My New Job Ch. 02

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I had made it through my first day as a maid for my new mistress, and was laying in my bed staring up at the ceiling. Asleep in the bed next to me was Haley, the other maid in the home. I had met Haley this morning, and by the afternoon she’d almost licked me to completion. She would have too, if Mistress had allowed it, but she never did. Thinking about the events of the afternoon shot pulses of arousal through my body. I could feel my orgasm building again just from thinking about it. I was turning myself on, and without even realizing I began to touch myself. I was deep in thought about Haley and Mistress when I heard a voice.

“Want to come into my bed with me Isabel?”

It was Haley. She wasn’t asleep after all. Had she seen me playing with myself? My face turned red. I hoped it was dark enough in the room to hide it. I didn’t know what to say. A minute ago she was just a fantasy, but now it could be real again.

“Or I could come to your bed,” she offered. The only thing I could manage was a sort of mumble that must have sounded like a yes because Haley got up, lifted my bed sheets, and laid down next to me.

We were laying together in a small twin bed facing each other. Her eyes were dazzling, even in the darkness. We were so close I could see every detail of her face, and it was beautiful.

“This is the first time Mistress has had another maid,” she told me. “It’s always just been me.”

I couldn’t think or move or do anything. The only thing I could do was let out an audible grunt that made me seem stupid and only embarrassed me more. Haley laughed and adorable creases appeared around her eyes.

“Can I kiss you Isabel?” she asked me.

This time I was able to respond with a small yes.

Haley reached her hand around the back of my head and pulled me in close to her. She planted her lips on mine and kissed me passionately. It took me a few seconds to kiss her back, but when I did it was electric. I had kissed guys before, but had never kissed a girl. Haley felt better than any guy I’d ever been with. Her face was soft and her hair silk. I ran my fingers through it as she stuck her tongue in my mouth and began to explore. I moved my hands down her body, feeling her smooth skin and perfect curves. My hands found their way to her backside and I could feel that her skin was enflamed from her punishment earlier. She winced as I ran my hands across her sensitive skin.

“I’m sorry,” I said and withdrew my hands. But she grabbed them and drew them back to her, placing one on her breast and the other over her pussy. I reached my hand down her panties and felt that she was completely bare. She must have to shave every morning to keep it so clean. I could also feel that she was very wet. I ran my fingers between her sopping lips and she moaned.

“Fuck me Isabel,” she said. “I need to feel you inside of me.”

I willingly complied and shoved two fingers up and into her. She moaned with delight as I filled her up with another finger. I took her panties off and put myself on top of her, straddling her with my legs. I entered her again and began fucking her with three fingers. After some time, I found her G spot and made sure to give it extra pressure. I watched as she lay on her back with her eyes closed, enjoying every minute of her fucking. She began to shake with arousal which only encouraged me to fuck her harder and faster. She started panting and I could tell she was very close, teetering on the edge. But she didn’t cum. I fucked her harder, hitting her G spot with every thrust. She was writhing and I could tell she needed to release but she couldn’t. She was gasping for air.

“Please,” she gasped, “please let me cum Miss.”

She was so well trained that she couldn’t cum without permission.

I fucked her as hard as I could until finally she broke. Her orgasm came crashing down as she audibly released. I could feel her constrict around me. I wondered when the last time she came without permission was. She lay panting on the bed next to me. I took myself off of her and lay down beside her. She turned herself over and rested her head on my arm. I wrapped her up and held her close to me.

I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I guess we did because the next morning I was awoken by the sound of Mistress’s voice above me.

“Well well well,” she said menacingly, looking down at Haley and me still wrapped around each other. “My two sluts seem to be getting closely acquainted.” Haley had fallen asleep too and was now waking up to the same scene I was. “What do you sluts think I should do about this?” We both lay in bed silent and embarrassed. “To be honest with you both, I am quite giddy about this. I find it rather sexy that you two have taken a liking to each other. As long casino şirketleri as it doesn’t get in the way of your duties of course,” she paused, “which is has this morning.” I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 10:00am.

