My Life. Ch. 6…

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Two days later.

It was Tuesday night, I hadn’t gone to school yet this week. I was afraid to deal with questions from people who may have heard the rumors. It was a short week anyways, Thanksgiving was this Thursday. I was still staying with Mariola. Mom had come home really quick Sunday afternoon for some clothes and stuff, but took off again before I had a chance to talk to her. She wasn’t even answering my calls or returning my texts. It was like she was mad at me for what happened. Mariola had spoken to her on the phone, she said that the hospital would be releasing Lacy Friday morning . I tried texting Lacy too, without a reply, but I don’t think she had her phone.

I was laying in Mariola’s bed. I still couldn’t sleep well. The covers were moving up and down over my lap. Mariola was under them, sucking me off with a slow relaxing rhythm. Her blow jobs were the only things that helped me sleep. My eyes were closed, and I fell asleep almost as soon as I came in her mouth, I heard her slurping down my cum as I quickly drifted off.

I just sat around their house during the day. I had called Danielle Sunday and told her everything, she was in shock, but her stepdad wouldn’t let her miss school to come stay with me. She offered to come by after school to try and ‘take my mind off of things’, but sex just wasn’t appealing after what I walked in on. Mariola left to run errands, since I was already there to watch Kelly. Kelly really was being so nice. She’d sit watching TV with me, trying to make me laugh, but it just wasn’t happening.

“Do you want a blow job?” She asked out of nowhere, unsure of herself.

“What… really?” I was surprised, I didn’t think she would be able to do that.

“Ya. I can’t use my hands, but if you stand in front of me, you can grab my head and move it the way you like.”

“I don’t want to use you like that.”

“You’re not using me, I want to try it. I’ve never done it before, and I want to taste semen.” She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, “please.”

“Oh well, if you’re gonna beg!” We both laughed, “and who could say no to those eyes!”

I stood up and moved next to her chair. I pulled my pants and boxers all the way down to my feet. I started jerking my self off, getting it hard. Kelly watched eyes wide, but with a hint of a smile. It took longer than I’d like to admit, but I finally got it up.

I placed my left hand on the back of her head, and holding the base of my shaft with my right, I fed it into her mouth. I didn’t know if she would have a gag reflex, so I figured I should find out. Slowly I pulled her face towards me, feeding my cock, inch by inch, into her inexperienced mouth. I stopped when her nose hit my pubes. Her eyes were closed, like she was concentrating, but she didn’t gag. I pulled her head back and removed my dick.

“How was that? Are you ok?” I asked her.

“Ya, that was fine… did you not like it?”

“What? No it was fine, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much all at once, or that you didn’t change your mind.”

“Tell you what, if it gets to be too much for me, I’ll just bite your dick off, sound good?” Her smart ass response made us both laugh, “now let me suck your cock!”

I smiled, and pulled her head back down. She gave it a kiss on the head then opened her mouth and let me in. I pulled her all the way down again and held her there. I could feel the tip of my prick rubbing inside her throat. She made little gurgling sounds but didn’t resist. The sounds made the head of my cocking tingle. I slid her head up a few inches, then pulled it back down, and began bobbing her head for her.

I was moving her head at a modest but steady pace. I was looking down, watching. Her eyes were closed, she looked peaceful. I watched her lips, I never noticed how luscious they were before. They glided back and forth, spreading saliva along my shaft. I never felt any teeth, I didn’t even tell her about that, she just had a natural talent for sucking cock. I felt my load rising in my balls, and I started moving my hips slightly with the motion of her head. Just then the door opened and in walked Mariola.

“Oh my!..What the ?!..Well.. What’s this?” Her reaction went from initially being shocked and potentially upset, to amused and then happy. “What do we have here?”

My mouth hung open, no words coming out. I don’t know why I’d feel guilty for getting caught, but I did. Before I could say anything, Kelly pulled her head back, my dick popping out of her mouth.

“It’s ok grandma, I asked him to let me try giving head, I wanted to.” She said.

“Is that so?” She looked at me grinning. I just nodded frantically. “Well excuse the interruption, please continue.” She set her bags down and sat on the sofa.

I was still unsure how to proceed, but Kelly just leaned forward and took me back into her mouth. The feeling surprised me and knocked me back to my senses. I looked down at her. She was looking up at me, just the head of my cock in her mouth. I slowly smiled and took ahold of her head and resumed fucking her mouth.

