My Sexy Wife and Stepson

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My Sexy Wife and Stepson
Part one.

Stevie was slowly wanking his 7 inch semi hard cock as he watched his Mum, Sally. He was reminiscing of how it had all started and it how this happened. He couldn’t believe his luck, over the year he had been wanking, lusting and fantasying about fucking his Mum for ages. 

My young s*******n year old Stepson Stevie, was spread out on our marital bed. Sally had made him put on one of her red sexy suspender belt, sexy black lacy top stocking and red thong! He was watching and admiring his 36 year old Mum.

She was drying herself after she had just taken a shower. He had recently spunked a huge load in her mouth, which she loved, and all over her ample tits, nipples and arse.

He was slowing stroking his semi hard cock as he watched, trying to get it hard again. He had always admired her lovely body, her beautiful 36DD tits, pink aureoles with those sharp pointed erect nipples that protruded ¾ inch, he had been sucking on them 30 minutes earlier. He loved her long slender legs, tight little cunt which again, he had previous fucked and her arse, in fact all of her body!

He had come home early from Senior school knowing his Mum was at work and wasn’t sure where Gordi, his Stepdad would be. He heard voices and the television playing and voices and groans coming from the lounge. For a minute he thought his Stepdad was in there with pinbahis another women. Taking a quick look around the door, he saw Gordi, his Stepdad stripped of in the nude, watching a porn video movie and slowly stroking his impressive 9 inch uncut cock, his foreskin sliding over his lovely flared bell end. He looked at the TV and saw what movie it was. He then realised it was a home made film starring his Mum, Stepdad and Clive.

His Stepdad Gordi and our good friend Clive were both fucking Sally, his Mum. Clive was buried balls deep in her cunt. He watched as his Stepdad pulled his cock out Sally’s mouth, got some KY jelly and lubed up Clive’s arse and his cock, then fed his cock hard and fast straight into Clive’s tight arsehole. Clive gave out an almighty squeal and grunt, groaned in delight, “Oh fuck yes Gordi, give to me.” as this huge monster 9 inch intruder was pushed deeper into Clive’s rectum right up to Gordi’s balls therefore making Clive push deeper into Sally’s hot wet cunt. Stevie was enthralled at this, wishing it was him being fucked as well as fucking his Mum!

Stevie had got on really well with Gordi, from the first day they met when Stevie was just six years old. Over the years Gordi would help Sally giving him baths and drying him. He would let his fingers lingering, taking special care around his anus and little cock, balls. Stevie pinbahis güvenilir mi would laugh at this saying how nice it was and how it tickled. Sally would laugh and often comment and tease Gordi. She said she knew one day Gordi was going fuck and take Stevie’s anal cherry of her son’s tight little puckered rosebud arsehole! She knew how Gordi like anal as he loved it and she loved him fucking her arse. Sally and Gordi had then married.

When he would come home from school, give me a big hug and kiss. I loved his kisses. I found that his little kisses made my cock swell a little. Ok, a lot.

Over the years Stevie and his Stepdad Gordi, became very close and would talk for hours about anything and everything, Stevie would snuggle up to Gordi. He would turn his face to him and tell him how much he loved him and Mum much more than he ever loved his real Dad. They would have a little kiss as Gordi would run his hands through his hair.

One day Stevie, now in his teens, Gordi finally got up the courage to give him a bigger tongue during a kiss, Stevie moaned loudly at this and hungrily quickly reciprocated with passion. “Oh fuck Gordi, I’ve been waiting for you to do that for years.” Stevie said. By now my cock was so fucking hard and wet with pre-cum and desire lusting for my beautiful Stepson’s tight little arse. He knew he was going to have pinbahis giriş it soon!

Stevie quickly opened his fly, and holding his cock and pulling hard back on his fore skin, hard over his purple bellend, it began to twitch and harden as he looked at this exciting video in front of him, marvelling at the size of his Stepdad’s cock. He just had to join in. Silently he entered the room. “Dad,” he called, “this is so exciting can I watch as well.” Gordi his step dad, was caught totally unaware! “Of course you can darling, but you will have to get naked. I will rewind and start the tape from the beginning for you.” Stevie quickly stripped just like his Stepdad and cuddled Gordi, they kissed with dancing tongues. Gordi quickly took hold of his Stepson’s cock. Stevie put his hand over and grasped his Stepdad’s as he watched the video of his Mum being fucked by Gordi and Clive. He was so excited he knew it wouldn’t be long before he ejaculated in his Stepdads hand.

“Stevie, years ago I made a promise to Mum that I would get to suck your cock and for you then to suck mine, then I was going to fuck your tight little virgin arse, making you squeal in delight. I’ve had my eye on that little arse of yours ever since I met you when you were just 6 years old, when that prick of your Dad Tony, left you and Mum for Sue, that younger women! Mum knew this as well, telling me I would have to wait until you were older.” Stevie’s only response came out as an excited whispered whimper, like a little schoolgirl’s voce.

“Yes please Daddy, I’ve wondered for some time what it would be like and when you would finally get around to it!”

More to Cum!

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