My Name Is Heather Ch. 05

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Chapter 05

Dawn takes Cynthia’s hymen.

Since she couldn’t fall asleep, Cynthia decided to get up and get a snack. It was almost eight o’clock and she hadn’t eaten since she had a piece of toast for breakfast. She wrapped a towel around her waist and went into the kitchen. The refrigerator had very little food in it, but there was a container of milk. She was drinking the milk and had a milk mustache, when Dawn walked in and saw her.

“Who are you, little girl, and where did you come from?” asked Dawn.

“Are you Miss Sterling?” Cynthia asked, and Dawn nodded.

The girl was flustered and, although she had been repeating her mantra, she forgot most of what she was supposed to say, “I’m Cynthia, your sex slave. I’m from the slave market. Paula and Heather bought me,” she blurted out.

“Wha? What? They bought you? How much did they pay for you?” demanded Dawn.

“About forty five thousand dollars. Do you have any cookies? I’m hungry.” Dawn opened a cabinet and handed Cynthia a box of Oreo’s. “I’ve ordered some Chinese food. We’ll eat as soon as I find out what’s going on here,” she said through clenched jaws.

“Damn, what could those two be thinking?” She stomped off looking for Paula and Heather.

“Wake up, you idiots. Who is this Cynthia?” Dawn demanded.

“Oh, you’ve seen Sin-thia? Isn’t she beautiful? We bought her today at the ‘slave market’. We’ll close tomorrow when you write a check for about forty five thousand — plus taxes and whatever,” Paula said, half asleep. “We’ve had sex in her already.”

Dawn was livid, “Do you realize what you’ve done? There’s a law against slavery. Not only that, but that child can’t be more than fifteen years old. Have you actually had sex with her?” Both Heather and Paula nodded. “I can’t believe this. You’ve committed statutory rape. You’ll be lucky to spend only twenty years in prison for kidnapping, child abuse, rape, slavery, and probably a dozen other charges. What in hell were you thinking when you brought that child here? Are you so sexually starved that you have lost your minds?

“Now I’m involved. No one will believe you did this without my knowledge. This is my apartment. My lord, I’m ruined; I’m doomed.” Dawn conceded. Heather and Paula were still groggy and hadn’t a clue as to what Dawn was talking about.

“Ahem. I’m NOT fifteen, Miss Sterling.” Cynthia was standing in the doorway. She still had a milk mustache.

“My lord, you’re not even fifteen? Are you eleven or twelve? I don’t think I can go through a trial and the negative publicity. I may have to commit suicide. Can I do that from the third floor, or will I have to jump from the roof?” Dawn pondered, almost as if to herself.

“No, I’m not eleven. See.” Cynthia pulled off the towel around her waist and showed the pad she was wearing.”

“Are you having a period, child?” asked Dawn.

“Well, no, but I could be,” answered Cynthia.

“So you’re pretending to have a period? You’re playing at it? Are you only nine or ten?” asked Dawn.

Just then, the doorbell sounded; Dawn figured it was the police coming to arrest them. Since the other three were naked, she went to the door; it was the Chinese food being delivered. She carried it into the kitchen, then sat down and cried; the other women rushed into the kitchen and put their arms around her, but she continued to blubber.

“Dawn. Dawn. You’ve got it all wrong. Everything’s okay. Cynthia’s not underage. She’s tiny, but she’s twenty-two. Please stop crying,” Heather pleaded.

All four women tried to talk at once, but Cynthia yelled, “Quiet!” and the women stopped talking. By the time Cynthia explained who she was and what she was doing in Dawn’s apartment, they were all crying and laughing.

“Cynthia, tell me again what you said to me when I asked you who you are,” Dawn requested.

“Miss Sterling, I said, ‘I am your sex slave. I’m from the slave market.’ I meant I was from the car dealership, but I suppose I am your sex slave. These two bitches coerced me into having sex with them, or they wouldn’t have bought the car. They knew I had to make the sale or lose my job. I’ll keep my word, but they’d better keep theirs, or I’m out on the street. My rent’s way overdue; my utilities are about to be turned off; My bills have bills; I am almost destitute. It was down to sell a car today or sell my body. It turned out that I had to do both,” Cynthia declared.

“You still look like a child to me. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?” Dawn asked.

“I wear three-inch heels to cover up that I’m just about five feet tall, and I weigh almost a hundred pounds — soaking wet. My size has been a problem all my life. No one will believe that I’m in my twenties. People keep asking me if ‘my mother is home’. It’s hard for me to get waited on in a store. Clerks look over my head and talk to the person behind me.