“I’m sorry Miss,” Haley finally said, “we didn’t mean to oversleep Miss.” She kept her eyes down as she spoke.

“Of course you didn’t slut. But that does not the excuse the fact that it happened. I expected better of you Haley. Every morning you are prompt and on time, until I hire some new help and then I catch you both in bed together. You know that is inexcusable.” She looked us over again. “Speaking of which, what kinds of things did the two of you get up to last night anyway?” We both kept our heads down and said nothing. “I will take your silence to mean that you have done something else inexcusable, and will plan your punishment accordingly.” Hearing the word punishment sent a shiver down my spine and to my crotch. I could feel myself getting wet again. “Haley, I want you and Isabel prepped, dressed, and starting on breakfast in an hour. Any delay and I will double the punishment I am planning on giving you. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss,” Haley said.

Mistress walked out of the room and Haley sprung out of bed and into the bathroom. I was so stunned. What had just happened? I didn’t have time to feel dazed because Haley yelled at me to come into the bathroom.

She had run a shower and told me to undress and get in. Then she handed me a razor and told me to remove all of the hair around my pussy. I had always kept it neat and trimmed, but never shaved it completely. I tried the best I could, but it obviously wasn’t good enough because when I got out of the shower Haley took the razor and cleaned my up. Then she handed me a maid outfit that looked like the one she was wearing yesterday. Once we were both showered and put together we looked almost identical, and I had to admit, very sexy. We went downstairs to start breakfast. Mistress came down soon after.

“Isabel,” she motioned for me, “come here.”

I went over and stood in front of her.

“Every morning there will be an inspection. If you are not up to my standards you will be punished. There will be no reward for meeting these standards, as they are a daily expectation. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss”

“Present yourself to me,” she ordered. I pulled the front of my skirt up to reveal my shaven pussy. She examined my very closely. “Spread your lips please.” I pulled my lips apart and she looked again. I hoped I had met her expectations. “Today you are satisfactory. Tomorrow you will present yourself to me without being asked. You may continue helping Haley prepare breakfast. I will explain the rest of your duties to you while we eat.

After breakfast was prepared we all sat at the table and ate together. Mistress allowed us to sit with her for all meals unless she was having guests over or we had our meal privileges revoked for disobedience. She said normally she would not allow us to eat with her because of what she walked in on this morning, but as it was only my second day she was being more lenient.

“Every morning you will be prepped, dressed, and downstairs by 9:00. Breakfast is served at 10:00 and then you begin the household chores. Cleaning, laundry, and anything else I request of you. I take coffee in the parlor at 2:00. You may take an hour off from 4:00-5:00, but dinner must be on the table by 6:30. I take my bath at 8:30, and will want you there for the time being. As Haley has been here longer, so also has the authority to assign you tasks, but ultimately you answer to me. Understood?”

“Yes Miss,” I answered, hoping to remember all of this until I had time to write it down somewhere.

“The schedule is quite simple once you learn it Isabel. You will be shadowing Haley until you get it down.”

“Thank you Miss,” I said with relief. I wouldn’t have to remember it all.

“I am heading out for the morning, but I will be back for coffee at 2:00. When I am out you are not to touch each other under any circumstances, is that clear?”

“Yes Miss,” we said in unison.

“Good, I expect a clean house when I return.”

I spent the morning cleaning the house with Haley. It was hard to resist the urge to touch her, but I was scared Mistress would somehow know if I did. Haley must have felt the same thing because she didn’t make a move on me either. She was nice to me though, showing me around and how to do the work. We talked a little bit about ourselves, but it was awkward and felt out of place.

At 2:00pm I stood in the parlor holding a tray of coffee. Haley stood beside me. A few minutes later Mistress walked in with a big smile on her face.

“Don’t casino firmaları you girls look lovely,” she clapped, “and the house looks great too. Excellent work.” She removed her coffee from the tray and took and long sip. “Don’t think this will get you out of your punishment. You need to learn who you belong to, and it is certainly not each other.” Mistress took another sip of coffee. “Now tell me Haley, who do you belong to?”

