My Last Summer Before College Ch. 02

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The next couple of weeks consisted mostly of grooming and riding. Maggie met a guy and started hanging out with him rather than working for Jolene. That meant I got twice as much work along with more riding time.

Jolene would come out and talk with me more than when Maggie was around. I found out she’d inherited her home from her parents; she had a business degree and an MBA. She didn’t want to stay there at first, she loved the city but her parents had needed assistance their last couple of years so she’d moved back. She told me all about New York City and how glamorous it was. Her talks made me more anxious to start school. She did confess that since she’d been here she had fallen in love with the lifestyle. She made money by renting out the various pastures that were too large for her to maintain. She’d converted one of the buildings into a gym where she worked out each morning. Her horses were her life and she was doing pretty well for a “single gal”. I giggled when she said that since she used an imitation Southern twang that was so corny.

It seemed when she wanted to get me to smile she’d tell me things with her “twang”. I’d grin at first, then I started doing it too but only when Maggie wasn’t around. It was nice we had something to laugh at together. It was almost like I had a big sister or at least a new best friend.

The only drawback to my excursions out to Jolene’s was my car. I missed a day now and then due to its being old and unreliable. I didn’t want to buy something newer just to have it sitting around while I was in New York. I knew Maggie would drive it when I was away. Even though I love my sister I wasn’t about to let her put miles on MY car.

It was early August that my little clunker finally gave up and died. I was leaving Jolene’s place when it coughed, sputtered, belched a massive plume of smoke, then quit when I was almost to the end of Jolene’s driveway. Jolene heard it’s last gasp then saw it sitting there with the hood up before she went back into the house. I got out and started looking for something obvious but I didn’t see anything. She walked up, slipped her arm around my waist and peered in next to me.

“You seeing the problem sweetie?” She inquired knowing I had no clue what to look for.

“No, but I had to look anyway. My dad will ask when I call to tell him.” I sighed not wanting to deal with another breakdown.

“I don’t see anything either. Why don’t we go in the house so you can call. Cell reception here is the pits, girly.”

“I know, I’ve tried a couple of times.”

We walked back to the house, her arm around my waist still consoling me as I cursed it. Not that I had anything to do that night but I didn’t want to spend any more money on that stupid car.

I called the local tow guy and he said he was tied up. He couldn’t be out there for at least three hours. I then called my parents and told them the news. My dad was not happy. He had planned on renting that car from me so Maggie could use it when I left. Now it looked like they might have to buy something for her to use instead of mine or spend a bunch of money to get it fixed.

Jolene puttered around the kitchen while I made my calls. When I hung up, I must have looked very dejected.

“Hey, sweetie. Things will work out. Would you like a glass of wine to help you relax? I know you’re only eighteen so we won’t tell your parents.”

“Sure, one glass is fine. I’ve drank beer before, I prefer wine. You have any red?”

“Yes, I think I do. A nice Cabernet I picked up last month. I’ll pour us both one. Why don’t you kick off those boots and we’ll take a load off on the deck.”

She poured two glasses, handing me one a bit fuller than hers. I followed her out, taking a seat overlooking one of the pastures. The horses were out feeding, the air was still, cool and fragrant. I folded one leg under me after kicking off my boots and socks. I sipped my wine as I gazed out over the landscape trying to let my misfortune evaporate.

Jolene consoled me as best she could. We talked for a bit, discussing cars and how sometimes bad things turn into good. I think I went through my first glass too quickly. Jolene was a bit hesitant about a second but I convinced her it was fine. The second took longer since I had calmed down a bit.

“Hey, why don’t I heat us up some dinner. I don’t want you drinking on an empty tummy. I was going to bring it out for lunch today but I got sidetracked.”

“That sounds good.” I blushed just as my stomach growled causing us both to laugh.

We proceeded to get dinner heated up and on the table. I managed to bump into her a couple of times when I didn’t know where something was. We broke into “our” talk when she started up with, “I don’t think this kitchen is big enough for the both of us young lady.”

I replied, “What you gonna do about it, bub?”

“Oh, I think meetin’ at high noon will solve this de-lima.”

“A shoot out, huh?”


We both laughed at the silliness as we casino şirketleri finished setting the table.