“Because I have a narrow waist and a big bottom, I’m out of proportion. I can’t casino şirketleri find jeans or pants to fit me, so I wear dresses. I buy dresses in the girl’s or young miss’s department, and they make me look even younger. It’s almost impossible to get a job. No one takes me seriously because of my size. I have a degree in biology, but I haven’t been able to save money to go to med school. I wonder if anyone will take me seriously when, or if, I become a doctor. Oh, and Paula, I did graduate Cum Laude, not cum loud. In fact, I graduated Magna Cum Laude. That was an awful pun you made at my expense,” avowed Cynthia.

“Miss Sterling, your two friends here are going to tell you that I’m cherry, or at least I was until they got their grubby little hands on me. They took advantage of my situation. They’ve ruined my reputation. I’m joking, of course. I could have said no. I do have a problem though. I know the rule is, ‘Do unto others as they have done unto you’, but I’m a bit anxious, no, petrified. Paula and Heather have ‘done unto me’, and I know I will have to reciprocate; however, I’m straight, and I don’t know if I can do ‘that’ to a woman. I will try though,” Cynthia explained.

“Paula, Heather, aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for taking advantage of this sweet child. How could you be so callous? I think you ought to apologize to her,” Dawn asserted.(admonished?)

“Oh Miss Sterling, do you mean that I don’t have to have sex with you ladies any more?” sighed Cynthia.

“Of course I don’t mean that. I’ve been drooling over your body since I first saw it. Even though I was concerned about your age, I was mentally raping you. Would you have had sex with Paula and Heather and now, me, if you didn’t have to? I can tell by your face that the answer is no. Sooo, we’ll just stick to the original plan. Girls, what did you have in mind to continue taking advantage of this gorgeous creature?” asked Dawn.

“She said it, Dawn. We “did unto her.” Now it’s her turn to “do unto us”. We’ll make up the details as we go along,” exclaimed Heather.

“Before we feast on little Cynthia, let’s feast on the Chinese food. I’m starved. Cynthia, you said you were hungry. Can you eat Chinese food and pussy?” leered Paula.

“I don’t know about pussy, Paula. Doesn’t it taste, er, yucky?” Cynthia asked, making a face to indicate her feelings about eating pussy.

“Honey, to me it’s the most delicious thing in the world. It’s my fetish. I’d rather eat pussy and pussy juice than anything else.”


The four women sat around the table for almost an hour, eating and laughing. Paula continued making jokes relating the food to sex until Dawn told her, “Can it, Paula. You’re scaring Cynthia”. Cynthia smiled at Dawn and nodded.

After the table was cleared away and dishes put in the dishwasher, Cynthia stepped up to the plate. “Even the thought of licking a woman’s vagina is unpleasant; however, I’m ready to try. You’ll have to be patient with me and give me time to adjust. I realize that you, Paula and Heather, seemed to enjoy going down on me, but what if I can’t do the same to you? Will you punish me by not buying the car?” asked Cynthia.

Dawn spoke up, “Sweet child, don’t pay attention to these two bitches, as you called them although you were probably joking. If we see that you’re really trying, you needn’t worry about the car purchase. We need the car as much as you need the sale.”

“That is a big load off my mind, Miss Sterling,” sighed Cynthia.

Dawn interrupted, “Dawn, honey. My name is Dawn.”

“Uh, Dawn, what if I don’t try?” asked Cynthia.

“Child, if you want to call this off completely, I’ll still buy the car. We’re not going to force you to do something you’re not able to do comfortably. In the short time I’ve known you, I’ve come to like you very much. I wouldn’t hurt you for the world. Of course, I wouldn’t hurt anyone except maybe these two bitches who pulled you into this nest of lesbians. Don’t worry, Honey. You’re safe with me. Would you like to go home now?” Dawn asked; Heather and Paula groaned.

“Miss Ster, um, Dawn. I appreciate that very much; in fact, that makes me want to keep my side of the bargain even more. I’m ready now. What do I have to do?” Cynthia asked. Heather and Paula heaved a sigh of relief.

“Girls, it’s your show. Tell this sweet child where you want her and what you want her to do. No rough stuff; don’t hurt her. And yes, I want to be a part of deflowering her,” Dawn said.

“Dawn, believe it or not, she is a virgin. She may even have her hymen; she doesn’t know,” Paula stated.

“Oh my heavens! I meant deflowering your heterosexual side, Cynthia. I didn’t know you’re a virgin.” Dawn turned to Paula and Heather. “How can anyone be a virgin in this day and age?” The women shook their heads. “Cynthia, I didn’t mean I don’t believe you. It’s just, just…”

“I understand, Dawn. No one would believe me.” Cynthia laughed, “Maybe I casino firmaları should have my hymen removed surgically and show it to people if they doubt it. I could have it encased in plastic and put it on my keychain; that is, if I really still have one. I’ve never done anything to break it. It could still be there. Maybe one of you could check it out. Now, I’m curious.”

