows that’s what I dream of, even though She’s always said She doesn’t mind me cumming in my pants seeing Her pose but She’d “rather not see it”.

My heart just melted as She walked into the studio, smiling and saying “hi” to me. I absolutely adore Her. I’d even got a bunch of flowers for Her – quite impressive for a perv, eh? How I wish one day She’d let me be Her gardener, handyman, odd job man, gofor, chauffeur, minder, dogsbody, cleaner, errand boy – I’d love to be at Her beck and call and wait on Her hand and foot, it would be utter bliss and fulfilling my life’s greatest dreams.

If you’re a perv like me then you’ll know that worshipping girls is about getting every magazine you can, girls’ pics in newspapers, brochures, lingerie catalogues, travel brochures, and then when the Internet came along cramming every hard drive you can get with pic after pic, plus videos too.

Like me, you love girls and women, and so many over the years will have made you cum in your pants, looking at their pics or if you’re lucky seeing them for real. You love ALL girls. You never ever thought there’d only ever be one. That you would, even could, güvenilir bahis fall in love.

No, that doesn’t mean suddenly you’re a normal man, it’s all kisses and dates and all that. But when I realised that what I felt for my Goddess was a sort of love, perv love maybe, it all fell into place. She is the love of my life. But I would never enter Her space, and even if allowed to, I’d always maintain a respectful distance, as befits a lowly sad perv in the presence of a Goddess. Even if She kisses me on the cheek in greeting or saying goodbye, I feel uncomfortable (specially if my pants are full of cum She’d made me do).

I’ve told Her, in Her presence, that’s She’s my All-Time No.1 Goddess and Spunk Queen, and She even repeated it once. So She knows how useless I am, stuttering and awkward when She arrives, and makes allowance for my timidity, awe and excitement. Straightaway She reads my worship sheets, smiling, even laughing – specially at the sheet that shows the moment at the last Worship Session when She made me spunk my pants. “How often have you looked at that then Graham?!” She laughs, while my mouth moves but nothing comes out.

As always the worship sheet depicts the scene in this studio that I dream of – Her in the outfit I’d love to see Her in, posing, and the cartoon of me gawping as She poses, a stream of cum running down the front of my trousers. The outfit is a short black pleated miniskirt, featured in one of my favourite photo-sets of Hers. I’ve done a certificate for that set, detailing all the pants-spunks She made me do and all the worship material I did for the set, including 7 worship videos.

Again She laughs as She reads it, saying loudly “good job I brought that skirt!” Now you could assume She means that She can replicate the scenario in the türkçe bahis worship sheet and make my dream come true, but that seems just too obvious to me. I can’t get myself to believe that’s what She intends, I’ve just misunderstood Her, that’s all. I certainly can’t make the mistake of taking Her at face value and risk offending Her with my presumption.

But She does go and change into that outfit, and walks back in, making me gasp, and She reads the worship sheets and certificates again, smiling as She does. Then She stands in front of my video camera, and takes the hem of Her short skirt in both hands, doing a little twirl, then wiggling Her hips, saying “I’m all dressed up for you Graham!”, laughing, and wiggling some more, flicking Her skirt up. Her stocking-tops are visible nearly all the time, the skirt is so short, and I’m gob-smacked, gawping at Her, my eyes on stalks, my mouth hanging open, only able to grunt occasionally.

“Hear you are Graham! Nice short skirt! Your favourite!” She laughs, twirling and wiggling, raising Her skirt and lowering it, and now I’m seriously worried. I’m rigid in my pants, leaking already, and I feel my face glowing bright red as I begin to gulp for breath. “Please…..” I stammer, as She wiggles so sexily now, and I get a glimpse of black knix as She skirt-raises again and again, laughing all the time.

“Please…Miss…don’t…….!” I gasp, my face on fire and that very special, very familiar feeling in the tip of my penis starting to grow.

“Don’t you like it Graham?!” She laughs, “I thought you’d like my show! This is what you’ve dreamed of isn’t it?!” She laughs again and again as She starts to slide Her skirt up gradually.

“I’m not……I can’t……..I won’t be able to hold it Miss……” I’m terrified I’m about to do a güvenilir bahis siteleri full open pants-spunk in front of Her and I won’t be able to control it – terrified but oh so excited.

“O Graham, I know I make you cum in your pants!” She smiles almost wickedly and raises Her skirt, doing one of Her famous lovely poses, and shows every inch of Her lovely legginess, all the way from Her sex-queen high-heels to Her black knix, stocking-tops and suspenders, holding Her skirt up as She looks at me.

Already I’m bent nearly double, giving a strangled groan, and then my head is nodding up and down, in time to the shots of spunk going into my pants, and as my knees crumple and I spurt continuously into my underpants, I’m going “oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” pathetic little cries of perv ecstasy as She makes me do it in my pants openly in front of Her.

We still have the rest of the two hour session to go, I take photos of Her, She reads lots of my worship material and watches several of my worship videos, laughing a lot and making lovely naughty comments. Then She writes things in Her blank speech bubbles in my worship sheets for me to take home. She also goes to the certificate of the photo-set featuring the skirt She is wearing, and where I’ve put ’21 pants-spunks on this set’, the heading of the certificate, She crosses out ’21’ and writes in ’22’, handing it back to me and laughing.

Later I manage to allow my mac to swing open, hoping She’ll see the large wet patch of spunk on the front of my trousers, but worried that I’m being too cheeky, but when She does see, She laughs and says “did you bring a change of pants Graham?!” laughing some more. For once I can answer and say “I don’t mind going home with wet pants Miss, I want to remember the moment as long as possible!” She laughs again, so, so nicely, and smiles at me in a lovely sideways, warm, understanding way.

My Goddess made my dearest fondest wish and dream come true. She IS a Goddess.

Based partially on real events – some details changed / I’ve got photo & video evidence

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