Dinner was nice, my worries floated away as I had my third glass. Jolene was cautioning ma again about the wine and my parents but I out argued her. Midway through dinner Jolene’s feet bumped into mine. She apologized the first couple of times but ignored it after that. I didn’t think anything of it but I did get a little tingle in my tummy which I attributed to the wine.

When we finished I looked at the clock. It had been over two hours and nothing from the tow guy. I called again. I left a message. Jolene could see my frustration growing. It was then she made a suggestion.

“Call him back and tell him to come in the morning. Call your parents, tell them you’re staying out here tonight. If he got it running I’d worry about you driving home after three glasses.”

“I don’t know, I don’t have any clothes to change into and no toothbrush.”

“Sweetie, I have new tooth brushes you can use. If you want I can wash those clothes. I won’t take no for an answer. I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.”

“Oh, fine. I’ll call. I doubt you have anything my size to wear. You’re a bit slimmer than I am.”

“I have a few things you could probably get into. Don’t fret about it. Call before it gets too late.”

I made my calls, my mom answered; she said dad had thought about it and would rent a tow bar in the morning. I thanked her, told her I loved her and dad then called the tow guy. This time he answered saying he was sorry. He’d be out bright and early the next day. I told him thanks but I’d made other plans. I called my mom back and told her I canceled the tow guy. I’d wait for dad in the morning. Jolene would let me sleep in the spare room. She’d fed me already, I was tired. Mom said that was fine, sweet dreams and she’d see me in the morning.

I hung up then relayed the information to Jolene. She nodded; taking my hand she led me to her guest bedroom. She showed me the bath, extra towels, a new toothbrush and paste.

“Let me look through my closet to see what we can dress you in. In the mean time I have a robe you’re free to use.”

“Thanks, Jolene. I just want to get out of these and hit the shower.”

“Oh, I know what’s better than the shower. I have a hot tub. Want me to warm that up? It will relax you better than a shower.”

“Oh, that does sound good. But I don’t have a suit to wear.”

“You can wear your undies and I’ll wash them or you could come out au naturel. It’s my preferred dress in the tub, so you’ve been warned.”

“Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

“Okay, I’ll go fire it up and see you in a few.”

“Thanks, Jolene. I’m sorry to be such a pain.”

“Sweetie, you’re anything but a pain. Now hush with that kind of thinking and meet me outside.”

I wiggled out of my jeans, tossing them into a corner, my shirt sailed over and landed on top of the pile. My socks were still outside next to my boots. I’d grab them on my way back in. I stood there debating skinny dipping or undies. I guessed she’d want to start laundry while we were in so I slipped off my undies, wrapped myself in a huge soft towel from the bathroom. I grabbed all my dirty clothes. I waddled out, calling to Jolene as I entered the kitchen. She yelled back to grab my glass from the kitchen table on my way out. I asked about the clothes, she said to just drop them near the fridge, the laundry room was just past it. I complied, taking my newly filled glass outside.

Looking around I noticed off to the side of the deck steam rising and bubbles popping away. I hadn’t realized it before but the tub was built in. It was so well concealed unless you knew it was there you’d miss it.

I walked over looking around for my hostess. Jolene was sitting, facing me, glass in hand.

“Come on in little filly, the waters fine.”

That twang again.

I laughed, “Yes, Ma’am. I’ll be a hopin’ in there faster than a waggin’ sheep’s tail.”

I looked around for someplace to drop my towel. The sun was beginning to set, the sky was a magnificent mix of orange and purple. I watched it for a second after locating a dry area near Jolene’s towel. I let my towel loose with one hand as I held my glass in the other. Jolene sighed, which I thought was due to the spa’s warmth. But it was actually the sight of me in the twilight that impressed her I later found out.

I cautiously stepped into the tub taking a seat opposite my hostess.

“Now, how’s that feel sweetie?”

“Divine, I wish we had one at home.”

She smiled, scooted closer, then offered her glass for a toast. The glasses clinked sharply as we moved them together.

We started taking in low tones, why I don’t know. Jolene inched a bit closer so she could hear me, the bubbles seemingly becoming louder as we stewed. Before I knew it she was next to me. She was bare also. I knew she had a nice body from those tight jeans but I never guessed casino firmaları at the muscle definition on her. Her breasts crested the top of the water the ripples teasingly exposed just enough to show off her cleavage while hiding it a moment later. They stood out in due to their whiteness and because they were full, round maybe even perky.

