My special boo part 2

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My special boo part 2
I aks my hubby to do d writing this time cause he is much better dan meh at it so here goes part II of my special boo n me…

So I had managed to get this sexy, beautiful latin babe housewife into a lesbian sexual relationship with me after being pals in the internet for months. I had wanted her from the day we met at Copenhagen, and now…She was mine 🙂 Well, at least she had gone to bed with me and have sex with me…First lesbian encounter for her! I was actually very pleased with myself for having managed to seduce her. This lil’ housewife had taken a step to the wild side, and she was in for more…Cause I had no plans of letting this fun stop anytime soon.

I was quite smitten with her, I admit. She was sexy and SOO innocent! Like an empty canvas to paint on for me, I thought. So much there for her to learn…and have fun doing that (with me, of course 🙂 ).

I know from the past that some heterosexual women who are married and all will occasionally have a lesbian fling, but they typically end up going back to the comfy role and lifestyle they have, having strayed away from the straight and narrow path in the heat of the moment. You can pretty much tell about a person how they will react in such a situation, based on their behavior..Based on how they are as a human being. Most people try to be sensible, and keep control on their life. Even in sex, you can tell these ones usually: They do not let themselves “go” completely, at least not so easily. They wanna be in control…even in sex. Then there are the really emotional, passionate types, who are DEFINITELY more fun in bed. They get turned on easier, and pretty much loose all control in bedgames, ending up being totally delightfully slutty, wanton playthings who chase their orgasms with total passion and live for the moment. I felt I had found this in my boo, and I had NO INTENTION of letting her get all sensible on me and start to think too much 🙂 She was MINE.

How to excert control over her, you may ask? SEX. Keep her feeling passion, love, lust, desire…POWERFUL stuff. I wanted her to WANT ME BADLY, because I satisfied her unlike no one before. Simple! 🙂

So I absolutely bathed her in lusty sex, 24/7 for the time I was with her. We spent hours upon hours in bed. We watched porn like the worst porn addicts. Used battery after batty in various vibrators and sex toys. We watched TV shows and she sat in my lap, with me masturbating her with my skilled fingers. Every 10 minutes or so I made her cum HARD, only to continue masturbating her, keeping her on that plateau of sexual excitement. I was kissing her neck, lips, ears…smothering her with lusty whispers to her ears. I plyed her like a violin, with skill and patience. And I worked her slowly, regularly and mercilessly to yet another orgasmic explosion…One after another…and again…and again. She wimpered and whined after a while, almost begging me to stop.

– Hon PLEASE…Ohh…it’s too much! She moaned softly as I rubbed her soaking wet insides with my slim, long fingers. I knew just the spot that worked like magic with her. I had lubed my fingers so as not to hurt her soft spots and to make sure the touch was super-slippery and soft.

– Shhh babe, it’s ok…I know you love it, I whispered to her, nibbling her neck and earlobe. – Your pussy doesn’t complain any hon I told her. You know you wanna cum again in just a minute or two, I told her while increasing the movements inside her. I rubbed the front wall of her slippery little pussy, increasing the pace slowly. She moaned hopelessly.

– Please…no more…I am getting tired, you know, she complained. Her hips betrayed her though, she was moving rhytmically against my rubbing. I sucked her big brown nipple to shut her up. She sighed from pleasure, her güvenilir bahis siteleri head curved backwards with closed eyes from the pleasure that hit her brain. Nooo, pussycat, we’re not gonna stop now, I thought to myself. You are MINE – and I wanna see what you are capable of, my little toy, I mused to myself in my thoughts.

– Ohhh…Nooo, not again…Pleaasseee…Nooo…, she moaned. I increased the speed and sucked her breasts hungrily, caressing her at the same time. Her protests turned slowly to an expectation of pleasure.

– OOohhhh…YES…OHHH YESSSS…..You are….making mmeeee…..OHHH YEEEEESSSSS….PLLLEEEAASSEEE….DO IT…DO IT TO MEEE…I….I….WANNA CUM SO BAD…!!! She lost the battle so completely. Just like she had done for the past hour or more, actually. I worked her pussy wall harder, faster, curling my fingers as I rubbed her insides pretty rough now, careful not to hurt her still. Just as she came I kissed her passionately on her lips, sucking her breath away as I felt her orgasm rock her. Her eyes had almost rolled over, all I saw was white from her nearly closed eyes. Her breathing was hard, out of breath, and her heart pounded. She was sweating and shaking as I kept rubbing her insides, feeling her pussy contract around my busy fingers.