“You Mistress,” Haley answered.

“That’s right Haley. You belong to me. So what makes you think you have permission to cum at the hands of somebody else? Did I give you permission?”

“No Mistress. I am sorry.”

“You are mine Haley. You are my pet. And when pets misbehave, they lose the privilege to stand on two legs.”

Haley turned red with humiliation as she slowly brought herself down on all fours. Mistress sat on her leather sofa grinning. She was definitely enjoying this, and it was just the beginning.

“Isabel, run to the kitchen and grab the bag on the counter. Be quick about it now.”

I hurried to the kitchen and retrieved the bag she was talking about. I resisted the temptation to look at it’s contents and went back to the parlor. When I returned Haley was completely naked and back on her hands and knees. She looked vulnerable and defenseless. I handed Mistress the bag and she smiled menacingly.

“Isabel, you are to strip and kneel beside me. I will get to your punishment after I deal with Haley. You will watch Haley being punished and you will not make a sound.”

“Yes Miss,” I said. I took off my uniform and kneeled next to Mistress as I had been told. I was very nervous about what my punishment would be. Watching Haley only made me more nervous, but also started turning me on.

Mistress reached into her bag and pulled out a collar. She pulled Haley by the hair until she was right in front of her and then tightened the collar around Haley’s neck. I could see it was choking her, but she didn’t make a sound.

“What do you say when your Mistress give you a gift ungrateful pet?” Mistress pulled her hair up so that she was looking her in the eyes.

“Thank you Miss,” Haley said.

“Now turn around and show me your pretty little ass. Mistress has another treat for you.” Haley turned and Mistress pulled something furry out of her bag. I didn’t know what it was. It looked like a dead animal. She rubbed her finger across Haley’s sex and I could see it glistening with her juices. Haley was turned on too. Mistress coated Haley’s asshole in her juices and then forcefully shoved the furry thing inside of her. Haley yelped and I could see tears forming in her eyes. Mistress removed her hand to reveal a big furry tail sticking out of Haley’s behind!

“Thank you Miss,” Haley managed, obviously in pain from the butt plug tail.

“This is larger than you’ve ever taken Haley,” Mistress began, “It is not meant to be comfortable. This is how you will dress for work for the next 7 days. You are permitted to stand only if your work requires it. Otherwise you will stay down on the floor like the filthy pet you are.”

Haley was silently crying now. She was bright red and humiliated. I felt so guilty. I had made her cum. I had put her in this position.

“I’m not done with you pet, but I can see Isabel here is getting jealous that I am giving you all of the attention.” She turned to me, “do you like seeing your new girlfriend like this Isabel?”

I didn’t know what to say. Of course I didn’t! But then again, I could feel my juices dripping out of me and on to the floor. Maybe I did like it.

“You might think that she’s all yours after hours, but you both belong to me always. Now stand up and face me.” I stood up and in front of Mistress. Even though I was looking down at her, it was clear that she had all the power and control. “Since you clearly can’t keep your hands to yourself little slut,” she started while reaching around in her bag, “I have no choice but to restrain them, until they learn what is theirs to touch and what is not. Turn around and bend over.” I did as I was told. I hung towards the ground with my head down and my buttock high in the air. Then I felt metal cuffs clasped around my wrists, and then my ankles. The wrist and ankle cuffs were then bonded together. If I tried to move, I would fall over with no way to get back up on my own. The weight of my situation hit me and I began to cry.

“Mistress, please” I cried softly, “don’t.”

“Don’t what little slut?” She asked me as she ran her hand across my exposed behind. Even though I was incredibly scared, I could feel the arousal inside of me again. My juices were collecting and soon they’d drip out of me. “I’m definitely not going to fuck you, slut. That would güvenilir casino be a reward not a punishment. Although your body is begging for one. You’re dripping all over my carpet.” Sure enough, I was. A small pool had started to collect below me. “Pet!” Mistress commanded, “come here and lick up this little slut’s mess, and clean her up too while you’re at it. But do not give her any unnecessary pleasure.”