It took a several minutes but my cum began to rise again. I started moving my hips with her mouth. I looked over at Mariola who was watching intently. She removed her shirt and bra, and played with her nipples. I watched her while I started ramming my cock in and out of her granddaughter’s mouth. She could see my expression and knew my orgasm was coming. She got off the sofa and knelt at my side.

“He’s going to cum baby” She said calmly in Kelly’s ear, “share some with me.”

I looked down both of them were looking up at me with the same eager eyes. I came without a warning. I released Kelly’s head as I fired my first load down her throat, followed quickly by a second. Mariola grabbed my prick and pulled it out of Kelly’s mouth and aimed it at her own bare chest. She started stroking rapidly, as the remainder of my cum sprayed her tits.

“Put it back in my mouth” Kelly told her grandmother, “I want to taste it more.”

She placed my dick back in Kelly’s mouth, who immediately began sucking the head, wanting to taste whatever drops of hot semen remained inside. Eventually there was nothing left and I forced her off, pulling my swollen head out of her still sucking mouth. I took a step back and just stood there breathing heavily.

“Well, how did it taste?” güvenilir bahis I asked her after several minutes.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s fun, and turned me on, but sperm does not taste good!” All three of us started laughing. “What do you say we have sex later?”

“Um…”I couldn’t bring myself to have sex yet, but I couldn’t think of what to say, “ya maybe, I gotta go to the bathroom.” I yanked up my pants and ran out of the room.

I spent the rest of the day avoiding them both, but mainly Kelly. That poor girl had just let me be the first guy she had sex with, then selflessly gave head to, and she was just asking if I’d have sex with her again. But instead, I ran out of the room, leaving her and her grandmother covered in cum, and was now avoiding her! God I’m and asshole!

That evening I was hiding out in Mariola’s room, laying on the bed, when she came in. Mariola asked me why I was rejecting Kelly, I explained that it wasn’t personal. I told her that I enjoyed when I had sex with Kelly, and I’d like to do it again, but the idea of having sex was tainted with the image of my father fucking my sister.

“I think I have an idea” she told me, “the last memory of sex was unpleasant, so you need to replace that memory, or you’ll never get past it.”

“But the idea of having sex with Kelly right now doesn’t even appeal to me… the situations just looked too similar.”

“I understand that… that’s why you’re going to fuck ME.” She continued, “and I don’t want you to think that you’re cheating on your girlfriend, this is simply a way to get past this unpleasant experience.”

“Um… ok, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get into the mood.”

“Oh you will… remember I wanted to give you a surprise for being so kind and gentle when you had sex with Kelly the other day?”

“Ya” My mind went back to her text message.

“You’re going to fuck me in the ass.” She said matter of factly. My eyes widened, I already felt my dick starting to shift as it hardened. “Have you done that before?” I shook my head, “good.” And she began to undress.

I’d never seen her completely naked before, and as she removed her last piece of clothing I just stared, looking at all of her for the first time. Her ass looked better than I thought, I’d only seen it in tight yoga pants before, but it hadn’t seemed that nice. Now looking at it, it was VERY rounded, probably the most shapely ass I’ve seen. Maybe she had been working on it. Her pussy was surprisingly free of hair. I would’ve thought a woman of her age wouldn’t bother trimming, but alas, all that remained was a small dark triangle that pointed down to her clit. Overall she looked better than I would’ve expected.

“Well, take your clothes off silly.” She instructed.

I hurriedly yanked my shirt over my head, and pulled my pants and boxers off, throwing them to the floor. I scooted back so I was sitting up, leaning against the headboard. My hands were at my sides, my dick was rock hard, pointing at the ceiling.

Mariola walked to the foot of the bed and got on, crawling up to me. She stopped at my dick, still on her hands and knees, she dripped spit on to it, then lowered her head, taking me to the back of her throat. She started bobbing her head quickly, really getting my juices flowing, then abruptly stopped after only a couple minutes, and without a word, crawled up the rest of the way and kissed me. It was a deep and passionate kiss, but it was short. She pulled away and sat up in front of me. Her huge tits were right in my face as she positioned herself over my cock. She reached behind her and grabbed it, I felt the tip rubbing her pussy lips as she moved it around, lining it up with her snatch. She found the spot and sat down.