– OHHHHHH YEESSSSS, FUUCCKKK!!!! She tried to scream but I smothered her voice with my kisses. I slowed my fingers down to a standstill as she tried to catch her breath again. I caressed her lovely breasts and neck lovingly while she retained herself slowly. But my fingers did not leave her insides. I kept moving them softly, circling her pussy wall, avoiding strong contact.

– Ohh, I feel ticklish down there, she protested again. I know what you feel, hon, I thought to myself. But I wanna keep you going, so no I am not gonna stop for sure…

– Shhhhhh, don’t worry about it love, it’ll pass just as it has passed before…You know it, I said to her comfortingly. And I continued to work on her…..

It was nice to keep this sex-starved lonely housewife satisfied. I got my pleasures also, do not think anything else! She was definitely the more submissive one of us, and I made her work also, satisfying my lust. Come to think of it, I was really turned on by all this also. And I was used to a good amount of sexual activities on a regular basis – Something she was just learning to appreciate and get used to. My plan was working out well: This little sextoy of mine was much too busy getting orgasms to think of any foolish sensible thoughts! And I intended to keep it so for long enough to have her hooked.

Initially I stayed with her for 2 weeks, a week longer than I was supposed to. Lucky I had the chance to do so! Her hubby away, she was all MINE. And our relationship was PURE SAPPHIC LUST. I taught her different sex techniques. I had brought with me a few vibes and dildoes, one pretty huge (and powerful) one. I had a harness (never leave home without it 🙂 ) to strap on myself and literally fuck her with a strapon. Being basically a straight little girl up to meeting me, I knew she would enjoy that a lot…And I was not disappointed. I gave her a better fucking than her hubby ever had, making her first relax all her vaginal muscles to a soft jellygoo with vibrators, and then pumping her lovehole with a really large strapon dildo.

– OHHH GOD it touches…EVERYTHING inside me…IT’S SOOO HUGE! She almost screamed. I was working her first slowly, but damn, she was already orgasming. She made me smile. I wasn’t complaining either, cause I had sunk a set of vibrating bullets in my own wet and excited lovenest. As I moved they also moved in me, motivating me to pump my girlfriend with a nice, steady pace of strokes.

– Soo…You love big cocks huh? I asked her as I pumped perabet güvenilir mi her pussy with the toy, holding her legs spread wide. Better than what your man gives you, yes? I smirked and taunted her.

– YESSS…OH GOD YES!!! She managed to mutter from between her grinding teeth. She writhed and her hips tried to match my moves, but I had a strong hold on her spread legs and shushed her, telling her just to enjoy the fuck she was getting. My own pussy was loving the buzzing a little too much, taking away my concentration and focus. I kept increasing the moves and speed, and she exploded into another orgasm.

– FUUUUUCCKKKKK….AHHHHH! She moaned loudly. Her eyes were closed, hands lay on both sides on the bedspread. The fucking was so good she didn’t even bother to play with her big, gorgeous tits which heaved rhytmically back and forth under me as I pumped her. Next time babe I’m gonna tie you up, I thought to myself lustily. I was really starting to feel my own orgasm build up and I increased the fucking speed to max. She lay there wimpering, and I could see her back arching as her pussy rewarded her with yet another big orgasm. She made unintelligible a****l-like noises and shook like in a fit as I also exploded into pleasure. I buried the plastic cock deep into her as I collapsed on top of her body, shaking. Jolts of pleasure shot trhough my body and mind as I let go of her legs, grabbing instead her tits and kissing her furiously. She lay under me like a dead body, only signs of life was her sucking breath and her lungs heaving. We were a sweaty, hot pile of female sexuality, pussy juices, saliva and sweat flowing.

As I came to slowly I realized that my hips were touching hers. The giant cock was completely buried inside her little vagina which had expanded a lot. And she wasn’t complaining either.

– OHHHhhhhh….SOOO….Full of cock, she moaned under me. I took her head into my hands and kissed her.

– You are officially now a big cock slut, honey, I told her with s huge grin. My pussy was a bit sensitive as the buzzing bullets continued to work in me. I slowly pulled the plastic cock out of her lovehole. It WAS a sight! Swollen, red and wet, remaining slightly open as the huge cock came out from her depths. I took off the strapon and pulled the bullets out of my best bits.

– Your turn to do me, I told her smiling. Wanna fistfuck me? I asked casually as she lay there, trying to recover.

– WHAT?? You mean…, she looked afraid.

– Yes hon…Put on this, I said to her, giving her a rubber glove. Don’t wanna get hurt inside, and even though your nails are short, I don’t wanna take any chances love, I told her.

She pulled the glove on her hand, sitting up. I positioned myself on my back and gave her the lube.