Haley crawled over to me and licked my juices from the carpet. Then she licked my dripping pussy. It felt nice to feel her mouth on me again. I could feel my orgasm building once more.

“That’s enough!” Mistress yelled, “She likes it too much, and this is supposed to be a punishment.” Mistress slapped by exposed buttocks and I winced, but said nothing. “Have you ever been slapped before Isabel?” Mistress asked me.

“A few times by my parents Miss,” I managed, “but only when I was a child.” Tear were running down my face. I didn’t think I could take Mistress’s punishment.

“Well this will not be like that at all,” Mistress began, “you have no reason to be scared Isabel. I do not intend to hurt you.”

That made me feel better.

“Obviously, you will feel a little bit of pain, this is a punishment after all, but as we work together, overtime this will be something that you grow to love. A single spank could bring you to the brink of orgasm. The pain you feel today will become the pleasure you feel in the coming weeks. It’s really quite remarkable what a bit of training can do, along with good Mistress to guide you. Am I a good Mistress Haley?”

“Yes Miss!” Haley said eagerly, maybe to get back on Mistress’s good side, “you are a kind and loving Mistress. You allow me to feel the most intense pleasure I’ve ever felt.”

“Thank you Haley,” Mistress said, “you see Isabel? Nothing to be afraid of.”

“Yes Miss,” I said. Almost immediately her hand came down hard and landed on my left butt cheek. I cried out.

“You are not to make a sound Isabel!” Mistress ordered “You do not have to count or thank me today because this is your first punishment, but do not except that in the future.”

The tears came back as she continued to hit me. Each smack with her hand felt more painful. I lost track of how many hits I’d received, maybe 30 or 40? I was becoming numb to it after a while, until I heard the sound of a whip and then searing pain across my thighs. I cried out, and Mistress hit me again. I cried out again, I couldn’t help it the pain was too much. She whipped me a third time, and then a fourth. I was audibly crying now. Suddenly, I felt something shoved up my pussy. It was a vibrator that Mistress could control and was turning up higher and higher.

“Your punishment is over Isabel, you did very well.” She continued to turn the vibrator up. “Haley, release her restraints, but keep her hands shackled.”

Haley crawled over to me and undid my bonds. I stood up and stretched by back out. It hurt to be bent over for so long.

“Get on your knees and face me Isabel,” Mistress commanded. I did as I was told. I was rewarded by the vibrator being turned up higher. How high could it go? “Lick my pussy Slut. You may cum after I cum. How long that takes is up to you.”

I was going in to start my task when Mistress stopped me.

“Wait!” she said, “I almost forgot. I have a surprise for you.” Mistress pulled out a long chain with two clamps on either end. Then she clamped them to each of my nipples and I cried out in pain, but also arousal. They hurt, but also felt good.

“Thank you Mistress,” I remembered to say.

“Good girl Isabel! Now lick me slut.”

And I did. I licked up all her juices, she had been very wet from punishing us. I found her clit and sucked on it, and then stuck my tongue inside her slit. I guess I wasn’t doing a good enough job because she grabbed me by the hair and forced my face deep inside of her. I couldn’t breath or see, but I felt my orgasm building and I knew I had to get her off before I came or else I’d be in trouble. She was face fucking me now and her juices were all over me. I was sticking my tongue as far up her as I could and rubbing my nose on her clit. She drew me in and then forcefully came into my mouth. As soon as she did that I let out a huge release and came all over myself. I had never experienced such a huge orgasm, but it felt incredible to let it out. I was riding the wave until Mistress pushed me away from her and I felt back onto the floor. She stopped the vibrator and took it out of me.

I was a mess. My face and hair were covered in Mistress’s juices and my eyes were red and puffy from crying. I had welts all over my butt and legs from the punishment.

“Clean yourself up Isabel, then you may lay on my lap and rest. You’ve done very well.”

I cleaned myself up and returned to Haley licking Mistress clean. I went over to Mistress and laid in her lap and she stroked me gently. I was exhausted, but felt incredible. I fell asleep in my Mistress’s arms.

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