My eyes instantly rolled to the back of my head, and I let out a low deep moan. She grabbed ahold of the headboard for support and started bouncing up and down on my dick, building speed. I reached up and grabbed each of her boobs, partly because I wanted to, and partly to keep them from hitting me in the face. I pulled them too my mouth. She started going faster, her eyes were closed and she was banging the bed against the wall. There’s no one Kelly couldn’t hear this, but I suspect they had already discussed the plan.

“FUUUUUCCCKKKK!” She yelled up the sky. She came, wetness poured onto my lap. I could’ve cum then too, but I was focused on holding out for her ass hole. She was still slamming down onto my dick. “Oh Fuck yes! Ahhhhhhh..” Holy crap, she was going to cum again that fast!? “OOOOHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKKK!” She yelled even louder, and banged the bed even harder. Another gush of liquid ran down my lap and onto the bed. “AAAAHHHHhhhhhhh” She stopped bouncing and collapsed onto me. “Oh dear sweet Adam, that cock of yours feels wonderful! That was incredible!”… It had literally been 3 minutes… “I must normally ride a man much longer to have an orgasm, but you hit all the right spots”… and I had literally just laid there… I would’ve thought she was lying just to give me confidence, but there was no faking the wetness of those orgasms. “Now you will Fuck my ass.” And she climbed off of me.

She got back onto her hands and knees, with her feet and ass hanging off the side of the bed. I got off and stood behind her, my dick lined up perfectly with her ass hole. But I was hesitant.

“Oh don’t worry about me, you’re not the first man I’ve had in there.” She said, knowing what I was thinking.

I placed my left hand on her ass cheek and used my right hand to point the head at her light brown little hole, it puckered a bit. The tip of my dick made contact and I pushed. It resisted but I kept going. It stretched around the purple head of my cock as I pushed further, she let out a loud moan. I made it all the way in, her round cheeks were pressed against my pelvis. I just stayed there. It was so tight. I heard Mariola’s heavy breathing. I pulled back out, leaving just the head in, it was being gripped to tightly by her anus.

I grabbed ahold of her ass and slammed back into her, my hips bouncing back from her round cheeks. She screamed in pleasure. I slammed into her again, and bounced back. She screamed again. I started slamming into her ass as fast as I could. Mariola let her upper body collapse onto the mattress, laying her head down, and keeping her butt in the air. I kept pounding into her. The türkçe bahis house was full of the sounds of slapping skin, the bed creaking, her screaming and my grunting.

This went on for 10 minutes, far longer than I expected to last, but when I came, you could’ve heard me down the block!

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” I held nothing back.

I shoved my dick so far up her ass that my ball sack was partially inside her. Her scream mimicked mine, and we didn’t stop for what felt like hours. Because it was so tight, I could feel my dick pulsating, I could feel each shot of cum pumping up my shaft and spraying inside her. It had to have been the most that had ever come out of me. After I was finished, I just stood there with my dick inside of her, my cum seeping out around it. My eyes were closed, I could’ve just stayed there and fallen asleep on my feet.

“So how was that?” Mariola spoke first, looking back towards me.

“Oh my God, that was something else.” I opened my eyes, and smiled at her.

“Good, now go get cleaned up, because if you want back in my ass again, you need to go fuck Kelly, you owe her for being rude to her earlier.” And with that she learned forward, pulling her ass off of my slowly softening cock.

I stood in the shower letting the water run over me. My dick was actually perfectly clean, other than having my own jizz all over it. I’m not sure what I expected it to look like after fucking a woman in the ass… dirty maybe? But it wasn’t. I really didn’t have the strength to stay awake much longer, let alone go satisfy a horny teenage girl, but Mariola was right, I had been rude to Kelly, and I did owe her.

I dried off and walked into Kelly’s room with a towel around my waist. She was laying in bed, listening to her headphones In her PJs.

“Hey you.” I said.

“Did you say something?” She took her headphones off weakly.

“I just said ‘hey’” if she was listening to music, then maybe she didn’t hear her grandmother and I fucking.. “any chance you didn’t hear all of that?”

“Ya right, I was listening to music, I’m not deaf.” She laughed. “You know, you don’t owe me anything, if you don’t want to have sex with me it’s ok.”

“NO! It’s not that I didn’t WANT to, it’s just that… I was on top of you Saturday and it was great, but then later that night I walked in on my dad on top of my sister, and I couldn’t get it out of my head.. I wasn’t horny, and I was afraid that it would come back into my head in the middle of having sex with you.”

