My release from the closet

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Hey guys, this is my first ever story so plz any and all criticism is welcome and appreciated, and i’m sorry if its a bit slow and there isn’t much sex i just thought i would get a lot of more story into it first, if you guys like it and want another then i promise that there will be a lot more action in the next one

there are loads of homosexual themes in this, if that isn’t what you’re here fore i would leave now, if it is what you’re here for than enjoy 🙂

so Kyle comes out to his family, it doesn’t go well and then it gets interesting.

“Run, never comeback ere hide away if you have to because if I ever see your face again I will kill you myself.” Who do you think said that to me? Some guy I’d robbed; someone I insulted? That would have been easier to deal with. Those were the last words my father spoke to me and after he slammed the door in my face I heard a muffled sob “my son is dead.”

Alright, some back story might help, I was 18, had smoothly flowing blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, people really seemed to like my eyes. I was about 175 cm and had an average build, not too bulky but I had defined muscles about 70 kg. I had known I was homosexual since I was 12 and after six years of keeping it to myself, I couldn’t anymore, I had to tell my family, really stupid mistake as you should have noticed from his reaction. But nevertheless it was out in the open now and even though I would never see my father again; I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

So now that you know a little bit, back to the story. I was still standing in front of my father’s front door when my 15 year old brother came out, shot me a dirty look along with multiple words meaning homosexual in a rude way “you fucking faggot, I knew all along that you were a cock sucker, I don’t know why dad even let you live; you worthless piece of shit, go find some dick I’m sure that what you like.” While still firing off clichés he dumped a bag full of my stuff at my feet as my mother looked on from inside with tears running down her face.

I had kept a straight face that whole time, but seeing the bag at my feet and my mother’s face streaming with tears I couldn’t help but let a tear fall, I realised then that there was no turning back. Of course my brother saw my tears and proceeded to open a dictionary of slanders; “oh you’re crying now you fucking pussy?! How do they even think you’re a man, what is wrong with you, you homo, how are we even related, you disgusting freak…..” I got sick of him quickly so I punched him in the gut, threw him back into the house and slammed the door behind me.

I grabbed my bag and headed off, with nowhere to stay I decided to head toward my work place, a 24 hour maccas, seeing as I had a shift the next morning I thought it would be a good idea to crash in the staff room.

My boss who was openly gay came into the staff room and found me on the couch, crying. He came, sat beside me and asked me what was wrong wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I looked at him, eyes red from all my tears and told him the whole story. He started crying too as he hugged me. “Kyle its ok, you can stay with me for a while until you sort things out, I know coming out my family was hard too.”

With that my boss Tim and I went to his car and headed to his place, I was still devastated but it did feel good to know that I would be sleeping in a bed tonight. When we got to his place he gave me a seat on the couch and got us some drinks, he had a cheeky smile on his face like he thought this night was going somewhere. I took a sip of my beer and said “look Tim, you’re a great guy and I really appreciate what you’re doing for me bahis firmaları but-““but you’re not ready for anything tonight” he cut me off with the same cheeky smile. “Don’t worry Kyle I know exactly what you’ve just been through, I know not to mess with a guy on a night like this.”

That calmed me down a bit, imagine having to deal with a guy trying to get a piece of my ass after what I’d been through tonight. I said a quick thanks and good night and headed to his spare room, I threw myself on the surprisingly comfortable bed and couldn’t help breaking into tears for yet another time that night, I knew I had to pull myself together but I couldn’t stop. So that night I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of my favorite breakfast, an omelette. I rolled out of bed and still half brain dead and yet stupefied from grief I followed the smell to Tim’s kitchen. “Morning, did you sleep well?” he asked with a decidedly perky smile and attitude. “It wasn’t the worst, that spare bed is really comfy.” “Hey if you want to take the day off today we could chill here and talk.” “I would but do you really think that’s a good idea? I mean I kinda am homeless right now.” He looked me dead in the eyes and I saw a flare of anger I hadn’t seen in him before; “you honestly think that I’m going to throw you out in the street? I mean sure working to pull your weight is one thing but saying you’re homeless while I’m here is a big no no.” I really cracked a smile at that, my first smile since last night due to me realising I wasn’t alone. “Thanks man you’re the best, and if that’s the case then I might take today off after all.”