We were down to our last sips when she looked at her glass.

“Since you’re staying I think we should finish off that bottle. What do you think?”

“Sure, why not. I’m not going anywhere. It is yummy.”

She stood, holding out her hand for my glass. My jaw must have dropped revealing my astonishment.

“Something wrong?” She asked.

“Umm, no. I’ve never seen a woman as chiseled, buff, or whatever the term is.”

She laughed as she took my glass.

“I work hard, sweetie, I watch what I eat. Let’s finish this bottle it’s getting late. I hate waste as you know.”

My eyes followed her as she stepped over to the table. She filled our glasses one last time. The deck lights had come on, her body was bathed in the glow. The light and shadows emphasized the contours of her curves. She had a hard body but it was feminine in all the right places. The lights made her look that much more beautiful. I know I’d had a few glasses, I was feeling them. I’d never thought about a woman sexually before but I wanted to touch her. I swallowed hard as I watched her walk back.

She took her time, watching my eyes to see if I was paying attention. Slipping in next to me she offered the glass back. I took a gulp then sighed deeply.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes, I just am amazed at your body; I never would have guessed it was that perfect.”

“Oh, sweetie you have a nice body. Don’t let anyone tell you different. I was like you when I was your age. We all have flaws that we think about with ourselves. You have to realize that and appreciate what you have. It takes a lot of work to stay like this, I enjoy it, and I love the looks I get when I do show off.”

“Are you showing off now? For me?”

“Well, I had wondered what your reaction might be. I do like it, I won’t lie. So yes maybe I am a bit. Do you mind?”

She set her glass off to the side then stood up in the middle of the tub facing me. She positioned herself between my legs, looking me in the eyes. “Do you like what you see?”

I swallowed hard once more, I’d seen plenty of girls my age naked at school. They did nothing for me. Now I was face to breast as it were. She was different, older, taut, chiseled or like I mentioned before buff or whatever.

“I do, you could be a fitness model or something. Your body looks so hard.”

“But, it’s actually very soft. Feel. Go ahead I won’t bite, silly.”

I gulped again, batting my eyes with a little shyness. I lifted my right hand out of the water setting my glass down on the deck with my left. It seemed like it took me a minute or two to get it out to place it on her hip. I barely touched it when I shuddered. I placed my palm on her side then her tummy. I caressed it for a bit marveling that she was right, firm yet soft. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own I wasn’t really aware that I turned it letting my fingernails trace her abs, hips, tummy I felt every muscle I could.

I watched my hand glide over her tautness not believing what I was doing. I didn’t feel odd or anything like that. I was touching her as if I’d discovered some magical gift and I was in awe. Her breathing became deeper, her stomach muscles twinged as my fingertips traced her abs repeatedly across then up and down.

She giggled trying to hold in a laugh when I realized I was tickling her. I apologized and she said not to worry. She was enjoying the look on my face, my fascination was priceless. I blushed deep red with that and she placed her hand under my chin lifting my wide eyed bedazzled face to look at her, telling me not to be embarrassed.

Her hand then slipped over mine, raising it up to her breast. She moved my palm over one then the other. Closing her eyes she whispered asking me if I enjoyed how they felt. I stammered back answering that they felt almost like mine but a little different. I did like touching them.

She replied, “I’m glad you do. I’m enjoying your exploring.”

By this time my tummy was feeling like a mass of butterflies taking flight. It felt delicious within me. It was like the first time I had kissed someone. Warm, exciting, heart racing and a bit giddy.

I finally confessed, “Yes, I did like how they felt.”

Once again I blushed, being embarrassed at how she was making me feel. She grinned. Her hands slipped over my breasts. Rolling my nipples between her thumb and fingers watching my face for a reaction. I paused briefly, my eyes rolled to the back of my head. I moaned with delight. I tried to continue touching her while I enjoyed the new sensations she erupted in me. I temporarily lost my focus; I managed to open my eyes to look up at her.

She güvenilir casino was grinning with the knowledge that this was going better than she had expected. I wasn’t embarrassed anymore, I was anxious, yearning to see how long this feeling would last, wondering if it could get any better.