“I hope this doesn’t embarrass you, child, but haven’t you ever douched?” asked Dawn.

“Dawn, I explained to Heather and Paula that I’ve been to a doctor about my heavy vaginal flow. He prescribed sitz baths to try to mitigate the flow. He told me I needn’t douche, as the sitz baths would keep me clean. He said he didn’t believe in douching as it affected the microflora in a woman’s vagina. He said that my vaginal flow also keeps me clean inside. I’ll douche, though, if you want me to,” offered Cynthia.

Paula piped up, “No! Your pussy is delicious. I wouldn’t want to change that one iota or one microflora.” The other women laughed at Paula’s obvious concern.

“Okay girls. Since Cynthia is willing to play with us, you may tell her what you want from her; but nothing far out or painful; just cunnilingus and make it as easy on her as possible. Just remember that this is new to her. Don’t traumatize her. Cynthia, are you going to be all right with this?” Dawn asked.

“Yes Dawn. What do I do first? Tell me what to do,” suggested Cynthia.

Heather took her by the hand into the guest room. “Cyn, you can sit on the floor at the foot of the bed, and we’ll lie down on the bed with our legs on either side of you; sort of like when we had sex with you in the car. Let’s try that.” Heather lay down and waited until Cynthia sat on the floor between her legs. The girl leaned forward and put her face close to Heather’s pussy.

“This is a little uncomfortable, Heather. I have to twist and reach toward you. Can I sit or kneel up on the bed?” asked Cynthia.

“Would you be more comfortable if you laid on your back, and we could straddle your face?” asked Heather, anticipating her favorite position.

“Yes! That would be a lot better. One more thing; could you tie my legs apart. In the car, I had to struggle to keep from closing them. If you hadn’t been between them, they would have closed automatically,” Cynthia admitted.

“Are you into bondage, Honey?” asked Heather.

“I don’t know what that means, but I do have this fantasy about being tied to a bed and having someone make love to me. Is that perverted?” asked Cynthia with a worried tone.

“Oh no, Cynthia. We all have fantasies. Yours is normal. It probably means that you think it’s wrong to have sex, but if you’re tied down, you can’t help what’s being done to you sexually,” affirmed Heather.

Paula left and came back with a box. She rummaged through it and took out a pair of leather cuffs; she fastened them to Cynthia’s ankles. Next, she took lengths of nylon rope and tied the cuffs to the bed’s legs. “Is that too tight, Honey? Do you want your hands tied, too?” Paula asked.

“It’s not tight enough, Paula. Could you pull the ropes a bit tighter, so my legs are farther apart? No, I don’t want my hands tied. I can fantasize about that, but I’d feel too helpless that way. I won’t struggle. You don’t have to tie my hands,” Cynthia responded.

Heather waited until Cynthia nodded to her; then, she knelt on the bed and straddled Cynthia’s face. “Can you move down a bit, so I can reach you and will you put a pillow under my head, please? Aren’t you going to take your panties off, Heather?” asked Cynthia.

“There. Is that better? No, Hon, I’m leaving my panties on. My fantasy is being licked through my panties,” Heather divulged.

“Paula, Dawn, do you have to stay and watch? It will be very embarrassing to have you watch me lick a woman’s genitals. Or, at least, can you turn the lights out?” implored Cynthia.

“No Cynthia, we want to see what you’re doing and how you react,” said Paula, imagining the scene about to take place. The anticipation of watching the girl eating pussy for the first time was exhilarating. Paula was so turned on by the imagery that she was having difficulty controlling her breathing.

Paula had been putting several towels under Cynthia’s bottom. “Cyn, I’m going to go down on you while you’re eating Heather. Dawn, I know you want to be here, but why don’t you sit on the chair over there, so Cynthia can’t see you? I was about to put a pillow under you, Cyn, but your sweet, round bottom lifts your pussy up off the bed without one.

“Oh look, girls, look at her pussy. With her legs spread and the lights on, you can see her hymen. I didn’t try to lick inside her pussy in the car, or I would have bumped into it, so to speak. Do you want me to try to break it with my tongue, Cynthia?” Cynthia shook her head no.

Paula moved in slowly on Cynthia, blowing softly around her pussy and leaving a trail of butterfly kisses on her inner thighs before güvenilir casino she started licking Cynthia’s vagina with strong, smooth strokes of her tongue. When the girl started flowing, Paula began sucking at the juices that were liberally flowing from her lips. Cynthia moaned and began tentatively licking Heather through her panties. With each stroke of her tongue, Cynthia became more lost in the moment and her licking became less tentative and more in earnest as she sought out Heather’s pussy lips through the fabric, nibbling gently at them and then forcing her tongue as far as she could get it into the center.