“Oh.. I get that, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that’s what was going on.”

“I still shouldn’t have avoided you, and I should’ve just told you what was on my mind. I’m sorry… can I make it up to you?”

“What did you have in mind?” She smiled.

Mariola was in her room, laying in the dark, enjoying the familiar sounds of a creaking bed and moaning. She closed her eyes and was turned on listening to her granddaughter getting fucked by the same dick that had just cum in her ass an hour or so ago. Her hands were under the covers. One was clutching her breast, pinching and twisting its nipple to point of near pain. The other was at her pussy, her fingers fiercely rubbing her clit to orgasm.

“Holy crap, I came like 7 times!” Exclaimed Kelly, as Adam collapsed in bed next to her. Both of their heads turned as they heard ‘AAAAAHHHHH!’ coming from down the hall. “Sounds like grandma came too!” They both burst into laughter.

I got up and walked to the bathroom naked and came back with damp washcloth. I cleaned my jizz off of Kelly’s body, while she teased me about it, saying ‘why bother? You’re just going to make a mess again later!’. She asked me to spend the night with her, I agreed even though she only had a twin bed. We laid on our sides, and I held her from behind, it wasn’t very comfortable, but sleep got the better of me regardless.

In the middle of the night I woke up for no particular reason, and saw that I was hard again.. Not fully, but it was on its way. I blame Kelly’s butt cheeks, they were rubbing against my prick in the night. And now that I had rested a few hours and let my balls refill with a new load, I kinda wanted to Fuck her again. But that was the problem, I WANTED to.

I really didn’t want to cheat on Danielle, she was great, and up until now I could come up with excuses to justify what I was doing with other women. When Mariola gave me head it was as payment for helping her with something.. And no one would turn down payment for work right? Having sex with Kelly the first time was easy, I was doing her a favor. Given her situation she would likely never meet a guy to lose her virginity to, so I was being nice, I wasn’t ASKING to have sex with her. Having sex with Mariola earlier was just a means to get past this funk I was in over witnessing my dad with my sister… my blow job from Kelly and the ones from Mariola the last couple days were the same thing, they were to help me relax and be able to rest. Having sex with Kelly tonight was still for her benefit, she had asked me to, and who else could she ask? The numerous blow jobs from my mother were something that no one would understand. They were about a special bond she was able to have with me, which is why she usually initiated them. Sure I was the one getting head, but they were really for her. Is it cheating when someone kisses their mom goodnight? No, and this was really the same thing, only instead of her giving me a hug and kiss to show affection, she gave me blow jobs.

But right now, I WANTED to slide my dick back inside Kelly. Only.. She was asleep, so she hadn’t asked me to do it this time. I laid there staring down at my dick. I had pushed it forward, the head was now pressed between her thigh gap. I didn’t know what to do. But then, As if she was reading my mind, Kelly shifted and turned her head to the side, half looking at me.

“mmmm, that feels nice.” She pushed her ass back against my prick. “We’ve never done it from behind..”

Well that was enough for me! I’ll count that as her ASKING for me to fuck her again! I reached down and grabbed my cock, I found her pussy and rubbed the tip against her lips, moistening the head. I moved my hand to her hip and pulled her ass back, shoving myself inside. She let out as gasp as I started quickly humping her from behind live a horny rabbit.

I was moving her hips back güvenilir bahis siteleri and forth with my right hand, but it was an awkward position. We were both laying on our left sides, so my left are was pinned. Without asking, I pushed her forward onto her stomach, I rolled on top of her in the same motion so I never removed my dick. I was now on top, doing her from behind as she laid on her stomach. I pounded her like this for 15 minutes, giving her another 3 orgasms, while giving myself another as well, which I sprayed onto her back. Once again I cleaned her off, only this time I told her ‘we really need to go to sleep this time, so I’m going to go to the other room’ and we laughed.

I was laying in Mariola’s bed, I had fallen asleep for an hour, maybe longer, but woke up. It was cold in her house, then again it WAS the end of November. I rolled over and cuddled up behind her. She must’ve felt me and she took my arm and pulled it over her. My hand landed on her breast, I just left it there and closed my eyes. I couldn’t have dozed off for long before I woke up, and once again saw that I was hard.

I began kneading her breast, and moving my hips, which pushed my dick between her butt cheeks. God I’d love to be in her ass again.. But therein lied the problem, I WANTED it. I hadn’t done her any favors, and this wasn’t her paying me back, this was just me being a guy who wanted shove his cock in his neighbors ass hole. I couldn’t do it.