Jolene leaned into me, her lips brushed the corner of my mouth. Discovering no resistance, we kissed. At first gently, lovingly. As our arousal surfaced it lead to sloppy, passionate, wet, and satisfying kisses. My hands slid down her side cupping her cheeks pulling her into me. We embraced, kissing for what seemed like forever. Then she straightened up, her breasts just above my face.

“Let’s get out shall we, baby doll?”

I nodded, I was dumbfounded and aglow. I knew what we were going to do; even if I wanted to I couldn’t stop myself. This didn’t seem like sex with my ex, this was going to be love making.

She took my hand; we helped each other out of the spa. Grabbing our towels we dried off before going back inside. We walked through the house, Jolene checked doors, killed lights. She made sure the house was secure before she led me to her room.

She flicked on the bedroom light. I stood there dumbfounded once more. It was like a fairy tale bedroom. King sized four poster canopy bed with all the girly things I’d wished I had as a child. Teddy bears, bunnies, set up against the pillows. Solid oak dresser and night stands to keep that country look. Frilly comforter on the bed. I was in little girl heaven.

Jolene walked over to lovingly remove the stuffed animals. She placed them on a settee by the window, then returned to turn down the comforter. She folded it back meticulously then came back to me. She smiled, kissed me on the cheek. Her fingers slipped between mine softly interlocking then guiding me to her bed. She stood patiently watching as I slipped in.

I placed my newly dried leg on the mattress, scooting up to the pillows. I laid down to watch as she went back to the doorway. She flicked off the light, waited few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. I blinked a few times letting my eyes adjust to what little moonlight peeked through the windows. I lay silently for Jolene to come to me. She walked back to the bed then settled in next to me from the opposite side. The sheets must have been freshly laundered because they felt so nice and crisp; they smelled of Spring, fresh, new. I definitely was in heaven or about to enter it.

Jolene snuggled up to me, she whispered in my ear.

“Are you okay sweetness?”

I swallowed once more, turned to face her. My hand found her tush, I caressed it, feeling the curve of her cheek. There was enough light that I could see her eyes. Caring, loving eyes focused on me.

“Yes, I am. But, I’ve never done this before.”

“Aw baby doll, don’t worry. I won’t let anything hurt you. If something feels bad just say so. I’ll stop. We can talk about it if you want. But, I hope you’ll enjoy this as much if not more than I will.”

“I trust you, I just didn’t want you to think I was. I don’t know, dumb or something.”

“I don’t think that at all my love. There’s a first time for everything. I’m honored that you will let me be your first lover. I’ve been wondering if this would ever happen.”

Again I blushed, she kissed me soft and sweetly, all was better. We lay there kissing, touching, rubbing, moaning and just getting over heated for a long time. The butterflies in my tummy moved down between my legs. Their wings caused my dampness to become a virtual flood gate of pleasure. Jolene knew exactly what to do. If I hesitated at something she did, she’d change it and find another spot that made me wiggle and moan with more enthusiasm.

We finally got too hot and the covers came off. She rose up, placing the covers over her shoulders like a giant cape then hurled them back to the foot of the bed.

“Is that better baby doll?”

“Yes, much better. I like looking at you.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I like looking at you too.”

She inched back to me on her knees, playfully growling like a cat toying with its prey. I giggled, moving my legs together and scrunching up in self-defense. She slipped her hands between my knees parting them as she moved towards me.

When she was close enough, she bent forward, her hands on either side of me, her face to mine. Her mound drifted over mine then softly settled on top as if we had magnets connecting us. Slowly she began to move her hips. Her pussy massaging mine in a slow circle. Leaning in she kissed me, our tongues playing excitedly as she moved her body over me making sure we always had contact. I grabbed her ass tightly, pressing her into me as best I could. I could feel the smile it created as she kissed me.

It was the best feeling I have ever had. She teased me like that until I began to spasm.

Her glistening pussy on me felt so good, I never wanted it to end. I squirmed under her. Moving myself as best I could, I discovered this intensified the feelings in me.

Jolene broke our kiss. Her voice was guttural, she was as in passion as I was.

“You’re getting into this I see, baby.”

“I am, this feels amazing, Jolene.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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