The effect for Heather was a tantalizing, wet warmth through the fabric, that was almost unbearable. For Cynthia, Paula’s licking had homed in on all of her sweet spots. With her tongue darting in and out of her pussy, staying out just long enough to make a quick swipe at her clitoris it wasn’t long before Cynthia started coming as she did in the car: one orgasm after another.

“Heather, you have really nice boobs. Is it okay if I feel them?” asked Cynthia.

“Honey, you can feel me anywhere, but wait until I get aroused before you squeeze hard or pinch my nipples.” Cynthia reached up and took hold of Heather’s breasts; she squeezed them gently and rubbed her thumbs back and forth across the nipples making them erect and sensitive. She resumed licking Heather through her panties; however, she wasn’t sure how to make Heather come, but she kept trying. When Heather’s vaginal flow wet her panties, Cynthia tasted a woman’s juices for the first time; it wasn’t at all like she thought it would be. It wasn’t unpleasant; in fact, she rather enjoyed it.

“Yes Cynthia, now, squeeze and pull my tits. Harder. Keep licking. Up a little. Can you find my clit? Yes, that’s it. Now, suck on it. Suck harder. Keep sucking. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. It takes a while for me to come when I’m wearing panties, but it feels sooo good. Pleasedon’tstoppleasedon’tstopkeepsucking. Yessss, I’m going to come. Pinch my nipples. Pull hard. Yes, I’m commminnggg. Mmmmmmm. Keep sucking, Honey. I’m not done yet. Ooooh, that was so good,” Heather moaned.

“Do it again, Cyn; the same way. Push your tongue into my lips. I know it’s harder through my panties, but try. Yes. Yes. Yes. Now suck my clit. Don’t stop until I come again,” Heather insisted. Although her first orgasm came quickly, it took almost ten minutes for Heather to get off again.

Heather moved her pussy away from Cynthia’s face, kissed her passionately, and licked her own juices from around Cynthia’s mouth; then she took Paula’s place between Cynthia’s thighs. She licked Cynthia’s pussy lips and then licked and sucked the girl’s clit.

Paula straddled Cynthia’s face and spread her knees until her pussy was on the girl’s mouth. She felt an ‘electric shock’ when Cynthia started to lick her vagina.

Suddenly, Cynthia started to gag; although she was still coughing, she said, “Your juices went down my throat the wrong way, Paula. Sorry.”

Dawn spoke up, “That’s it. That’s enough. Get off her, Paula. She doesn’t have to do anymore.”

“But Dawn, I haven’t come yet. Just let Cynthia get me off, and then we’ll stop,” implored Paula.

“No, Heather can go down on you and make you come. Untie Cynthia.” Paula grudgingly took the cuffs from Cynthia’s ankles.

“Cynthia, I can’t imagine how you have kept your hymen into your twenties. Even without intercourse, something like horseback riding or sometimes even riding a bicycle will break it. I’m not a gynecologist, but I’m curious. May I take a look at it?” asked Dawn.

“Am I a freak, Dawn?” Cynthia wondered.

“Of course not, child. There could be any number of reasons why you still have it. Open your legs again; let me look.” Dawn felt the girl’s hymen and gently pushed against it.

“Well, it seems to be normal except that the membrane is tougher than usual. You’re fine, but if you would like me to excise it, I will. Otherwise, when you have your first sexual experience with a man, it could be painful — for both of you. If you don’t want me to do it, you can see your family doctor or a gynecologist. I’m sure you haven’t had an ob/gyn check you lately, or he or she would have commented on it. It will have to be removed someday, in any case, to have any type of testing, like a pap smear, done.” Dawn explained.

“Will it be painful, Dawn?” asked Cynthia.

“Not entirely, but less so than if a man tried to punch his way through it,” Dawn conceded.

“Can you do it now before I lose my nerve?” Cynthia pleaded.

“Sure, Honey. Heather, in the doctor’s bag, there’s a little case of surgical tools. Please get it for me. On second thought, just bring the bag,” Dawn requested.

“I’m going to the bathroom, Cynthia, to wash my hands. Don’t worry. It will take only a few minutes to remove the membrane, and you won’t feel much,” Dawn said.

“Heather, in my desk, there are sheets of plastic with adhesive backing. Please get one of the smaller packets for me,” requested Dawn.

“Cynthia, before Dawn removes your hymen, may I lick it? I probably won’t ever have a chance to do that again in my entire life.” Pleaded Paula.

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