So that day we stayed at Tim’s house, talking about all the things we’ve been through, apparently his experience was even worse than mine. “I knew I was gay since I knew what gay meant, even as a kid I knew I was different and I just couldn’t understand why. When I was 16 I told my family; my mother started screaming, my dad pulled a knife on me and I had to knock him out just to get out of there alive, all while my younger siblings watched afraid and confused, too young to understand any of this. I had nowhere to go I stayed at a few mates’ houses for a couple of days while I got in touch with the government and they put me on a youth benefit, I dropped out of school and have been working full time at maccas ever since.” I started tearing up when he told me that story. “How are you so cheerful all the time?! Your family hates you, your only career is a dead end job at maccas. I don’t get it?! I asked kind of mad. “Because even if I am hated by my family, even if my career begins and ends at maccas, I will always be who I am and no one can ever judge me, I don’t have to live in the shadow of my father, I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not and never will be. I am who I am and that is more than enough to keep me happy.” I was stunned, this guy gave a new definition to loud and proud, this was a guy who was so content with being himself that nothing else mattered, and despite all the bullshit he’d been through, just knowing that he was his own person in control of his own life made him always have a smile on his face.

It was then that I started seeing him in a totally different light, I didn’t see him as my boss anymore, I saw him as my friend and my idol, and a really hot one at that, he was my height with a really similar build to me the only real differences were his deep brown eyes, the type of eyes you could get lost in. And his amazing light brown, smoothly flowing hair.

The next day we both had work, the same shift so we went there together and the entire time I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, I had never felt kaçak iddaa so drawn to someone, it was like he was a magnet pulling me in and boy was I ready to be pulled in, I can’t say that I had gotten over my family throwing me out just yet but felt like Tim was a person who could help.

All through the ride home I kept looking at him, my eyes we’re glued to his well chiselled face, even in the dark he looked divine. He must have noticed because his cheeky smile came back “you’ve been staring at me all night Kyle, something on your mind?” he asked me like he had no idea what I was thinking. “Oh, uh, I was just thinking that you look surprisingly good tonight.” I blurted out in the lamest way possible. He laughed, he laughed so hard we almost crashed, and then he took a way I didn’t think led to his place. “So where are we going?” “I feel like a walk on the beach, every month when there’s a full moon I love to have a walk on the shore, I probably shoulda asked before but care to join me?” “Sure but why do you like walking on the beach at night?” “It’s the best place near the city where I can see the moon and stars clearly, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

This guy was like a dream, he liked moonlit walks on the beach, I was liking him more and more. We got to the beach and it really was a beautiful sight, the moon and stars were so bright out here, and the only thing that could have made this night even more beautiful was standing right next to me, practically glowing from the moonlight shining down onto his beautiful face. He looked at me with a rather serious look on his face like he was thinking about something really important, then he smiled, came up close to me and kissed me passionately. I’m ashamed to admit this but since I was in the closet my whole life this was my first kiss, but damn was it amazing, our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths and when we finally broke the kiss, he gave me his trademark cheeky smile and said “so you’re new at this huh? Why don’t we go home and ‘practice’ some more?”

We got back home and neither of us could bare to be in our cloths for a second longer, I ripped his shirt off, revealing his almost godlike chiselled form while he revealed my less impressive upper body, I couldn’t wait anymore I had to see what those pants were hiding, even though this was my first time I wasn’t afraid or even slightly worried, I wanted him more than anything right now and I showed that as I almost ripped off his belt buckle; I was a hot mess.
“calm down, there’s no need to rush this, it’s your first time It shouldn’t be rough or quick we should take this slow and make sure we get all we can out of it.” I tried to contain myself but to be honest I had a lot of pent up energy and had been in a state of constant arousal all day so I wasn’t too sure I could manage it. He slowly took off his pants, followed by my own, he seemed relaxed but I could tell that he was just as anxious and excited as I was, though he had a lot more self-control and so he slowly began to kiss, nibble and lick my neck.