“Thank you for going and sleeping with Kelly again, I know you’re making her happy, and I know you’re being nice to her.” Mariola said softly, “If it weren’t for you, she may never have been with a boy, and never have been able to have sex with anyone. It’s important for her to be able to do those sorts of things, to try and live a somewhat normal life.” She took my hand from her breast and kissed it, then placed it back. “You deserve another treat for being so good to us.”

She wiggled her ass and pushed it back, the head of my cock pressed up against her back door… Yep, I’m going to count this too! She’s just repaying me for what I’ve done for her and Kelly! She spit into her hand and reached back and smeared it on my dick, then pointed it back to her butt hole. I took ahold of her hip and pulled her towards me. Her anus fought me at first, but once the head of my cock broke through, the rest slid on in.

I shoved in and out a few times, but once again, laying on my side wasn’t the easiest way to do this. So just as I did with Kelly, I pushed Mariola forward onto her stomach, rolling with her so as to keep my dick in her ass. Then with her face-down and me on top, I began to Fuck her just as I’d done to her granddaughter earlier in the night, only this time I was pounding my meat into the tight puckering ass hole of a much older woman.

And that was how the rest of my week went.. I was taking turns going balls deep into a grandmother and her granddaughter. Kelly even offered to let me fuck her in the ass! This was incredibly enticing, she had already let me deflower her pussy and mouth, and if I took her ass too, then that would be quite the trifecta! But she changed her mind when her grandmother told her how painful it could be. These two women wanted a man to suck and fuck and they wanted him to be me, so I told myself that as long as they were letting me stay with them, I was simply returning the favor.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, and Mariola made us a beautiful dinner which was nice because this was my favorite holiday. Although it obviously wasn’t the same this year, with none of my family here. I tried calling my mom, then I texted her to say ‘happy Thanksgiving’ neither got an answer. I figured I would just see her tomorrow anyways. I spent my last night at Mariola’s house filling her ass, and covering Kelly, with load after load of my cum. I must’ve switched beds 6 times that night, before eventually falling asleep with Kelly in my arms.

The next morning I was excited to see mom and Lacy, but when they showed up Lyla was with them. I got to talk to Lacy, she told me that she was fine and they just did a bunch of tests and checkups on her at the hospital. She admitted that she didn’t want to go back to her old school now, the rumors would be flying and she couldn’t handle that. I found out that dad had been raping her regularly for about 4 months. It just happened one night, he went into her room, got undressed and climbed on top of her. She woke up while he was pulling off her underwear and she fought him but he hit her, put his hand over her mouth and threatened her if she made a noise. After that it was happening multiple nights a week, she was too scared to say anything. He even started making her give him head during the day if they were alone. I felt so bad for her.

I got to talk to mom too, she acted weird. She said she loved me and wasn’t upset with me, but that she needed to be with Lacy right now. She was taking Lacy to her sister’s house a few hours away, and that it was temporary while she decided what to do next. I was to stay with Lyla for a few weeks till Christmas break.

So I packed up a bunch of my stuff, while they did the same. I said my goodbyes and they headed north out of town. I was doing one last check of my room before we left when Lyla came in.

“I know you’re not happy about this, switching schools and stuff, and I understand if you don’t want to have sex with me since you have a girlfriend, that’s commendable, but I was talking to you mom, and she asked if I could keep taking care of your regular blow jobs while she’s away. Does that sound OK to you?”

“Um, ya..” I smiled awkwardly, trying to keep things light.

“Good.” She smiled back at me, “now take your dick out.” She dropped to her knees in front of me.

“What? Now?”

“Well you didn’t get your morning one (she obviously didn’t so know I had been fucking Kelly this morning) so we’re behind schedule. I’m going to take this new responsibility very seriously.” She smiled up at me, “now take out your dick young man.”

I fed Lyla a load of warm cum. Standing in my room, getting my dick sucked on like that, it was easy to close my eyes and imagine that it was my mom doing it like she’d done so many times before. After we got into Lyla’s car and we headed to her place. I just stared out the window. I missed mom and Lacy, I was going to miss Mariola and Kelly too, and I haven’t seen Danielle in almost a week. Plus, Moving schools meant that I wouldn’t be going and fucking her every afternoon. This was going to suck.

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