– Put a lot of lube on, I AM wet but still it helps, I told her. She did as instructed, still looking all wide-eyed.

– You think…it will fit in? Isn’t that…like…painful? She wondered. I smiled to her reassuringly.

– Cuteylove, your hands are nice and slim. I want you to slowly slip in your hand now, and fist fuck me softly, I told her, looking right into her eyes. I lay down and spread my legs, rubbing my clit at the same time. She brought her hand closer, and I had to pull it to my pussy. Slowly I pulled it into me. She gasped.

– WOW….It’s like…IT IS IN YOU, she said in amazement. I felt this wonderful, filling feeling inside me, and took a deep breath, sighing from pleasure. God I was SO READY for this!

– Fuck me slowly…don’t pull it all the way out, just move it in and out, pumping, I instructed my apprentice. She started the motion and wow oH WOW I was in heaven. I kept rubbing my clit at first, but then the motion started to feel so damn good I didn’t need to do anything, just lie perabet giriş down and enjoy it. FUUUCCKKK….Oh God, this is heavenly, I thought.

– How does it feel? You feel so hot and soft inside, she wondered as she worked my lovehole. I was too busy enjoying it to even answer, just moaned encouragingly.

– A bit faster now pleaase, I begged her. So damn GOOD! My pussy was taking me to a different world, and I was sooooo ready.

– OHHH GOOOOODD YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUMMMM….I groaned. She looked so damn hot, fisting my hole while playing with her own boob with one hand. She had an intensely concentrated look on her face as she squeezed her nipple almost violently, all the while pumping me with her other hand. I realized that I was wimpering alound. Fuck, SOO READY…PLEASE! I was dying to orgasm.

She moved her hand to her pussy and masturbated in a frenzy with her free hand.

– FUCK…This is…Amazingly hot! She muttered looking glassy-eyed. All I felt was her hand, fucking me divinely.

– PLEASE…LICK MY PUSSY AS YOU FIST IT, I begged her. She moved herself next the the bed on her knees, so that she could lick my clit while fisting me simultaneously. I heard her wet pussy make noises as she fingered herself simultaneously. Her licking was just the thing to take me over the edge.

OHHHHHHHHH YEAAHHHH!!!!!! I’M CUMMMMIINGGG!!! I screamed. Her hand pumped in and out of me fast, her tongue licking my swollen, tingling clit. My entire body rocked as the pleasure exploded from my pussy and ran though my body and brain in waves. The muscle contractions of my pussy gripped her hand strongly. I could see from between my eyelids that she was also in orgasmic waves. She dropped her head on my pubic mound and panted like an a****l.

– God I am cumming, I am cumming so good, she mumbled, lying there with her eyes closed, her hand still deep in me. She gulped for breath, gasping. Seems the other hands fingers had done a pretty good job on her lovenest. As she brought the other hand to caress my breasts, I grapped it and licked her juices from her fingers. She tasted so sexy!

– Lick my clit and fuck me more please, I begged her. The feeling of her hand in me was – amazing. I wasn’t done yet.

– Ohh ok, I will of course, she agreed. I felt her hand’s hardness start the wonderful fucking motions again. AHHH…The pleasure was intense! I spread my legs wide and pulled a pillow under my head so that I could see my sex slave do me. Those eyes…she was licking my clit nice! It was a bit sensitive, but soon loving this again. I caressed her wavy black hair as she ate me and fisted me. Her hand…it was like a huge monster cock, doing me with no mercy. LOVED IT.

I was soo HOT! It didn’t take long at all for the pleasure to return, and my mind blanked as I orgasmed hard. I was floating on clouds, in a bliss. As she slowly pulled her hand out I cam back to this world, and saw her smiling at me. My dear, my love…I was almost so emotional I could have cried. We hugged and kissed, cuddled as she pulled off the glove. Glowing together…Wow. Too good to be true -moment.

It was really sad to say bye after 2 weeks of blissful coexistense, but I knew one thing: She was NOT going to just go back to her everyday life even when her man came back. And she trusted me fully. I would be back – or she would come and visit me. And in the meantime she would certainly not give up sex. She was pretty hooked on the pleasure, more so than ever before, and we would keep it up. We continued over distance to have hot video chats and masturbate together, and write steamy notes to each other. It didn’t take long for her hubby to be gone again on business trips, and I went back to visit her. We took videos, pictures, and indulged in SEX. Passion. Lust.

Now she was bisexual for sure, and into guys…Like me too. Back at home my hubby had seen and heard of our romps, and he could not wait to play with my boo….If she would agree to do it. And my plan was DEFINITELY to get her into swinging with us..And maybe a few others too! She just didn’t know it…Yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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