I really was a novice in all this so I had no idea just getting my neck nibbled would feel this good, my moans quickly filled the room as he slowly worked his way down my body, first my chest, where he made a long stop at my nipples giving them so much stimulation I was already getting hard, licking and gently biting one, while pinching tightly on the other, the contrast did wonders and I was practically yelling my moans were so loud.
Then he moved down my body further until he finally reached my boxers, he slowly grabbed the waist band and pulled it down, there was a look of genuine shock on his face. “Oh……..god, it’s… kaçak bahis it’s huge!!! Seriously if I had known you had this monster in here I woulda done this a long time ago, how big is it?” “Last time I measured it was about 10.”” His smile was ear to ear as he started to slowly lick up and down my already semi hard shaft. I was eager to get a hold of his cock as well so I moved around his body while keeping my dick right in front of his face, I pulled down his briefs and, pleasantly surprised by what looked like a good 8” rod between his legs, being totally new to the world of sex I went on instinct and the slight lead Tim with giving my own package and I began to lick his shaft top to bottom, the room was quickly filling with the sound of moans and gasps. I yelped as he began to suck down my monster cock and was really confused as to how he could swallow so much of it without chocking, I mean he had about 2” to go before I was balls deep in his throat and he just kept going, well I wasn’t about to be out done by him and so I started sucking down his own member, of course I had a horrible technique and quickly began gaging about halfway down his shaft.

He came up for air around the same time I did, I looked at him and asked “how are you so good at this?” “Well it’s not exactly my first time, but I’ve seen a cock like yours it’s honestly massive, I could barely handle it.” “Well I don’t know how to handle yours so a lesson in cock sucking might help here.” He laughed and sat up on his bed, he got me to sit on the floor between his legs and said “just take it slowly, relax your throat, and don’t try to force it all down at once, that’s how you gag.” So I followed his advice I grabbed his dick and slowly engulfed it, his hand was guiding my head up and down his shaft and I was quickly getting the hang of it, I was also getting ludicrously horny, so I stopped sucking, looked him straight in the eye and jumped on top of him, making out with him furiously. I couldn’t wait any more so I pointed his cock toward my asshole and lowered myself down far too quickly, I screamed at the top off my lunges as I impaled myself on his rod. He quickly took me into his arms trying to ease my pain and wait for it to subside before he began.

He started to thrust up slowly at first, then I got into the rhythm of bouncing on his cock and that was when I took the reins, I was basically jumping off his cock each time I went up and I came down like a jack hammer, his huge dick stabbing through me like a spear every time and I loved every second of it, we kept going like this for a good half hour before he started picking up the pace. He grabbed me by the hips and started ramming his cock into my ass, he was like a wild animal, driven purely by lust, I was no better; I was screaming and grunting incoherently the whole time until he yelled “I’m gona cum!!” and cum he did, he filled my ass to the brim, it was amazing. But now it was his turn.

He unlike myself was smart enough to not down himself on my dick, he took it slowly, getting on top of me and slowly lowering his ass hole onto my dick, moaning louder and louder with each inch, when he bottomed out, he sat there for a while adjusting to my massive size; then he slowly raised himself up and took all of it back in one go, I was in heaven as he kept bouncing on my dick, his ass clenching every time I bottomed out, he kept on moaning through it all. I started feeling the build up to my orgasm and somehow he must have noticed it too because he quickened his pace using more force with each dive until my hips all on their own started thrusting upward skewering him on my dick until I finally blew my load into his stomach.
We both collapsed after that and slept with him on top of me, it was the best sleep I’d had in my life, dreams of what tomorrow might bring continually filling my head.

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